Best CBD Products in the Most Popular Categories

I'm going to guess that most people by now in the U.S. have heard of CBD. Still, folks are finding it tough to find a quality, well-made product that works. Many others are also inexperienced in the different types of CBD products that are out there, and few people understand which products are best for what condition.

If you're looking for truly the market's best CBD products, you've come to the right place. Here I've reviewed different products from five different brands, all of which have withstood the test of time in terms of quality, price, and effectiveness.

What the Best CBD Products Have That Others Do Not

As far as the best CBD products available, the top brands always boast a range of features that other manufacturers simply cannot compete with. Most CBD products come from hemp, and product quality largely depends on where that hemp grows.

The best products come from American-grown hemp. Hemp grows in most countries worldwide, but the problem with companies outsourcing their hemp supply is that it takes weeks for the cultivated plant to arrive at U.S. manufacturers.

During this long shipping time frame, all kinds of adverse environmental factors (i.e. intense heat, moisture, sunlight) are common, which can cause degradation of the CBD and other active chemical compounds in the plant.

American-sourced hemp, on the other hand, is often at the optimal condition for peak CBD extraction. The U.S. is also far more rigid in their agricultural guidelines than most countries, meaning the plants are of a far higher quality overall.

Understanding Different Types of CBD Products

Equal to product quality is knowing the best type of CBD product you should be using. For this article, I've broken the following five products down based on best oil, best gummies, and best topical. I've also included products for those that really want to prioritize taste, as well as for those who are simply not trying to spend a lot of money.

CBD oils are by far the most versatile of the different product types. If you want a product that will help with anxiety, stress, or even mild pain or discomfort, they would be a good option. CBD gummies are most often used for people looking to get a good night's sleep (especially the Premium Jane product that I've chosen, which is a blend that's been specifically formulated as a sleep blend).

Lastly, CBD topicals are most often preferred for those that have trouble with sore muscles and/or achy joints. They are also popular among athletes and trainers for quicker recovery after a tough workout.

Without further ado, here are my selections for the absolute best CBD products based on category. If you're looking for a good, well-made product that will actually work, I recommend checking out any of the following brands.

PureKana - Best Quality CBD Oil

PureKana is a company that's been around for a while. They boast an impressive list of sponsored athletes, all of whom rely on the brand's leading formulations to deliver potent results where other products come up short.

PureKana CBD oil is also available in several formulas and at several price points. My favorite is probably their most basic formula of all - the 1,000mg Natural CBD Oil. This oil is a little pricey, but it's worth it in my experience if you're looking for something potent and relatively fast-acting.

This is also an American brand, and even though they've been around for a while now, they're manufacturing remains top-shelf and they don't cut any corners to save costs. And if you're not into CBD oils, they've also got dozens of other top-quality products to choose from.

Premium Jane - Best Rated CBD Gummies

If you want a product to improve your sleep, Premium Jane CBD Gummies would be my go-to option. What sets these gummies apart is that, a) they're super potent at 1500mg (for the whole jar) and b) they're specifically formulated for difficulty sleeping. They contain CBN, chamomile, GABA and melatonin besides the CBD itself, all of which are ingredients that help produce a healthy, natural night's rest.

When I'm taking CBD to help me sleep, I like to double up on the dose and take two gummies about an hour before bed. This will allow me to get good and lethargic, to the point where my eyes are almost shutting before I even make it to the bed.

It's worth pointing out that Premium Jane also has several other gummies formulas, so if you're a big gummies fan but aren't necessarily looking for something to help with sleep, they've got plenty of other options to choose from.

MedTerra - Best Affordable CBD Product

Take this as you may, but this brand boasts one of the most impressive lists of professional athletes that endorse MedTerra products. These individuals are some of the most elite extreme sports athletes on the planet, and they're not going to trust (or use) a CBD product that doesn't work).

Oddly enough for such a top-of-the-line label, MedTerra CBD products are also some of the most affordable out there. One of my personal favorites is their Relief + Recovery Roll-On, which (at the time of writing at least) sells for just $19.99.

Like the other brands on my list, they've got dozens of other products to choose from – so be sure to browse their complete catalog.

Welltiva - Best Tasting CBD Product

This is a brand that very few people will have ever heard of. I like them because they're a small scale operation consisting of a husband/wife duo out in rural Colorado. And for those that are wanting to maintain the actual taste of real, authentic CBD hemp extract, you're not going to find a better product.

While other brands try to cover up the earthy, "hempy" taste of their products, Welltiva CBD oil is totally raw in that it actually tastes like the hemp that it's coming from. ​​This may be a turn off to some people, but personally, I prefer to taste hemp when I'm consuming a hemp product instead of something that tastes like it came from a candy store.

