Fortune Teller Online: Explore The Best Fortune Telling Websites

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Fortune telling is a psychic practice that allows people to predict information about a person's life and achieve life goals. Those who have burning questions or concerns that distract them from peaceful sleep at night should consider chatting with accurate fortune tellers online. Aside from discovering what the future may prepare for you, fortune telling reading allows you to open new horizons in life and become more confident in multiple life spheres.

The modern online world offers numerous opportunities to meet a worthy expert who will lift the curtain on forthcoming events. It is possible to approach online fortune teller websites, though you should understand that not all platforms are created equally good. If you are still hesitating about which psychic source to choose, you are not alone. Fortunately, our experts analyze and review the best fortune teller websites for you to choose the most optimal experience. Read on to explore the most reputable platforms currently available on the market and start your online psychic journey without any hassle.

Best online psychic websites for fortune teller readings in 2022

  • Keen—excellent site for online fortune teller readings, tarot reading, and horoscopes
  • Kasamba—best for tarot readings, dream analysis, and fortune telling practices
  • AskNow—a good option for those who seek love life or career advice
  • AskNebula—a perfect site for astrology & fortune reading and tarot cards sessions
  • California Psychics—effective online psychic readings with a satisfaction guarantee
  • Oranum—a first-class platform for those who are into numerology and fortune telling

Keen—best fortune tellers and psychic services at your disposal

How many years in the sphere


Based in

The US, San Francisco

Special offer

10 minutes for only $1.99

or 3 minutes for free

Monthly visits



  • Get 10 minutes for only $1.99
  • Find the most suitable Keen psychics based on your preferences
  • A large pool of the best fortune tellers
  • Numerous positive testimonials

As a newcomer, you can make the most of special offers on the site. Keen psychics are highly expertized specialists in different life spheres, so you can easily choose the one who will work for you. There is an opportunity to interact with fortune tellers psychics using a generous offer of the site. All Keen psychics have verified accounts and an excellent reputation, so you can be sure you will get the best services possible.


  • Free fortune telling only for novice users
  • No live chat to access customer support
  • No opportunity to chat via video

Unfortunately, only new users can use special offers to communicate with Keen psychics. There aren't any discounts for returning users. If you want to get in touch with a customer support team, you will need to fill in the form. There is no ability for instant chat. To get fortune teller services, you will need to write an email or initiate a chat with Keen psychics. It is impossible to interact with an expert face to face using video means of communication.

Pricing & discounts

The platform provides moderate prices compared to all contenders available on the market. Moreover, it is possible to choose Keen psychics based on the price per minute. Overall, the prices on the site vary from $1.99 to $9.99. Also, you can take advantage of substantial discounts that cater to the needs of novice users. It is possible to communicate with fortune tellers online for 10 minutes for only $1.99 or choose 3 minutes free of charge. Therefore, you can understand whether a certain psychic reader fulfills all your expectations.

Customer experience

The reputable review website TrustPilot shows that has a 3.8 rating based on 338 reviews. This is a great rating compared to rival fortune telling sites. The users admit that the platform delivers first-class psychic services for the price. The majority of clients like the special offers and discounts.

The bragging point of the platform is the ability to use it on the move. You can make the best use of a mobile app for Android and iOS and communicate with psychic readers wherever you are. Overall, Keen is popular among users for accurate readings, top-tier tarot readers, and the opportunity to find a fortune teller expert who will work for you.

Kasamba—Initiate an online fortune telling session via phone, chat, or email

How many years in the sphere


Based in

The US, New York

Special offer

3 minutes for free with multiple experts via chat

Monthly visits



  • Substantial discounts for chats
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Free 3 minutes
  • Mobile app

Kasamba is an online fortune telling platform that has a high level of credibility in the sphere. You can get involved in online fortune teller chat using generous discounts of up to 70%. There is an extensive database of specialists who are ready to help you in different spheres and provide a satisfaction guarantee. If you are interested in free fortune telling services, feel free to use 3 minutes free of charge to choose a specialist who lives up to your expectations.


