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Are you running out of cash this holiday season? If you are, don’t worry…you are not alone.

This time of year sneaks up on us so quickly every year. Christmas is just around the corner and bad credit loans are being taken out left, right, and center. If you are in search of a bad credit loan, you have come to the right place. In this in depth review, we are going to highlight one of the best bad credit loan companies this Christmas season, called XmasFunds.

When you get an emergency loan with XmasFunds, it is a super fast transfer of money that happens in 24 hours to help you get through a tough situation. Just like any personal loan for bad credit, it comes with its interest rates and other terms and conditions.

The holiday time is a time where there is a lot of personal spending, we don’t need to tell you that. What we do want to tell you is that if you are in need of a bad credit loan, and you have a poor credit score, you can still get approved. You would want to get bad credit loans from lenders who have experience in giving these types of loans out. Further, you would want to make sure that the terms and conditions of these emergency loans are favorable to you.

If you are someone who has bad credit, it could become difficult for you to get a normal loan from a typical lender during the holiday season.

If this sounds like you, you do not need to worry. There are some excellent loan-lending companies that offer low-interest rates, convenient terms and conditions, and immediate cash transfer, that help you borrow money in a time of need, despite having bad credit - even over the holiday season. These types of companies can truly help out people with bad credit, or who just need a bad credit loan.

Emergency Loans Are Best Through XmasFunds

A SPECIAL HOLIDAY MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR: In this article we use the term “loan-lending". We are not stating that these websites will directly lend you money. Rather their job is to work to connect you with VARIOUS lenders in their online network. Ultimately, you chose the lender that you would like to work with.

1) XmasFunds

XmasFunds is one of the leading bad credit loan companies in America during the Christmas holidays. They are known for their quick response time, excellent customer service, and great customer reviews.

Every holiday season, XmasFunds gets so many positive customer reviews online. What is it exactly that they do as a bad credit loan provider? We have outlined below for you some of the major reasons why XmasFunds ranks as one of the best bad credit loan lenders year in and year out. Please take a look below.

Fast Emergency Loans Through XmasFunds

The XmasFunds online form usually takes less than 5 minutes to complete. So before you even finish your coffee, you’ll already have your request submitted.

There Is An Easy Approval Process For Bad Credit Loans

When you apply for a bad credit loan with XmasFunds you do so online. They have an impressive and up to date online platform. You can apply for all kinds of loans, including payday, instalment, and even bad credit loans.

XmasFunds Matches Emergency Funds With People With Poor Credit Scores

XmasFunds gets a lot of positive feedback from consumers. One aspect that consumers appreciate is that the loan process is safe and secure. This is a very important factor for people when they are applying for emergency funds. Safety and security of the application process ranks near the top of their list.

Since the holidays are quickly approaching, when people are applying for bad credit loans, they can do this in the comfort of their private residences. Just as long as you have internet access, you are able to jump on the XmasFunds online portal and apply away. It is really that easy! Online loans for bad credit made easy! That is what XmasFunds is all about.

What Are The Interest Rates On The Online Loans For Bad Credit Offered By XmasFunds?

The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) can vary, but it usually fluctuates between 5.99 to 24.99%. XmasFunds requires no origination fee for applying for a loan. They play the role of a middleman in the loan approval process by connecting borrowers to lenders online. Once you are connected with your lender of choice, XmasFunds has done their job.

It is the holiday time, and it is important to remember the role that XmasFunds plays in all of this. They are simply the middleman. Once you apply and get approved for a bad credit loan, XmasFunds has done their job, and they go out of the picture.

Once you have successfully used XmasFunds to secure a bad credit loan, you can negotiate directly with the lender that you have chosen.

Each lender has their own terms and conditions, including the interest rates, which can be discussed with you directly. The loan amount that can be issued could range from $5,000 to $35,000, depending on a number of variables. Interest rates, as stated previously, can differ depending on the lender, but that of payday loans can be considerably high, ranging from 200% to 1300%.

With XmasFunds What Loan Limits Are There When You Get An Online Loan For Bad Credit?

Xmas Funds can provide up to $5,000 to as high as $35,000 in some cases. Smaller loans, like those between $300-$500, can also be applied for and are often a lot more common versus higher amounts.

Since XmasFunds is a ‘go-between’ in the lending process and helps connect consumers to potential lenders, they do not have a say in the terms and conditions of the loan-taking process. These terms depend on the lenders and can be directly negotiated with them.

