I Need Money Now - Borrow Money with Bad Credit Emergency Loans in 2022

Where can I borrow money – I need money now! If you could get a dollar for every time that very phrase was typed into a search engine, you’d be rich! The reality is that many Americans are cash strapped and actively investigating apps to borrow money. Sure, you could opt to borrow money from cash app or similar, but not all of these apps offer the type of financial product that you want and need. If you’re looking for great alternatives to apps that let you borrow money, you’ve come to the right place. This overview is dedicated to investigating the best ways to borrow money instantly online and also presents reviews on the top five loan-finder platforms that help everyday Americans find the right cash advance or loan for them. Have a look at the editor’s top picks below.

Best Places to Borrow Money in 2022 – Quick Overview

  1. Money Lender Squad: Best Overall way to Borrow Money Online
  2. Low Credit Finance: Best to Borrow Money for Bad Credit Loans
  3. Green Dollar Loans: Best for Quick Payday Loans – Borrow Money Online
  4. Heart Paydays: Best to Borrow Money with Instant No Credit Check Loans
  5. Credit Clock: Best to Borrow Money with Same Day Loans

Best Borrow Money Apps - Need Money Now in 2022 - Full Review

1. Money Lender Squad: Overall Best way to Borrow Money Online

Where can I borrow money ASAP? At Money Lender Squad, of course! As it turns out, Money Lender Squad comes out on top as our best overall broker, making it easy for average Americans to access apps to borrow money online fast. One of the things that really stands out about Money Lender Squad is that borrowers can get loans of up to $5000 with up to 6 months to pay. Unfortunately, just like all apps that let you borrow money, Money Lender Squad connects borrowers with lenders that charge interest. The average APR ranges from 5.99% to 35.99%.

Another perk of choosing Money Lender Squad as your loan finder is that they serve as a borrow money app that approves (or rejects) loans in minutes and pay out approved loans in a matter of hours. Not many apps that let you borrow money can match the professionalism, convenience, and fast turnaround on offer at Money Lender Squad. Best of all, the platform provides its loan-finder service 100% to the borrower.

It's super quick to apply to borrow money online via Money Lender Squad. The online application form can be found at the top right-hand side of the screen and takes just a few moments to complete. You will have to put in all the details that come pretty standard when applying for credit, such as your ID, address, employment details, bank details, and a list of your current expenses. The supporting documents are also pretty standard, requiring your proof of address (a utility bill), bank statements, payslips, and a copy of your ID.

With Money Lender Squad, you don’t need to borrow money from Cash App. Instead, you fill in the application form just once and multiple lenders consider request. If a lender can assist, you will be matched. It’s easy enough, and you won’t be kept waiting around. From start to finish, you can complete the entire application and get the cash (if approved) on the very same day.

Eligibility Criteria to Borrow Money Instantly

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have your own bank account and mobile phone
  • Be a legal resident or citizen of USA
  • Earn no less than $250 per week

Pros of Platforms That Let You Borrow Money

  • 2-minute approval process
  • 100% online application
  • 24-hour payout

Cons of Apps That Let You Borrow Money

  • Up to 35.99% interest

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2. Low Credit Finance: Best to Borrow Money for Bad Credit Loans

While Money Lender Squad is our top pick, we also find what Low Credit Finance has to offer quite a good deal. You may be searching certain terms like “I need money right now,” or “Where can I borrow money ASAP” and be coming up empty-handed. And while Low Credit Finance doesn’t promise borrowers who want to borrow money instantly any guarantees, they are known for helping low credit borrowers get matched with lenders most likely to assist them. This means that while lenders follow US regulations and carry out required checks, FICO scores are not always the deciding factor! This means great things for the borrower with a low credit score who is actively seeking a borrow money app.

If you’re looking into how to borrow money from Cash App, you may find that Low Credit Finance offers something better. With a single application, you can get matched with lenders most likely to approve your loan. This means you save time and money, and there are no lenders out there doing unnecessary credit checks on your name. You don’t need to know how to borrow money from Cash App when you have access to a panel of lenders ready and willing to provide you with the cash you need.

