Best Online Therapy In 2022: Top Online Counseling & Better Health Therapy

Every one of us has faced some life issues like being bullied or not being accepted by society because of specific reasons. Because all the laws allow us to live free and choose the things in life we like the most, no one should make us feel unavailable or different.

People can talk and bully others because they chose a different lifestyle, but that should not concern you. You are unique, you are valuable, and you can always talk with professionals and feel confident the way you are.

Talking with a professional counselor was never easier. You can use your computer, or better, your smartphone, and talk with your favorite counselor anytime! Everything is possible thanks to advanced technology and fast internet access.

Online therapy services are available for everyone. You can search by category or counselor’s qualifications to get the best advice and life guidance that will increase your confidence and make you proud of who you are.

You deserve to live the life you dream about and feel free in your skin. No matter your age, sexual orientation, or career, you might need a professional talk, and we are here to help you choose the best.

Best Online Therapy Services of 2022

  1. Calmerry: Overall Best Platform For Online Therapy; Editor's Pick
  2. Online Therapy: Online Mental Health Counseling For Virtual Therapy
  3. TalkSpace: Top Virtual Therapist For Emotional Support
  4. BetterHelp: Best Psychiatric Services For Relationships & Career
  5. Regain: Affordable Online Therapy That Takes Insurance

#1. Calmerry: Overall Best Platform For Online Therapy; Editor's Pick


Feel calm and more confident using Calmerry as your personal therapy provider. Dozens of licensed professionals are waiting for your appointment and are ready to provide the best advice to continue living a happier life.

Everyone may get in a situation that makes us feel like we are not good enough. No matter in what life field, Calmerry can give you the best services and find the root of the issue. You can fix everything in life and continue living without being concerned about your mental health.

Calmerry requires filling out a form. The shared information and short answers will bring you to the best licensed therapist match and allow you to communicate in multiple methods. The website is calming, as the name points out, and it is welcoming for everyone searching for a helping hand.

You can check the FAQs section and find out how the website works and what services it provides before actually registering on Camlerry and paying for the services.

Calmerry uses an SSL security method that allows you to chat and talks with the therapist in private. The shared data and messages will not end in the wrong hands because the website protects the data with strong encryption technology.

Service features

All therapists working on this website are educated, experienced, and licensed professionals that have incredible patience and kindly listen to your issues and give you the advice to eliminate the obstacles that stand in your way to success.

The therapists can help you with various mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, stress management, anger management, trauma, grief, chronic illness, eating disorders, emotional abuse, childhood trauma, family, friends, relationship misunderstandings, marriage conflicts, low self-esteem, LGBTQ+ members issues, OCD, PTSD, etc.

The counselors and therapists use various methods to help you out with the issue. The methods include gestalt therapy, schema-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy, psychodynamic therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, narrative therapy, and more.

The price for therapy comes in three different packages, so you can choose the one that suits your needs and budget. There are weekly and monthly options for messages only and messages and video therapy. The price is different for both options, and you can choose the one that suits your needs the best. You can send unlimited messages 24/7 and get a fast response during the therapist’s working hours. The video therapy must be upfront appointed because the therapists have hands full of clients.

How to use the website

The registering button is displayed on the home page, so you will not face a hard time finding it. You should enter your email address and password so the platform can send you a verification code. You should enter the code, and voila, you have successfully made yourself an account on Calmerry.

Once you enter the platform, you should introduce your issue by answering a few questions about yourself. The questionnaire will ask for your name, gender, living state, age, relationship status, employment status, physical health, past therapy experiences, mental condition, etc.

This information is essential for the platform so it can connect you with the best match. The questions are personal, and you should describe them the best you can. They should describe your current condition, whether it is related to your relationship, gender, sexual orientation, finances, or other mental condition that stops you from being the best version of yourself.

Calmerry will connect you with the best therapist based on your answers, but you can change the therapist anytime if the chosen one is not giving you the best advice. You can also select the therapy package, whether you want weekly or monthly therapies.

  • Extensive research and tests for hiring therapists
  • Experienced and licensed counselors
  • Personal questionnaire
  • Various therapy package options
  • Unlimited messages and video sessions
  • Below average therapy prices
  • The therapists can not prescribe mental health medications
  • Not for teens and kids under the age of 18

=> click here to visit the official website of Calmerry

#2. Online Therapy: Online Mental Health Counseling For Virtual Therapy


Online Therapy is a Swedish company founded in 2009. The services and sessions are done online, using the message and video conversation methods. The therapies are in English, so everyone worldwide can talk with the chosen therapist.

