Instant Knockout Review - Best Fat Burner I've taken

In the world of sports, burning fat is of critical importance for weight maintenance and strength. The Instant Knockout fat burner is the most sought-after supplement that athletes go for and recommend.

Athletes such as MMA fighters are usually involved in strenuous activities and need to lose weight fast and have more energy. To achieve this, the body fat percentage has to be very low compared to the muscle mass.

You may have already seen a lot of Instant Knockout reviews, but let's take a moment to dissect the components of this popular fat burning supplement and see how it actually helps with weight management and compares with other fat burners.

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How Does Instant Knockout Work Exactly?

After thorough research and numerous tests, Instant Knockout came up with the best fat burner combination that helps athletes with weight loss without losing any muscle. The following four factors are vital to achieving such a feat:

  1. Suppressing appetite
  2. Controlling calories
  3. Increasing metabolism by releasing heat
  4. Balanced diet

Let's see how these points contribute to fat burning without getting rid of muscle.

1. Suppressing Appetite

One of the most obvious reasons for weight gain is the desire to eat.

Most of the ingredients in Instant Knockout contain fiber, and this substance works by filling up the stomach at a fast rate. This leaves you feeling full and sated for a longer amount of time, so you won't find yourself reaching for snacks to mindlessly munch on.

As seen earlier, Instant Knockout has natural ingredients, including green tea extract, green coffee bean, glucomannan, and GTF Chromium. All of these items work as an appetite suppressant. Consequently, taking this fat burning supplement makes fat burning an easier task.

Some researchers have shown that fat burners containing appetite suppressants react with chemicals in the body to release serotonin. This is a neurotransmitter that leaves you feeling good.

When the stomach is full and you are satisfied, the brain tells you that you are feeling good and don't need more food at that moment.

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2. Controlling Calories

The traditional way of counting calories in your diet usually leads to a deficit of some sort of nutrition for sure. This still leads to weight loss but can cause fatigue and other underlying problems. But with Instant Knockout, the necessary nutrients are in balanced portions, making sure that no healthy elements get missed out.

When tiredness hits, we usually end up eating sweet stuff to get that instant kick of energy. But we all know excess sugar is bad for the heart and overall health of the body. But with Instant Knockout, you get that immediate spark of energy the same way you would if you ate sweet stuff, but without any guilt or risk of fat absorption.

A great advantage of this concoction is that you can get a perfectly balanced and healthy diet through just supplements from one jar. And the way the ingredients are measured out in proportion to fit the body's needs, losing weight becomes quick and takes just a few weeks.

3. Increasing Metabolism by Releasing Heat

Looking back at the ingredient list, we have seen that Instant Knockout contains black pepper and cayenne extracts. Consuming spicy foods raises the body temperature, which in turn releases a lot of heat. And as a result of this heat dissipation from the body, fat loss occurs and causes a boost in energy.

With effective fat loss, the muscles can get more oxygen and work efficiently with increased power because of the higher metabolism.

4. Balanced Diet

Being the best among the fat burners out there in the market, Instant Knockout gains this reputation because of how carefully it was created to meet healthy diet standards. The proportions of the essential nutrients are geared to ensure that just taking this fat burning supplement by itself acts as a balanced meal.

There are different combined packages offered by Instant Knockout, which you will read about in a bit that adds to this truth. If you think about the Instant Knockout ingredients in general, you will see that it has all the elements for your body's protein, calorie, fiber, vitamin, and mineral needs.

Instant Knockout: Product Packages for Weight Loss – A Buying Guide

Before going further into the meal replacement plans that Instant Knockout has to offer, a disclaimer should be stated that this fat burner should only be taken as per consultation with a physician or dietician/nutritionist regardless of your athletic build.

This may lead you to wonder - is Instant Knockout FDA approved? Like all other fat burners, it is not FDA approved, and hence it cannot be stressed enough about the necessity of professional medical advice prior to taking this weight loss supplement.

Instant Knockout provides two types of weight loss packages:

  1. Instant Knockout Cut
  2. Instant Knockout Complete

Let's look at the different compositions of these two products:

1. Instant Knockout Cut

Initially made only for bodybuilders and pro-athletes, Instant Knockout Cut is the original supplement for weight loss that comes in the form of pills. Made from all natural ingredients, this popular diet pill has shown to successfully work with quick weight loss and no loss of muscle, as needed by fighters and bodybuilding champions.