The biggest perk of using Low Credit Finance instead of a borrow money app is that you can choose from loans between $100 and $5000 with 3 to 6 months to pay. Of course, lenders each have their own regulations in place, so longer repayment periods can be negotiated with the lender. You must be at least 18 years old to borrow money via the Low Credit Finance platform, and you must earn no less than $250 per week.

Eligibility Criteria of Low Credit Finance’s Borrow Money App

  • Min age requirement of 18
  • Checking/savings account
  • USA citizen or resident (legal)
  • Earn at least $1000 per month

Pros of Apps That Let You Borrow Money

  • Loans range from $100 to $5000
  • Flexible repayment periods
  • Get cash on the same day

Cons of Apps That Let You Borrow Money

  • Expensive form of borrowing (fees and interest)

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3. Green Dollar Loans: Best for Quick Payday Loans – Borrow Money Online

Third on our editor’s pick of best loan-finders to borrow money through is none other than Green Dollar Loans. Green Dollar Loans has done great work to earn itself a positive reputation on the market, and that’s because its panel of lenders features reputable lenders and their products on offer are suited to anyone who is looking for apps that let you borrow money online fast. What’s impressive about Green Dollar Loans is that their loan applications and processed super-fast, and if your loan is approved, you can expect to get the cash within a few hours.

Green Dollar Loans is not a lender but acts as a loan-finder service matching borrowers and lenders where a decent deal could be struck. Why can’t I borrow money from Cash App? This is something you won’t need to worry about anymore because Green Dollar Loans can link you with lenders most likely to approve your loan request. Of course, the information you provide in your online application – which will take just a few moments to complete, by the way – will need to be verified by the lender. You can expect an affordability assessment to be carried out, which basically compares your current income with your regular monthly expenses.

Green Dollar Loans offers borrowers access to lenders, brokers, and apps to borrow money, offering loans of $100 to $5000. Unlike some loan-finder services that only find 6 months repayment periods, Green Dollar Loans offers repayment periods of between 3 and 24 months, depending on which lender you are matched with. Interest, which seems unavoidable in this industry, can range from as low as 5.99% right up to 35.99%. It’s best to negotiate a better interest rate direct with the lender or broker when finalizing the loan agreement.

Eligibility Criteria to Borrow Money Instantly

  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Have your own bank account and mobile phone
  • Under an income vs. expenditure assessment
  • Minimum earnings of $1000 per month

Pros of a Borrow Money App

  • Loan up to $5000
  • 3 to 24 month repayment periods
  • Fast disbursement of funds

Cons of Apps That Let You Borrow Money

  • Expensive form of borrowing (fees and interest)

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4. Heart Paydays: Best to Borrow Money with Instant No Credit Check Loans

I need money now but can’t get a loan – this is the very sentence so many Americans repeat to themselves and others. And with the state of inflation and the economy, it’s no wonder. It’s the very reason so many thousands of Americans are actively searching for the unicorn of the finance world: the instant no credit check loan. While many lenders offer this, it’s not always possible to guarantee.

What Heart Paydays does is quell the worries of people with the I need money now but can’t get a loan debacle. While the platform doesn’t guarantee that you can borrow money instantly or get finance without a credit check, it does have a reputation for linking low credit borrowers with lenders most likely to assist. And while loans are never instant in the true sense of the word, if your loan is approved by one of the lenders on the Heart Paydays panel, you can expect the cash to be paid out within 15 minutes. Now that’s as quick it can get when it comes to getting cash online! Speed is certainly of the essence if you’re trying to secure a cash advance for an emergency or one of those unexpected expenses that sometimes crop up. You can use your Heart Paydays loan for anything from car repairs to home maintenance and everything in between.

