Best Energy Supplements - OTC Energy Supplements for Workouts and Studying

When it comes to nootropics, one of the most popular categories for consumer purchase is energy supplements. What makes these particular segments of products so popular is the fact that they’re used by a wide range of demographics – bodybuilders, athletes of all types, students, workers, and everything in between.

In this article, we’ll be highlighting what we feel are the best energy supplements for 2022. Our review is based on personal trials documented by members of our review team and the scientific facts behind the ingredients contained in each product. These are the best OTC energy supplements you can buy, we've picked and tested one with stimulants and one without. *We have used digital images in this post to allow for smaller file sizes.

These supplements are available for purchase over the counter without a prescription and can be very beneficial for improved focus, energy, mental stamina and endurance, and attention span. Any job or task that requires a mental boost can be satisfied by one of these products increasing energy production. Night Shred fat burners contain some ingredients which increase energy but aren't considered energy supplements.

In the section below, we’ll highlight each of our picks individually based on the following metrics:

  • A brief introduction on each product
  • Where we ordered the product and information about the purchase and shipping experience
  • Dosage information and results over 30 days during our trial run
  • Side effects experienced
  • Science behind the ingredients
  • How it compared to other items we’ve tested
  • The bottom line (our conclusion)
It's also worth noting that during these trials there were no other supplements included and subjects did nothing more than maintain a healthy diet and some light exercise. This article has been fully fact checked by verified authors.

1. Vyvamind – Best Energy Supplement of 2022

The manufacturers of Vyvamind take a more natural all-natural approach to energy with this five-ingredient supplement that’s received some pretty promising reviews. There’s a minimal amount of caffeine in each dose of Vyvamind – supposedly low enough to avoid any crash and burn.

The idea behind Vyvamind is a formula that contains only the most beneficial ingredients at optimal doses, leaving room for no fillers while not overdoing any single element to avoid nasty side effects. We feel that Vyvamind lives up to the hype – keep reading this review of Vyvamind to find out why.

Order/Shipment Info

We ordered a single bottle of Vyvamind from the manufacturer’s official website. Luckily there was no waiting period since many customers have experienced a wait because it is on backorder due to increasing demands. It’s worth noting that the backorder issue isn’t a jab at Vyvamind – if anything, it’s a testament due to the popularity of this powerful supplement.

The ordering and checkout process was simple, and we selected standard shipping with a promise of receiving our order within two to three business days. Our 30-day supply arrived in two days, which was a pleasant surprise.

After opening and inspecting the contents, we found a perfectly packaged single bottle of Vyvamind and an insert with some additional information and dosing instructions. The bottle was perfectly intact, as was the seal, with no signs of puncture or compromise.

A quick inspection of the capsules ensured us that none of them had broken open and spilled any contents inside the bottle. Since it arrived late in the afternoon, we decided our tester would wait until the following morning to take the first dose.

Dosing Information/Results

The recommended dose by the manufacturers of Vyvamind was one capsule per day, taken with a glass of water on a full stomach. Our tester decided to take one capsule each day with breakfast at around 8:00 AM.

Day 1

Our tester reported surprisingly positive results after the first dose. It’s not uncommon for most nootropics to take a few days for results, but he noted Vyvamind manifested some encouraging results as regards their energy production.

  • Tester reported increased levels of energy gradually building about an hour after ingestion. Optimal energy levels were maintained well into the late afternoon and post-work hours. Our subject had no problem completing a full day of work with no hiccups and an evening workout. No crash and burn effects were reported as the subject could obtain a whole night’s sleep.
  • Our subject reported a marked increase in energy and an overall, more positive attitude.

Day 5

  • Typically, we do another report on day five during testing as our subject has had a whole week of work or classes and can give a more comprehensive report.
  • Our tester began his 30-day regimen on a Tuesday, and at this point, he’s had four fully scheduled workdays and an entire Saturday of activity. He noted that there was a noticeable increase in focus and mental sharpness by day three overall.
  • The subject works in an office environment where constant reports, data analysis, and client phone calls are mandatory. Per his report sheet, our tester reported operating with a “much clearer mind” and eliminated "brain fog."
  • Energy levels remained steady, even after an intense Saturday workout at the gym. Our tester noted that he didn’t feel as drained as after his usual exercise routine. We would attribute this to the way Vyvamind is able to produce energy.

