9 Best Penis Pumps For Erectile Dysfunction and Size - Top Water Pumps, Automatic Pumps & More

Many men want big penises. Shocker.

Even if your penis is average size, many guys want their penis to be even bigger. One UK study with 50,000 people found that 45% of men want a bigger penis.

That's a lot.

However, penis enlargement pills are a scam and surgery isn't very effective, especially for increasing length. So what's a guy to do?

Well, penis pumps are a safe way to temporarily grow the size of your penis or treat ED. You can even make inches in gains if you keep up the pumping regularly.

Here we look at the 9 best penis pumps and answer your FAQs!

Best Penis Pumps

  1. Best penis pump overall - BathMate HydroXtreme 7
  2. Best penis pump on a budget - Tracey Cox EDGE
  3. Middle of the road ED pump - BathMate HydroMax 7
  4. Best for peyronie's disease & ED - Penomet Penis Pump
  5. Best for couples - Doc Johnson Mega Cock Penis Pump
  6. Best vibrating penis pump - LoveHoney Pumped Up
  7. Best cheap water based pump - BathMate Hydro7
  8. Best manual pump - The Precision Pump
  9. Best Automatic Battery Vacuum Pump - Calexotics Optimum Series Advanced Automatic Smart Pump
1. BathMate HydroXtreme 7 - Best Penis Pump Overall

Price: $299

  • Shower strap & accessories included
  • Comfort pad
  • For 5-7 inch penises
  • Better erections and stamina

Designed to improve erectile function as comfortably as possible, the BathMate HydroXtreme 7 is one of the best water-based penis pumps that BathMate has ever created.

In case you don't know, BathMate is a company creating penis pumps that use a hand pump and water to apply pressure to the penis, giving you a "vacuum erection" that may help improve blood flow and produce temporary increases in penis size.

It feels a little weird at first, but you get used to it.

Most commonly used as part of someone's shower routine, the BathMate HydroXtreme 7 comes with a shower strap, allowing you to carefully rest your penis in the vacuum pump with a strap around your neck while your hands are free to wash your hair and body.

Now that's convenient!

2. Tracey Cox EDGE Penis Pump - Suitable For Most Penis Sizes

Price: $44.99

  • Improve bedroom stamina & performance
  • Manual vacuum style pump
  • Fits most sizes
  • Suitable for beginners

Ideal for pumping newbies, the Tracey Cox EDGE Pump is a handball-activated manual vacuum penis pump that is suitable for the majority of penis sizes and works well for beginners.

If you don't know where to start, try this one.

Designed primarily for couples, this transparent penis pump strengthens your erection and may increase penis size for a few hours before having sex, helping you to feel more confident and improve your stamina in the bedroom.

3. BathMate HydroMax 7 - Best Water Pump

Price: $159

  • Best water-based penis pump
  • Top-selling BathMate product
  • For men with 5-7 inch erect penises
  • Available in 3 colors - red, blue, transparent

BathMate's HydroMax 7 is one of the best-selling penis pumps of all time, and it's not hard to see why. Simple and easy to use, this product can easily become a part of your shower or bath routine.

Once again ideal for guys with 5-7 inch penises, the HydroMax 7 left 92% of BathMate users satisfied with the results, though BathMate admits that some of the surveyed users received the product for free.

Maybe take that with a pinch of salt!

Still, the HydroMax 7 has been a bestselling penis pump product for many years and shows no signs of slowing down.

These pumps are manual, simple, and easy to integrate into your everyday life, so it's no wonder they sell better than a lot of battery vacuum pumps.

4. Penomet Penis Pump - Best For Peyronie's Disease & ED

Price: $297

  • Great for Peyronie's Disease
  • Can help with ED & premature ejaculation
  • Different "gaiters" for different vacuum strengths
  • Water-based pump style

Penomet penis pumps work very similar to BathMate in that they use water to create a manual vacuum erection around your cock.

However, unlike BathMate, Penomet uses a series of different "gaiters" (cylinder ring inserts) that can alter the strength of the vacuum suction.
This way, you can progress more steadily.

Penomet also claims that their pump can help with Peyronie's Disease (where the penis has a curve/bend) and erectile dysfunction, which is probably true.
Interestingly, they also claim that the Penomet can be used to help with premature ejaculation. I can't really see how pumping your penis will stop you from cumming too soon, so don't take that claim too seriously.

