Best Synthetic Urine In 2022: Top Home Drug Testing Kit For Fake Pee Brands

First things first, what is synthetic urine, and when might one need it? Synthetic urine is basically artificially created urine containing various elements that mimic naturally produced human urine. This product can be useful when you are required to pass certain drug tests and believe that your natural urine might have traces of substances that might hinder the attainment of a clear result.

Drug tests are becoming increasingly common as they are essential to different significant processes, such as applying for a new job, resolving legal claims, travelling, and various other events where you might need to prove your credibility. A carefree night of fun may cost you to miss out on important opportunities because of a failed drug test, a risk you should not be taking.

Even if you don’t habitually consume any particular drugs, occasional intake or even prescribed supplements could lead to you failing your drug test. Therefore, the solution to your problem lies within synthetic urine options. Drug tests can't always be predicted, and you may not have time to prepare and cleanse your system. Hence, you can use this artificial urine to guarantee a favourable result.

Top Synthetic Urine Kit To Pass Weed Test With Fake Urine 2022

  1. Test Clear: Best Synthetic Urine Kit Overall, Editor’s Pick
  2. Quick Luck: Most Popular Fake Pee Brand & Urine Drug Test Kit Online
  3. Sub Solution: Recommended Synthetic Urine For Home Drug Testing Kit
  4. Urinator: Trusted Fake Pee Brand To Pass THC Urine Test
  5. Clear Choice Incognito Belt: Reliable Synthetic Urine Kit For Drug Detoxification

#1. Test Clear: Best Synthetic Urine Kit Overall, Editor’s Pick


Test Clear is a part of the most well-known company in the industry that was founded over 20 years ago. It has been an efficient provider of effective supplements that can help you clear drug tests to its customers worldwide. Its synthetic urine is distinguished by the fact that it is obtained from real urine, which makes it all the more impactful as it can easily pass on as a natural urine sample instead of a fake one. This kit is also said to be foolproof as it has never failed any drug testing procedure and has successfully satisfied its users.

The Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit consists of a few different components. Firstly, it contains a small container of urine that is in powdered form. Secondly, another 50 ml vial with a linked temperature device can assist with the medical transfer of the sample. Lastly, there is a parcel containing 2 heaters that help attain the optimal temperature. You are meant to dissolve the powder in distilled water and heat it using the provided heaters. There are clear instructions provided with the kit. Therefore, you should carefully go through those before use. You should prepare the sample around 1 hour before the actual test.

This synthetic urine is primarily made up of the same elements that make up human pee, including Urea, Sodium, Potassium, etc. The kit provides all the components that one might need to substitute an authentic urine sample for during drug testing. It is also recommended that you get additional heaters in case of a potential delay in the test to keep the product effective. Customers have shown consistent praise and satisfaction towards this product as it has shown remarkable results.

The Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit is priced at $49.95. You might be able to find cheaper alternatives in the market. However, none of them will guarantee such excellent results as this kit. The price is justified by the product's quality and efficacy, making it worth the investment. It is ok to spend a little extra if you are guaranteed to pass the drug test, as the opportunity cost of not buying it could be higher.

The company has a highly informative website that provides various helpful resources on drug testing, how it is performed, when it is required, general instructions, customer ratings on the product, etc. These resources can educate people who might be undergoing a test for the very first time and make the process easier.


  • Urine is derivational of the real human pee
  • The kit contains urine powder, medical transport container, and temperature devices
  • Distilled water must be added to the powdered form
  • The sample should be prepared an hour before the test
  • The price of the kit is $49.95
  • Clear instructions provided with the kit

Click here to visit the official website of Test Clear


  • Positive customer reviews
  • A part of the most superior brands in the market
  • The kit is always effective during drug tests
  • Informative and educational website
  • The kit has all the necessary components needed to make a sample
  • Discounts offered
  • Efficient customer services


  • The synthetic urine is not fully prepared
  • Requires to be made at least an hour before the test

#2. Clear Choice Quick Luck: Most Popular Fake Pee Brand & Urine Drug Test Kit Online


Another highly effective option for synthetic urine currently available in the market includes the Quick Luck Premium Synthetic Urine. This product is known for its high efficacy rate. Despite its relatively higher price, this synthetic urine is worth purchasing because you will not have to worry about the product failing or showing underwhelming results. There have never been any complaints against this urine kit regarding its effectiveness, which further proves its credibility.