Day 15

We’re at the halfway mark for our 30-day trial, and the results are still fantastic.

  • Our tester reported that he experienced a massive increase in mental clarity and multitasking ability around days eight or nine.
  • The subject reported that around day 12, he began bringing work home in the evening for a larger project. What the client expected to be late nights and working well past midnight were pleasantly cut short to around an 11 PM completion because of the additional focus and sharpness brought by Vyvamind.
  • It’s also worth noting that our tester could wake up feeling well-rested even after staying up later than usual.

Days 25-30

It’s generally between days 15 to 20 and up to the 30-day mark when adverse effects are produced or effectiveness decreases in most supplements. However, Vyvamind was still going strong.

  • The subject reported that the effects were well-maintained even into the 25 and 30-day marks.
  • It’s at this point, that most people feel the decrease in effects from supplements like this. However, our tester reported no urge to take more as the single capsule was maintained fine.
  • Still no crash and burn or adverse side effects experienced and Vyvamind was still able to produce energy.

Side Effects of Vyvamind

During the entire 30-day period, our tester reported no adverse side effects due to Vyvamind. There was no crash and burn, no trouble sleeping, and no jittery feeling that many energy supplements are known to produce. Vyvamind was also easy on the digestive system unlike other products we've tried that increased energy.

Science Behind the Ingredients

These are the critical ingredients in Vyvamind that help increase energy metabolism and make it one of the best vitamin supplements on the market. Here's how each one works to increase energy production.


Research has shown citicoline to be effective in preventing dementia and enhancing cognitive performance in adults. It increases cellular energy in the brain and is a building block of brain cell health and reproduction.


L-Theanine is proven to help with anxiety, depression, and stress. This is what most likely increased the positive attitude or tester experienced.


The levels of caffeine aren’t incredibly high in Vyvamind, but enough to produce the “boost” our tester experienced with the initial doses and early in the day. Caffeine is taken regularly in multiple cultures to help the body produce energy.


L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that lowers blood pressure and increases cognitive performance, among other health benefits. It’s also used for treating schizophrenia and depression.

Compared to Other Dietary Supplements that Boost Energy

Compared to products like Caffeine Plus Expert and most OTC energy supplements, Vyvamind was a pleasant alternative, producing no side effects or a crash period. It seemed to last much longer than other supplements and was able to increase energy without producing any jittery feelings that other products or energy drinks produce.

It's also worth noting that taking Vyvamind with iron supplements while balancing with a healthy diet may increase the positive effects and reduce fatigue even fruther.

The Bottom Line

We feel that Vyvamind is the best energy supplement in 2022. And this is for more reasons than one – it delivers an energy boost without side effects, you don’t need a huge dose, and there’s no crash or tolerance that could potentially lead to addiction or abuse.

Our tester reported that the effects were well-maintained throughout the entire 30 day-period, with noticeable increases in energy, focus, endurance, attention, and overall mood. These benefits were well-maintained through an entire workday and a routine of exercising regularly. Overall, this is a top-notch product if you want to decrease physical and mental fatigue.

2. Performance Lab Energy – Best Caffeine-Free Energy Supplement of 2022

Performance Lab Energy is an energy supplement with zero caffeine added. The makers of this nootropic claim the energy support is manifested by boosting your body’s mitochondria, which support energy production for your cells.

These important biological components use nutrients from food to speed up your body’s metabolism. This product streamlines the way your cells produce energy and, as a bonus, promotes more fat burn during a workout.

Let’s see how Performance Lab Energy held up in our tester’s 30-day trial.

Order the Best Caffeine Free Energy Supplement

Order/Shipment Info

We ordered directly from the Performance Lab Energy website, which is the only available source. After choosing standard shipping, our order arrived on day three, still within the promised window.

The package arrived in good condition with no damage to the seals of the bottle. Additionally, all of the capsules were sealed with no spilling of the ingredients which are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Dosing Information/Results

Unlike Vyamind, Performance Lab Energy contained 60 capsules. The directions suggested taking the first 1-2 energy supplement capsules on an empty stomach and taking another 1-2 around lunch. Our test subject would begin by taking two in the morning.

