Best “Buy Now, Pay Later” Sites & Apps for Pay Later Options in 2021

You have probably found yourself in a situation when you saw an item that you desperately wanted but couldn’t immediately afford it. Isn’t it so frustrating? Maybe it was finally on sale, or the store offered a great deal, but your paycheck wouldn’t hit your account until the next week. If this happens to you, then we must introduce you to the ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ service since it can be a life-changer for you.

This alternative is gaining all the praise among the younger buyers. Buy Now, Pay Later simply lets customers make the purchases immediately and pay them over time. Now, you can get that awesome pair of shoes you saw or the newest model of your favorite gadget. The number of companies that offer this type of service is spreading at the speed of light, and so does the variety of terms that are offered to be able to come through for every customer out there.

If you are hesitating about the return period, relax, because the companies typically offer deals to make a repayment over a 60-90 day period. Buy Now, Pay Later is actually beneficial too, boasting the benefits of no interest, without the boring “fine print.” We have found the best brands that offer these types of services so that you can now where to turn when you want to use this kind of service

Our List of Buy Now, Pay Later Brands

Here are full reviews of our top picks:

#1. MoneyMutual - Overall Best Buy Now, Pay Later Credit Options

Not able to go shopping until your next paycheck? Luckily, MoneyMutual exists to aid customers when they need cash immediately, offering fast approval without a previous credit history check.

With more than ten years of experience and over two million satisfied customers using their services, MoneyMutual offers all types of commodities, mostly focusing on users that have bad credit. This company can help you make a payment, and you’ll repay them once you have a sufficient amount of money.


MoneyMutual will connect you with potential lenders. You can negotiate any terms and conditions until you reach a satisfactory resolution.

You can finance purchases of up to $5,000 and split it into multiple payments choosing between numerous repayment plans. And you don’t even need to rush to make a repayment since there is a due date of up to three months.

All you need to qualify is to be at least 18 years old, have a checking account in your name, and have a monthly income of at least $800. The application is available online, and it takes no more than a couple of minutes to complete. MoneyMutual then forwards your application to lenders willing to work with you, and you should have loan offers within the same day.


  • All-online loan process
  • Simple application
  • Instant approval and fast access to funds
  • Repay in installments
  • Flexible repayment methods


  • Must have an income of at least $800 to qualify
  • Not available in Connecticut or New York

Customer Experience

More than two million users have put their trust into MoneyMutual’s services, standing as real proof for their reliability and favorable options. Highly efficient and straightforward, MoneyMutual is one of the most respected names in the industry.

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#2. - Buy Now, Pay Later With Instant Approval

Are you looking for a platform that can give you a loan in a minute? The brand that you are looking for is Their strongest asset is the speed at which they can get money into your hands. operates across 30 states and represents one of the largest payday loan companies around.

Apart from the outstanding features that we’ll discuss further on, has an impressive privacy policy that assures safety and security concerning customers’ personal information.

Features is amongst the few completely transparent brands on the market, being upfront about loan APRs and being fully transparent about the terms and conditions. The platform is safe and secure, featuring strong privacy policy norms all the buyers and lenders must abide by.

Other than being the number one place where to turn when you need instant cash, they provide information to consumers about different finance-related topics such as credit score, budget planning, debt consolidation, and more.

The application process can be easily carried out on their official website anytime. All you have to do is fill out a simple form, and you can get a loan of up to $10,000 to cover your emergency expenses.


  • Fast accessibility at any time
  • Secure and safe transaction
  • Helpful customer service
  • Lower interest rate compared to other platforms
  • Use loans for any purpose


  • Only permanent residents of the U.S. are eligible

Customer Experience

Quick cash anytime you need it—as stated in most of the customers’ reviews on their site. They are very satisfied with as it provides many features that most of the other companies lack.

=> Click here to visit the official website of

#3. BillsHappen - Easy Buy Now, Pay Later

BillsHappen knows the concern of every human being—things happen in life and so do bills. Living is expensive, and sometimes we struggle with money challenges. Their platform exists with the purpose of offering financial support to every person without needing much more info than users’ monthly income.

BillsHappen is an intelligent marketplace designed to help you find a personal lender within minutes, entirely free of any hidden fees. You can get hassle-free financial assistance from reputable lenders, and the entire process is safe and secure.


Even if you acquire a small amount of money, you can turn to BillsHappen in no time, while many other brands offer larger minimum sums. They have the most basic application requirements, so you only need to be 18 years old, have a Social Security Number and a bank account, and be a permanent resident of the U.S.

