Best Place To Buy Modafinil / Provigil Online 2022 - Ultimate Guide

If you have ever looked up wakefulness-promoting drugs or have been interested in nootropics at one point, chances are high you have heard about modafinil. Modafinil is currently a highly sought-after wakefulness-promoting drug with growing numbers using it to enhance cognitive function and prevent fatigue. In this article, we take an in-depth look into modafinil as we explain what it is, where it is used, and the best places to buy it online.

Where You Can Buy Modafinil/Provigil Online

In recent years, modafinil drugs have become largely online among many vendors. Things can get confusing as individuals wonder where the safest place for them to acquire modafinil drugs is. Here are online vendors you can count on to help you acquire the Modafinil drugs you need to serve your needs: is one of the most popular places for an individual to acquire modafinil drugs safely and securely without a prescription. This vendor has been up and running for six years and stocks all of the popular generic modafinil brands available in the market. They also offer worldwide shipping as well as a full refund for packages that are never delivered to the demanded location. The vendor also has a free sampling policy for new customers that allows an individual to try out the drug they want to buy before they make a solid decision. The company is also flexible on its payment options accepting cryptocurrencies. Pros

  • Offers a free sampling pack for new customers made up of 10 samples of either 150 mg or 200 mg of modafinil.
  • Stocks a wide selection of generic modafinil brands
  • Offers worldwide shipping
  • Offers free shipping for orders above $100
  • Offers a discount for products paid through bitcoin
  • Has a return policy that enables full refunds for undelivered products

They also offer worldwide shipping as well as a full refund for packages that are never delivered to the demanded location. The vendor also has a free sampling policy for new customers that allows an individual to try out the drug they want to buy before they make a solid decision. The company is also flexible on its payment options accepting cryptocurrencies. Pros

  • Offers a free sampling pack for new customers made up of 10 samples of either 150 mg or 200 mg of modafinil.
  • Stocks a wide selection of generic modafinil brands
  • Offers worldwide shipping
  • Offers free shipping for orders above $100
  • Offers a discount for products paid through bitcoin
  • Has a return policy that enables full rends for undelivered products is a great online vendor that offers a very user-friendly platform for individuals to acquire the modafinil drugs they require. This online vendor offers a wide selection of generic modafinil drugs as well as armodafinil generics and piracetam. They have dedicated customer service that is available 24/7 to answer any inquiry the customer may have. The vendors also offer a 100% refund for packages that are delayed, misplaced, lost, or not as described. also offers great discounts for products paid through cryptocurrency. Pros

  • Offers great discounts for products paid for in cryptocurrency
  • Offer PayPal as a payment option
  • 24/7 dedicated customer service
  • Discreet packaging
  • 100% refund guarantee is another trusted site you can expect to get high-quality generic brands of Modafinil. This site is touted for its ability to offer a seamless experience for buying Modafinil online. This site also offers money-back guarantees for clients who are unsatisfied with their orders. They also offer free samples with a choice of either Artvigil or Modalert to help clients get started on their journey using Modafinil. The online vendor also offers a variety of payment methods, including bitcoin. Pros

  • Free samples available of either Artvigil or Modalert
  • Offers multiple dosage strengths
  • Easily ships to a variety of countries
  • Has an easy return policy with reshipments paid for
  • Offers special discounts for payments done through bitcoin
  • Stocks a wide range of drugs from famous modafinil brands

What Is Modafinil / Provigil

Modafinil is labeled as a eugeroic – wakefulness-promoting drug approved for the treatment of certain sleep disorders. This drug is also recognized as a smart drug with various individuals using it to improve cognitive performance and prevent mental fatigue even when sleep deprived.

The name-brand drug for Modafinil is known as Provigil in the United States and is developed and distributed by US-based pharmaceutical company Cephalon Inc. You can also find the drug sold under different generic names, including Modalert, Modvigil, or Modawake.

Today, modafinil is used by people who are suffering from specific sleep disorders and students, the military, truck drivers, and athletes who take advantage of the drug's cognitive-enhancing and wakefulness-promoting abilities

Mechanism of Action For Modafinil / Provigil

To date, the exact mechanism of action for modafinil in the body is not exactly clear. Research claims that this drug works by affecting neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine, orexin, GABA, histamine, and glutamate. Modafinil is believed to affect the release or reuptake of these neurotransmitters leading the user to be more alert, motivated, and less fatigued.