Day 1

On the first day, our tester reported a slight increase in energy.

  • Felt a light boost of energy about two hours after dosing. The feeling leveled out around noon, and our tester reported maintaining energy levels with no crash.
  • It’s worth noting that our tester stated that he would feel drained and sluggish on a typical workday when it was time to go home. He reported a notable absence of this feeling.

Day 5

After day five, some of the other effects began to surface.

  • Our tester was still able to maintain physical and mental energy throughout the day.
  • He reported a noticeable change in mental clarity and was much more alert.

Day 15

Halfway through the test and reports are still positive.

  • Energy levels are holding steady with still no crash present. The user is reporting well-rested sleep and a lower level of anxiety.
  • Around day eight, he reported an increase in memory performance and higher levels of focus.

Days 25-30

Near the end of the 30 days, our test subject reported a slight drop-off in energy near the end of the day. He increased his dose to include the additional two capsules at lunch.

  • The energy decline began around day 25. After increasing his dose, the user reached peak energy levels again around day 27 and was able to fight fatigue.
  • One noticeable difference around day 20 was decreased sciatic nerve pain in the lower back area.

Side Effects of Performance Lab Energy

Our tester reported no adverse side effects throughout the entire 30-day period. There was no crash, burn, or uncomfortable increases in heart rate or blood pressure. Many energy supplements cause difficulty falling asleep. He was able to get enough sleep with no restless nights.

Science Behind the Ingredients – Performance Lab is a Vegan Energy Supplement

Let’s break down the ingredients based on the positive benefits and how our test subject fought physical fatigue and experienced significant improvements in the body's energy.  


CoQ10 is a fat-soluble coenzyme your body needs for transferring energy to your cells. Typical effects include clearer thinking and higher memory retention. This is likely what gave our test subject the boost in memory efficiency.


Pyrroloquinoline Quinone is an enzyme cofactor that’s vital for the life of your brain cells. This ingredient improves the function of mitochondria in your brain, leading to several cognitive benefits. The PQQ was probably behind the increased alertness and focus our subject reported.


Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an amino acid that increases mental and physical energy. It also increases signaling throughout the nervous system. This is likely what contributed to our tester’s mental clarity, as well as the reduction in physical and mental stress.

R-Lipoic Acid

This naturally occurring lipoic acid within your body is a cofactor for mitochondria and carbohydrate energy burn. It increases glucose uptake and allows your body to reuse many antioxidants repeatedly. It also reduces inflammation and gets rid of heavy metal toxins, leading to improved muscle and nerve function. Our guess is that this led to our subject experiencing decreased pain in the sciatic nerve area.   

Order Performance Lab Energy from the Performance Lab Website Here.

You can also stack with Performance Lab Caffeine+, also available here.

 Compared to Other OTC Energy Dietary Supplements that Boost Energy

Compared to products like Pro Plus and other OTC Energy supplements , Performance Lab Energy was a nice, clean energy boost. With the added bonus of being a vegan energy supplement Our test subject highlighted the clean feeling as one of the most notable benefits, with no chemical feeling. The tester reported an overall increase in physical performance and the body's ability to manufacture energy naturally. He added the bonus of keeping nerve cells healthy and inflammation reduction was a nice bonus (remember we mentioned his sciatic nerve pain reduction).

The Bottom Line

We feel that Performance Lab Energy is a great natural and caffeine-free alternative to other supplements. Our test subject enjoyed the increase in natural energy levels. Although it didn’t provide the super-alertness and hyper-focus of Vyvamind, he still felt that this was a better alternative to most energy supplements, especially if you’re looking for a caffeine-free option.  

The Best Energy Supplement Overall of 2022 – Vyvamind

After our test subject’s 30-day report on these two supplements and others they had tried in the past, combined with scientific evidence we’ve gathered from other research reports, we feel that Vyvamind is the best energy supplement on the market.

If you need a product that gives you some serious mental power when the demand is high and a physical lift to support the body, Vyvamind should be on your list to increase energy production. Our only complaint is the availability factor because of the incredibly high demand for this product – but with the way it works, there’s no wonder they’re selling out so quickly. Remember for best results we always recommend a clean balanced diet to make the absolute most of these products too!

Order Vyvamind Here

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