BillsHappen works on the principle of finding you an eligible money lender that can give you the desired amount of money so that you can cover your expenses. Beforehand you’ll discuss your terms and repayment methods to suit your current financial stance. You can apply for loans starting from $100 to $5,000, being a great option for financial emergencies.

The process is quite simple. Once you submit your information on their secure and easy online form, they’ll be sent to various lenders in real time for a review. All you have to do is wait for the approval that won’t take more than a working day.


  • Very fast approvals
  • No hidden fees
  • Low-interest rates


  • Doesn’t reveal terms and conditions in advance

Customer Experience

We usually view individual reviews from throughout the web, but BillsHappen does not have many. The few internet reviews we found were mostly positive, with no specific testimonies or concerns.

=> Click here to visit the official website of BillsHappen

#4. Auto Credit Express - Reliable Buy Now, Pay Later App for Auto Loans Online

What makes Auto Credit Express unique is the fact that they created one of the largest networks of auto dealers currently available, financing auto loans to all different types of credit profiles. They don’t actually offer loans but instead connect you with local dealerships and lenders specialized in helping people any time they face bad credit and require instant cash.

Auto Credit Express was founded in 1999 with a primary focus to match their dealer partners with customers that have challenging credit backgrounds. It is a nationwide network of auto dealers in the U.S. that have over one million in bad credit auto loans.


Auto Credit Express offers an easy and fast application only requiring your most basic information and giving an immediate response with the best rates to finance an auto loan. You have no obligation towards the service whatsoever until you sign up for the loan.

The top thing to remember is that Auto Credit Express is willing to cooperate even with those customers that have a poor credit history, as their main goal is to simply help you get your car. The brand obtains more than 500 loan programs so you can find what’s the most appropriate concerning your financial stance.

Through the dealership, Auto Credit Express can finance you in new-car purchases and used-car purchases or the traditional refinancing and cash-auto refinancing. Before you agree to any deal, you have to come into a negotiation that will satisfy both parties and discuss repayment methods that’ll suit your needs and financial situation.


  • Multiple loan option
  • National lender network
  • Fast and simple application
  • Fast transaction of funds
  • Minimal qualification requirements


  • Must use Network Dealership
  • Loan rates depend on the lender

Customer Experience

We took notice that customers were mostly delighted with the brand for supporting and assisting the purchase processes. They helped customers that had specific budget and finance options but especially focused on the users that struggled with bad credit scores and had difficulties acquiring a loan.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Auto Credit Express

#5. - Preferred for No-Credit-Check, Guaranteed Approval Car Loans

Eyeing on a new car? The next step you are about to think of is how to fund your fresh new set of wheels. If you don’t have the money to buy the car outright, will make the cost of a new car more affordable by spreading out the amount into monthly repayments. is a free of cost service that offers programs for various groups of customers, including those who have declared bankruptcy, single parents, those in the military, and customers struggling with past credit issues.


You don’t know where to buy the right car, and you don’t have enough money to buy it? has the solution for both problems. You can simply fill an application through their website, and the service experts will find you the right model according to your needs.

Not only will get you into your new car, but it will also provide you with multiple benefits for how to repair your bad credit history. The whole process will take you no more than 30 minutes to get approved.

Since they are not direct lenders, you’ll have the benefit of finding favorable rates and prices to choose from. has helped people get their favorite car for an affordable price. You can borrow anywhere from $7,500 to $45,000.


  • Convenient financing
  • No money down options
  • No credit check
  • Higher loan-to-value ratio
  • More liberal auto loan terms


  • Interest rates can be competitive with banks and credit unions

Customer Experience

According to the majority of customers, is a dream come true for everyone that struggles to find a car loan. There are hundreds of happy customers that found great deals through their services and managed to cover their expenses when there were no other options in hand.

=> Click here to visit the official website of


Buying a car isn’t that easy, even for seasoned buyers, as there are many factors you should consider before purchasing a car. One of them is finding the right place where you can get a loan if you don’t have the cash to buy outright. This is one of the most popular networks for car buyers offering all types of credit. is a large online network of lenders that allows users to fill out a single application and receive loan offers within minutes and all for free. To make all things clear, doesn’t give you loans; they just connect you with a lender to meet your financial needs.