Take dopamine, for example. Dopamine is famously known as the neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure. However, it also plays a key role in motivation and drive. Studies show that modafinil acts as a Dopamine reuptake inhibitor causing an increase in dopamine levels. This eugeroic agent has also been to block the reuptake of norepinephrine, increasing norepinephrine concentration. This action plays a major role in keeping an individual alert. It also increases the levels of histamine in the body, causing a sensation of wakefulness.

The History of Modafinil

Modafinil was initially discovered and developed by French neurophysiologist professor Michel Jouvet for Lafon Laboratories. This was after the French neurophysiologist came up with a collection of benzhydryl sulfinyl compounds in the 1970s. One of the compounds in this group was Adrafinil. From 1977-1978, Jouvet was prescribing Adrafinil to patients suffering from narcolepsy with varying results. In a bid to discover Adrafinil’s mechanism of action, Modafinil was discovered as the main active compound in Adrafinil. By 1986, Jouvet was testing Modafinil on narcoleptic patients with very successful results. The results were such a success that the French army used the drug in 1991 during the Gulf War. In 1992, the drug was officially registered in France and was released under the brand name Modiodal in 1994.

The drug finally came to the United States in 1998 under the brand name Provigil, after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved it as a treatment for narcolepsy. In 2003, the FDA approved this drug for the treatment of shift sleep disorder and obstructive sleep apnea.

The Benefits Of Modafinil

Modafinil is recognized as one of the most sought-after nootropic, and here are a couple of reasons why:

Enhances Cognitive Performance (Even When Sleep Deprived)

Several studies have established that modafinil is quite effective at improving cognitive function even when the user is suffering from sleep deprivation or even a brain tumor. Specifically, modafinil can improve visual pattern recognition, reaction time, spatial planning, decision-making, strategic planning, visual processing, and more. Other studies have shown that modafinil can boost a variety of cognitive functions in people who had suffered brain damage due to a tumor.

In one study, Modafinil proved effective in enhancing the motor coordination skills of sleep-deprived doctors.

These studies go to show that modafinil can be a powerful cognitive performance enhancer despite the state of your brain.

Improve Memory

It comes as no surprise that modafinil has a positive effect on memory, considering that thousands of students use this drug to help them study. Numerous studies have shown that this eugeroic agent has a powerful effect on advancing the performance of your working and episodic memory.

Helps With Decision Making

Decision-making is a vital skill in a variety of situations. In some cases, it can be the deciding factor between life and death. The faster you can make a decision, the better for all parties involved. Modafinil is a drug that can help improve your decision-making skills while reducing your impulsivity. Impulsivity involves making rash decisions without carefully thinking them through, which often leads to undesirable outcomes. However, modafinil can help tone down impulsive decisions.

One study that proved this, tested modafinil on a group of alcohol-dependent individuals. Modafinil was able to tame their impulsivity, increasing the number of days that these individuals were able to stay sober.

Aids in Fighting Addiction To Hard Drugs

Did you know that modafinil may be able to help you fight your addiction to hard drugs such as cocaine? One study showed that modafinil can keep individuals suffering from alcohol dependency away from alcohol for longer. In some cases, it is used as a complementary treatment to help boost the will and self-control of an individual and help them fight off substance abuse and addiction.

Reduces Sleepiness and Enhances Focus and Alertness

This is likely the most popular reason why people seek out modafinil and is the main reason why the drug is prescribed in the first place. Modafinil is a eugeroic that is a wakefulness-promoting drug. As such, it can be used to prevent daytime sleepiness, making an individual more alert during the day. The drug also enhances focus and concentration in a variety of individuals allowing them to improve their productivity and achieve results faster. Modafinil's ability to promote wakefulness has led it to be one of the top treatments for a variety of sleep disorders, including narcolepsy, or shift work sleep disorder.

Offers Stimulant Effects

When we are feeling low on energy or confidence, most of us will usually reach for our coffee to help us feel more alert and energetic. However, too much coffee and you start feeling a little jittery and perhaps even irritated. This is a common occurrence with a variety of stimulants in the industry, such as Adderall, amphetamines, and cocaine. Often these stimulants come with severe withdrawal symptoms and higher chances of dependency.