5. Doc Johnson Mega Cock Penis Pump - Best Penis Pump For Couples
Price: $39.99
  • From from soft, pliable PVC
  • 7 inch cylinder
  • Quick release valve
  • Manual penis pump style

Using a simple cylinder and handball pump to create a manual vacuum erection, the Doc Johnson Mega Cock Penis Pump does what it says on the tin - it temporarily gives you a mega cock that is harder, stronger, and larger.

Made from soft, pliable PVC, the cylinder is totally transparent so you can see exactly how big your cock is getting. Although we often don't think of penis pumps as sex toys, a lot of couples actually use these products in the bedroom before getting down 'n dirty.

Some partners get horned up seeing the cock grow in the chamber!

6. LoveHoney Pumped Up 7-Function Vibrating Pump - Best Vibrating Penis Pump

Price: $34.00

  • Removable bullet vibrator
  • Soft cushion ring bottom
  • 7.5 inch cylinder tube
  • Comes with grenade-style handpump

Designed for a manual vacuum erection, this unique manual pump from LoveHoney is perfect for erectile dysfunction and increasing blood flow to the penis before sex.

However, it's also somewhat pleasurable in itself.

Unlike most penis pumping devices, this product comes with a removable bullet vibrator that has 3 speeds and 4 vibration patterns, helping the penile pumping experience to become more pleasurable.

This unique product is certainly worth trying, though some men find that vibrating their vacuum erection and primarily the base of their penis (where the ring touches the skin) is not all that amazing.

7. BathMate Hydro7 - The OG Water-Based Penis Pump

Price: $110

  • Original BathMate design
  • Cheapest BathMate penis pump model
  • Perfect for 5-7 inch penises
  • 3 colors available

The cheapest BathMate product you can buy, this water-based erection pump comes in 3 different colors - red, blue, and transparent.

Of course, most men aren't going to care about the color so long as it applies pressure and helps to improve their sex life.

That's fair enough.

In all honesty, the main reason to buy the BathMate Hydro 7 is because BathMate is a good brand that makes solid products and this is their cheapest device.

There, I said it.

8. California Exotic Novelties Precision Pump - Best Manual Pump

Price: $24.74

  • Oversized large cylinder chamber
  • Available on Amazon
  • Squeeze trigger handle
  • For intermediate users

I know what you're thinking - $24.74 is a really weird price.
And yes, it is.

However, this Amazon penis pump features an oversized chamber, squeeze trigger handle and quick release button.

It's worth every penny of that weird price!

Though not the best penis pump on this list, the Precision Pump has a unique manual handle that allows for more precise pressure when pumping.

If you find yourself accidentally applying too much pressure with other devices, this precise penile pump is probably a perfectly purchased product for you!
The review was brought to you by the letter “p”.

9. Calexotics Optimum Series Advanced Automatic Smart Pump - Best Automatic Battery Vacuum Pump

Price: $99.80

  • Battery operated vacuum pump
  • 12-hour battery life
  • Manual pump option
  • Automatic penis pumping "workouts"

Advertised as giving your penis a 20-minute "workout", this CalExotics Penile Pump is a really modern take on these erection devices, using automatic suction to create a vacuum, similar to a vacuum cleaner on a much smaller scale.

To clarify, do not put your cock in a vacuum cleaner.

2 hours of charging leads to a 12-hour battery life, so you probably won't need to charge this thing more than 1 or 2 times a month.

With a quick release pressure button, travel lock, and transparent cylinder, this relatively cheap penis pump is undoubtedly one of the best penile devices on the market.

How do penis pumps work?

Penis pumps work by creating a vacuum around your penis, effectively stretching out the penile tissue under the pressure of the vacuum.

These devices also encourage blood flow to the tissue, helping to temporarily achieve an erection that could be larger than normal.

Erection gains are temporary - not permanent.

These pumps can be used for different lengths of time depending which device you're using, but you should never pump for more than 20-30 minutes usually.
Penis pumps come in different sizes and styles (more on that further down) so you need to find a device that's the right fit for you.

Why do people use penis pumps?

People use penis pumps for a variety of reasons and desired results. However, some reasons are more common than others.
Men may use a penis pump device because:

  • They want to make their penis bigger before sex
  • They're trying to gain semi-permanent inches to their cock size
  • They have medical conditions like Peyronie's Disease (the cock curves to one side)
  • They have ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and need help to get an erection
  • They want their penis to feel more sensitive

By using a penis pump device regularly, men could be able to increase their cock size (sometimes by 1-2 inches) until they stop pumping regularly, at which point the cock will gradually return to its original size.

