Buy Quality Feminized Marijuana Seeds Online: 10 Best Feminized Cannabis Strains

As you probably know, only female cannabis seeds grow smokable buds, so by buying only feminized seeds, you don’t have to worry about weeding out all the male plants.

However, there are many strains of feminized seeds out there, so it’s not enough to buy the first ones you come across.

If you’re looking for the best and easiest feminized seeds to grow, the options below should be perfect for you, regardless of how experienced you are at growing cannabis.

Here are the 10 best feminized seeds for the USA!

First Look

  1. Most popular feminized seeds - White Widow
  2. Great for beginners: Super Skunk
  3. Very relaxing strain: Gorilla Glue
  4. Best tasting: Girl Scout Cookies Extreme
  5. Best for an all-day high: Blue Dream
  6. Elevated mood: Super Silver Haze
  7. Grow psychedelic seeds: Sour Diesel
  8. Feminized seeds for pain relief: Strawberry Kush
  9. Reduce your stress: OG Kush
  10. Best sleep aid: Northern Lights

Things to Consider Before Buying Feminized Seeds

The only thing that a bag of feminized seeds will give you is a bunch of female plants. After that, virtually everything depends on the strain.

That means that, if you’re looking for something easy to grow or a specific high, you’ll have to find the right strain. Just buying feminized seeds won’t be enough, so don’t think all your problems will be solved simply because you bought some female plants.

The most important things to think about when considering various strains are:

  • How easy it is to grow
  • The type of high it will provide
  • The size of the yield

There aren’t necessarily any right or wrong answers to these questions.

Different people prefer different highs, for example, and some have more patience for difficult-to-grow strains than others.

The options below are all very popular for different reasons, so while we definitely have our favorites, yours may vary according to your taste and ability to grow.

The Best Feminized Seeds You Can Buy in 2021

1. White Widow - Best Feminized Seeds Overall

  • Easy to grow indoors
  • Creates large yields of high-quality buds
  • Generates easy-going high
  • 19% THC
  • Excellent flavor & aroma
  • Known to cause paranoia

White Widow is one of the most popular strains in the world, as it’s easy to grow indoors and produces large yields of high-quality buds. It’s relatively high in THC, averaging about 19% or so.

It’s also hard to kill, as it’s extremely disease-resistant and can handle temperature changes like a champ.

The biggest reason for its popularity, though, is its easy-going high. It’s known for inspiring bursts of creativity and makes socializing a breeze. It’s not overwhelming, but just enough to take the edge off without creating difficulties with concentration.

That makes it a perfect strain for smoking during the day, but it’s also great for relaxing before bed. It has been known to cause paranoia though, so start slow.

It tastes sweet and sugary in your mouth, but has more of an earthy tone in the air — but the smell and flavor are both exceptional.

2. Super Skunk - Best Feminized Seeds for Beginners

  • Great choice for newbies
  • Relaxes body & mind
  • Can survive in almost any environment
  • Smells like cheddar popcorn
  • Extremely skunky flavor

This indica-heavy strain is one of the most popular among beginners, as it’s as close to “set and forget” as you can get. It takes very little experience to grow, and the “super” in its title refers to its ability to survive in almost any environment.

Plus it just sounds cool.

Super Skunk is ideal for taking the edge off at the end of the day, and it can also help you nod off to dreamland if you’re struggling with insomnia. You will feel profoundly physically and mentally relaxed after each smoke.

Don’t think this strain will just put you to sleep, though. It’s also known for creating laughter, chattiness, and many other euphoric responses. You’ll feel fantastic, regardless of whether you choose to go to sleep or go to a party afterward.

As you might expect, it has quite a skunky taste, but it smells like cheesy popcorn. Speaking of which, you’d better have some snacks on hand, because this will give you a serious case of the munchies.

3. Gorilla Glue - Best Cannabis Strain for Relaxing

  • 50-50 indica & sativa
  • Great for making edibles
  • Low chance of side effects
  • Creates balanced high
  • Not good for productivity

Gorilla Glue is a balanced hybrid, as its equal parts indica and sativa. That gives you an equally balanced high, as you’ll be relaxed and ready to sleep, but also extremely happy and content.

It will knock you onto your couch, so it’s not something you can smoke if you expect to be productive the rest of the day. However, if you want to leave the world behind and relax without a care in the world, there’s nothing better.

Gorilla Glue is loaded with THC, making it fantastic for anyone suffering from chronic pain conditions. It’s also great for growing outdoors, as it’s extremely resistant to disease.

There’s not much to report in the way of side effects, which makes it even easier for you to enjoy. You may have a dry mouth and dry eyes, but that’s about it.

Most of us are used to that.