The application for an auto loan with is fast and easy. All you need to do is fill out personal information like name, phone/mobile number, credit card info, and the Social Security Number so they can submit the information to the suitable lenders for you. The prequalification takes no more than a couple of minutes, and you’ll start receiving loan offers and choose what applies the most to your current stance.

The entire process is free of any cost, with no fees beforehand, as each lender has different requirements. You can borrow various amounts anywhere from a minimum loan amount of $8,000 to $100,000, depending on how much you qualify based on your income and your credit score.

The website has an offer rate estimator and monthly payment calculator to narrow down the amount you’re applying for and stay within your budget. They offer various types of loans, including new-car loans, used-car loans, refinance loans, lease buyout financing, and private party loans.


  • Multiple loan options
  • National lender network access
  • Offers bad credit loans
  • Fast application and answers
  • The whole process is fully online


  • Only email support
  • Not available in every state

Customer Experience

Reviews claim that gets customers into the cars of their dreams fast. We’ve done extensive research on the company, including going through numerous reviews, and we concluded that is the first place where clients come for help every time they face financial difficulties purchasing a new car.

#7. First Premier Bank Mastercard

Buy Now, Pay Later is having its big moment now. Millions of shoppers today use this service to finance their purchases. But we all know how those credit cards can be a tricky tool to cover all those expenses, and that’s why First Premier Bank created a specific type of card to feed your spending appetite.

Easy to qualify for, low-interest, and neat benefits like access to a free credit score—what more can you ask for in a credit card? The First Premier Bank Mastercard has it all. You can use this card every time and everywhere as every vendor that accepts Mastercard will accept the First Premier card, no matter if you are purchasing something online or you are in-person dining or shopping.


This particular card is targeted at people that want to build their credit as it has less strict qualification options. This is the best bad credit repair option you can find since, as with most secured cards, it will report to 3 credit reporting agencies that can help you establish a better credit history.

If you use it responsibly for 13 months, you can become eligible for a credit increase, and this will let you purchase larger ticket items. It can also let you spend more in general. You can easily monitor it in real-time since First Premier Bank offers free to text or email credit card alerts for a variety of things.

In any type of emergency, First Premier Bank has your back by offering maximum protection to you, coming with the additional fee credit protection. This program may cover disability, unemployment, unpaid family leave, loss of life, and hospitalization, making it a huge benefit if something were to happen.

You can enroll in online statements within your first 30 days after opening your account.


  • Good for low credit scores
  • Helps users build their credit
  • Low qualification requirements
  • Possibility for a credit increase
  • Fast approval


  • Fees for foreign transactions
  • Requires a security deposit

Customer Experience

Customers state that First Premier Bank is the most convenient option for anyone who is looking to get the most of their banking needs serviced. Individuals with more complex businesses and financial needs appreciate the options offered through First Premier Bank Mastercard.

#8. First Premier Bank Credit Card

Everyone needs a credit card to make purchases anytime and anywhere, but if you are facing bad credit, acquiring one seems like an impossible scenario. First Premier Bank gives you the opportunity to cover your expenses with their specialized credit card even if you face financial difficulties and you don’t even need to make an upfront security deposit.

The First Premier Bank Mastercard comes with the wanted perks and protection of a Mastercard, including zero fraud liability. It’s also worth taking a look at for the comparatively low fees and smooth process for qualifying, the credit limit, and limit increases.


This card is accepted literally everywhere, so whether you are looking to shop online or over the phone, or simply in person at merchants around the globe, you can use the pin number to pull out cash from ATM machines everywhere around you. Using a credit card is safer and more convenient than cash, and if your card gets lost, you simply need to call customer service, and a new card will be issued to you.

First Premier will consider most applicants, including those who recently underwent bankruptcy. Since it isn’t a secured card, it doesn’t require any security deposit, and you can get approved even if you have bad credit.

It allows you to deposit just $200, and if you are looking to rebuild your credit score and you don’t have money, you can start with this minimal amount. Also, it has an option for rebuilding your credit card limit while depositing more money for a larger credit line.


  • Helps to rebuild credit
  • Available options for scheduling payments
  • No upfront deposits
  • The company informs clients about all issues and changes


  • Higher fees than some other creditors

Customer Experience

The general customer experience with this card is positive, from the usage convenience to relatively positive benefits on their overall credit score.