However, modafinil displays stimulant-like effects without the usual jitters of stimulants. This is because modafinil does not work the same way as an ordinary stimulant despite its stimulant-like effects. Thus, when consumed an individual will feel more alert, energetic, and confident but with fewer side effects and a lower risk of psychological dependence.

Help Reduce Fatigue

Unfortunately, fatigue can be a common occurrence in an individual’s life, especially considering the fast-paced world we live in today. At some point in their life, most adults will experience fatigue. But modafinil can help with that. Modafinil can help an individual feel more invigorated, providing them the energy they need to work longer hours. There have been cases where modafinil was successfully used by the military and a variety of other individuals to help them beat fatigue and keep them going for longer.

Boosts Motivation and Drive

Motivation and drive are key aspects of success. If are not motivated or driven to accomplish our goals whether at work or on a personal level, there is very little chance that we achieve them. Luckily, modafinil can help. A study showed that modafinil could be used to improve motivation and drive and enable an individual to get excited about whatever they were about to accomplish.

Promotes Weight Loss

While this may be an unconventional use for modafinil, you would be surprised that modafinil may help you keep the pounds off. It is a commonly known fact that amphetamines such as Adderall may be able to help you curb your appetite. Outdated diet pills used amphetamines to help weight loss, and modafinil is no different. While the exact mechanism of action for modafinil to promote weight loss is not known. Researchers believe that modafinil's effect on histamine and orexin, two compounds that play a role in regulating appetite may be why it suppresses appetite. Plus, considering that our metabolism is higher when we are awake. The fact that modafinil keeps us awake for longer may contribute to its weight loss promoting capabilities.

All in all, while modafinil should not be considered a suitable diet pill, it can be a great side-benefit to have in mind when using modafinil, especially if you are overweight.

Powerful Hangover Cure

Another unconventional use for modafinil is as a hangover cure. If you have drunk alcohol at one point in your life, chances are high you have experienced a hangover. While most people may enjoy drinking, hangovers are the ugly consequence we could do without. Modafinil can make your hangover seem less daunting taking into account the wakefulness-boosting properties the drug has. Modafinil can help you reduce the time you spend nursing your hangover and get you productive fast.

Is Modafinil Use Legal

The legality of modafinil is not exactly black and white. In the United States, this drug is classified as a Schedule IV drug. However, cannot simply just go to the pharmacy and buy it. In most cases, you will need a prescription to obtain the drug. However, online vendors make it easier to obtain generic modafinil drugs without a prescription. More people can obtain the drug without a prescription.

Nonetheless, remember that the legality of obtaining modafinil online without a valid prescription will be determined by your country’s or state’s rules and regulations. Thus, the buyer is responsible for understating the laws governing the country or state they are in.

Approved Uses of Modafinil

While there may be a variety of uses for Modafinil. This drug has only been approved as a treatment for certain sleep disorders. These sleep disorders include:

Narcolepsy – This is a sleep disorder characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness or sudden attacks of sleepiness at unexpected times. The danger of narcolepsy is that it can often lead to accidents and injuries, and life-threatening situations. It may also be harder for an individual suffering from narcolepsy to maintain a job or do well in school or even sports. Luckily, modafinil has been used to successfully treat this condition for decades. Numerous studies show that the drug is more powerful at reducing daytime sleepiness when compared to a placebo.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea – This sleep disorder occurs due to the repetitive collapse of the muscles on the back of your throat, causing partial or complete airway blockage while sleeping. The fact that an individual usually experiences no or poor breathing due to the obstruction causes an individual to wake up frequently throughout the night leading to poor quality sleep. This may also lead to daytime fatigue and increase the chances of daytime sleepiness. Nonetheless, modafinil is approved for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea as it helps promote wakefulness throughout the day.

Shift-Work Sleep Disorder – in some cases, shift work causes us to work through the night or have constantly changing shifts where we are constantly changing shifts. These changes can have a huge impact on our circadian rhythms causing an individual to experience excessive daytime sleepiness or experience insomnia when they are supposed to be sleeping.

However, modafinil has been proven to be more powerful than a placebo in helping improve wakefulness and reduce attention span lapses in shift workers.