The online application is as quick and easy as a borrow money app. Simply fill in your name and surname, ID, banking details, details of your employer, and earnings, and provide a list of your monthly expenses. To keep the process speedy, have your supporting documents on hand, such as a copy of your ID, your bank statements, pay slips, and a utility bill reflecting your current address. Once submitted, the wait isn’t long at all. In fact, you will only wait 2 minutes for feedback. If you are pre-approved for a loan, you can elect to go ahead with finalizing the deal with the lender. If you’re not pre-approved, the platform may recommend alternative such as debt relief or otherwise. The speed at which everything is processed makes the processes at Heart Paydays ideal for those looking into how to borrow money from Cash App, as most choose this app for it’s simple, fast process.

When using Heart Paydays, you can get a loan or cash advance of between $100 and $5000, with 3 to 12 months to pay. Interest is the usual 5.99% to 35.99%.

Eligibility Criteria for Apps That Let You Borrow Money

  • Checking or savings account
  • Only applicants over 18 can apply
  • Pass an affordability assessment
  • Prove $1000 earnings min per month for 3 months
  • USA citizen or resident

Pros of a Borrow Money App

  • Flexible loan amounts
  • 2-minute pre-approval process
  • Same day payouts on approved loans

Cons of Apps That Let You Borrow Money

  • Pre-approval doesn’t guarantee loan approval

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5. Credit Clock: Best to Borrow Money with Same Day Loans

I need money right now. If this sounds like you, you’ll be impressed with what Credit Clock has to offer. Credit Clock provides a loan-finder service that matches borrowers with lenders with a habit of paying out approved loans quickly. While there are several apps that let you borrow money out there, not many can compare to Credit Clock. Why? Because Credit Clock offers borrowers a fast, efficient, and convenient service.

For starters, the platform can match a borrower with a lender within 2 minutes of submitting the application form. After that, if the information on the loan application is verified and a lender can assist the borrower, the cash makes its way into the borrower’s account on the same day. If you’re faced with an unexpected or emergency expense, this is the ultimate convenience.

Now, if you’re the type of borrower that’s saying, “I have no income and need money now,” Credit Clock doesn’t offer loans to the unemployed who are receiving absolutely no income. They do, however, offer loan opportunities to those who don’t have a traditional job but still earn an income. This means that there’s a same day loan available to you if you meet the eligibility requirements and get your cash from the likes of rental property, dividends, royalties, trust payments, or similar. You simply have to prove your income which is easily done with bank statements and tax returns. If you’re wondering if your particular income stream is suitable, it’s best to ask the lender/broker.

Credit Clock links borrowers with lenders offering loans between $100 and $5000, with 3 to 6 months to pay and between 5.99% and 35.99% interest. To get a loan with Credit Clock, you only have to complete an online application. Credit Clock’s online application process is 100% online, so you won’t have to make calls, print documents, or head down to a storefront. Instead, you click on the big green “Get Started” button located at the top right-hand side of the screen. The application form will pop up, and you merely have to follow the prompts. Once you’ve submitted it, simply wait for feedback!

Eligibility Criteria to Borrow Money Instantly

  • Have a direct-debit supported bank account

  • Be 18+ years old

  • Be in good financial standing

  • Earn at least $250 per week (for no less than 3 months)

  • Be a citizen or legal resident of USA


  • Borrow up to $5k

  • No need for a traditional job (earnings still required)

  • 100% online application


  • Interest of up to 35.99%

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What Are Apps To Borrow Money & How Do They Work?

I need to borrow money – I need money now: this is what many Americans think and feel. But what are their options? What are your options? There are various loan-finder platforms and apps that let you borrow money, and if you’re choosing from our editor’s pick, you won’t be disappointed. These platforms – or we could call them apps to borrow money – are designed to match borrowers with lenders most likely to approve their loan. When the borrower applies for a loan, the automated system will recommend the best possible deal for them. The borrower can then proceed to complete the application process directly with the lender or borrower, offering the cash advance.

