How Long Do Delta-8 Gummies Last?

The Delta-8 products are now becoming a trend. And it’s going to be unwise if you pay no heed to this hemp market rookie. More and more people are going for CBD products with delta-8 THC or delta-8 products like the fun Delta 8 gummies. But with how exponential its demand is growing, not every delta-8 enthusiast knows what they’re getting from each pop of delta 8 gummy—and more so, how long do the delta-8 gummies they’ve taken are going to last in their systems. So, for those who want to explore, here’s a guide on what delta-8 is and how it affects your body, short-term and long-term.

Knowing the Delta-8 Potential

There’s no one to blame if you’re only hearing about delta 8 now—as we’re just slowly (but surely) giving it a warm welcome. Only a few recent pieces of research on delta-8 THC exist today, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have recently stated their concerns about the consumer use of hemp-derived products containing delta-8 THC. Despite the aforementioned, people can still legally produce, sell, and buy such products in the marketplace, as implied by the 2018 Farm Bill. So, for everyone’s safety, you must get to know what you’re dealing with first.

Delta-8, the Delta-9’s Younger Sibling

Delta-8 THC, or Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, is a hemp-derived compound that’s closely related to the known delta-9 THC. For most people, the highly regulated ‘THC’ you see on hemp-derived product labels is the psychoactive compound, delta-9 THC.

  • Does delta-8 make you high like the delta-9 THC? Somehow, the ‘high’ feeling is milder. The delta-8 is significantly less potent than delta 9 since they have different chemical structures. The delta-8 is a mildly euphoric isomer of the delta-9.
  • How is delta-8 THC extracted? The delta-8 THC is synthesized from cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD. The conversion to delta-8 THC involves refluxing CBD in an organic solvent with an acid catalyst.
  • Does delta 8 have side effects? As compared to the delta-9 THC, its cousin found in the delta 8 gummies for sale nowadays may be less likely to give you severe side effects. For the newbies, the potential of delta 8 may be enjoyed with proper dosing and guidance.

The Delta-8 and How it Works in Your Body

The delta-8 may be a better choice for most since not only is the euphoric feeling tempered, but it also has some positive effects that the main psychoactive compound doesn’t have. Yes, somewhat in between CBD and ‘THC’, hemp companies could discover something of a combination of both being perfect for you. The delta-8 promises favorable effects to users. And even better, you may optimize them if we know how long do the effects of delta 8 gummies last in your system.

  • Delta-8 interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a complex network of cell receptors that is to keep a balance in your body and maintain your health. Like any other cannabinoids, the delta-8 is proven to interact well with the ECS to produce effects.
  • Delta 8, the CB1 and the CB2 receptors. The delta 8, just like the Delta 9 THC, binds with the CB1 receptor, the receptor found in the central nervous system and other peripheral nerve terminals. When delta-8 interacts with the CB1 receptor, the dopamine transmission is affected and a euphoric feeling is produced. Delta-8 THC’s association with the Cb2 receptors, the receptor in charge of regulating immune functions, still needs further proof.

Delta-8 THC and Its Legality

Some believe delta-8 is only a byproduct of chasing a delta-9 THC alternative. This may be true or not. What you should know is, hemp- or marijuana-derived delta-9 THC is illegal in some parts of the US despite the existence of various anecdotal pieces of evidence on its beneficial effects. It’s difficult for someone to get his hands on a THC product if it’s illegal in the area. That’s why the popularity of the delta-8 as an alternative is rising. But, for your safety, and to make sure you’re getting the most out of the delta 8 gummies online, you must know what’s legit and what’s not.

  • Is selling and purchasing delta 8 gummies legal? The answer is yes. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, as long as the compound is hemp-derived, it may be used, sold, and purchased. In addition, delta-8 is not subject to the Controlled Substance Act, as confirmed also by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).
  • Are delta 8 gummies FDA-approved? The Food Drug Administration (FDA) has expressed its concern about the unstoppable waves of delta 8 products coming into the market. FDA is yet to evaluate or approved hemp-derived products containing delta-8 THC. FDA, together with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has issued warnings for the new products for their potential risks. As consumers who plan to buy delta 8 gummies that have long-lasting effectiveness, we must know everything about the product.

Factors That Affect the Effectiveness and Longevity of Delta-8 Gummies

It might be difficult at first to find the best delta 8 gummies online that will suit your needs since every individual is unique. Yes, what works best for your friend might not work for you. That’s why don’t get easily fooled with delta-8 THC advertisements. Be detailed as much as possible and start making a list of what you want and need. Hopefully, the above section already gave you an overview of the compound, delta-8 THC. Now, it’s time to get acquainted with the factors to consider knowing what’s effective for you. Only buy delta-8 gummies when you’re already assured with your knowledge of it.

  • Bodyweight and body weight percentage. Since THC has a high affinity for fatty tissues, those with high fat in their body will have higher chances of storing THC the longest. Someone who has less fat may eliminate the THC from his system faster.
  • Metabolism and age. The faster you metabolize the delta-8 from the gummies, the faster you feel the effects (and the faster you burn them too). Metabolism is affected by your age, health conditions, and lifestyle. Researchers found that metabolism is faster when you’re younger.
  • The strength of any cannabinoid in the hemp-derived product. A delta 8 gummy with a higher concentration of delta-8 THC will most likely make delta 8 last in your system longer.
  • THC tolerance. Someone who has been using any cannabis-derived product for a long-time will most likely have built up THC in his system.

Delta-8 Dosing: When should I take Delta-8 gummies?