It's like going to the gym - you need to keep doing it if you wanna keep the gains.

Men with ED also might try these devices if they can't achieve a full erection on their own. If they don't have the time to make use of a pump regularly, they might want to try a constriction ring (i.e. "cock ring"), Viagra, or consult a doctor for medical advice.

If you have any kind of health condition where a penis pump could be unsafe to use, always consult a doctor for medical advice!

Different Types of Penis Pump

Many different penis pumps are available on the market, working in different ways to apply pressure to the cock and create a vacuum inside their chambers.
Most pumps are effective at getting results, though you should always check unbiased user reviews, speak to other pump users on forums, and do your research to find the best materials and style for your cock.

Here are the main types of pump on the market:

Water Pump

BathMate and Penomet are two pump manufacturers who primarily use water as their medium for creating pressure inside the device chamber.

When it comes to water pumps, you'll usually find that:

  • They are meant to be used in the shower or bath
  • They are made from stiffer materials
  • They are available in various sizes
  • They're widely reviewed online
  • There is a ring system of variable suction strengths
  • They're safe to use for 15 minutes or so
  • You use a manual pump to increase the pressure

You still use a manual handpump with this style, but the warm water inside the cylinder helps to relax the penile tissues and improve the overall process.

Manual Pump

The simplest and cheapest style of pump, manual pumps are simple sex toy products that use air pressure to create a vacuum in the chamber.

When it comes to manual pumps, you'll usually find that:

  • They're made from stiff OR softer materials
  • You use a grenade-style or trigger-style pump
  • They have a quick release pressure valve
  • They're used for erectile dysfunction
  • They're well-reviewed on sites like LoveHoney

Manual pumps are essential vacuum therapy for your penis. Couples commonly use these products right before making love to help with ED, though you may have medical reasons for using them too.

Make sure you buy a high-quality pump, as there are lots of low-quality air pumps on the market. Also use some water-based lube around the base ring for a stronger grip and comfortable fit.

Battery Vacuum Pump

The least common type of pump, a battery vacuum pump is an electronic pump that uses a battery-powered motor to create a vacuum around the cock, similar to a vacuum cleaner on a smaller scale.

With these electric cock pumps, you can usually find that:
  • They have various "penis exercise" settings
  • They have a decent battery life
  • They're designed for regular solo use
  • They not as well-reviewed (because they're rarer)
  • Their quality varies greatly depending on the manufacturer
  • They have a manual vacuum option too

Not often recommended for health and medical reasons, these pumps are usually used by men recreationally on a regular basis to get results in growth.

What is jelqing?

If you search for medical or recreational cock pumps online, you'll often see the term "jelq" or "jelqing".

This is a penis-stretching exercise that's often used by men in addition to pumping as they hope to maximize their results and get their penis as big as possible.

Here's how to jelq:

  1. Make an "okay" hand gesture with your thumb and index finger
  2. Place at the base of the cock
  3. Shrink the "O" shape until there is a little pressure on your cock
  4. Slowly move the "O" up the length of the cock for 3-5 seconds
  5. Release pressure at the tip

A lot of men practice this jelqing exercise for up to 20 minutes every day, but there's no medical consensus on how often you can jelq safely if you want to gain those inches.

These steps are for informational purposes only - consult a medical professional before deciding to try jelqing.

How big is the average penis?

The average penis length is 3.61 inches when flaccid and 5.16 inches when erect according to a British Journal Of Urology International (BJUI) study.

The average girth is 3.66 inches when flaccid and 4.59 inches when erect, according to the study.

This medical study measured the penises of 15,521 men from various ethnicities, ages, and walks of life.

Conclusion - Which penis pump is the best?

When it comes to penises, there are all kinds of reasons to want a bigger schlong. Whether it's medical reasons, insecurity, or just the desire for a strong-and-long boner before sexy time, there are a ton of reasons to try pumping your cock.

If you're after the best pump overall, I would recommend the BathMate HydroXtreme 7.

Yes the price is steep, but it comes with everything you could ever need in the kit, even a wash towel and a shower strap so you can keep your hands free and wash your body/hair as the pump does its magic.

Whichever pump you choose, just make sure you stay safe, follow the instructions closely, stop if you feel pain, and consult a medical professional if you experience any issues.

Good luck and pump it!
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