The Clear Choice Quick Luck synthetic urine kit comes pre-prepared and does not need to be formulated manually before the test. All you are required to do is bring it to the appropriate temperature, which can be achieved instantly through the heating devices, and you will be good to go. The kit is ready for use immediately after warming, which makes it a viable choice when you don't have a considerable amount of time before taking the drug test.

The Quick Luck Synthetic Urine kit comprises various ingredients that closely mimic the composition of genuine human urine. Some of these include Uric Acid, Creatine, etc. It is also adjusted regarding PH levels so that it can efficiently pass off as authentic human pee. The kit also comes with a powder in case the temperature goes down and you feel the need to warm up the sample. However, it should be used according to the provided instructions to avoid the risk of overheating.

The cost of this synthetic urine comes to about $100, which can be considered pricey, but the quality and effectiveness of the product will be up to the mark. Therefore you will not regret this worthwhile purchase. You can access and buy these kits online, where you can also discover related products that can safeguard and further enhance your experience with these synthetic urine packages.


  • Product comes pre-prepared
  • Customers are solely required to heat the sample
  • Heating pads provided within the kit you need
  • It contains natural components such as Urea
  • The powder is also supplied for heating purposes
  • Priced at approximately $100

Click here to visit the official website of Quick Luck


  • High efficacy rate
  • It can be used immediately
  • It does not need to be constructed before-hand
  • The formula is closely derived from actual urine
  • It can be easily bought online
  • Feasible for last-minute drug tests


  • The price is relatively higher
  • It May does not work if the temperature is not maintained properly

#3. Clear Choice Sub Solution: Recommended Synthetic Urine For Home Drug Testing Kit


The Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit is another popular product. Sub Solution was the original synthetic urine product produced by this brand, and it is known for its considerable effectiveness and quality. The kit has a powder that can be mixed with water to create a sample of artificial urine for drug testing. This Sub Solution kit has been a go-to for hundreds of customers seeking a solution for unprepared drug tests.

The Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit is made from authentic compounds in natural human urine. It is also formulated with the appropriate PH and creatinine levels to come as close to the authentic substance as possible. Clear Choice also adds various chemical compounds within the formula, which further guarantee the chances of the synthetic urine getting cleared through all drug tests. It has proven highly productive during testing, making for a trustworthy product.

Another factor that adds to the quality of this product is the absence of Biocide, which is usually found in artificial urine and can be detected during testing. Hence, since Clear Choice does not add this compound to its synthetic urine, the product is safer and more credible for drug tests. Clear Choice Choice has upgraded its formula to ensure that the product lives up to customer expectations and does not compromise efficiency.

To prepare the urine sample, mix the powdered formula with water and heat it to a suitable temperature. The kit comes with temperature strips and heating powders that can help you monitor and maintain the temperature of the urine. You should prepare the sample a few hours before the test and sustain the appropriate temperature. The product is expected to show excellent results if the instructions are carefully followed.

The Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit has been around for a substantial amount of time and has constantly improved over time, which can be demonstrated through its consistent market position. Therefore, you should opt for this kit as it is undoubtedly one of the finest options currently available in the market.