  • Ability to get customer assistance only via email
  • Only online chat communication possibilities

Keeping in touch with customer support is essential. However, on Kasamba, you can do it only by sending your request via email. Also, Kasamba has a bit limited means of communication with online psychics. You can get in touch with professional fortune tellers only via chat.

Pricing & discounts

The prices on the website vary depending on the level of knowledge and experience of a specialist. From $1.99 to $30.00—you can choose an expert based on the price you can afford. Also, it is possible to make the most out of a free fortune telling session of 3 minutes. It is possible to use complimentary 3 minutes to talk to multiple online reading experts.

Customer experience

Kasamba has a 4,2 rating on TrustPilot with 74% of satisfied users. Numerous people say that genuine fortune tellers give hope and have enough skills to give accurate predictions and worthy and insightful pieces of advice.

Some people use the Kasamba services consistently and interact with multiple specialists. Aside from prediction of the future, people use such services as tarot card reading, love & relationship reading, career advice, dream analysis, and even more.

AskNow—one of the most popular online fortune teller sites for those who seek advice

How many years in the sphere


Based in

The US, Largo

Special offers

5 elite/master minutes;

generous introductory packages

Monthly visits



  • 5 free elite/master minutes
  • Multiple kinds of fortune teller readings
  • Connect with an expert via a phone call or online chat
  • Well-developed blog

On AskNow, you can achieve free online fortune telling for the first 5 minutes of your talk. The experts are specialized in different spheres, so you can improve your love & relationships, money & finance state of affairs, and even get spiritual guides. It is also possible to make the best use of informative blogs written by knowledgeable professionals.


  • No video call
  • Limited filtering options
  • No discounts for higher package levels

AskNow doesn't provide an opportunity to communicate with a fortune teller online via a video chat. Also, the filtering options leave much to be desired. It is rather difficult to choose an expert to your taste. While the lover package levels are discounted, there aren't any promotions for those who want to order more minutes.

Pricing & discounts

Take advantage of free 5 minutes to choose the real fortune teller online. Those who want to get started can purchase a package that costs only $1 per minute. It is possible to choose between two packages for $30 and $20.

Customer experience

Even those who were skeptical about psychic readings and online fortune telling say that they achieved all their spiritual goals on AskNow. The users say that the site includes authentic readers who give only accurate predictions concerning career and well-being, love affairs, and other matters that concern you.

It is worth mentioning that aside from achieving some precise premonitions for the future, some users managed to find mediums that helped them to connect with lost relatives. On AskNow, you can find experts in different niches. All you need is to find the most suitable online fortune tellers and use your 5 minutes to check everything out.

AskNebula—Find the best online fortune teller for essential advice

How many years in the sphere


Based in

Nicosia, Cyprus

Special offer

3 free minutes

Monthly visits



  • Popular fortune telling website with generous offers
  • Intuitive interface
  • Ability to choose a specialist based on the language you speak
  • 3 free online fortune telling minutes to get a fresh start

On AskNebula, solving the problem that concerns you or getting a precise and informative prediction is a breeze due to the neat interface and a large pool of experts the site includes. Whether you are interested in astrology, tarot readings, or love life advice, feel free to approach experienced spiritual readers and accomplish all your goals. Regardless of which country you live in or which language you speak, you can find the best fortune teller who will meet all your expectations.


  • Doesn't come with a mobile app
  • Pop-ups may seem a bit distracting
  • Some experts aren't always available

Even though AskNebula is a reputable fortune teller site, it doesn't come with a dedicated mobile app. While the interface seems a bit blank, your attention may be distracted by the constant pop-ups.

Pricing & discounts

The bragging point of the site is that you can use 3 minutes free of charge for each expert. To use the fortune telling online services, you will need to purchase credits. Also, it is possible to activate a trial of 100 credits to ensure that this fortune telling website provides the best services possible.