The smell is complex, which really means that it’s fairly hit-or-miss. Some people love it, others find it musty. The flavor, on the other hand, is fantastic, and it’s really easy to make edibles with.

4. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme — Best Tasting Weed Seed Strain

  • Delicious taste
  • Easy to grow with high yields
  • Creates relaxed, confident high
  • Works well as a medicinal strain
  • Plants get so large that they’re difficult to grow indoors

As you might expect from the name, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme taste like cookies, with heavy hints of mint, brown sugar, and chocolate.

While this may sound like a lightweight strain, don’t be fooled by the cutesy moniker — with 21% THC on average, it can really knock you on your butt.

This strain is easy to grow and is known for generating high yields, but that can be a double-edged sword, as the cannabis plants can get so big that it’s difficult to grow them indoors.

Annoying, right?

Nonetheless, this strain is suitable for de-stressing at the end of the day, as it will lead to fantastic, restful sleep. However, it’s just as good before the sun goes down, as it will make you feel good without interfering with your focus.

It can take the edge off of pain, which is why it’s so popular as a medicinal strain. Chemotherapy patients and those with mental health issues find that it helps with their symptoms.

5. Blue Dream — Best for an All-Day High

  • Good for depression sufferers
  • Helps boost motivation
  • Light blueberry flavor
  • Effects last all day
  • A bit expensive
  • Not ideal for outdoor growing

Blue Dream is one of the most relaxing strains you’ll find, but it’s not just for nighttime use. Many people like to start their mornings off by smoking it, as it gives their entire day a chill vibe.

The high can truly last all day as well, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

All of that makes it ideal for smokers who suffer from depression, as it causes an elevated mood without feeling jittery or overly excited.

You’ll want to grow it indoors, as it’s notorious for attracting parasites when grown outside. Also, it is one of the pricier cannabis strains out there.

The extra cost is well worth it, though, as it can do everything from spark creativity to increase your motivation. This is one strain that won’t leave you couch-locked, making it a superb choice for busy people who just want their days to go a little more smoothly.

Sounds good to us.

The “blue” in its name refers to the light blueberry flavor, and you’ll also find mango and vanilla in the smoke. Both the taste and aroma are on the lighter side, so you won’t be reminded of the fact that you smoked every time you breathe or walk into your home.

6. Super Silver Haze — Best Weed Strain for Mood Elevation

  • Powerful mood-booster
  • Deceptively strong
  • Creates very sticky buds
  • Intriguingly spicy taste
  • Difficult for beginners to grow
  • Plants need lots of space

If you need something to lift you out of a funk, Super Silver Haze does an outstanding job of that. It’s often used as a mood-booster, as it provides an enthusiastic yet mellow high.

This strain is deceptively strong, and you likely won’t need more than a hit or two to last you for several hours. While it’s working, you should feel relaxed, happy, and even energized.

Believe us, it’s good stuff.

The aroma is nothing special, as it’s a mixture of sweet and skunk, but the flavor has a pleasant hint of spice that should keep you coming back for more.

It can be grown both indoors and out, and it’s known for creating incredibly sticky buds. It's tricky to get right, as it requires lots of specialized lighting and a highly controlled environment. Rookies should likely find something easier for their first time out.

Be aware, though, that if you’re successful, you might find it grows too much, so you’ll need a lot of space for your plants.

7. Sour Diesel — Best Psychedelic Feminized Seeds

  • Dreamy psychedelic high
  • Effects are fast-acting
  • Won’t leave you jittery
  • High lasts around 5 hours
  • May be overwhelming for new smokers
  • Acquired taste

Anyone who wants to leave their normal day-to-day behind for a little bit should consider Sour Diesel, as it offers a strong psychedelic high. These hybrid cannabis seeds are slightly tilted towards the sativa side, but it’s close enough to provide a balanced smoke.

The high won’t leave you jittery, but instead will have you feel like you’re floating throughout your day. That doesn’t appeal to everyone, of course, but those who like a little enchantment in their lives will love this.

It hits you fast, so you don’t have to wait long to feel fantastic. You’ll feel energized and euphoric, and those feelings will last around 5 hours on average.

However, the high it provides differs greatly from many other strains, so if you haven’t had lots of experience, it may be confusing at first.

Newbies should ease into this.

If you’re wondering why it’s called “Sour Diesel,” well, you won’t be after you smell and taste it. You’ll also find hints of citrus underneath it; it all adds up to a unique experience that many people love, but it’s definitely an acquired taste.

Growing it inside is easy, but doing so outdoors is difficult enough that many experienced growers don’t even try. You’ll need lots of lights and space in your home for best results, though.