#9. Secured Sable ONE

Talking about the best secured credit cards available, Sable One Secured Card takes the top place on the market for being the best solution for rebuilders nowadays. And it is feature-packed. Sable doesn’t require a credit check, and you’ll definitely get approved. Also, it doesn’t require any annual fees, and there are no foreign transaction fees. The minimum deposit is very low, and you can also deposit up to $10,000 to get a large credit limit.

Sable also will help you reduce your security deposit at any time, you can earn cashback rewards, and if your credit score reaches 700 after using it for a year, you’ll be rewarded with a $25 statement credit.


The Sable ONE secured credit card has one unique feature that no other secured credit card has. It allows you to reduce your security deposit at any time, so when you reduce your security deposit, you automatically reduce your credit card limit as well. You can deposit anywhere from $10 to $10,000, which makes it ideal for those who are willing to put down much larger deposits.

With this secured credit card, you can earn cashback for up to $20,000 in spending on online purchases like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Uber, Spotify, and other regular purchases. You can redeem your cashback if your earnings don't expire.

One of the benefits is that it includes the cell phone insurance for damaged cell phones, including cracked screens. You can apply for a Sable Card with your SSN only, or you can use your passport or U.S. Visa for identification purposes.


  • Price Protection
  • Purchase Assurance
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Larger credit limits from the required security deposit
  • No annual, foreign, or transaction fees


  • You’ll need a bank account
  • Low initial credit limits

Customer Experience

Overall, Customer Experience comments say that Sable is a trustworthy company offering good services that are able to solve many issues quickly and effectively. Also, customers stated that it helped them rebuild their credit score history.

#10. Fingerhut Credit Account

If you find yourself in a situation when something in your home has broken down and needs an instant replacement, but you don’t have the necessary amount of money at the moment, here is where Fingerhut Credit Account comes to the rescue. Fingerhut is basically an online shopping platform that sells everything from electronics and furniture to baby clothes and fitness equipment.

Think of them as mini Amazon, but with an option to purchase every item and pay it in monthly installments. Even though the company is primarily an online business, they are also a mail-order catalog company allowing customers to make installment purchases on household items even with having bad credit.


Shopping on Fingerhut is very easy and noticeably more convenient than going into a regular marketplace. You can buy anything and pay it over time even if your credit isn’t that good. Products come with reasonable prices, and oftentimes, they offer great deals.

Fingerhut has two types of accounts: the Fingerhut Advantage Revolving Credit Account and the Fingerhut FreshStart Credit Account. Both accounts can be used to purchase items from their online website, and there are no annual fees or application fees whatsoever.

On your first order, you may have to pay a portion right away using a linked bank account or other eligible payments option like a credit card or savings account, while the rest of the amount will be spread through six or eight monthly payments.

Be prepared for even more than fair prices and discounts, since right from the start, you’ll be provided with $25 off for orders of $100 or more once you’re approved.


  • Easy qualifications
  • No annual fees required
  • Tool for building credit
  • Reports to all credit bureaus


  • Use the services with Fingerhut credit card only

Customer Experience

According to customer reviews, Fingerhut is the great place to start for building your credit, moreover having the largest variety of products to choose from, and it’s the best place to go for when you go for present shopping. Most positive reviews were received about the application process and purchase flexibility.

#11. Montgomery Ward

If you are looking for a reliable place where you can buy everything you need from home furniture to gadgets, this is the right place for you. With Montgomery Ward, you can find tons of items for a very reasonable price. It’s been known as one of the largest retailers in the United States. One of their top features is the Wards Credit, which has a $0 annual fee and fixed purchase APR of 5.75% to 25.99% depending on your creditworthiness.

Unlike other store cards, the Wards Credit is open-ended, meaning that you don’t have a fixed number of payments like a car loan or mortgage. It isn’t linked with any major banks. So basically, you get what you need and pay it off later.


Approval for the card is fast and easy, and you can apply for it at checkout and get the answer immediately. If you are someone who looks to build your credit, coupled with the low credit requirements and lack of annual fees, this will be a fairly beneficial option to try.

Not only can you purchase everything you want with the advantage of repaying it in installments, but Wards Credit will help you improve your credit score if you make consistent and timely payments. Long story short, replace the old bad account histories with new and good ones. Everything is processed online, and you can easily manage your account through their online platform.


  • Monthly payments are as low as $10
  • Access to your credit line upon approval
  • Clients can increase the credit line with responsible use
  • No third-party fees or hidden charges


  • Customer service sometimes is slow to respond

Customer Experience

With over 100 years of experience, there is no doubt that this retailer is one of the most successful ones with millions of happy customers. The company works to address any customers’ needs, which is clear proof of why the negative reviews are so hard to find.

