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When the going gets tough, the tough get going. But not all of us are strong enough to deal with our difficult situations. Some of us become so drowned in our problems that they are not able to come out of them on our own. Life for them becomes trapped in a dark room where they do not find the door to unlock and come out. Sometimes to deal with your problem, you need the guidance of someone who can look through your life and understand the mysteries that even you are not able to uncover. Here comes the purpose of reaching a psychic. A psychic reader helps you to unlock the door by guiding us to the key. They allow you to see the possible solutions to our problems and even drive us to understand what will benefit us. All you need to do is to reach that guiding light and face the situations without fear.

My name is Amanda Simpsons, and I have been taking guidance from psychic readers for the past four and a half years. I have seen many ups and downs in my life, and sometimes I catch myself helpless and hopeless in getting out of my distressed times. There was a time when my husband and I were having arguments in our married life and were quarreling every day about petty issues. He would pick fights over the smallest things and would always blame my mother for everything wrong that is happening between the two of us. I was so in love with my mother and family that I could not hear anything wrong with her. I was on the verge of breaking down and saw my relationship torn. My whole world shook when he asked me for separation. In all hopelessness, I found a friend who happened to be a psychic and looked into my life. She told me that it’s either your husband or your mother who can stay in your relationship. She helped me understand how controlling my mother was. Today I am happy with my husband and have also managed to keep my mother happy.

Today, there are a lot of psychics available who we can reach in our difficult times. And the best part is they are available online, so you don’t even have to go out of your house worrying about where to leave your kids or how to hide your visit from your spouse. Several websites offer a psychic reading from your choice of medium, which is available 24x7 to help you. Although it’s difficult to trust a psychic online, few reliable websites take extreme care in selecting psychics by doing a complete background investigation and taking a proper examination of their psychic experience so that you get the best and authentic psychic reader’s guidance for your problems.

To help you choose the best psychic reader, I have shortlisted the best three websites based on my experience with them. They can help you in issues related to your daily struggles with relationships, love, finances, career, and future.

Best 3 Psychic Reading Online Sites 2021

Kasamba –Best Source to get Love and Relationship Readings (3 Free Minutes + 70% Off) Via Live Phone, Online or Chat Readings

Keen – Best Source to get Guidance on Big Life Decisions (10 Minutes for Just $1.99!) Via Live Phone, Online or Chat Readings

Psychic Source – Best Source to get Career Advice and Financial Queries (3 Free Minutes + Low Rates only $0.66 Per Minute) Via Live Phone, Online Chat or Video Readings

Kasamba: Best Psychic Reading Online and Tarot Reading Platform

Kasamba has the broadest range of Psychic readers, with over 2000 psychics registered under its name. It offers Psychic Readings, Love Psychics, Tarot Readings, Fortune Telling, Dream Analysis, Astrology Readings, and Career Forecasts. Along with these, it has readers for palm readings, picture readings, numerology, reading paranormal activities, and Feng shui advisors. Of all the psychics available here, love and relationship readings are the most popular on Kasamba. There are 282 expert psychics present here who give expert guidance in the issues of love and relationships. All the psychics are naturally blessed and have years of experience in reading love issues. Kasamba is into psychics reading since 1999 and has earned a good reputation in the psychic industry by hiring the best psychics worldwide. Their 3-minute free service helps users get free psychic from experts and get acquainted with them without fearing the considerable fee. If you are a first-time customer, you can avail yourself of a 70% discount on all services.

The people who have most benefitted from Kasamba are the ones having these questions-
  • What and how can I make my relationship the best?
  • What things can I do to make a fulfilling relationship?
  • How can I create a happier me?
  • What can I change about my attitude to make my ties attractive?
  • What can I do to bring favourable outcomes in my life?
  • What are my greatest gifts?

Kasamba’s love advisors have successfully managed to quench the thirst for their customers' guidance who came with relationship issues like finding the right soul, divorce, Cheating, and affairs.

They have provided support to around 3 million people online to achieve happiness, love, and career success.