Customer experience

If you want to get in touch with the best fortune tellers, feel free to approach AskNebula. You can ask as many questions as you want and get reasonable advice at a modest price. The prices on the site start from $1.99 per minute, so it is a wrong suggestion that only rich people can afford the advice from a genuine fortune teller online. Numerous customers like the free minutes the site offers. It is a great opportunity to find the best professional for optimal online readings experience.

California Psychics—Change your life after online fortune telling sessions

How many years in the sphere


Based in

The US, Burbank

Special offer

Get $20 after the registration

Monthly visits



  • Use fortune telling services for only $1 per minute (starting price)
  • Get complimentary $20
  • Pick a genuine fortune teller based on the life sphere
  • 3 paid packages for different purposes

When you complete the registration at California Psychics, you can achieve an additional $20 for fortune telling services. It is possible to choose the expert by the sphere, so it will be easier for a fortune teller to concentrate on your problem. On top of that, the site offers a free daily horoscope and a money-back guarantee, which proves its high rating.


  • 576No video chat

Unfortunately, California Psychics doesn't offer an ability to communicate with online psychics and fortune tellers via a video chat. Moreover, the site doesn't assume offering free minutes to its users.

Pricing & discounts

The platform offers 3 packages suitable for different categories of users. Each package includes 20 minutes. You can choose the one for $20, $40, and $80. The price for the minutes depends on the rating and the skill level of the psychic reader or fortune teller. The strongest advantage of the platform is that you can get $20 upon registration.

Customer experience

Real customers prefer California Psychics over other fortune teller websites since the platform rigorously screens experts before they admit them. They also keep checking out their abilities over time to ensure the authenticity of the services they deliver. Online fortune tellers help people with different challenges, whether they are connected with finance, career, or relationships.

As the real customer reviews say, people approach multiple fortune tellers before choosing the best one. Some of them deliver better services for a love reading, while others are focused more on online fortune telling or psychic reading. Overall, it is good to know that the site delivers a decent user experience and has a lot of satisfied users.

Oranum—Trusted and skilled fortune tellers always ready to help

How many years in the sphere


Based in

The US

Special offer

Achieve 10,000 free coins upon a registration

Monthly visits



  • 10,000 complimentary coins
  • Ability to watch live streams of online fortune tellers
  • Rich database of content
  • Additional services

Oranum is known for being one of the greatest fortune teller sites offer of getting 10,000 upon joining the platform. Here you can find the most suitable expert based on the sphere, price, and expertise. The prominent feature of the platforms is that you can see a live stream of a preferred fortune teller to determine whether their method and approaches suit you. On top of that, you can browse the site to explore a bevy of content. From private sessions of fortune reading to subscriber-only content—you will be amazed by the advantages the website offers.


  • A bit cluttered interface
  • No mobile app
  • Confusing payment system

Since Oranum includes a lot of content on the site, you will be a bit confused with the navigation. However, the users typically quickly get used to the interface. It is necessary to validate your credit card before using fortune telling services. Moreover, it is necessary to transform your money into credits to access the full bundle of features.

Pricing & discounts

Oranum uses a special currency—coins to pay for fortune telling, tarot readings, and other services. All new members can purchase packages with bonus coins. It is also possible to get 10,000 as soon as you validate your credit card.

Customer experience

As SiteJabber shows, Oranum has a 4.5 rating based on 271 reviews. The majority of users are satisfied with the value per money the site delivers. Most customers admit that the quality of the fortune telling and tarot card readings depends on who you get. You will need to have a special connection with a fortune teller to achieve the necessary result.

Many users find Oranum one of the most helpful online fortune teller websites since you can use video means of communication to interact with experts. The team always checks their fortune tellers for the quality of spiritual practices they offer, so you can be sure you will get authentic services and accurate predictions.

What does an online fortune teller do for you?