#12. Zebit

Costly life events happen, but people shouldn’t have to pay up to four times retail prices so they can get what they need. Zebit is working toward enabling working Americans to have access to online shopping, no matter their financial background.

They go by the belief that giving people access to free financial resources, along with better options will help them make better financial decisions around important purchases.


Hidden fees are the most common thing in the world of alternative financing. Zebit is proud to charge no hidden fees at all. As simple as it is, the platform allows you to purchase items online in installments with 0% APR for the first six months. They use technology to make items more easily affordable without gouging you as a customer.

Zebit offers a line of credit up to $2,500 to use for buying products at wholesale prices. You’ll have six months to pay for the product, so the payment will be split into six-month timeframe installments.

If you happen to have a previous good payment history, there’s a chance that you’ll get an increase in your credit. Moreover, if you don’t have such a shiny credit score, Zebit does provide suggestions on how to improve it.


  • No interest for six months
  • Auto-pay feature ensures you don’t miss a payment
  • Resolution for damaged or missing orders
  • Customer support


  • No order cancellation option
  • Services available only to persons in the U.S.

Customer Experience

Zebit is worth taking into comparison with other sites for giving the advantage to purchasing whatever you need without paying those sky-high fees and rates most other platforms take advantage of.

Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Buy Now, Pay Later Brand

Buy Now, Pay Later has been the real deal for the past few years—with more than a half of consumers under the age of 40 utilizing the service. Consumers love the flexibility of the service. Therefore, 85% of those who used it intend to do so again.

So it’s more than clear that Buy Now, Pay Later is here to stay. Moreover, it will be a growing part of the e-commerce landscape for many years to come. But with having so many options to choose from, what is the right provider to go for?

Choose Buy Now, Pay Later With the Right Security Precautions

Every shopper wants to know if their purchase is secure. No matter how many payments a purchase can be split into, they still want to know that their data won’t be compromised. Studies continue to show shoppers are increasingly worried about security data privacy when making purchases. When choosing a Buy Now, Pay Later option, make sure to choose one with a high level of security.

Understand the Payment Options and Terms

Buy Now, Pay Later companies tend to offer multiple options and terms for your purchase. For example, several Buy Now, Pay Later platforms feature the ability to split your cost into four payments due every two weeks. And if you make all the payments on time and in full, you may not pay any interest or fees.

Some companies also offer longer-term loans, which range from 3 to 36 months. In addition to the purchase price, these loans may include interest charges depending on the service you use. So be sure to read up the payment details and terms before using this option.

Check for Any Fees or Penalties

Before you make your purchase, you’ll want to understand if there are any other fees you may run into. Check whether the Buy Now, Pay Later company charges late payment fees and if there are any penalties for missing a payment or failing to pay completely.

Some companies may send the unpaid debt to the collectors and put a ban on customers so they won’t be able to use their services again. Collectors can have a significant impact on your credit health; just make sure to keep careful track of your due dates as you would with any type of loan.

Be Sure that Your Card Will Work With the Service

In the completion process, you’ll have to connect your checking account, credit, or debit card to the Buy Now, Pay Later program. However, not all debit or credit cards can work with a Buy Now, Pay Later service of choice. Note to check this ahead of time so you can avoid any delays with your purchase.

FAQs About Buy Now, Pay Later Loan Brands

Q. How much will Buy Now, Pay Later cost me?

Generally speaking, if you repay the price of what you bought without delays within the estimated period, you won’t have to pay any interest because usually, these periods are interest-free. Buy Now, Pay Later is exactly that. It gives you a delay for something for several months or even a year, and you do not have to pay a penny in interest.

On the other hand, some offers can allow you to spread the cost for an even longer period but may charge a high APR.

Q. What happens if I miss a payment?

You can simply contact your lender to explain your situation, but the most important thing is to avoid taking out credit unless you are certain that you can afford to pay it back. Many websites offer a variety of flexible rules when customers face this kind of problem and suggest additional repayment plans.


Buy Now, Pay Later has been a game changer. Let’s be honest; not all working-class people succeed in saving money for those rainy days.

More consumers every day start to ditch the traditional debit or credit card paying method. To be honest here: who still wants to deal with those tons of paperwork and on top of that, the sky-high late fees.

Buy Now, Pay Later is an option that benefits both retailers and consumers, so it’s a win-win situation for them both.

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