Best Male Extender GUIDE 2021: Comparison, Tips, and Results

What have you heard about the best penis extenders? In this article, we will explain to you in detail the male sexual problems.

You probably have a number of questions about how modern penis stretchers work. Not many people right now can picture the very setup of the penis enhancement device and its use. But I want you to truly understand what kind of device it is and how it should be used in order to make your penis bigger or straighten it.

Which type of penis extenders to choose?

It can be a vacuum device like Phallosan Forte, Penimaster PRO, or a strap-rod device such as Quick Extender Pro, SizeGenetics, or Male Edge. The first technology is softer and offers more comfortable settings. The second is more effective but has a bit of stiffness and can cause discomfort if used incorrectly.

There are many different penis stretcher devices on the market, but I want to talk about the most popular ones. They each have their own pros and cons, but in general, they are effective, and you can count on the results without side effects.

Best penis extenders on the market in 2021

#1. Quick Extender Pro

Prices: Lite edition - $119, Standard - $179, Limited Edition - $349

Short description:

I consider this device to be the best in its category for a number of reasons:

Reason #1 - Very lightweight design with its unique DSS technology for comfort, efficiency, and safety
Reason #2 - The quality of materials and their medical purpose
Reason #3 - The comfort accessories included in the packages. There are enough of them for permanent work. You do not need to buy anything
Reason #4 - The choice of packages is built so that everyone can afford Quick Extender Pro
Reasons #5 - One of the packages, called Peyronies & Curvature, was created especially for those men who want to not only enlarge their penis but also straighten it

Order Quick Extender Pro at the official site

#2. Phallosan Forte (PLUS)

Prices: Phallosan Forte - $379, PLUS+ - $120, Combination offer - $499

Brief description of the stretcher:

The device is a strap for attaching the structure to the waist as well as a Spare tension clip. It has a tension scale and a Spare foam ring through which the penis is threaded. It is very soft and pleasant. Then there are protector caps and sleeves as penis attachments worn over the penis, providing protection from the vacuum's negative effects. The Spare vacuum pump is used to create a vacuum in the chamber quickly.

How to use Phallosan Forte

The device is easy to assemble and use. You just need to know about the modes of use (i.e., creating a vacuum and releasing pressure). I quickly pulled up the deadlift and secured the Phallosan Forte to my belt. You can download Phallosan App to your iPhone and plan your routine and follow it easily.

Visit to place an order

#3. Penimaster PRO
Prices: Rod Extender - $293, Belt-Expander - $272, Complete Set - $337

Short description:

This is a device from the Penimaster family (www.penimasterpro), which features a Complete set of tools and accessories to make your penis enlargement or straightening routine truly effective.

The Penimaster PRO package includes two types of extender attachment: strap and rod. You can choose a strap attachment using the vacuum camera (Pulling Force Generator) to attach the penis glans to the waist, over the shoulder, or around the knee.

Also included is a rod structure with tension screws. I alternated between the two attachment methods, thereby changing the type of load and increasing the extender's efficiency.

Choose Penimaster package at

#4. SizeGenetics
Prices: Value edition - $199, Comfort Pack - $249, Ultimate - $299, Curvature&Peyronies - $299

What is this extender?

This penis extender has been present on the market for 20 years, and many other brands have copied its design. Today SizeGenetics is equipped with a variety of accessories for comfort and efficiency. It is presented in different packages, and they differ in the number of accessories they come with.

To be honest, I advise you always to choose the Ultimate package. This is thought out; the kit has everything you need to make your routine more comfortable, easier, and safer: a leather case, elongation bars, No-slip protection, comfort plaster, cream moisturizer, talcum powder, etc. I want to note the highest quality of the device, versatility, and lightness.

Among the advantages of the SizeGenetics extender:

  • Traction force up to 2800 gr
  • Efficiency money-back guarantee from the manufacturer
  • MDA (Multi-directional Angling) technology allows you to put on the extender at any angle for your own comfort
  • The device is clinically tested and approved by the Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC)

Check out SizeGenetics official site to buy the device

#5. Male Edge
Prices: Basic - $149, Extra - $174, PRO - $199
What is Male Edge device?

It is worth noting the uniqueness of this penis extender's design, which does not need to be assembled. This stretcher is ready to use; all you need to do is set the length of the rods and adjust the tension screws. You can do this all in one click.

The Male Edge is lightweight but still delivers 2800 gr of thrust. It has three tension modes: initial 1200 gr, medium 2000 gr, and high 2800 gr. It is ideal for beginners and has become popular because of its design’s simplicity.

This is a multifunctional device that is easy to adjust to your penis size and manages the device's load. At the same time, accessories for comfort are available, such as the comfort pad or cohesive gauze.

I recommend that you choose the Extra or Pro package to get the maximum effect and comfort.

Get your Basic, Extra or PRO package now

Penis traction technology

So, penis traction is a technology for stretching the penis tissues. It works by applying constant pressure on the tissues, which are prone to micro-tears due to traction. The tissue is healed by creating new cells at the rupture site.

Due to the long duration of the process, you can count on new tissues' appearance, which can be filled with blood. This will result in your new penis length. Moreover, the growth of tissues forms the growth of the penis in length and width. This is a uniform act that uses the natural functions of tissue regeneration, which were laid in us by nature.

Now let’s talk about the types of penis traction devices
. First type: strap-rod; second type: vacuum-adhesive. To make everything clear, we will consider each of the classes. Then the choice will be easier for you to make.

Rod Extenders

  • These devices consist of a special plastic base and metal rods with tension screws.
  • On the one hand, the device allows you to pass the penis through the ring, and on the other - to secure it with a silicone loop or strap.
  • It is important to set the rod length correctly (5 cm smaller than your penis) and adjust the tension screws to feel pressure, but it’s not uncomfortable.
  • Your penis must be securely anchored in the structure, and all adjustments must be made and observed during use. Then the process of cytokines (cell division and the growth of scar tissue) will occur.
Vacuum Adhesion penis extenders

If we are talking about Phallosan Forte and Penimaster Pro, we focus on their main principle of action: holding the penis head in the structure using a vacuum chamber.

The head of your penis is placed inside the chamber, and a pump creates a vacuum that holds the head of the penis, which is in the condom. The vacuum does not act on the lining of the penis but rather on the condom. Because of this, the vacuum does not cause any discomfort and is completely safe.

Conclusion: how to make this work?

Choose the right penis enlargement device
. In my opinion, Quick Extender Pro is the best one. Still, there are others that you may hear about, such as Jes Extender, Penimaster Chrome, Andropenis, and ProExtender, which have positive reviews.
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