Suffice it to say, online fortune telling has vast popularity among people of all ages and social statuses. When people struggle with some life issues, they need an additional dose of advice or inspiration to achieve the necessary goals. That is where online fortune teller sites come on stage. Such platforms include a rich catalog of professionals that have a certain level of expertise in spiritual practices. Some of them have strong abilities in tarot cards, while others use online fortune teller yes or no practices to interact with energies and predict the fortune.

However, tarot card readings and fortune telling aren't only about paranormal skills. As the research states, fortune telling, astrology, clairvoyance, and other types of psychic reading require knowledge in the particular sphere, special tools, and practice. An experienced fortune teller should develop skills for years to tap into energies and deliver excellent results to the clients.

The main goal of fortune tellers is to attempt predictions on love affairs, financial, career, and childbearing prospects. While offering insights into the people's past, the best online fortune teller can integrate with energies to predict the fortune and showcase the most suitable directives concerning a particular matter. While it is not always possible to predict the forthcoming event, online fortune tellers can see some essential signs that will help you make the right decision in your life.

Traditional fortune telling techniques and tools

Some fortune tellers possess abilities that don't require any additional tools to perform the sessions. However, other specialists are involved in such practices that imply using tarot cards, magic balls, crystals, etc. Here are some psychic reading practices that imply using special techniques and devices.

Tarot card readings

Tarot reading is one of the most sought-after fortune telling methods that require a specifically-designed deck of cards. There are 78 cards in each tarot deck. 22 cards describe the main arcana that identifies the major ideas, prerogatives, and principles. The remaining 56 cards contain the minor arcana and illustrate the difficulties and tribulations in people's lives. The main task of an expert is to lay out cards to identify your fortune. It is necessary to properly interpret the cards since the position of the minor arcana can considerably influence the meaning of the main arcana cards.

Oracle reading

Oracle cards are very similar to tarot cards. However, they have different imagery and meaning. Oracle cards can be used for introspection or divination, depending on the approach the fortune teller uses. Nevertheless, unlike classical tarot desks with 78 cards, oracle decks can incorporate any number of cards. Suffice it to say, there aren't any fortune telling rules with oracle reading, though the possibilities are endless.


This spiritual practice involves using gems and runes in their sessions. Some fortune tellers even use stones during divination. Stones and crystals have been valued for their stunning colors and intrinsic magical qualities. The way they reflect the light may tell many things about the future. Numerous people believe in the effectiveness of lithomancy and approach experts on dedicated online fortune telling services.

The benefits of getting your fortune told online

Online fortune telling has numerous advantages for those who seek the answers to difficult questions in their lives. So, if you are still hesitating whether to approach local fortune tellers or a reputable website, learn the advantages of the latter options to quickly and effectively solve your life issues.


With the best online fortune teller, you will have an opportunity to get predictions without leaving your home. The majority of specialists that offer their services on dedicated sites have the same level of expertise as their counterparts that work in an office. Once you approach a reputable fortune telling service, you can schedule your appointments and even chat with the experts on the move. Flexibility, convenience, and the opportunity to schedule the meetings—with an online fortune telling session, you will get the most out of your experience.


Fortune telling sites typically charge less compared to those specialists who work offline. The main reason for that is that they don't need to pay office rent and other overhead items. Therefore, you can considerably save on your phone fortune telling experience or get more sessions for the price.

Ability to choose the way to contact a mental advisor

Would you like to perform your fortune telling session via phone? Or do you want to establish eye contact with an expert? Regardless of the way you want to communicate with a psychic, you can choose it on a dedicated website. If you are busy at work but want to get a quick answer to the question that concerns you, why not exchange a couple of messages with mental advisors in a live chat?

What psychic abilities do fortune tellers possess?

Fortune reading isn't the ability available to everyone. A person should have particular skills and develop them to become a master in this niche. The experience also plays an essential role. The more sessions the experts have, the better they can work with energy and deliver high-quality services. So, what abilities should the best fortune teller have? Let's have a deeper insight.


