Heartburn No More Reviews – Safe Acid Reflux Support or Scam

Heartburn No More is described as a 5-step plan aiming to eliminate heartburn, acid reflux, and other related gastrointestinal (GI) disorders. Compiled by Jeff Martin, this guide appears to be founded on proven holistic strategies, which Jeff affirms helped him overcome his esophageal cancer diagnosis.

Finding it difficult to sleep at night, as the pain associated with heartburn increases with every passing hour? Does it almost feel as if there is a lump stuck in your throat? If the answer is yes, both of these symptoms are deemed common among people with acid reflux.

This is a condition that is rarely given any importance; however, the consequences can quickly become gloomy. To be more precise, every time acid from the stomach flows backward through the esophagus, and the esophageal tissues experience damage. With time, this damage might lead to increased odds of developing cancer. The question now becomes whether a solution exists, the answer is yes, but these conventional solutions only provide temporary relief.

A 53-year-old, who goes by the name Jeff Martin, recently revealed a 5-step protocol for effective acid reflux relief. Initially, Jeff was told by his doctor that he had acid reflux. Not understanding how it developed into cancer, he decided to further investigate the issue at hand. What caught him by surprise is that acid reflux was in no way linked to stomach acidity, lower esophageal sphincter, or diet, but rather a predatory bacteria. Fortunately, he met biologists Bob Andrews, who enlightened him on five essential steps to rectifying acid reflux. Hence, the existence of Heartburn No More.

How does Heartburn No More Work?

In essence, Jeff's findings disclosed that a particular bacterium sits at the forefront of all unwanted stomach problems.

According to the official Heartburn No More website, this holistic healing program is designed in such a way that educates consumers on how to eliminate the body of this predatory bacteria called H. pylori. Known as Helicobacter pylori, this respective bacterium works by infecting the stomach. According to existing sources, this is something that might have developed in childhood and well into adulthood. The protocol uses natural foods rich in nutrients designed to eliminate the body of the bacteria

What’s worse is that many people don’t experience any signs or symptoms instantly, and surprisingly, some don’t even know that such bacterium is found in their bodies. The main problem associated with H. pylori is that the bacterium accumulates and starts affecting cells. As they spread to our bodily cells, the latter weakens and loses control over stomach acid secretion. Consequently, hydrochloric acid is produced in excess, which rushes into the esophagus leading to acid reflux.

Heartburn No More reveals five nutrients that have been clinically proven to eliminate acid reflux. Alongside “the Heartburn Five,” individuals will come to learn of four other equally important nutrients found in common foods, beverages, oils, and supplements, and that can be taken daily. Others include:

  • 3-food item reflux relief protocol
  • How eating extra fruits, vegetables, and other natural foods can permanently cure a disease
  • 2-day rapid acid reflux relief
  • 7 all-natural chemicals that work in synergy to fix the root cause of acid reflux while destroying H. pylori

What does a purchase of Heartburn No More include?

To promote increased wellness worldwide, Heartburn No More has been combined with two bonuses: The Perfect Vision Protocol and one-on-one email consultation with Jeff Martin. Below is a summary of what they entail:

Bonus #1. The Perfect Vision Protocol

The Perfect Vision Protocol by Dr. Chen expounds on natural and safe ways to restore 20-20 vision in as little as two weeks. As described, what makes this protocol exceptional is that it supposedly uses viable techniques that can be benefitted by anyone suffering from “short-sightedness, far-sightedness, blurry vision, or even day-to-day struggles with your vision.” At the time of writing, hints as to what these techniques might be have not been provided.

Bonus #2. One-on-One Email Consultation with Jeff Martin

The second bonus is self-explanatory: consumers are presented with the opportunity to further discuss matters with Jeff Martin via month-long one-on-one email consultation. Based on the presentation, Jeff will create custom-designed sessions to treat acid reflux on an individualistic basis. However, it seems like he only has a limited number of spots available for the month, so consumers need to act fast on the offer.

How much does Heartburn No More cost?

Combined all the protocols retail for a much higher price but to ensure everyone has an equal chance at wellness, the programs have been presented in a bundle for $39.00.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is acid reflux?

The Mayo Clinic defines acid reflux (also known as gastroesophageal reflux) as a backward flow of stomach acid through the esophagus to the throat. A common symptom for this condition is a burning sensation or, simply put, heartburn. That said, not everyone experiences heartburn during an episode of acid reflux. In place, one might find themselves having difficulty with swallowing, harshness, and light chest pain.

What complications have been linked to H. pylori?

At the time of writing, H. pylori are deemed a risk factor for ulcers, gastritis (or even gastric cancer), and stomach cancer.

What signs should individuals watch out for when it comes to H. pylori?

Mayo Clinic insists that anyone experiencing an ache/ burning pain in the abdomen, nausea, loss of appetite, frequent burping, bloating, and unexpected weight loss might be infected with H. pylori. If these signs persist and worsen with time (i.e., severe abdomen pain, difficulty swallowing, bloody stools, and/or vomit), a doctor’s help should be sought immediately.

How is Heartburn No More different from conventional treatments?

Conventional treatments/medications normally include acid reflux pills, and lozenges, among others. The aforementioned results include blocking acid from traveling back up to the throat, reducing stomach acidity, and/or boosting immunity. While these are, in fact, pleasing benefits, they are all temporary. In other words, they treat the symptom but do nothing to get to the bottom of the issue at hand.

On the other hand, Heartburn No More is a plan that aims to target and eliminate the root cause of acid reflux to reduce the risks of diseases such as stomach cancer. In this case, Jeff believes that the body requires a healthy amount of acid to counteract the effects of H. Pylori, and this alone can make a positive difference.

What results can be expected from Heartburn No More?

Jeff claims to have heard from customers who saw their heartburn disappear anywhere within the first 48 hours of use to roughly seven days. However, given human nature and the differences despite the similarities, he insists on at least 21 full days before assessing results. By the end of this period, one’s body is anticipated to be free of H. Pylori.

What can other preventative measures be taken for better results?

According to Harvard Health Publishing, some lifestyle changes that one might want to consider include eating slowly (i.e., eating small meals frequently rather than three large ones), avoiding certain foods (i.e., fatty and spicy food, onion, garlic, alcohol, garlic, etc.), avoiding carbonated drinks, allowing some time to pass before sleeping, quit smoking and losing weight (if advised).

What if Heartburn No More fails to bring desirable results?

Heartburn No More is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. After giving Heartburn No More a try and seeing that the results did not meet particular expectations, consumers can request a refund as long as it is sent within 60 days. For product and/or order support, contact:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1 (800) 390-6035 (toll-free) or 1 (208) 345-4245 (international)

Final Verdict

Heartburn No More is a 5-step protocol that aims to reduce acid reflux and its related symptoms, all while clearing the body of H. pylori bacteria. This is a guide that has been founded on holistic approaches, which means that much of the healing is achieved through whole foods rich in select chemicals and nutrients. After further research and discussion with experts in the field, Jeff compiled this guide, which is reassuring to see.

However, individuals should bear in mind that Jeff Martin is not a health professional (at least he is not described in such a way). It might be best for those interested in his approaches to consulting one’s own physician before making changes to any current treatments. Luckily the price is low, and a 60-day money-back guarantee backs each purchase. Thus a try is practically risk-free. To learn more about Heartburn No More, click here.
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