  • Have advisors with over a decade of experience and have successful clairvoyance career
  • Offers a free trial of 3 minutes followed by pay per Minute for the session
  • User friendly and a well-crafted Mobile app that works on both Android and Apple devices.
  • The website provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can ask for cashback if you fail to get a proper answer and insight after a reading.
  • 70% off for first-time users on any reading.
  • Flexible payment methods for hassle-free payment like debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed


  • The wide range of psychics to choose from can be overwhelming
  • No Option for Live Video Chat Psychics or Phone Psychics

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Keen Psychic Platform – Most Accurate & Cheap Psychic Readings

The one who can provide you the best guidance for life's most significant decisions is Keen Psychics. Deciding on life when you are uncertain of the outcome can be the most significant risk. Dealing with the fear of failure can be even more worrying. In these challenging times, you need psychic cooperation, and you don’t need to look for them in the whole world to get help. Keen psychics are the best psychic provider who can help you see the world clearly on a foggy morning. Although a psychic cannot foretell your future, he can guide you to the possible result to encourage you to make the right decision.

In my opinion, Keen psychics have the best psychics for guidance in life's most significant decisions. They are trained, experienced, and have been practicing reading for more than a decade. For Keen, their trust and reliability are crucial, and that is why psychics are hired after carefully examining their talent and skills before presenting them to the users. It provides psychic reading in different categories like Psychic Readings, Love Readings, Life Questions, Tarot Readings, Spiritual Guidance, Astrology, and Financial Outlook. There are around 1700 qualified and gifted psychics whose aura can be felt even on the phone. For life’s advice, 69 advisors give practical and sound advice for your most difficult questions and give you the clarity to move forward.

As per the user review and continuous growth in the visitors' count on keen, it cannot be wrong to say that Keen is the first choice of customers looking for guidance in life's challenges. With their trust and motive to help people, they are leading their way and offering the best service at the best price. My advice will also be to trust Keen advisors for accurate readings if your problem is related to your life. They are experts in reading your minds and providing the best insight into your life on call and chat. You may arrange a call if your favorite reader is not available due to his/her prior engagements and schedule a call with psychics.

Keen Psychics is offering their service at a very affordable, relatively low price, and for 10 minutes of reading, you need to spend just $1.99!

  • Well, Designed Website- You need to select your choice of Psychic advisor, and you will be redirected to the list of that category advisors.
  • Search Option- Easy search option is available on the home page to directly type and search your favorite Psychic
  • Filter- Multiple Filter options to find the best match psychic reader for guidance. The easy drag filter feature for the price makes your work super easy to filter out advisors in a specific price range.
  • Offer- First three minutes for a new user is free for any psychic reading.
  • Low Rates- Rates of psychic readings are affordable. Even a low-income user can reach a psychic in times of uncertainty.
  • Reviews- Feedbacks from previous clients are published publicly so that the new users can get help in decision-making.
  • Published Articles- If you wish to know more about the psychic and enlighten yourself with guidance each psychic provides, you can read articles published in the Article Section.
  • Horoscope- Cool option to keep users engaged. You can read your horoscope for free.

  • Lack Of multi-Language Readers- Many users leave the website only because of the unavailability of multilingual psychics.
  • Absence of Video calling -The video Call option is not available for users who like to have face to face conversation.

Click Here To Get 10 Minutes For Just $1.99 With Keen

Psychic Source – Best Readings For Career Advice and Financial Queries

Of all the three platforms for a psychic reading, Psychic Source is the oldest and has earned customers trust by providing authentic service at an affordable price. As far as its best type of psychic reading is concerned, I would pick Career advisors and financial advisors as their USP. With their knowledgeable Advisors, they have the best in the field and assist you most directly and compassionately. They have a list of numerous qualified and tested psychics under different categories who have years of experience in handling clients. They help in providing insights into their life, empowering them with positivity. The best part of Psychic Source is that, unlike its counterparts, it offers a video calling facility to directly meet your psychic on call and connect with their preferred psychic reader.

This platform offers free 3 minutes readings for their first-time customers and $0.66 Per Minute lesson. However, experienced readers charged more for their expert advice. It further gives you control over your money and provides you an option to create a package for your reading sessions.

To maintain their trust and respect among their users, there is a money-back guarantee offer which refunds all your money if you are not satisfied by the last reading. To check whether their tasks are legitimate or not, I tried their finance psychic reader to help me in deciding on my investments. The lessons that I received from my clairvoyant was quite empowering and encouraged me to move towards my highest potential. I was delighted with the guidance and made the right choice in my business investment.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee–With their best psychic in the industry, they provide 100 % customer satisfaction.
  • Money-Back Guarantee- Either you will love your session, or it will be free. They offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their reader.
  • Offer and Discount- First 3 minutes free and rates as low as $1.00
  • Expert advisors- All advisors are hired after careful testing and retesting for authenticity.
  • Video Calling- Unlike their competitors, they have the video chat option for better connectivity between the psychics and the client
  • Wide range of Psychics- Cartomancy and angel reading and dream interpretation are provided under structured and unstructured psychic advice.
  • Secure payment- It offers compensation through credit or Debit Card and PayPal; both are entirely secured.