Off-Label Uses Of Modafinil

While modafinil is only approved to treat specific sleep disorders, it is often used for a variety of off-label purposes. Most of the uses for modafinil are off-label. Here are some of the common off-label uses of modafinil:


While modafinil may not be approved for the treatment of ADHD, some doctors still prescribe this medication to help with this disorder, especially if they have experienced adverse side effects from conventional ADHD medication such as Ritalin and Adderall. This is because Modafinil can improve focus and attention span in a variety of individuals, which can be very useful for individuals with ADHD.

Several studies have shown that Modafinil can improve cognitive function and attentiveness in individuals suffering from ADHD.

Idiopathic Hypersomnia

This is a chronic sleeping disorder that leads to excessive daytime sleepiness in individuals regardless of a regular or long night sleep duration. Thanks to modafinil’s ability to reduce daytime sleepiness, it is often prescribed off-label to treat idiopathic sleepiness and ensure an individual can stay awake during the day.

Recreational Use Of Modafinil

In recent years, Modafinil has been growing in popularity in society thanks to its ability to improve cognitive function. Plus, thanks to the fact that you can now obtain modafinil online, in some cases without a prescription. Recreational use of modafinil is growing exponentially. Here are some of the off-label recreational uses of modafinil:

For Students

Modafinil has quickly risen in popularity among college students as a powerful study buddy. In fact, some students are replacing Adderall with Modafinil, thanks to the fact that modafinil has lesser side effects and still helps with studying. Modafinil helps students alleviate fatigue, boost memory, and improve focus and concentration. Several students report feeling more focused than ever when using modafinil, allowing them to study better.

For Workers and Entrepreneurs

Most jobs are highly competitive and demand a lot from workers. Thus, workers and entrepreneurs are always looking for a way to give them an edge, and modafinil may just be the answer to helping them stay competitive at their place of work. Entrepreneurs often describe it as their drug of choice to improve their levels of concentration and allow them to work long hours without getting tired.

For Athletes

Athletes and gym enthusiasts use modafinil to help increase their focus, energy levels, and motivation while also reducing their recovery time and delaying mental fatigue as they train. Unfortunately, modafinil is banned for use in major sports events.

In The Military

It is no secret that the military is always looking for ways to improve their army and help them become more efficient. Usually, this means finding better weapons for their army but in some cases, this usually means putting soldiers on smart drugs to help them improve their combative awareness.

Modafinil is one of the smart drugs that has been used by the military to help improve efficiency. Take for example, in 2012, the US air force replaced dexamphetamine with modafinil as their go-pill to improve alertness and judgment in their soldiers.

Fatigued astronauts also use this nootropic to help boost their cognitive performance while working at the International Space Station.

Modafinil Dosage

Modafinil is taken as an oral tablet that comes in a variety of doses strength including 50 mg, 100 mg, and 200 mg strength pills. The dosage strength an individual uses will depend on the needs and their doctor’s recommendation. However, the most popular dosage strength for modafinil is 200mg. This is usually taken in the morning, once a day, and the effects will last about 12-15 hours.

Normally, your doctor will start you on a low dosage and adjust with time to find the perfect dosage for you. It is always important that you follow your doctor’s instructions to the later to avoid an underdose or overdose.

The maximum dosage for modafinil is 400 mg and is generally well tolerated. However, you should note that with modafinil, an increase in dosage will not prove more efficient.

Recommended Dosage for Narcolepsy and Sleep Apnea

If you are experiencing any of these sleep disorders, we recommend that you take your modafinil early in the morning to ensure that you can stay awake throughout the day. The typical dosage is 200 mg.

Recommended Dosage for Shift Work Sleep Disorder

To help treat shift work disorder, we recommended you take your modafinil pill one hour before your shift starts. This will ensure that the individual has enough time for the pill to take effect and ensure you stay awake throughout your shift.

Is Modafinil Safe: Risks and Side Effects

Yes, modafinil is safe to use. Most individuals describe it as the world’s first safe smart drug. It is a very well-tolerated drug with few side effects. Some of the most common side effects include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Insomnia
  • Fever
  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Back pain
  • Dry Mouth
  • Decrease in appetite

Modafinil may also trigger severe allergic reactions in some individuals. This may display itself in symptoms, such as severe rashes or hives, trouble breathing, a rapid heartbeat, or swelling in the face, hands, throat, or tongue.