These supplements have been designed to curb appetite and detoxify the body from fat and other unwanted substances. The results usually can be seen within a few weeks, and countless athletes and even non-athletes vouch for this product.

2. Instant Knockout Complete

For more serious athletes or just health-conscious folks who love building muscle, the Instant Knockout Complete is a meal replacement shake that acts as a complete system for losing weight. It is often paired with Instant Knockout for best results.

Instant Knockout Complete is high in protein, fiber, carbs, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and chromium. Combined with the diet pill, the desired balanced diet comes full circle.

Per serving size, the amount of calories is low but with high levels of protein and fiber. Such a composition itself gets rid of prolonged hunger throughout the day. Instead, it will curb your appetite, and you will feel incredibly energized and ready for intense workouts, be it the final match or just regular exercise.

The versatility of this product allows it to be consumed in different forms of a drink. Be it water or milk - just mix it up, and it's ready to drink. Vanilla flavoring gives the shake an extra touch of goodness, so it's not like those generic, boring, and bitter protein shakes you see all the time.

All the mighty plant components are used to make Instant Knockout Complete. Ingredients include soy extract, flaxseed, Medium Chain Triglycerides, oat flour (so no need to worry about gluten allergies!), brown rice, and chia seeds.

A complete package of all the nutritious food items you keep hearing about - so just imagine how power-packed this meal replacement shake is!

It can't be stressed enough that Instant Knockout Complete is made from ingredients that are all natural with no additives or preservatives. As we all care about what goes in our bodies, rest assured that this amazing fat burner will cause no adverse effects to the body and health.

Instant Knockout Ingredients

Regardless of Instant Knockout being the most popular weight loss supplement, the constituents are a major concern among athletes who take them.

You will be very surprised to know that the Instant Knockout contains a lot of natural ingredients that help raise energy levels alongside burning fat. The following items are what majorly make up this effective fat burner:

  1. Black pepper extract
  2. Green tea extract
  3. Cayenne pepper seeds
  4. Green coffee beans
  5. Caffeine anhydrous
  6. Zinc
  7. GTF Chromium
  8. Glucomannan
  9. Vitamin B

Apart from fat burning functions, the ingredients in Instant Knockout contain numerous health benefits as well. This means that athletes are able to get the necessary nutrients while losing weight. Without further ado, let's look further into the qualities of each component -

1. Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper contains a substance called piperine, which causes the peppercorns to have that distinct spicy taste. Eating black pepper releases heat energy, so this means more calorie burn occurs because of this property. Fat metabolism increases, and also the formation of unwanted fat deposits in the body is greatly reduced.

Another interesting aspect of black pepper extract is that it gives a sense of fullness after eating a meal. Such an attribute gives Instant Knockout all the more reason to be the best fat burner out there.

Other benefits of black pepper extract include improved blood sugar control, lower cholesterol levels, anti-inflammatory factors, and reduced risk of cancer. It is totally understandable why Instant Knockout manufacturers would choose to use black pepper extract as a core ingredient.

2. Green Tea Extract

Naturally, you won't find a single fitness buff who does not incorporate green tea into their diet. Green tea contains a substance called flavonoid, which has excellent antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help protect cells from free radicals.

Apart from the obvious benefits, green tea plays a role in boosting the metabolic rate, which in turn helps you to burn fat. And as fat burns, more energy is available, which increases the overall activity of the body. Thus, the strength and energy levels shoot up even more when taking Instant Knockout before a game.

Another crucial factor of green tea extract is that it acts as an appetite suppressant. Green tea contains fiber and increases the overall metabolism of the body. When metabolism is high, the body feels a sense of being full due to fat oxidation.

As a result, appetite is reduced, and the need for eating junk food and other refreshments high in carbohydrates and fat is decreased.

Though extreme weight loss is not the main goal of athletes and MMA fighters, weight management is, in fact, a big goal. Instant Knockout has a perfectly balanced amount of green tea extracts, which makes it a huge contributor to weight management.

Green tea extract not only helps to lose weight, but it has properties that help to maintain weight without losing muscle mass.

3. Cayenne Pepper Seeds

That's right; another type of pepper is a major ingredient in Instant Knockout! Cayenne pepper has similar benefits to offer, just like black pepper extract.