  • There might be an availability issue due to psychics appointments with other clients.
  • Although they have a wide range of psychic readers, they only cater to North American clients.
  • Outdated website- Their website clearly needs a revamp. It's hard to reach your psychic due to its intricate design.

Click Here To Get 3 Free Minutes + 75% Off With Psychic Source

How To Make Sure Your Online Psychic Is Real

Although the psychic reading received in person is the best way to get real guidance, there are some gifted psychics as well who can sense the insights into your life just by talking to you and can assure you the actual direction. Distance is now not an obstacle in getting advice through a psychic; in fact, it has made assistance easy to receive, especially to those who are in urgent need of help and hesitate to contact anyone. There are ways from which you can decide whether your online psychic is real or not. The best tip is to use your brain while searching for the right psychic. Here are top tips on how to make sure your online psychic is real and offers is quality psychics:

Step 1 - Choose Your Psychic from A Trusted Sites

The internet has allowed us to find whatever we wish for, but finding real and quality information depends on our understanding of the best platforms offering quality and authentic service. Read about them and try to gain insight on how they hire their experts. Please do a thorough screening of the website and the information they have posted there. Does it seem to be real or just clickbait?

Step 2 - Trust Your Instincts

There is no better person to rely on than you. You have the power to decide what's wrong or right. Your mind is your best friend. Focus on it and create a clear intention to find who you are looking for. A positive sense brings positivity and helps you find the right person to guide you.

Step 3 - Investigate Each Profile Patiently

All reputed websites have made their psychics profile public so that the user can get an idea of their background before contacting them and make a smart choice. If you have decided to reach out to a psychic, then it’s time for you to read each interested profile patiently. Do not make any decision in a hurry. See if you are connecting them well with what they have written in their profile.

Step 4 - Read Testimonials and Reviews

To gain the trust of users and promote more awareness for psychics and its benefits, psychic platforms are posting testimonials of previous clients on their websites. While there may be chances that they are fake testimonials, you can use your instincts and brains to figure out whether they seem fake or real. You can even try to reach them on social sites to ask about their experience.

Try and look for their previous clients either on the same site or review sites for their honest feedback. Do not just read the topmost review; go down to read all the reviews to check if anyone felt duped or cheated. Make your own decisions to shortlist the best ones.

Following the above four steps will surely help you to take you to the right psychic who will guide you towards the path of positivity. Another tip could be selecting one specific type of psychic reading to get guidance. Although this does not assure you of a real psychic but can lead you to make a connection with the psychic, and in psychic, creating a relationship is the key to get the right guidance.

Try Kasamba Right Here Answer those burning questions on love, life, family and work! Get free psychic reading today!

Are Psychic Phone Readings Better Than Physical Psychics Near Me?

Psychic reading is usually done face to face to create a connection with the client and look into their life. With modern-day technology and devices, it has become easier to get reading services remotely without moving out of the house. But are these psychic readings over phone or video call fruitful enough to provide you correct guidance?

As previously stated, a psychic is all about creating a connection between two souls, and a real psychic comprehend more than you expect. They have the organic powers and spirits to guide you in tackling your life problems. A practicing psychic can sense unseen energy even if you are not present there. They have the natural gifts of looking into someone's life just by seeing or talking to you. It doesn’t matter whether you are physically present near your psychic or not; everything depends on how open you are with your psychic, and you are willing to tell the things to get your answers. All you need is the right psychic to read minds and sense intuitive energy to guide and give clarity into your situations.

Sometimes, phone reading can do more than a physical meeting. The advantage of hiding your identity behind a phone can reveal more from your words than you can imagine, and thus you may get the exact answers you are looking for. In many psychics like Tarot and astrology, you don’t need to be physically present in front of a psychic. Picking a tarot card online can be as effective as picking it in person. In my opinion, getting a phone reading is as good as getting it near you. You cannot compare the two. You can get either as per your convenience and comfort.