Welltiva doesn't have much to offer in the way of product selection, but again, what they do have is about the most authentic thing you can find in terms of a pure, expertly-made hemp extract. Their operation is also in-house, meaning everything from the seed planted to the oil extracted is carried out right there in the rural Colorado location.

CW Hemp - Best High Potency CBD Topical

Last but not least, CW Hemp CBD Topical gets my number one selection for those that are looking for a quality infused cream. I've tried a few different CW Hemp products, but probably my favorite (and go-to for post-workout recovery) is their Arthritis Aches and Pain Relief Cream. This lotion is great for joint pain, but it also works well for muscular pain and discomfort.

CW Hemp (aka Charlotte's Web) also has tons of other products on offer as well. They've even got a reasonably priced hemp balm, which is a good way to work your way into the world of topicals without spending too much money.

What Types of CBD Products Are Available?

As I discussed earlier in the article, one of the most important things to consider when selecting the best CBD products is to make sure you're using a product type conducive to your specific needs. Below, I outline several different types of CBD products, and highlight the preferred usage for each one.

Remember, however, that everyone's body is different and what works for one person, may not work for someone else. This is because the body's endocannabinoid system is highly personalized - each and every one of us has a unique set of endocannabinoids and receptors, meaning we will all have a slightly unique experience when it comes to the use of CBD products.

CBD Oils

The major draw to CBD oils is that they're versatile and relatively fast acting. This is because oil tinctures are absorbed directly into the bloodstream via glands below the tongue. The best uses for CBD oil include helping combat stress, anxiety, and mild pain. Others may use CBD oils to help them sleep.

CBD Topicals

Topicals include CBD-infused products that are massaged into the skin and joint areas. Due to their localized effect, these products are best used for joint and muscular pain.

CBD Gummies

Gummies have become popular primarily because they are fun, recognizable, convenient, and tasty. However, they can also pack a punch in terms of potency. While I've never used gummies to help with pain or discomfort, I have found them very effective at helping to deal with stress and anxiety, and also to help sleep.

Their major downfall is that they can take a while to kick in and take effect. This is because, unlike oils, they have to pass through the gut and digestive system before they make it to the bloodstream.

Other CBD Products

There are literally dozens of other CBD products on the market to choose from nowadays. Some types of products are relatively common (like CBD vapes), while others – like CBD beard oil and CBD lip balm – are marginal at best and don't really have a place in the world of therapeutic CBD products.

How to Choose the Best CBD Products

In order to choose the best CBD products possible, you'll want to consider a few key things. First, ensure that the product you're interested in comes with a third party lab report. Lab reports detail what exactly is in a product, and it verifies that the milligram amount listed on the label is actually what's inside the bottle or packaging.

Another thing you'll want to make sure and do is read plenty of legit CBD product reviews from actual customers that have bought the product. In an age where CBD is still largely unregulated, real user reviews are the best thing we have in terms of getting authentic, unbiased information on products that we're interested in.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Products?

The benefits of CBD products are truly immense. Go online and have a look at updated scientific studies around CBD, and you'll find hundreds of publications that detail the compound's potential for therapeutic use. In fact, CBD is even listed under the federal government's PubChem database as a cannabinoid that holds pain-relieving properties, anxiety-relieving properties, and much more.

As for you personally, finding CBD product benefits that will work will require really coming to terms with what exactly it is that you're trying to treat. If you're wanting something that will help you deal with anxiety, for example, you may want to weigh your options between CBD oil and CBD gummies. Remember, each different product type serves a distinct and unique purpose, and it's up to you to select a product that will be conducive and effective for you and your needs.

Bottom Line on the Best CBD Products

Today, there are literally thousands of different CBD products to choose from. Customers are spoiled for choice in terms of milligram potency, flavor, and product type. For many, the sheer number of choices that are out there are overwhelming.

This is why it's important to take things one step at a time: break down CBD products into the three main categories (oils, gummies, topicals), and decide for yourself what exactly it is that you expect in terms of results. If money is your primary concern, be advised that you most likely will not be getting the most potent of CBD products, and this, more often than not, results in an incomplete CBD experience.

Invest in the highest quality product(s) you can realistically afford, and you will be rewarded with a good, reliable, effective product that you can rely on day after day for years to come.

About the Author

Dylan Baker is a long-term content writer in the cannabis space, having produced hundreds of articles for various media outlets that cover a wide variety of topics. Dylan specializes in health topics and product reviews, and his CBD reviews have been featured among several high-profile websites over the course of the last several years.

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