The thing we liked the most was the doctors’ descriptions and profiles in the About Us section. You can open their profiles and see their qualifications and licenses to ensure you will get the best therapy online.

You can cancel or upgrade your subscription anytime. The website allows you to cancel the subscription and receive a refund for the unused sessions if you are not satisfied with the services. Online Therapy programs gives you a 20% discount on the first therapy session as a welcome offer to try the services without paying the full price.

Online Therapy guarantees data safety and privacy during the sessions. You can create a nickname if you want to stay discreet and anonymous, which allows you to feel more confident to talk about your issues.

All messages are encrypted with 256-bit encryption technology. Your conversations will remain private, knowing that no one can enter the website and disturb your privacy by hacking the system. The licensed clinical social workers at online therapy. The personal data is not shared with third-party sites.

Service features

Online Therapy has 74 licensed therapists from different parts of the world who have undergone strict screening and testing before being part of this platform. For the treatment, the therapists use the CBT therapy method known as the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy method.

This form of psychological treatment is shown to be the most effective for various problems, such as anxiety, depression, drug, and alcohol addiction, etc. CBT leads to incredible improvement in life quality, and many studies have proven it right.

The price for a session of Online Therapy is calculated on a weekly and monthly basis. The platform offers three subscription plans. The Basic package is $160 per month or $40 per week and includes unlimited daily messages. The Standard package is $240 per month or $60 per week and includes unlimited messages and weekly video sessions. The Premium package is $320 per month or $80 per week and includes unlimited messages and video sessions twice a week, 30 minutes each.

You can find help for multiple conditions, including anxiety, stress management, depression, anger management, bipolar disorders, borderline personality disorders, insomnia, OCD, panic attacks, relationship, family, and marriage issues, speech anxiety, PTSD, social anxiety, etc.

How to use the website

On the website, you can find service details, client reviews, toolbox descriptions, and the company’s explanation of why Online Therapy is different and unique in doing its services. Scroll further, and you will find the “How am I Doing” test.

The test requires answering a few questions about your current physical and emotional condition by answering them with the True, Partly True, and Not True options. The questionnaire asks about current life satisfaction, emotional condition, body and mind control, stress and tension level, mood swings, anxiety feelings, etc.

Online Therapy will allow you to use the therapy program that has access 24/7 and offers worksheets, tests, activity planners, yoga classes, meditation classes, and communication methods that the paid subscription offers.

Video sessions should be appointed upfront because the therapists have multiple clients every day. The 30-minute video or audio sessions can be done once or twice a week, depending on the subscription package.

Online Therapy is not accepting health insurance. The services are paid on your own and can not be covered with your insurance policy. You can ask for a receipt and receive session coverage for out-of-network insurance providers.


  • Affordable monthly and weekly subscription plans
  • Unsubscribe and upgrade plan feature
  • 20% discount for the first session
  • Therapists with excellent qualifications and licenses
  • Treatments for various mental conditions
  • High encryption technology
  • The services can not be covered by an insurance policy
  • The therapists are not prescribing medications for serious mental conditions

=> click here to visit the official website of Online therapy

#3. TalkSpace: Top Virtual Therapist For Emotional Support


TalkSpace is an online therapy providers that hit the world and made online therapy more accessible and affordable for everyone, including teens under 18 years, as a risky category of the 21st century.

The website has over 60K 5-star reviews, which is an excellent reputation for the services this website provides. TalkSpace cares about your privacy, allows you to stay anonymous, and protects all data and conversations with 256-bit SSL technology.

TalkSpace helped many people, including celebrities like Demi Lovato, Michel Phelps, and others. Everyone can face a difficult period in life, and it is not a thing you should be ashamed of.

The platform expanded the services and added psychiatry services, allowing the therapists to follow patients with severe mental diseases and prescribe medications and drugs for treating the condition. TalkSpace offers complete treatment for couples, individual sessions, and teens and parents.

The couple sessions can be done together with the partner or individually if you feel like you can not discuss with the therapist together. TalkSpace will do its best and make the sessions more comfortable place for everyone.

The subscriptions are divided into multiple plans, making the therapy affordable for everyone’s budget.