We also recommend that you do not drive or handle any heavy machinery after taking modafinil. You should first take some time to observe how the drug affects you before you choose to drive or operate any machinery. Pregnant women should also avoid taking the drug before they consult a physician largely because very few studies have been conducted on the safety of this study for pregnant women.

You should also be careful before mixing modafinil with other drugs as these can have dangerous interactions that may be harmful to an individual’s health. This list includes some of the drugs that could interact with modafinil:

  • Drugs that can affect the activity of cytochromes P450 3A4 and P450 2C19
  • Warfarin
  • Monoamine oxidase inhibitors
  • Oral birth control medication

Potential For Abuse Of Modafinil

In the United States, Modafinil is classified as a Schedule IV drug. This means that the potential for getting addicted to this drug is low but it is all out impossible.

While the drug may not work like most stimulants, it does cause some stimulant-like effects in different individuals. Thus, an individual can begin to take the drug habitually to experience the feeling of stimulation while on modafinil, which can lead to misuse or abuse.

Thus, to avoid any risk of abuse an individual should carefully follow the instructions given to them by their doctor.

Modafinil Overdose

The maximum recommended dosage for Modafinil in a day is 400mg, any dose larger than this should technically be considered an overdose. Luckily, there have been no fatal side effects of taking Modafinil. One person in a study to test the effect of different dosage strengths took a dose as high as 4500 mg with no fatal side effects. However, overdosing on modafinil may result in the following symptoms:

  • Disorientation and confusion
  • Restlessness
  • Unusual heartbeat
  • Chest pains
  • Hallucinations

If any of these symptoms persist, please ensure you seek medical attention as quickly as possible.

Various Generic Brands of Modafinil Available In The Market


Modalert is currently the most popular generic version of Modafinil available in the market. The drug is developed and distributed by the Indian-based pharmaceutical company SUN Pharmaceuticals. Modalert is an oral tablet available in 100 mg and 200 mg dose strengths. The effects of this drug will usually about 10-12 hours. You should remember that while this drug is a bit on the pricy side compared to other modafinil generic versions, it is quite potent and will help you stay alert and focused while boosting cognitive performance.


Modvigil can easily take the price as the second most popular generic version of Modafinil. This drug is manufactured by Indian-based pharmaceutical company HAB Pharma. This drug comes as an oral tablet that is available in dosage strengths of 100 mg and 200 mg. The effects of Modvigil will last about 10-13 hours keeping the user awake and alert for longer than Modalert.

However, you should note that though Modvigil’s effects may last longer many consider these effects slightly mild when compared to Modalert. Nonetheless, Modivigil is much cheaper than the top-selling Modalert.


Just like Modvigil, Modawake is produced by HAB Pharma. This generic drug, unlike many of its counterparts, comes in oral tablets available in only one dosage strength, 200 mg. It offers the same level of cognitive benefits and wakefulness-promoting effects as Modawake. However, many reports state that this drug has a higher affinity to cause side effects, especially headaches when compared to Modivigil.

Modafil MD

This generic drug is regarded as the most unique generic brand of Modafinil. Modafil MD is manufactured by the Indian-based pharmaceutical company, Intas Pharmaceuticals. Unlike the modafinil drugs present in the market, which are available as oral tablets. Modafil MD comes as a sublingual tablet, which is placed under the tongue, where it will eventually dissolve within 5-15 minutes and be absorbed straight into the bloodstream. This method causes Modafil MD to kick in faster than any other modafinil brand, with users reporting feeling the effects within 15 minutes.

However, just as fast as Modafil MD is absorbed into the body it is eliminated just as fast. Modafil MD effects are expected to last about 5-7 hours.


The Modaheal drug is produced by the Indian company Healing Pharma. There is nothing really special about Modaheal. It provides you the same effects as most generic brands of Modafinil in the market, but at a reduced price.


Modafresh is manufactured by privately held US-based company Sunrise Pharmaceuticals. While many people have reported positive reviews about Modafresh, people are often apprehensive about the drug majorly because it is produced by a privately held pharmaceutical company. Most people believe privately held drug products may be of lesser quality because of the lack of scrutiny and poor quality control.

However, the drug is reported to work perfectly well with few side effects.


The fact is modafinil is a powerful nootropic that can help you achieve more concentration and focus in your life. Plus, with the increase in online vendors. It has never been easier to obtain modafinil. We hope this article provides you with the insight you need on modafinil and where you can buy modafinil.

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