An interesting way cayenne pepper helps with losing fat is the fact that it is spicy to taste. Ever notice how you start to sweat after biting on something spicy? This is because pepper, in general, has a thermogenic effect, meaning it releases heat.

When you eat something spicy, you tend to feel warmer because your body temperature rises due to the thermogenic property of pepper. Cayenne pepper is a moderately spicy type, which means consuming it ensures a significant release of heat energy.

Along the way, an intense calorie burn occurs while your body's temperature increases.

Manufacturers definitely thought this through when considering the ingredients in Instant Knockout. With natural ingredients such as black and cayenne pepper, fat oxidation easily occurs by the release of heat.

4. Green Coffee Beans

Raw coffee beans don't have a rich, dark brown color before they are roasted. Initially, they are green when picked from the plant. Most green plant elements have a common component - dietary fiber.

The green coffee bean is also rich in dietary fiber like all other green plant food substances and is high in antioxidants. Fiber improves digestion and bowel movements and keeps the appetite in check. All of these are common in fat burning functionality.

Green coffee bean extract makes Instant Knockout a great fat burner.

The weight loss journey becomes steady and quick, just as needed for intense athletic sportsmen and sportswomen.

5. Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine anhydrous is basically caffeine that has been extracted by dehydrating the coffee plant components. As it contains no water, the total amount of caffeine present in this substance is highly concentrated. In general, consuming drinks rich in caffeine tends to "wake" people up and make them feel more energized.

So if you consider caffeine in a more concentrated form which is caffeine anhydrous, it is no doubt that the energy levels will skyrocket and lead to an intense workout. A good amount of energy expenditure and feeling powered up is necessary for athletes involved in sports requiring lots of activity.

As this substance increases athletic performance, fat burning needs little effort. Once again, Instant Knockout has become the best fat burning supplement.

6. Zinc

Zinc is such an important element as it assists in carb, protein, and fat metabolism. A deficiency of zinc in the diet has proven to show overall weakness, fatigue, and very low stamina. Instant Knockout contains 10mg of zinc per serving, which is a substantial enough amount to combat tiredness.

As zinc has the ability to convert energy from fat, carbs, and protein, the person consuming it remains feeling powered up. So even if you are not an MMA fighter or an athlete of a similar degree, the presence of zinc in Instant Knockout is enough to help in losing stubborn belly fat and lose weight.

7. GTF Chromium

Though not as common as other vitamins and minerals, chromium is an essential mineral that works to keep blood sugar levels in check. When the body takes too little chromium, there is a high risk of developing diabetes.

Too little oxygen travels to the brain when the body is chromium deficient, which can lead to memory loss, confusion, and other major psychological issues.

The GTF stands for "Glucose Tolerance Factor," which means that it helps increase insulin activity to regulate blood sugar levels. GTF Chromium is the type that is better absorbed by the body than other versions of chromium.

Based on several studies, it has been found that GTF Chromium acts as an appetite suppressant. This results in lesser cravings for foods that are rich in fat and carbs.

So apart from the goal to suppress appetite and reduce chromium deficiency, GTF Chromium helps to lower cholesterol, keep the heart healthy, and increase energy expenditure when getting ready for a fight in the ring!

8. Glucomannan

Just like the fiber in green coffee bean extract, glucomannan is a water-soluble fiber obtained from the konjac plant root. Fiber is one of the most important components of a diet when considering weight loss. This is mainly due to the attributes that make it good for the digestive system overall and how it manages blood sugar levels.

Glucomannan fills the stomach sufficiently, resulting in lesser hunger pangs throughout the day. And because of this sense of satiety, this ingredient helps to suppress appetite. So naturally, if you feel full and don't have an appetite, you won't reach for junk food to fill your stomach.

The fact that glucomannan acts as an appetite suppressant is what makes it one of the most vital Instant Knockout ingredients. Since it is also naturally obtained from a plant, there is no concern for any adverse health conditions.

9. Vitamin B

Instant Knockout contains Vitamin B components, which are usually found in protein rich food like meat, fish, eggs, etc. Increased energy levels have been found to be associated with Vitamin B6 intake, which is found in Instant Knockout.

This vitamin essentially works to break down protein, fat, and sugar in the body so that energy is released properly.