\Service features\

TalkSpace allows you to choose the subscription plan that fits your needs and budget. All plans will give you unlimited messages so that you can message your therapist any time of the day. There is no need to make an appointment for a message session.

Advanced plans give you one or more phone and video sessions. These two require an appointment and last 30 minutes. The number of live sessions depends on the paid subscription package. These options will allow you to talk with the therapist and are exactly the same as face-to-face sessions.

The couple and teen sessions require invitations from the other party of the therapy. Parents begin the therapy individually and describe the issue to the therapist. Then, they incisive their children to join the sessions. Teen counseling requires parents’ approval.

The therapies include counseling for anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, stress, anger management, addiction, business counseling, relationship, and marriage issues, parenting issues, medication management, and psychiatry.

The subscription plans are divided into three packages, Therapy Plus Plan, Therapy Premium Plan, and Therapy Ultimate Plan. The difference is in the number of live phone and video sessions, while unlimited messaging is available in all three plans.

How to use the website

TalkSpace has a modern and simple design. Once you open the website, you can choose the type of therapy you need. Once you choose among the individual, teen, couple, or psychiatry therapy, the questionnaire will pop on the screen.

The process will offer multiple answers that describe your current condition and emotional state. Because TalkSpace offers LGBTQ+ counseling, the form will ask you to select the gender or skip that question. You can also choose the therapist’s gender if you prefer a specific therapist that will make you more comfortable during the sessions.

The questionnaire will ask for the living state because the therapists set the price based on your location. The services are available worldwide, so you can choose a location outside the USA if you are not a USA citizen. In the end, you should enter the payment method to continue the session.

After submitting the questionnaire, the website will connect you with the best match in the following 48 hours. TalkSpace will not charge you a thing before starting the session with the matched therapist. Keep your eye on the website and see if the platform offers a discount coupon. The first month comes with a $100 discounted price.

  • Suitable for all mental conditions treatment
  • A couple and individual sessions
  • Parenting and teens therapy counseling
  • Licensed therapists from all around the world
  • The services are available internationally
  • Incredible 60K 5-star ratings
  • The ultimate plan can be piracy for some individuals
  • The basic plan is not including video or phone sessions

=> click here to visit the official website of Talkspace

#4. BetterHelp: Best Psychiatric Services For Relationships & Career


BetterHelp is the largest virtual therapy website that gives high-quality sessions with licensed and experienced therapists. Besides the private and individual sessions, BetterHelp will allow you to join group and journaling sessions.

Founded in 2013, BetterHelp has helped over 2.6 million people to get mental health care directly from their homes. As the years passed, the interest increased, and the website decided to expand the services to many other categories of people who face bullying or discrimination in society.

BetterHelp changes lives. It provides quality therapies for everyone facing everyday issues like stress, depression, or partner misunderstandings. The website will match you with the best therapist that suits your current mental condition. BetterHelp does not provide psychiatry therapies and does not allow the therapists to prescribe medications for treating severe mental illnesses.

All counselors on BetterHelp are licensed psychologists, therapists, and clinical social workers with at least three years of experience and master's or doctorate degrees. The providers are set on tests, and they need to pass the exam to become part of BetterHelp.

Today, BetterHelp has over 24K licensed therapists ready to give help and advice to everyone who needs it. These people will give you professionalism like the in-office therapies.

Service features

BetterHelp can help you control your emotions and things that make you feel unhappy with the current You. The counselors are accredited and licensed individuals who provide help for stress, depression, anger, all types of anxiety, alcoholism, drug addiction, appetite disorders, sleep issues, trauma, parenting, couple issues, marriage, family conflicts, LGBTQ members issues, religious issues, grief, and low self-esteem.

Having thoughts to hurt yourself or somebody else is a crisis that can not be treated using BetterHelp. These conditions must be treated with medication and care by a professional psychiatrist every day. BetterHelp can not give you medication prescriptions for treating severe mental illnesses.

BetterHelp allows you to communicate with the therapist via chat, messages, phone, and video. The messages are unlimited in all subscription packages, while the number of phone and video sessions depends on the paid plan.

Video sessions last one therapy hour, which is 50 minutes. The sessions are no different than in-office sessions. BetterHelp offers individual, couple, and teen sessions. The teen sessions are invited and approved by the parents who previously described the issue to the therapist.