These apps work on the basic premise of providing a link between the lender and borrower. They don’t determine the outcome of the loan, but they do offer loans with similar features so that borrowers know what to expect when a lender is matched with them. For instance, our editor’s pick of five best apps to borrow money reviewed above all offer loans of between $100 and $5000 with up to 35.99% interest and varying repayment periods of up to 24 months.

When you borrow money instantly online, you can expect the convenience to cost you. This is usually an option for those who cannot get a loan with the local bank or have a less-than-ideal credit score. The interest is sure to be higher than the local bank, and the amounts you can loan will usually be lower, and based on affordability and how much you earn.

I Need Money Right Now – How To Apply in Four Easy Steps

When I need money now Cash App is the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s not always the best option for those who need quick cash. Applying for cash online is easier than you think, especially if you use one of our recommended loan-finder services. Simply follow these four easy steps:

Step 1: Choose The Loan Amount & Term

Loan-finder websites usually include nifty sliders to make selecting the loan amount and terms quick and easy. It’s vitally important to spend some time considering your budget before you apply for a loan. Budgeting will help determine how much you can realistically afford to pay each month for an installment. Make your selection and take the next step.

Step 2: Complete The Online Form

All loan finder sites include some kind of application form online. Don’t worry – you don’t need to print it. Everything can be filled in digitally online. Follow the prompts to input the correct details, and then hit the submit button. You will be asked to provide your full ID details and employment details, including who employs you and how much you earn, your address, banking details, and an up-to-date list of your monthly expenses. It’s important to be accurate with the information you provide as you won’t be able to borrow money instantly on incorrect information.

Step 3: Get A Decision

You only need to wait two minutes to be matched with a lender. If you are pre-approved, it means that the lender is willing to proceed with the loan, subject to further checks. If you elect to proceed, you will finalize everything with the lender or broker.

Step 4: Get Your Agreement and Get Your Cash

Once everything is in place with the lender, you will get a loan contract detailing all the finer intricacies of your loan. It is imperative to read through the entire document and understand the terms before you sign it. Once the loan is signed and returned to the lender, the lender will ensure that the cash gets paid over to you. While each lender is different, most understand that you want to borrow money instantly and so do their best to pay out loans quickly. Most borrowers can expect a 60-minute payout from approval, but in some instances, the payout can take up to 24 hours.

Features & Factors to Consider When You Need To Borrow Money – I Need Money Now Considerations

The Competitive Nature of Lenders

When looking to borrow money instantly, you will find that lenders offer interest rates as high as 35.99%. Keep in mind that the financial market is competitive, and some lenders may be negotiable on the interest offered.

Peace of Mind

You may be tempted by unknown entities offering you the opportunity to borrow money instantly with minimal requirements, but keep in mind that when you get into a contract, you’ll be held to the terms. If you want to ensure that you’re never in a bad position, avoid fly-by-night lenders and opt to deal with reputable lenders on the market. When using a loan-finder service, you can rest assured that you’re presented with loan offers from leading loans provider in the USA.

Beware of Nasty Surprises

Nothing is nastier than thinking you can repay your loan early and get out of debt only to discover that you’re suddenly faced with penalties. If this happens, it’s probably because you didn’t familiarize yourself with the terms of the loan, or you simply skimmed over the fees. Some fees can be applied to early payments, late payments, and missed payments. It’s important to do due diligence to ensure you’re never faced with unexpected expenses.

Keeping a Healthy Account Balance

When getting a loan approved with a lender, they will want to set up a direct debit on your bank account. This direct debit ensures that your loan installment payments are made every month. If your bank account doesn’t have sufficient funds, the deduction will still be processed. You will then be faced with a penalty charge from the lender/broker and a charge from the bank for insufficient funds in your account. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the cash in your account each month to cover the cost of your loan.

The Overall Cost When Your Borrow Money Instantly

When applying for a loan, you’re not just applying for the loan amount. The loan amount will be provided, but interest will be calculated as a percentage of the loan total and added to the amount. The amount is then split over the months requested as your loan term. This means that you will pay back more than the requested amount if your loan application is approved.