  • Kit contains powder, temperature strips, and heating powder
  • It can be prepared by adding water and mixing
  • Must be kept at a particular temperature
  • It contains components associated with real human urine
  • The shelf life of the kit is around 6 months
  • Sample can last for up to 6 hours

Click here to visit the official website of Sub Solution


  • The kits are extremely effective
  • Contain various chemicals that help with clearing tests
  • Do not have any Biocide
  • Effective heating solutions provided in the kit
  • Positively reviewed by customers
  • Rapid shipping


  • The kit is comparatively costly
  • Exceedingly High temperatures may impact the efficacy

#4. Urinator: Trusted Fake Pee Brand To Pass THC Urine Test


The Urinator is a synthetic urine option that can help keep the sample at the optimum temperature to pass the drug test. It comes with a device that helps you achieve the exact body temperature that real human urine is expected to have, along with various other components that go into formulating a synthetic urine sample.

The Urinator is an extremely feasible choice for synthetic urine because the sample can not be detected as artificial due to the temperature. The composition will be extremely similar to actual urine, making it highly effective during drug tests. The kit includes a battery-powered heating device, a syringe, and powdered formula for Synthetic Urine. This product can be used repeatedly as well.

Clear instructions are provided with the kit to facilitate customers with the use. The preparation involves mixing the powder with warm water, Filling the provided bag with the sample using the syringe, and closing the bag properly after fastening the batteries. Finally, you can give the sample once the temperature is nearly 100 degrees Celsius. The process has a few steps; however, if the instructions are followed with attention and care, it is fairly simple to prepare.

The Urinator comes with three urine kits in powdered times. Therefore, it can be used for three different drug tests. This device may be designed in a relatively unconventional way when it comes to general synthetic urine kits. However, that makes the temperature control property more impactful, and used ingredients make it a very efficient Choice Choice.

Its valued customers have reviewed this device favorably as people have reported effective results during unexpected drug tests. You can purchase these kits online and can contact Test Clear's help center through phone or email regarding any queries or problems related to the product.


  • Synthetic urine heating device
  • The kit comes with three packets of powdered synthetic urine
  • It can be used three different times
  • A few steps involved in preparing the kit
  • Available for online and in-store purchasing
  • The temperature can be sustained for a few hours

Click here to visit the official website of Urinator


  • An extremely productive product
  • Can achieve the optimum temperature for a urine sample
  • It cannot be detected as artificial in lab tests
  • Favorable customer feedback
  • Easy to use


  • The product can be considered expensive
  • Failure to follow instructions may make it ineffective
#5. Clear Choice Incognito Belt: Reliable Synthetic Urine Kit For Drug Detoxification


The Incognito Belt is a highly desired synthetic urine product currently available in the market. This synthetic urine is noted for its efficacy rate in drug tests. The composition is very efficiently derived from natural urine, which helps it clear drug tests easily without getting detected. The kit contains a belt containing the product, which can be attached to your waist. The sample can be extracted out of the tube when required.

This synthetic urine comprises elements found in real urine, such as Urea and Uric Acid. It is also formulated according to the appropriate pH levels, which makes it more effective and believable. The belt can easily be fastened to your waist, and the sample can be transmitted through a tube, making the process breezy and hassle-free.

Furthermore, the kit comes with a bag of synthetic urine that has already been prepared, a belt to attach to your waist, heating devices, along with several temperature strips. There is a provision of clear instructions to make the use easy for customers. Using the heating pads and temperature strips, you must ensure that the temperature is at the right level, which is between 98 to 100 degrees Celsius.

These Incognito Belts are very convenient because the formula is premixed. Therefore, you are not required to add any additional elements. Moreover, the belt makes it easier to carry, and there are lesser chances of getting caught. It also contains all the necessary devices to heat the sample and bring it to the right temperature. Therefore, this belt makes for a viable option when you are looking to purchase synthetic urine.


  • Synthetic urine comes in a bag that can be belted to the waist
  • The synthetic urine is pre-prepared
  • The kit has temperature strips and heating apparatuses
  • The temperature needs to be between 98 to 100 degrees Celsius
  • Contains Urea and Uric Acid

Click here to visit the official website of Clear Choice Incognito Belt


  • Not detectable during drug tests
  • Convenient to use
  • Kits contain clear instructions and all necessary components
  • It is very similar to actual urine
  • Well-reputed amongst customers
  • It is easy to preserve the temperature


  • The cost is relatively high
  • Incorrect use can reduce the efficacy

How We Shortlisted The Top Synthetic Urine Brands to Beat a Weed Test with Fake Urine?