There’s always a right and safe way to consume any hemp-derived product. The Los Angeles Times made a THC calculator which may be applicable when taking delta 8 gummies. Though not definitive, it’s quite useful to gauge what dosage can you tolerate and not. The recommended dosage for your delta-8 THC gummies by the manufacturer is what should always be followed. For example, for the MJ Delta-8 Gummies, 25 mg of delta-8 THC per serving is a perfect start. There are other ways how you can get the most from every single dose of your organic delta 8 gummies.

  • Eat your delta 8 gummies with fatty meals. Taking a delta 8 gummy right after a meal comprising fatty foods will help delta 8 travel from your digestive system to your bloodstream faster. A fatty meal may help in dissolving the delta 8 sooner and thus let you feel the relatively more significant effects.
  • Take it in the evening to manage the side effects. You won’t be sure how your body will react with your first delta-8 gummy. It’s advised that you try the very first gummy at night, to not derail any of your more important tasks in the daytime. In addition, if you have no experience with any cannabis products and your preferred brand is selling gummies with various delta-8 strengths, opt for the lowest dosage.
  • Don’t go over the prescribed dosage. Eating more gummies doesn’t mean you’re multiplying the effects, too. The recommended dosage you read on the product label is the most optimal on average. If you think the dosage might be too low for you, adding more in increments may work. However, it’s still best to ask an expert before moving up to a higher delta 8 THC strength.
  • Don’t mix it with your medications to avoid drug-drug interactions. Certain compounds in your gummies may affect the efficacy of your prescription medication. THC interacts with hundreds of prescription medications. You don’t want to wreak havoc on your body. It’s best to ask your physician first if you want to add the delta 8 gummies as a supplement to another wellness issue you want to target.

How long do the delta-8 gummies kick in?

There are still no conclusive findings on how quickly do delta-8 gummies kick in once you’ve taken them. But, according to various sources, the delta 8 in the gummies are to kick in within 20 to two hours top, depending, of course, on the individual’s body, health condition, and other factors mentioned above. Since the delta-9 and the delta-8 are quite similar in structure, you may use science-backed findings on delta-9’s onset instead for basis, until we get more research on delta 8.

  • High bioavailability of THC. According to a study, ingesting THC has 4% to 12% bioavailability. Though this is lower when compared to inhalation, 10% to 35% bioavailability, ingesting THC infused gummies still proves to increase the effectiveness of the hemp-derived product. In addition, edibles are safer than inhaling or smoking hemp-derived products.
  • THC is highly lipid soluble. THC gets absorbed rapidly by fatty tissues, aka adipose tissues. As soon as it reaches your digestive system, the THC gets metabolized.

How long does delta-8 last in your system?

Not only are delta-8 THC gummies fun and flavorful, but they’re also the best way to administer delta-8 if you want to stretch that feeling for quite some time. Edibles may be slower to kick in, but they last longer compared to inhaling THC. If it would take you at least 20 minutes for the THC effects to kick in, then it’s just a matter of 2-3 hours before you reach the peak of its effect.

  • THC’s plasma half-life. The plasma half-life of any drug or compound is the tell-all for the duration of the effects. Once the THC is reduced to half inside our body, it can cause three ways.
  • The body excretes an amount of the drug.
  • An amount of THC is transported to any bodily fluids (e.g., intracellular fluid).
  • An amount gets destroyed in the blood.
  • Passing the drug test after taking delta 8 edibles. Random drug tests detect THC and its metabolites. Delta-8 THC is STILL a THC, so it may show up in your drug tests results. For reference, here’s how long THC stays in your system depending on the frequency of usage:
  • Single-use - 3 days
  • 4 times per week - 5-7 days
  • Daily use - 10-15 days
  • Long-term, heavy use - over 30 days
  • If you’re worried, some drugs may decrease the amount of THC in your body due to drug-drug interaction.

Buying Guide for Delta 8 Gummies

Only get the best of the best. You can only ensure your gummies may give the potential therapeutic benefits it says. Here are a few tips to note when you plan to shop for delta-8 gummies:

  • The hemp-derived product is properly labeled. Most of us have specific dietary preferences and even have medical requirements, such as avoiding ingredients that cause allergies. The delta-8 THC bottle and package should contain the list of ingredients, besides the expiration date, storage & dosage instructions, for everyone’s safety. Also, the hemp company must include its contact details (e.g., address, contact number, and website) for efficient customer service.
  • The products underwent independent laboratory analysis. A third-party lab test can check the number of specific cannabinoids listed in the products and also detect possible contaminants. You can make sure you’re getting the right amount if the brand is transparent with its process from extraction to manufacturing.
  • The delta-8 gummies are from a trusted brand. Don’t just hop in on any delta 8 gummies sale you see online. Safety and efficacy are your priority. As the delta-8 market rises in popularity, many knock-offs and low-quality hemp products will spawn. Make sure you’re purchasing from a company with a built reputation and, if possible, has already garnered multiple positive reviews of their CBD products.

The Best Delta-8 Gummies with Long-lasting Effect

Public interest in Delta-8 THC has grown exponentially in just two years. And it’s definitely a must that as a consumer—experienced or not with any hemp-derived products—to know how the new delta-8 THC works inside our body. Not only are you ensuring you’re being keen on purchasing the most effective delta-8 gummies out there, but you also are avoiding any potential risks. Just like with any product you put inside your body, it’s imperative to stay mindful, follow the recommended dosage, and ask health practitioners if you want the best for your health.

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