How To Clean Your Bong

Have you been hitting the bong way too hard lately and it is time for a good cleaning? Sometimes, the best way to start is by properly knowing how to perform the task, and that is how to clean a bong. Whether you are trying to learn how to clean a bong with alcohol or another type of solution, if you’ve never truly learned how to clean bong you are in luck! Look no further for the all-in-one guide you need to clean any type of bong you own. Be sure to check out the best cheap bongs online when you’re done so you can upgrade your collection and look forward to keeping it spick and span!

How to clean bong

The first thing you need to know about cleaning a bong is to know all about your bong and the pieces it is composed of. Sometimes a bong has several pieces attached that will need to be separated before cleaning and the last thing you want to do is fumble it. Assessing the situation before diving in is a sure-fire to success. Your dirty bong will have several areas that might be difficult to get into, so having cleaning essentials helps a ton.

Here is a list of some cleaning agents that can help you in cleaning your bong:

  • Isopropyl alcohol. This is usually a staple in a stoner’s household when using homemade cleaning solutions!
  • Baking soda. Another solid cleaning agent, baking soda can be used since it is another household staple that can be found around the house.
  • Coarse salt. This is used similarly to the above two cleaning solutions, and is considered an excellent scrubbing agent.
  • White vinegar. White vinegar can be used when your bong needs a really good cleaning with extra nasty dirty bong water.
  • Store bought bong cleaner. This is the most obvious cleaning agent that can be used, since you can buy a cheap bong cleaner pour some into your bong, shake it up and dump it out. It is very simple and straightforward!

How to clean your bong

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your bong so that in just a few hours all that resin buildup will be long gone and you’ll have a bong that feels brand new! You no longer need to feel resentment towards the daunting task of a dirty bong when you can just use some quick and easy bong cleaning solutions to clean your bong and celebrate with a fat bong rip.

How to clean bong with alcohol

  1. Gather cleaning supplies. You’ll need to gather the following when you learn how to clean a bong with alcohol so you have all the proper equipment necessary and don’t need to stop in between to get the right supplies. Here is the list you’ll need for a bong cleaner DIY:
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Coarse salt or epsom salt
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Warm water
  • Large straw brush
  • Plastic bag
  • Lemon juice and baking soda (optional)
  1. When you decide to clean a bong with isopropyl alcohol and not a store bought bong cleaning solution, you’ll need a few more supplies but they can usually be found around the house or at a nearby store. You’ll want to mix the cleaning solution of iso alcohol and coarse salt or epsom salt so that it creates a scrubbing cleaning agent to get the built up resin. Make enough solution to fill your bong and any accessory pieces you are trying to clean as well. So if you are cleaning more than one bong, make sure you have enough for all those bongs.
  2. Pour the bong cleaning solution into the dirty bong and shake it around the bong so that it gets into every corner. There can be a lot of built up bacteria buildup or mold in old water and the resin that is left in the dirty bong can cause respiratory infections so it is important to kill all of this with the isopropyl alcohol solution.
  3. Put the glass bongs into plastic bags and let it sit for a while. You use this time to use the large straw brush and pipe cleaner to scrub out the hard parts.
  4. Wash out the bong with warm water or hot water and let the alcohol solution run through since it is not so tasty to keep any remnants in there.
  5. This is an optional step, but you can add lemon juice and baking soda as an extra step to ensure that everything is perfectly clean. Part of the cleaning process is to ensure a good shine and lemon juice not only disinfects and gives a good bong cleaning, but that and baking soda can also be found around the house and are generally good cleaning agents to get a good clean and shine.

How to clean a silicone bong

Similar to how to clean a glass bong, knowing how to clean a silicone bong just takes a bit of extra time because you normally cannot see inside as well as you can when learning how to clean glass bong. If you’re wondering, “well how do I learn how to clean my bong then?” in terms of silicone bongs you’ll just need to be a bit more precise and take some time to deliver that tender loving care.

  1. You’ll need the same supplies as when you are trying to clean a glass bong, but you’ll want more brushes and can be a bit more rough and hands on with it since silicone bends.
  2. A quick tip for knowing how to clean a silicone bong, you don’t need to be gentle with it. Get in there with your large straw brush and the best cleaning method with silicone is to use standing water, the bong cleaning solution and start scrubbing. Giving silicone a good soak won’t do much so this is one of those bongs where you need to work a bit harder and give some elbow grease to it. Silicone bongs are great because they basically last forever but the old water can soak into the silicone and it is essential to disinfect.
  3. Feel free to add in white vinegar prior to soaking in lemon juice so the water stains in the silicone bong won’t sit in and get a good rinse.

How to clean a mini bong

Cleaning a mini bong is the same as knowing how to clean a bong that is normal sized, but again you’ll need to pay extra attention in cleaning your bong that is miniature sized because there are a lot of corners that can be easily missed and build up with bacteria, mold and resin. Make sure to add in some cotton swabs so you can easily swipe around in there without having to get your hands dirty!

  1. Use all of the bong cleaning supplies and fill your mini bong with it.
  2. Shake and rinse while using the cotton swabs to clean out the hard parts that the bong cleaning solution might have missed.
  3. If you use lemon juice in a mini bong make sure you rinse with hot water so that the small corners do not hold the lemon juice and create any mold. You don’t need to put a significant amount of any of the cleaning supplies into a mini bong so take your tie and catch any water stains that might have built up that you missed previously.
  4. Use any remaining cotton swabs to dry parts of the bong that got a good rinse. You can now smoke and enjoy it with a slight lemon scent!

How to clean acrylic bongs

Acrylic bongs can be pretty tricky sometimes because the longer you own one you’ll want to continue taking care of it and not cutting corners. Acrylic bongs probably work best with a store bought cleaning solution because it is safe to use and does not wear the acrylic bongs time. Using something like a gel cleaner and a bottle brush are much easier on the acrylic and despite using agents like rock salt or coarse salt you won’t wear the acrylic down. Sure, you could use dish soap instead of a salt mixture but you’ll still need to use a cleaning brush as part of the cleaning process and that will still take a toll on the acrylic eventually. To ensure the longevity of your acrylic bong and a promising smoke session, utilize tools like gel cleaners instead of hot water to clean your bong.

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