Before purchasing any product, you must ensure that the quality and efficacy will live up to your expectations. You can acquire efficient products by opting for credible and well-reputed brands. We have made the decision of choosing some of the finest synthetic urine easier for you by compiling a list of some of the best options that are available in the market.

Various factors need to be given importance while deciding on the finest synthetic urine options, including the composition, the brand's reputation, customer feedback, testing procedure, and so on. These aspects can help determine whether a particular brand is trustworthy and should be invested in.

Choosing the wrong product can be highly risky as you could fail the drug test or get reported; therefore, the product must be efficient and guarantee agreeable customer results. We took many such elements into account while shortlisting these brands. Some of the primary factors that we considered were as follows:

  • The brand’s reputation
  • What is the fake urine composed of?
  • The production processes
  • Customer reviews and feedback
  • Prior testing practices
  • The efficiency of the product in drug tests
  • The pricing of the product
  • Ease of purchasing
  • Quality checks and efficient storage
  • The brand’s customer care policies

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Synthetic Urine how to pass a urine drug test

Before purchasing any product, you must consider aspects directly associated with it. Synthetic urine can be considered a rather unusual product; however, as more people have gained awareness of its use, its demand has increased. This product makes for a plausible solution for people looking to clear their drug tests who can not do so naturally.

You must opt for a product that will guarantee efficacy because you can not risk getting stuck with a subpar product as that can have negative consequences. Failing drug tests can cost you your job or other opportunities; therefore, passing the test is extremely important. You can ensure that the acquired product is effective and credible by considering a few factors before making a purchase that can help determine whether the product is worth investing in.

You must conduct sufficient research before buying a product and look into several significant factors that can assist you with buying. Some of the primary factors that should be considered carefully have been elaborated as follows:

  • The Composition

When it comes to synthetic urine, the biggest consideration one has should be what it comprises because it should not be easy to detect as artificial during the lab tests. It is better to acquire a product whose composition is closely derived from real human urine regarding the chemicals, Ph levels, creatinine levels, and so on. Artificial and external chemicals can be detected during drug tests; therefore, synthetic urine must be able to mimic an authentic urine sample effectively. There are many options for synthetic urine available in the market, which obtain the product from natural urine, which makes it all the more reliable and efficient.

  • Customer Feedback

The customer feedback regarding a product effectively demonstrates its quality and efficacy. You should review the customer reviews before purchasing a synthetic urine kit, as they can help guide your decision. Positive customer reviews show a higher success rate and a trustworthy product. On the other hand, if you observe customer dissatisfaction with a particular product, it is most likely not effective. To stay on the safe side, it is always recommended that you opt for a well-reputed brand and product that has been approved by most of its customers. You should never overlook this aspect as it directly reflects any product's quality.

  • Pricing

The pricing of a product is also an extremely important aspect of any purchasing decision. You must ensure that you are spending on a product that will be worth it and won't be a waste of money. You may be able to find varying prices among synthetic urine kits that are supplied in the market. However, lower-priced products are not always your best bet. However, if you acquire a cheaper kit and end up with underwhelming results, you will still have to bear a higher opportunity cost. Therefore, it is recommended that you invest in a quality product that will guarantee effective results as you will not have to worry about the repercussions of failing the drug test. There are a few kits that can be considered costly; however, they are extremely productive and worth buying. You should also ensure you are not overcharged for an inefficient product. Overall, you must spend on a product that assures worthwhile results.