The price for weekly sessions ranges from $60 to $90, depending on the client’s location and the chosen therapy type.

How to use the website

The platform is simple and easy to manage. The session type will appear once you open the website. Like many other online therapy websites, BetterHelp gives a short questionnaire that describes your personality and current mental condition. You need to enter the payment method to continue with the sessions. BetterHelp is not accepting private health insurance for using the therapy services.

Before paying, you will be asked what type of plan you want to use. The price varies depending on how many video sessions you would like to have on a weekly basis. You can unsubscribe or change the therapist anytime if the sessions are not meeting your expectations.

The questionnaire requires your gender, age, sexual orientation, pronouns, relationship status, religious preferences, previous therapy experience, current physical and mental condition, eating habits, addictions, finances, and the way you prefer to communicate with the counselor.

BetterHelp will not ask for your personal identification information. You can stay anonymous and feel more comfortable during the sessions. You can also set the therapist’s preferences, like age, gender, religion, etc. LGBTQ members can also find a professional LGBTQ counselor.

The registration process can be done using email or a Facebook account.

  • Private and discreet sessions
  • Professional therapists with a master/doctorate degree
  • Over 2 million satisfied clients
  • Various subscription plans
  • Feature to unsubscribe any time
  • Live video sessions of 50 minutes
  • BetterHelp can not be covered by private insurance
  • The therapists can not prescribe medications for severe mental health illnesses

=> click here to visit the official website of BetterHelp

#5. ReGgain: Affordable Online Therapy That Takes Insurance


ReGain is a virtual therapy platform that offers services for relationship and marriage issues. The clients can join the therapy individually or together, depending on their individual interests. Couple counseling is the best option used by many individuals worldwide who want to save their relationship and marriage.

The website is accessible via phone and desktop. You can join the sessions directly from your home, office, or wherever you feel good to be. Couple sessions can be done using the same account and talking to the same therapist, so the counselor can see what both parties have to say and easily find the root of the issue.

Depending on the subscription package, both of you can join the same video session/s and have mutual conferencing. Phone sessions can not be done in three-way calls, so both partners should be in the same location to use the phone session feature.

ReGain is a platform owned by BetterHelp and specializes only in relationship and marriage therapies. The platform counts over 8K therapists who have undergone exams and tests to become a part of this community. The criteria also include having a master's or doctorate educational degree and years of experience.

Service features

ReGain will help you find a mutual language and save your relationship or marriage if possible. The therapists will help you with issues like attachment, attraction, divorce, dating, friendships, family, marriage, intimacy, online dating, domestic violence recovery, past sexual abuse recovery, infidelity, and being single.

The therapists can also help with specific relationship/marriage concerns like jealousy, setting boundaries, parenting conflicts, bad communication skills, dating issues, and breakup and divorce recovery.

The session's price varies depending on the chosen subscription plan. The platform charges $65 per week and allows you to upgrade the subscription at any time. You can also unsubscribe and request a refund for the unused sessions if you are not happy with the services. The plans’ prices vary depending on how many video/phone sessions you would like to have on a weekly basis.

ReGain is not giving a free trial or accepting insurance. The sessions should be paid out of pocket, using PayPal or a credit card. The payment information and messages between you and the counselor are protected with 256-bit SSL, so you can have peace of mind that your privacy will be protected with high-security standards. The database can not be stolen or inappropriately used.

How to use the website

Open the website and click the “Get Started” button. It will bring you to the session type and a short questionnaire later used to find you a match based on your issue. You can choose whether you like to join the session alone or together with your partner. If you are unsure, you can choose the “Not sure yet” option so that you will be asked again later.

The questionnaire requires entering your gender, age, sexual orientation, relationship status, do you live together with your partner, is the domestic violence one of the reasons that cause relationship issues, previous therapy experiences, the reason that led you to search for online therapy (you can choose more than one), what you expect from the therapist, financial status, location, language, etc.

You can also set the therapists’ preferences if you have specific needs or desires that make you feel more comfortable. You can select the therapist’s gender, religious orientation, age, non-religious therapist, or a therapist specializing in LGBTQ.

After finishing the questionnaire, you should set a nickname and password. There is no need to share personal identification information. Once you enter the room with the therapist, you can send messages and set video or phone sessions.