To give accurate predictions, the expert should see the images clearly and skillfully interpret them. That is why it is necessary for every fortune teller to develop clairvoyance—the ability to use the "third eye" to see the past, present, and possible future scenarios of the events. Those who practice clairvoyance can perfectly connect their physical, mental, and spiritual state of mind to deliver first-class fortune telling.

Extrasensory skills

Numerous fortune tellers obtain the sixth sense or extrasensory perception. Such experts say that they can see the past and upcoming events using their smell, touch, taste, or sight. Extrasensory skills don't possess any limitations, so it is only up to a psychic how much they can master their extraordinary abilities. Some online fortune telling sites offer the services of mediums. They also have extrasensory perception. Such people can connect to the parallel reality and even get in touch with dead people.


Those who have engaged in telepathy have an ideal bundle of skills to deliver fortune telling assistance. Such people can seize the thoughts of other people even while being far away. Aside from well-developed empathy skills, fortune tellers should have a talent for communicating and interpreting information. Telepathy is rather difficult to understand and explain since every expert chooses a unique way to share kinesthetic sensations with people. That is why finding a good telepath may be a rather daunting task.

What to consider when choosing the best fortune teller site?

Before you plunge into the world of cheap psychics, it makes sense to conduct research to choose the most optimal fortune telling website that delivers authentic services. Here are some aspects to consider before investing in any psychic source.

  1. Paid and free fortune telling. It is necessary to determine which services are free and which require investment. Think twice about whether you can afford a phone call or a chat session before approaching an expert.
  2. Customer feedback. Real customer reviews can help you determine whether a platform isn't a scam and which fortune tellers are better to approach. You can read the users' testimonials either on the platform or on special websites such as TrustPilot or SiteJabber.
  3. Check the privacy policy. You should be sure that the psychic source will keep your personal and billing information secure. That is why it is advisable to carefully study the privacy policy of the site to avoid unexpected situations and data leakage.


Why should clients use a free online fortune telling session?

With free fortune telling sessions, you will have an exclusive opportunity to check how a particular online fortune telling site works and whether the expert delivers high-quality services. That is why many dedicated platforms provide free minutes for the sessions and other exclusive perks.

What kinds of questions to ask while talking with fortune tellers via phone?

It is necessary to ask questions that concern you, directly and briefly, without any bells and whistles. Avoid asking general questions. Instead, prepare the five Ws: who, what, where, when, and why beforehand. Thus, you can get take full advantage of your sessions and make them more informative.

Is it worth asking a "yes or no" question?

When you find the right psychic source and expert to achieve assistance, you may derive some information by asking "yes or no" questions. Such questions can considerably reduce the duration of the session, thus saving your money. However, make sure that they help you solve your issues and get accurate predictions since these questions are less informative than special ones.

Can I ask questions from other people?

To ask questions from other people, you will need to find fortune tellers ready to work with such methods. Moreover, the person you ask about should be open to spiritual sessions in order for the psychic can interact with their energies.

What should a client know before approaching fortune tellers?

Before using the services of online fortune telling sites, you should understand that nobody can guarantee 100% results after your sessions. While the majority of people say that trusted fortune tellers managed to help them, fortune telling is more an art than silence, so you should always be ready for unpredictable outcomes.

What should I do if my fortune telling is incorrect?

If you address a reliable psychic source and your fortune telling appears incorrect, you can ask for your money back. However, make sure a particular platform offers such a perk of giving a satisfaction guarantee.

What is the best method to address fortune tellers?

It is only up to you which method to choose to get in touch with fortune tellers. The majority of dedicated websites offer the connection via a chat, phone, or video means of communication.

Final word

Whether you want to prove invaluable or get your fortune told by an expert, you will need to approach a trustworthy online fortune telling site. By choosing the right specialist, you can get all your life questions answered and change your life for the better. The essential thing here is to find a reputable psychic source. With our best picks, you will quickly find the most suitable platform and address the best fortune tellers currently available online.

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