The "Catch" With Free Psychic Readings

Well, who doesn’t want things without spending any money? Yes, All of us! Have you ever visited a store with a promotional sign buy1 get 1? DO you think the store owner will sell two things for one and still make a profit? No! These are business tactics and are included to attract customers for business growth. Usually, it benefits the store owner, but if luck is with you, you get satisfied with the offer. In the case of free psychic reading by phone or call, there is a catch, which allows you to get a free psychic reading for a few minutes. If the conversation goes too long, your charges of the task might mount up to a significant fee benefitting the psychic business. Do you think giving free readings to each client will help psychic business owners make a profit? The psychic platforms present online who are hiring the psychics have employees who run the business from the backend, and they need to be paid for their work. There is nothing like a free lunch, but if you are smart enough, you can get its advantage. Free psychics reading online is there to kill your hesitation of reaching out to your guide. Most of us do not try to contact any psychic, fearing getting duped or get cheated. Free service or discounted price allows one to try their service, and if proved to be successful, you might think twice to pay your guide their fee.

Try Keen Psychic Network now and get advice on your love life, relationships, or the future, click here and get started!

Why Should You Get a Free Psychic Reading Online?

I would say, why wouldn’t you? Everybody loves to have things without spending money. When there are psychics who are ready to connect with you and guide you without paying any penny, then there should be no question to try their service. But is it worth trying the free service? Yes! Most of us get overwhelmed with the situations that come along in our way, and it becomes difficult to make any right choice. While some of us dare to deal with them, some people feel lost and trapped under the burden of their problems. A person going through financial loss would think twice to get a psychic's help for its huge fee charged for reading. The free service of psychic reading helps these people to contact psychics without hesitation or losing more money. Trusted sites like Kasamba, Keen, and Psychic Source offer introductory offers or free services for first-time users to connect with the psychic on chat, phone, or email at no cost.

All you need to do is to find the right platform and choose the type of psychic you would want to get connected with. Interpret your life situation and write down your questions on paper before getting associated with your psychic medium. Stay positive throughout the session and be open about your problems to your psychic for the best solutions.

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What Type of Questions Can You Ask During A Psychic Reading Over The Phone?

No two people have the same problem, and therefore there is no such list of questions that anyone would suggest asking from your reader. The simple tip to this, ASK YOURSELF!! Only you are aware of your situation and know what you are going through. Remember, psychics do not predict the future; they help you see the possible outcomes of your concerns and give you comfort and hope. Instead of asking a direct question to a Yes or No, emphasize 5Ws; who, what, where, when, and why.

The common question could be:

  • When will I have a child?
  • When will I get married?
  • When will I find a lover?
  • When will I find a job?
  • What is my future with my spouse?
  • Will I marry my boyfriend/girlfriend?
  • Will I ever meet my ex again?
  • What are the chances of my marriage to workout?

These types of questions related to your love life, married life, and job will help you get much more out of your psychic reading.

Apart from these questions, many people connect with psychics to know about their health. People worry about their health and lifestyle and look out for answers to whether they will live a healthy and peaceful life even after taking proper medications. Although they have doctors to tell them about their medical issues and chances of recovery, they need assurance from other people. And who else would be good enough to know than a psychic.

Common health-related questions one can ask from a psychics are:

Will I ever recover from my illness?
What are the chances of 100% recovery?
What can I do to lead a healthy life?
What can I do to change my lifestyle and stay healthy?
Will changing my eating habits help me recover?
What are the roadblocks that I need to remove to live a healthy life?

Helpful Tips Before Considering A Psychic Session Online

You may have a specific reason to seek advice from an online psychic medium, but it is well known that psychics are not fortune-tellers; they can only help you come out of a situation positively, guiding you in the right direction. They act as a support system allowing you to move forward, making the best choices you have. But before connecting to any psychic medium online, you must consider knowing these things:

  • Choose a trusted site to find the psychic for guidance.
  • Pick the psychic by doing a background check, including checking reviews, past clients, the total number of readings, and their profile.
  • Analyze and understand what your situation is and what likely can be the possible outcome.
  • Know what you exactly want from a psychic reader. Don’t expect a specific yes or no from the psychic.
  • Create a list of questions ready with you to save your time during the session
  • Once you open up to your reader, let the psychic guide the session and ask you specific questions. Psychics get their answers from organic forces or spirits. Let them do the talking and take the conversation ahead.
  • Listen to the information they are providing to connect with you.
  • Be open to what your psychic is communicating because whatever they tell comes from their extraordinary intuitive powers that reach out to the realm beyond.
  • If, at any point in time, you feel the psychic is misguiding you, be smart enough to terminate the session. Either the psychic is not experienced enough to give the correct guidance, or he/she is a fraud duping you of your money. Check if the psychic is replying to you slowly or delaying giving you advice for stretching the session minutes to make more money. Cancel the session right away.

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