Heroin Use and Car-Living, How Hudson Native Brandon Stump Went From Rock Bottom to Mergers, Acquisitions and the Title of CEO

Today Brandon Sits at the Helm of Numerous Businesses, With His Family By His Side and Projections Scaling Upward, His Story and Support a Strong Inspiration Amid Uncertain Times

By Thomas Giordonello

No one plans on becoming a heroin addict. For Hudson native Brandon Stump, it evolved slowly from youthful curiosity to the deadly punishment of a six-year drug dependency. Many people would say, family, friends, maybe pets, are some of the things they enjoy most in life. These are also the things that disappear when your daily concern is that next high, the upcoming rush. The dedication to landing that euphoria doesn’t just go away, Brandon took each day at a time and managed to successfully transition that addictive behavior onto items that create positive outcomes and successes. It’s that dedication and unwavering commitment that make his brand Pachamama and it’s products resonate so strongly with consumers.

While it’s easy to blame location or bad friends, even your job for addiction or dependency issues. There comes a time when you realize the catalyst is you, and you’re also the key to change. This August marks 10 years clean and sober, here’s how Brandon went from scheming a cup of free coffee to building Pachamama.

Two months into being 25 years old, Brandon wakes up in the back of a strangers car parked in a motel lot, he’d moved to Orange County California and been pronounced dead over 12 times, he must have entered and exited over 10 rehabs at this point. He had gone well past the ability of blending in and he exits the car, pretends to be a hotel patron and fails at scoring a cup of free coffee. Dedicated in his mission, he knows exactly where to go for a free cup of coffee-AA.

No money, no license, no income, a list of potential felonies and a bunch of debts to some dangerous people, it’s 2010 and Brandon was at rock bottom. His younger brother Ryan had already graduated college and landed his first adult job. The big moment had happened, Brandon told himself “do something different today, let’s try to stay sober for just one day.”

By only worrying about each day singularly, Brandon was able to start making healthier choices, consuming healthier foods, started to regain his relationships and developed a strong respect for purity. What one puts in their body is very important and nothing would be allowed to jeopardize his progress.

Once sober, Brandon turned the addictive habits into a passion for restored health. Upon his return to Ohio, a visit that was going to illustrate his progress to the ones he loves most turned out to be just that, but also a catalyst to his next achievement. Many of his friends were also badly addicted to drugs, he brought two of them back to California with him and together he helped them to turn things around, to achieve their own wellness. All hailing from Ohio, people began to call his home, The Ohio House. Soon, Brandon was helping strangers and he needed help. Convincing his brother Ryan to move across the country and join him, the venture organically grew into The Buckeye Recovery Network, an aftercare program with 20 sober living environments, detox programs and intensive outpatient centers. What started with one life has now changed more than 10,000 lives.

His next achievement was an idea spurred following a serious heel injury. Intent on respecting his sobriety Brandon had no interest in anything related to cannabis. He had heard about CBD, he’d read and heard stories about the healing benefits of THC too. With the pain of a serious tendon injury not just going away, Brandon agreed to try a CBD topical as he was assured it wouldn’t make him high.

Within two weeks he was playing basketball again and became obsessed with the possibilities of CBD and more so, the opportunity it offers those unwilling or able to utilize prescription medications. He dove head first into research, identifying numerous industry issues and creating Pachamama as their answer.

Brand transparency, flower sourcing, third-party lab testing, solvents and toxins used during the extraction process were all red flags for him. Building the brand with single-origin sun grown hemp, an air extraction method that rids solvents and toxins from the process all together and a commitment to a single organic and sustainable Colorado farm, Pachamama’s products are known for their unparalleled purity. So much so that the Clean Label Project honored the brand with it’s Purity Award after testing 250 products for lead, pesticides, plastics and dosage accuracy.

That however wasn’t enough for Brandon, the products needed something more. Amid his new found dedication to healthy eating and lifestyle choices, when it came time to add flavor to the purely extracted CBD regular options weren’t going to cut it. Soon energy began to focus on the pairing of superfoods and their relationship to CBD, a ultimate combination that today helps distinguish Pachamama from the rest.

Knowing what it takes to 180 your life, Brandon’s company is considered a “recovery friendly employer” and those on the team, 70% being sober get to have the benefits of a sponsor but on a regular 9-5 Monday-Friday format that comes with a paycheck. Ohio still runs deep within the bones of his company as almost half of his workforce hails from the state.

“We entered the health and wellness industry to change lives,” Brandon says. “And we see that happen every day around us. I don’t know what could be more satisfying.”

Pachamama CBD embodies Brandon’s dedication to a healthier lifestyle and to celebrate his 10 years of sobriety and his love for Ohio, readers can score 20% a 1-time purchase by using code OHIO20 online at enjoypachamama.com. In addition, Pachamama CBD tinctures, creams, and gels can be found at Heinen’s and other fine retailers across the U.S.
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