  • Convenience

There are different types of synthetic urine kits available. Some are premixed, whereas some need to be prepared using the provided components before the drug test. You should acquire a product that best aligns with your convenience. If your drug test is being done on short notice, it is better to opt for a pre-prepared kit as the preparation may require a few hours in advance. On the other hand, in case you have a substantial amount of time before a test, you can opt for one that can be prepared to preserve the shelf-life and prepare it according to your feasibility. Most kits come with instructions on how they should be used, making the process easier for customers. Therefore, you should ideally go for a product with easily comprehensible instructions that can be used conveniently and easily.

  • Instructions

Synthetic urine must be used and prepared correctly for it to prove efficient. You must carefully review the provided instructions because different kits are used differently. The instructions provide clear guidelines on what the kit contains and how the sample should be prepared. Most kits require the sample to be heated using the given apparatuses to ensure that the pee is at the appropriate temperature and can pass off as natural urine. You should not acquire a product without looking into the instructions, as you end up mishandling and wasting it. Therefore, an important factor that should be considered is the presence of clear instructions being provided with the synthetic urine kit.

  • Packaging

The packaging of the kit is another element that can impact your experience. Different kits are packaged differently, and the subsequent samples are submitted according to the kit. Some kits are packaged in bags that can be fastened to your body, whereas some come in vials or tubes that can be directly submitted for the drug test. You should ensure that the packaging is up to the mark and can facilitate you sufficiently. Overall, well-packaged products will likely have a better shelf-life and remain more sustainable.

Synthetic Urine: FAQs

Q.1. What exactly is synthetic urine?

Ans. Synthetic urine is artificially prepared urine, which comprises various chemicals, compounds, and coloring that can capture the characteristics of real human urine. It is exactly like real urine, except it is not produced naturally. Synthetic urine is adjusted for Ph and temperature levels to make it as similar to actual pee as possible.

Q.2. When would you require synthetic urine?

Ans. Synthetic urine is primarily used by individuals who want to pass a particular drug test. Consumption of substances such as cannabis, alcohol, hard medication, drugs, etc., can show up in drug tests if consumed recently. Therefore, to avoid failing drug tests, you may submit a sample of synthetic urine, which has all the components of an actual urine sample, which can help you pass the drug test. Instead of risking a bad result on your drug test, it is better to opt for synthetic urine as it can assure the effective clearance of the drug test.

Q.3. Can synthetic urine be detected in drug tests?

Ans. With the progression of technology, drug testing facilities can detect whether an artificial specimen is being used if it does not have the right temperature, Ph balance, composition, etc. Therefore, there is a chance that the synthetic urine may get detected in the lab if it is not submitted using the required instructions. If a credible brand and product are chosen, it will likely pass the drug test without getting detected as it is prepared, considering all factors. Eventually, the detectability of synthetic urine depends on the quality and overall composition of the kit.

Q.4. How durable is synthetic urine?

Ans. The durability and shelf-life of a particular synthetic urine kit can be deciphered by its expiration date, which can be found on the product's packaging. Mostly, kits that have not been opened or used can last several months to two years. Synthetic urine that comes in powdered form has greater durability than a premixed one. It mostly depends on which kit you have acquired, as expiration dates are different for different products.

Q.5. Can I get caught using synthetic urine in drug tests?

Ans. If you do not conceal the synthetic urine properly, you may get caught by the lab, which can have extremely negative consequences. You can prevent getting caught by attaching the sample to your waist or thigh, where it won't get noticed easily. Make sure that there is no visible bulge so that you are not questioned or checked. It is important to secure the sample before going for the respective drug test to ensure you won't get caught.

Conclusion: How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

In conclusion, synthetic urine can effectively provide a solution to unexpected drug tests for people who fear getting detected for traces of unwanted substances within their system. These drug tests are risky even if you don't regularly consume any detectable drugs or alcohol and haven't been given enough time to detox and clear out your system. Therefore, you may submit a synthetic urine sample to know how to pass a drug test. However, purchasing the right synthetic urine kit is extremely important because it must be effective for the test to clear. To facilitate your purchasing decision, we have listed the top five synthetic urine options available in the market, which are able to deliver worthwhile results.

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