How Did We Choose the Best Alternatives to Apps That Let You Borrow Money?

To compile our editor’s pick of 5 alternatives to apps that let you borrow money, we kept our eye out for the following:

  • Digital applications that require no printing, faxing, or standing in queues.
  • The fastest payouts in the industry (same day or next day payments).
  • Flexible loan amounts (ranging from $100 to $5000) and flexible repayment terms (ranging from 2 to 24 months).
  • Readily available bad credit and no credit borrower options.
  • Reasonable minimum earning requirements ($1000 per month).
  • Minimum age requirements of 18+.
  • Lender panels that focus on affordability as well as FICO scores.


If you’re one of the Americans ready to shout, “I need money right now!” from the rooftops, you’re in a great position to save yourself time and frustration by using one of the abovementioned loan-finder services. Viva Payday Loans (our top overall pick) and the various other loan-finders mentioned won’t charge you a thing to help you find the right loan for you! And it’s not a tedious process either. Simply spend a few minutes inputting your particulars, and before the day is up, you will know if you can get a loan. In fact, you may already have the cash in your bank account.


I Need Money Right Now! How Can I Get Money Instantly Right Now?

Being in need of cash in a hurry can be a stressful situation to be in. Many Americans probably find themselves typing “I need money right now” into a Google search or even exclaiming this to their loved ones and friends. While there is no magic wand you can wave that will instantly drop money into your lap with no requirements, there are ways you can get cash in a hurry. For instance, when referring to our editor’s pick of the top five alternatives to apps that let you borrow money, you will find the most viable way to get money quickly without getting yourself into a sticky situation. While you can’t borrow money instantly when using a loan-finder, you can apply for, get approval, and be paid on the same day – which is as close to “instant” as you can get.

What Apps Let You Borrow Money Instantly?

If you’re wondering what apps let you borrow money instantly, you’re obviously in a tight financial spot. And that’s okay because when using a loan-finder, you can expect to be matched with possible loan deals within minutes and it only takes a few more minutes to set everything in place with the lender. If you want cash in a hurry, loan finder sites can help you get funding within 60 minutes of loan approval.

Why Can’t I Borrow Money From Cash App? What Reduces Your Cash App Borrow Money Eligibility?

The eligibility criteria to borrow money from Cash App can vary from one user to the next – it all depends on your unique situation. Some advice has been gathered on public forums where speculation over not being able to borrow money from Cash App is made. In terms of these posts, it is gathered that Cash App borrow money feature is not available to all applicants. If you set up an account and the Cash App borrow money feature is available (it’s not greyed out), it means you’re eligible to borrow money from Cash App. If you’re wondering, “Why can’t I borrow money from Cash App?” and aren’t coming up with answers, it could be because of the state you live in. Cash App isn’t available in all states. Your credit history could also come into play as there is a minimum FICO score required to make an application on the app. Some believe that direct deposits are favorited and that that priority may be given to borrowers who already have an active credit card.

I Have No Income And Need Money Now! Can I Get A No-Income Loan?

There are loans for unemployed individuals, which are sometimes called no-income loans, available on the market, but these loans still have a minimum earning requirement. If you’re using the loan-finder services mentioned above, you will need to earn at least $1000 per month. That said, your monthly earnings do not need to come from a traditional job, which technically means that you don’t have to be employed. Your earnings need to be stable for at least 3 months and can come from any number of options such as rental income, freelance work, self-employment, dividends from investments, royalties from intellectual property, inheritance, and more.

Disclaimer: The loan websites reviewed are loan-matching services, not direct lenders, therefore, do not have direct involvement in the acceptance of your loan request. Requesting a loan with the websites does not guarantee any acceptance of a loan. This article does not provide financial advice. Please seek help from a financial advisor if you need financial assistance. Loans available to U.S residents only.

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