The maintenance of overall health is also contributed by Vitamin B6. It helps increase the metabolic rate through fat oxidation, which results in - you've guessed it - release of more energy!

Vitamin B12 is also present in Instant Knockout - sufficient amount of vitamin B12 is necessary to prevent anemia. This is a blood condition that causes major weakness and, in extreme cases, cancer.

These B vitamins in Instant Knockout have proven to show improved metabolism, increased power, efficient weight maintenance, and overall health. For athletes, this is a perfectly balanced quantity of vitamins needed to hold on to that sharp, athletic figure.

Is Instant Knockout Safe for Everyone?

Even though most MMA fighters are men, more and more females are engaging in strenuous sports activities, which equally require them to maintain an athletic body with toned muscles.

A lot of women are in professional wrestling nowadays, and they are required to go through constant exercise and strength training - all of which need high energy levels.

Regardless of the ingredients in Instant Knockout (all of them being natural), men and women have different biological compositions and are prone to different health conditions disparately. This popular fat burner supplement has taken this into consideration and has come out with different plans for males and females.

After a lot of research and analysis on how the body metabolizes food into energy and the different requirements of genders, Instant Knockout has come up with separate plans for men and women and additional meal replacement shakes to be included based on the type of body goal.

Instant Knockout Review: Nutrition Plan for Both Men and Women

At first, Instant Knockout was produced for active young males who regularly go to the gym but also looked for a way to get rid of weight fast. Slowly the product became designed specifically for male bodybuilders, wrestlers, and MMA fighters.

When the results were shockingly positive and successful, the company decided to make a version suited for women who were also active in this field.

Strength training is a lengthy process, and for pro-athletes and bodybuilders, the output needs to be quick. It's not easy to lose weight within a short period of time, especially considering how hard it is to burn body fat regardless of your gender.

So let's see how Instant Knockout works as a full package of health for both men and women.

1. How It Is Tailored for Men

Comparatively, men have a higher metabolic rate than women and therefore require additional nutrition in some cases to keep themselves fit for intense activity.

Men can also build muscle faster than women, which is an advantage in certain professions like MMA fighting, wrestling, etc. Maintaining muscle mass and working on fat loss becomes key to improving athletic performance. This is where the Instant Knockout fat burner is best tailored to meet such requirements.

As men have a faster metabolism and can build muscle quicker, they need specific types of nutrients and protein. That is why male bodybuilders are prescribed to take Instant Knockout Cut and Instant Knockout Complete together as a combination.

With Cut, you get instant fat burners, and with Complete comes a whole meal with minimal calories but packed with energy. Many professional athletes have spoken about their experience on how this combination has done wonders for their athletic performance.

2. How It Is Tailored for Women

Gender should know no bounds, and that is why the number of female athletes is increasing day by day. Recently women have been more interested in also building muscle and strength rather than just losing extra weight.

Instant Knockout Cut was then advertised for women to drastically get rid of weight while being able to maintain muscles and the athletic structure. A number of women have reviewed the Cut product and have claimed that Instant Knockout worked much better than other supplements and led to a change in their eating habits.

A lot of female boxers, wrestlers, and MMA fighters consume this product and have proven to receive reliable and quick results. Coaches also vouch for Instant Knockout Cut as the best fat burning supplement for their athletes.

Most diet pills contain harmful ingredients that can lead to unpleasant health conditions for women. Studies have shown that a majority of women taking other supplements have encountered irregular menstrual cycles, complicated pregnancies, and other hormonal issues.

But taking Instant Knockout has shown remarkable changes in their body and stamina.

What about the Side Effects of Instant Knockout?

As Instant Knockout is made completely out of natural elements, there is little to no room for side effects to occur. A few cases of Instant Knockout side effects to be seen were some allergies caused by specific plant items and minor weight gain.

But this just proves that these effects are based on the particular tolerances the person has to certain food components.


Being able to lose weight fast and effectively with minimal effort and side effects is a dream most of us have. Whether or not you are a pro-athlete, understanding the importance of building muscle and lowering body fat is vital for both men and women.

You may have read a few Instant Knockout reviews, and it is safe to say all the good things you have heard about it are true.

There are barely any Instant Knockout side effects because of all its natural constituents. This is undoubtedly one fat burning supplement you will want to invest in!

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