  • Therapies for relationship and marriage issues
  • Solutions and advice for specific concerns
  • Individual and couple sessions
  • Average monthly costs
  • Special discounts for special groups of clients
  • 24/7 unlimited messaging
  • ReGain can not help with crisis and domestic abuse
  • There is no free trial to try the services without paying
=> click here to visit the official website of ReGain

How We Made The List Of Best Online Therapy Platforms

Quality therapy sessions

These websites are not existing to get your money and give you dissatisfaction. Opposite, all these five companies we choose are trusted and prepared to offer the helping hand you are searching for. People feel safer and more confident to use online therapy websites because of their discretion and privacy levels.

All five companies offer incredible therapy sessions, and hundreds of licensed and experienced therapists are waiting on your appointment. These people are the same therapists you see downtown. You do not need to enter the therapist’s office because now you can have the same sessions from your home for a much lower price.

Hundreds of satisfied clients

The platforms are used by thousands of clients every day, which results in incredible reputation and client satisfaction. Those who have tried the online mental health services of these websites are happy people who have talked with professionals and chosen the right path in life. Clients who left 5-star ratings contributed to increasing the platform’s reputation.

Thousands of clients recommend these services and are happy that they can remain anonymous and talk with a therapist in private without being seen entering the therapist’s office downtown. This was the most outstanding advantage during our research and the main reason why we chose exactly these five therapy websites.

Excellent communication methods

Another good thing is that you can choose how to communicate with your chosen therapist. There are multiple options and subscription packages that allow you to combine the sessions. For example, you can send unlimited messages to the therapist at any time of the day. He will respond during his working hours. All five companies guarantee fast response, so the therapist will do his best and give you answers to the written messages ASAP.

All platforms offer video conversations, allowing you to make an appointment and talk with your therapist face to face. You decide if you want to turn your camera on or stay anonymous. Anyway, the therapy will be the same quality as the face-to-face office session.

Affordable prices

Online therapies are excellent because both you and the therapist save money for everyday traveling to the office. This makes the sessions much more affordable than regular, which is good news for all of you searching for the best online therapy website.

The prices start from around $40 per week, even less for teen consultations. The platforms have unsubscription plans that allow you to get a full refund for the unused sessions if you are not satisfied with the therapy. $40 for weekly treatments is not a high price for extra quality sessions. This is an unavoidable option for everyone who needs a therapy session for a more affordable price.

Valuable advice and guidance

The websites offer sessions with highly educated, experienced, licensed, and reputed therapists. The sessions are the same quality as face-to-face sessions, and you will get the best advice possible. You can choose the topic of the issue you are facing so the therapist can point directly to the center and give you a valuable guide to stay stable in your life and strengthen your mental health.

You can also use the yoga and meditation classes, write down your activities, and easily focus on the valuable things and events in life. This will reduce your mental tension and anxiety so you can feel better and happier.

FAQs On Virtual Counseling

Q1. Are the online therapies as good as the in-office sessions?

Even better! Online therapies will allow you to stay private and anonymous without anyone knowing that you are visiting a therapist. The session quality will remain on the highest level because the therapists you communicate with online are the same people who own an office around the town.

These people are tested and inspected, and not everyone can be a therapist online. Before joining any online therapy platforms, the therapists and counselors undergo strict inspection and testing to ensure they are really experienced people specializing in a specific mental health field.

Q2. What conditions can be treated using online therapy?

Every platform offers various categories, but the most common conditions that can be treated with online therapy are:

  • Social, speech, and all kinds of anxiety
  • Stress and anger management
  • Depression and bad thoughts
  • Relationship and marriage issues
  • Family and friends' issues
  • Weight management and appetite control
  • Parenting and kids' misunderstandings
  • LGBTQ+ members issues
  • Bipolar and OCD disorders
  • Trauma and childhood abuse
  • Grief and low self-esteem
  • Financial and career issues

In general, mild mental health conditions can be treated with online therapy, and most websites are not allowing therapists to prescribe medications for treating severe mental disorders. However, there are still platforms that offer psychiatric treatments and sessions for severe mental ill people.

Q3. How much does online therapy cost?

The costs depend on the website and the therapist’s qualifications. The average price can be from $40 to $90 on a weekly basis. The price is set by the therapists depending on your living location. All subscription plans have a variable price, and they can be specified on the website.

You will be able to choose the subscription plan before paying for it. Some platforms charge even over $500 on a monthly basis.

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