Dr Bob’s Scientific Advice to Seniors Who Have or Want to Prevent Coronavirus COVID-19

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I put out lots of information on the metabolic role of life in general and how it applies to this viral life cycle, so that we can protect ourselves. This is a simple recipe that I believe will be functional to help many people reduce and minimize the consequences of infection by shutting off the fuel supply. As is true with resistant cancers, when you inhibit both sugar and fat burning, that will most optimally promote the death of free radical overloaded infected cells. Your normal cells will deal with the stress. I talk more in depth about this and how it relates to the Coronavirus COVID-19 here.

I have to emphasize again to you as I see the disaster that’s unfolding in Italy, this virus is completely controllable metabolically. You don’t have to use THC. If you turn off both fat burning and sugar burning that will be even more effective as it is for advanced resistant cancers. The easy things that everybody can do that will definitely help prevent/minimize the infection. Find NAC N-acetyl cysteine, vitamin D, CBD, alpha lipoic acid, resveratrol with niacin (not nicotinamide), and polyunsaturated fatty acids as is found in olive oil.

Drink enough water that your piss is clear. People on heart meds that can use ang1-9 should use that if it’s appropriate for them instead of others.

Chloroquine is being looked at to treat Coronavirus. It turns off the fat burning fuel supply. Some viruses use the components of autophagy as part of their maturation process. Fat and sugar burning can coexist in different parts of the cell as a function of free radical determined needs.

Treating Corona by turning off fat burning will reduce free radical protection during the sugar burning, dominant synthetic mode, that feeds the replication and growth of the virus. Thus chloroquine may have some benefits perhaps by reducing efficiency of the infectious process such as reducing the average viral burst size.

*Apparently I was unclear above so let me summarize fat burning is good for people and in general bad for viruses.

There might be that certain rare metabolic constellations in which turning off fat burning might help a person. That outcome would contrast to that expected from the metabolic basis of life that I support. If chloroquine has a positive effect, I don’t believe it’s a general rule, but rather an idiosyncratic exception that may be expected to have profound results in some cases.

In contrast, I’ve seen specific examples where turning on fat burning clears viral infections. I believe that THC was the critical player, by turning on fat burning via CB2 receptors protecting against viral infections including HIV, Kaposi’s sarcoma, papilloma, and the flu. (see ),

From my alternative science-based perspective, I think turning off sugar burning is a better approach than turning off fat burning, which is how chloroquine type drugs work.

Today it’s essential that we explore the metabolic perspective rather than simply ignore it. I follow biological literature very broadly. In all fields of biology there is a trend in the most innovative work towards a metabolic perspective.

Unfortunately, because of limited training, scientists do not don’t put two and two together because they do not have the Prigogine perspective. They’re stuck with a physical basis to life that concludes life is impossible. Protect yourself with knowledge. Just say know.
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