8. Strawberry Kush — Best for Pain Relief


  • Delicious flavor and smell
  • Good for occasional smokers
  • Perfect for a daytime high
  • Helpful for chronic pain
  • Not ideal for late-night use
  • May cause headaches or nausea

It won’t take you long to figure out why this strain is called “Strawberry Kush,” as it both smells and tastes like fruit. That makes it very approachable for anyone who doesn’t like to smoke that often.

It’s also good for inexperienced growers, as it blooms quickly and can create pretty impressive yields. It can be grown indoors or outside, but most growers prefer to raise it inside.

You’ll feel energized and alert after smoking it, making it perfect for a daytime high.

It’s not ideal for late-night use, though, because it won’t cause drowsiness (and may even keep it at bay). That said, some people like to treat it like a dessert, and it makes a great complement to just about any meal.

Still, since it’s a sativa-heavy strain, it could cause nausea and headaches. It’s best to start off slow to see how it affects you before you start smoking it heavily.

It can be great for chronic pain sufferers, though, as it produces a numbing effect in the body. If you're a medicinal marijuana user, you may love it for that specific reason.

9. OG Kush — Best Stress Reducer

  • Great for reducing stress
  • Helpful for creating an appetite
  • Light, citrusy taste
  • Affects body & mind equally
  • Pricy and can be hard to find
  • Causes incredibly intense munchies

As the name suggests, OG Kush has been around for a minute. It’s extremely popular, as it hits the body and mind in equal amounts.

The result? A euphoric, stress-busting high.

This feminized seed strain often causes couch-lock, so you may want to save it for the end of your day rather than starting your morning off with it.

However, if you have a stress-filled job that you have trouble leaving at the office, you’ll find that it can melt away the concerns of the day.

If you’re wanting to drop some pounds, though, you should avoid this strain like the plague. It actually enhances the flavor of food, so you’ll get the munchies on steroids.

That’s why many chemo patients smoke it; if you suffer from nausea or lack of appetite, it can jump-start your desire to eat again. The smoke itself has a light, citrusy taste with an aroma to match.

If all of this sounds good, it should — OG Kush is popular for a reason. It can also be expensive and hard to find, so buy as much as you can if you find it available.

10. Northern Lights — Best Sleep Aid

  • Creates deep sense of relaxation
  • 90/10 Indica heavy
  • Body-centric high
  • Great sleep aid
  • Best for outdoor growth
  • May cause headaches and paranoia

While technically a hybrid, Northern Lights is almost all indica — to the tune of a 90/10 split. This is an extremely popular strain, as it creates a deep sense of relaxation without robbing you of the will to get anything done.

The high is focused mainly in the body, leaving your thoughts unclouded. You can feel the tension and stress leave your body almost instantly, only to be replaced by a euphoric sensation. It’s definitely a crowd-pleaser.

From migraines to PMS and muscle spasms, it’s great for pain.

The flavor and aroma are mild, with hints of pine and citrus. It’s nothing to write home about, but it shouldn’t be too off-putting, either.

It’s easy to grow, and the plants can produce some impressive yields and extremely sticky buds. It’s best for outdoor growth, though, which may be a pain for some users.

Best Feminized Cannabis Seeds FAQs

Am I guaranteed to only get female cannabis seeds?

Not necessarily.

On rare occasions, a few male seeds may slip in here and there with any strain. You’ll need to watch your plants as they grow in order to weed out males as soon as possible.

You can’t neglect this step, either. If the male plants are allowed to become mature, they’ll pollinate the females, creating seed-filled buds.

The good news is that this weeding-out process is much simpler with feminized seeds than regular, making them a significantly more convenient option.

Are there any downsides to using feminized seeds?

There are a few. They are more expensive, but that’s because you’re paying for convenience. It’s up to you whether you’re willing to pay a few extra bucks so that you won’t have to watch your plants like a hawk.

We know what we’d rather do.

Another issue is that, without male plants, you won’t be able to grow your own cannabis seeds, so you must continually buy from seed banks. Most people don’t care about this, but if you’re a dedicated grower, it might be a significant downside.

Feminized Seeds Make It Easy to Grow Your Own Marijuana

If you’re looking for the easiest, most convenient way to grow your own marijuana seeds, then buying feminized seeds is definitely the way to go.

These seeds are just as potent as the regular ones you’re used to, but they require a lot less work — leaving you with more time to smoke.

Strains like White Widow and Super Skunk are some most invigorating we’ve found anywhere, and they’ll definitely be fun to both grow and smoke.

Of course, you can always stick with regular seeds if that’s your preference. We strongly suspect, though, that once you try the best feminized seeds that money can buy, you’ll never go back to the old stuff again.

Good luck!

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