This is an important reminder to you that you must read all of the terms and conditions carefully. When you get an offer for a loan directly from a lender, you can negotiate those terms directly with them. However, you must also remember to simply not accept terms and conditions that may be unfavourable to you. There is always room for negotiation if the first offer you get from a lender is not to your liking.

XmasFunds is ver very flexible online loan platform that has been providing bad credit loans over the holidays for many years. Below we have outlined some of the positives and negatives of this bad credit loan platform.


  • Fast application process
  • Different loan types
  • Safe and secure website


  • Generally only available during the holiday season.

⇒Visit the Official Website of XmasFunds for More Information

What Makes XmasFunds The Best Emergency Loan Lender For Bad Credit During The Holiday Season?

What company is the best bad credit loan provider during the holiday season? XmasFunds has been lending emergency funds successfully to Americans all across the country. But what is it that makes XmasFunds the company for bad credit loans?

  • XmasFunds has a reputation as strong as candy canes made out of rocks

XmasFunds is the best emergency loan provider during the holidays. Before you take out the loan, be sure to look through the company's consumer review section. In this section you will be able to read about other borrowers who have been able to get emergency loans. Read about their personal situations and how much of a loan they were able to get. As well, you will be able to read about how their customer service experience was.

  • What type of terms and conditions does XmasFunds offer during the Holidays?

Xmas Funds has been known to promote lenders with very flexible terms and conditions. Remember, the interest rate as well as the terms and conditions will be specific to each lender. Therefore, when you chose a lender of your liking, be sure to understand what their terms and conditions are, and be sure to understand what the interest rate is.

  • How fast does XmasFunds transfer funds to you during the holidays?

Emergency loans are delivered through XmasFunds as soon as humanly possible. That is after all the name of the game in the bad credit loan industry. Getting emergency cash to a borrower as soon as possible is very important. If you cannot get a bad credit loan to a borrower quickly, then you will not have a very good rating as a bad credit loan provider.

If you are following along with us, and I know you are, you are seeing a common theme here. The common theme is that an emergency loan needs to be delivered quickly to the borrower. It needs to be delivered quickly because they are in a time of need, and they need the funds fast. A lender who delivers emergency funds slowly to a borrower would have no value to that borrower. Therefore, if a lender tells a borrower that they will receive emergency funds from them slowly, then that borrower will not chose them. The person borrowing the emergency loan will pick the bad credit lender who can deliver the loan to them quickly.

  • How transparent is the bad credit loan lending process with XmasFunds?

XmasFunds does not like to trick people with bad credit with pesky and hidden fees. We hate those pesky fees! If you are not sure what we are referring to , ‘pesky fees’ means that borrowers can get stuck with high interest rates or large loan set up fees. With XmasFunds each of their 60+ lenders details their terms and conditions of their loan. As a borrower, make sure that you review the terms and conditions of the lender that you select.

Are No Credit Check Loans For Bad Credit Available To You Through XmasFunds?

No credit check loans are indeed available to borrowers through XmasFunds.

The typical documents that a lender may ask for as proof of your earnings can consist of a payslip, w-25, copies of tax return records for the last two years, or 1099s. As such it is a good idea to keep the latest bank statements on hand and the phone number of your employer, in the event that you need to contact them in order to get these documents. Depending on who your employer is and if they have a Human Resources department, you can usually get these documents fairly quickly. If your employer does not have a human resources department, these type of documents can be obtained from the book keeper or accountant at your company.

You will also need to have proof of your identity as well as your residential address. The proof of identity may include your drivers license, State Identity Card, or even a utility bill will do the job sometimes.

You should always explain in detail to the lender why you are borrowing these funds. . By doing this action, you are painting a picture for them, that will help them gain a better understanding of who you are. If you have any documents that you can provide to the lender, this can help as well. By doing this, you are showing the lender what exactly the funds are being used for.

It is important to remember that the lenders expect that you will pay back the loan.

The next step is searching for the best lender for yourself. Once you have found the right lender, it is time to undergo a soft credit inquiry. A soft credit inquiry has no negative impact on your credit score.

The hard credit check is applicable only when you finalize an application or offer for a loan. You generally do not want to have your credit pulled too many times as that can have a negative effect on you overall credit score.

Read the terms and conditions of the offer carefully before signing it. Make sure that you are able to pay back the loan that you are borrowing.

The Good The Bad And The Ugly Of Christmas Payday Loans

Did you know that you can get a payday loan regardless of your bad credit score? Although this is the case, we don’t recommend this option. Payday loans can be extremely expensive to pay back, and often come with unfavourable terms.

Payday loans may seem like a good idea. However, as you explore further, you will see that they are not a good option for you. This is because the annual percentage rate of interest is excessively high (up to 300% to 400%). Also, if you fail to pay according to the given schedule, you will have to pay extra charges and fees.

We strongly recommend looking at multiple lenders through FundsJoy. Look and see which lender best suits your needs. Look to see what their interest rates and terms and conditions are. Do not go with a bad credit lender that offers you unfavourable terms. Rather, select a bad credit lender that will offer you terms and conditions that you are okay with.

A Brief Description of A PayDay Loan At The Holidays

If a lender promises you they won't do a credit inquiry, or credit score does not matter for them, it is a payday loan they are offering because the legit lending platforms will not tell you this.
  • Amounts are smaller
  • APR can be very high.
If you observe one or two of the variables above, there is a good chance that it is a payday loan.

You Should Know About Emergency Loans During The Holiday Season

If this is your first time borrowing an emergency loan from a lender online, there are a few major things that we would like you to know about.

The major points are as follows:

  • Guarantees in life? Absolutely not! That being said, when you apply for a bad credit loan, you are not guaranteed that you will get an approval for a bad credit loan. No platform gives a full and final guarantee for a loan. In fact, these websites have put on a disclaimer saying you might not find your lender on their site. This applies to you even if your credit score is favorable.
  • Secured versus Unsecured loans. Although the secured loans have lower APRs, there is still one risk involved in them — losing your belongings if you fail to repay the loan since secured loans require collateral. In contrast, unsecured loans charge higher APRs but require no collateral. (If you did not understand this point, please read this again)
  • An unfortunate reality is that people with a bad credit score are stuck paying higher interest rates. But, these platforms can ease them out a bit since the lenders here work at a fixed interest rate range, which means market fluctuations will not cause you to pay more interest rates than what you signed up for.

Common Questions We Get On Emergency Loans And No Credit Check Loans For Bad Credit During The Holidays

Q1. Can I Get A Large Sized Bad Credit Loan If I Have A Bad Credit Score?

Online you can get up to $25,000 no problem from some lenders. Larger loans can be obtained as well. It all comes down to the interest rate and the terms and conditions of the loan.

One thing you must consider is how much you need the funds. For instance, if you need $1,000, you should request only $1,000, and nothing more. This is because the smaller the loan, the easier it will get approved, and of course, the lower the interest rates will be in many cases.

Q2. Why Are Online Loans For Bad Credit Taking Over Conventional Lending?

Online lending helps you apply at multiple platforms from the comfort of your home. It also saves you from undergoing several hard credit inquiries. Also, these platforms offer you good interest rates compared to other platforms.

Lastly, the best thing about online lending sources is that their lenders report your performance to credit bureaus from time to time, which may help you in raising your credit score.

Q3. Best Online Loans For Bad Credit Portal?

Hands down we recommend XmasFunds as the number one lending platform in America.


Closing Words: Where Should You Get Online Loans For Bad Credit During the Christmas Holidays?

Online loans for bad credit are going to keep on gaining popularity as time goes on. People with poor credit scores seems to favour them ahead of traditional lending companies. No one likes to wait in line, get asked detailed or irrelevant questions when they are applying for a bad credit loan. Traditional lenders have a tendency of doing this.

XmasFunds can help you in many ways. Not only can they provide you with an emergency loan during the holidays, they can also help you with improving your credit score. Just as long as you pay back your loan on time, this will be reported on your credit report, thus showing a good repayment history.

It’s no surprise that we think VERY highly of XmasFunds. We have no problem stating that they are the best online loans for bad credit companies since they allow you to apply for an emergency loan in confidence, and in the comfort of your own home.

XmasFunds definitely picks up popularity during the holiday time. If you take a moment to think about why this is the case, it makes complete sense. People with bad credit scores are always looking for emergency loans. This is especially the case during the holiday time. Since the company has the name ‘xmas’ within the title, many people chose to take action and get a bad credit loan through them. It is a trustworthy name if you think about it…

We appreciate you taking the time to read our in depth review on FundsJoy. If you are looking for personal loans for bad credit, we feel that FundsJoy should be at the top of your list. It is perfect for people with a bad credit score.

=> Visit the XmasFunds Official Website For More Information

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