Kasamba Review 2022: Real Experience, Features & Prices

Kasamba is a well-known psychics reading website with a large base of advisors specializing in different spheres. It's been operating since 1999 and keeps attracting new customers every day. Those facing different problems like career failures or complicated breakups pick psychics to help them get through tough times and receive answers to the most personal questions.

How does the service work? Should you trust its readers? Find out in this Kasamba psychics review!

💵 Average cost per minute

$1.99 - $30

💬 Communication types

  • Phone call
  • Live chat
  • Email

🔥 Welcome offer

Free 3 minutes for 1st session

🫂 Number Of Psychics


🔮 Reading Types

  • Psychic readings
  • Love and relationships
  • Tarot readings
  • Fortune telling
  • Dream analysis
  • Astrology
  • Career forecast
  • Numerology

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Kasamba.com Facts

Let's start exploring Kasamba from a few interesting facts that will definitely grab your attention:

  • The service has a 20-year-old history.
  • Over 3 million people have already used the website to get a reading session.
  • A customer can choose from more than 8 different reading types.
  • The service has more than 4 million 5-star ratings and Kasamba psychic reviews.

At first glance, this website is a nice place for picking an advisor. However, it's not enough to add it to your favorites. Even more useful information is covered below, so keep on reading!

Pros and Cons

Whenever you want to use the service for the first time, it's necessary to consider all the aspects, including positive and negative ones. What about Kasamba? Check out its pros and cons below.



3 free chat minutes with new psychics

Expensive top advisors

24/7 customer support

No video chat

100% anonymity

Lack of search filters

Detailed advisors profiles

An extensive base of professionals

Money-refund guarantee

Android and iOS Kasamba app

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Psychic readings categories on Kasamba.com

The selection of psychic readings is pretty large, so even the most demanding customer can find a professional advisor in the necessary sphere. The most popular types are described next in this Kasamba review.

Psychic readings

This category is a perfect solution for people striving to clarify obstacles they can't understand on their own. Psychic readers help you uncover things unknown and guide you through different situations. Whatever disturbs you, from your romantic relationship to your family issues, may become the subject of a discussion with an advisor.

Kasamba psychic readings are divided into several groups:

  • Aura readings.
  • Remote viewing.
  • Crystal readings.
  • Rune casting.
  • Pet psychic sessions.
  • Medium counseling.

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Love and relationships

The service offers you to contact one of over 200 advisors to get Kasamba psychic love readings. Whether you want to make your relationship work or heal the wounds left on your heart after disappointment–you'll get professional assistance here. After a session or two, you'll be able to transform your life for the best.

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Tarot readings

It's one of the most popular categories as advisors can offer help in any sphere of your life. Every card has a symbolic meaning, so the interpretation depends on a spread and a question. Kasamba readers are open to any topics, and therefore you don't have to hesitate. Even the most personal problems can be resolved thanks to the power of the tarot deck.

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Fortune telling

Gifted Kasamba psychics offer such an extraordinary service as fortune-telling. Customers who strive to know whether they've chosen the right way and act correctly to achieve prosperity, harmony in a relationship, or overall happiness, often ask for advice from these readers. They can predict your future or provide you with important insights.

🔮 Get Insights from Fortune Tellers at Kasamba.com 🔮

Dream analysis

If you've always wanted to know more about your subconsciousness, you can ask a professional advisor to interpret your dreams. When a person is sleeping, they find themselves in different situations where each subject or word may have a mysterious meaning. Using Kasamba readings to uncover what signals you receive during the night will prepare you for the future or uncover things you didn't know before.

Astrology readings

Your zodiac sign, the position of stars, and many other aspects will be considered to create a Kasamba horoscope. An expert will help you pick the right direction, improve your life, and prepare for possible life changes. You can pick from the following options:

  • Chinese astrology.
  • Vedic astrology.
Career forecasts

Ask questions about your job and career path to know how to achieve success and recognition. A reader can help make the right decision and navigate your work in the most enjoyable way.


Our lives are all about numbers, and you can easily master their mystery. Online numerologists can tell you whether you should plan anything on a particular date or what you should expect next year depending on your Birthday. More than 150 experts specializing in this field work at Kasamba.

Well, the range of reading categories will make a new customer happy as they can pick any sphere they believe in. As you've noticed, such rare experts as pet mediums psychics can also be found.

Top 5 Kasamba Psychic Advisors

Kasamba is rich in talented psychics working in different categories. Let's take a look at the best ones.

1.Master Enigma

This expert is the best psychic on Kasamba due to the highest ranking and more than $57,000 reviews. Master Enigma has been using his gift to help people for over 30 years. His specialties include romantic relationships, spirituality, dream analysis, and career forecast.

2. David James Psychic Wisdom

With over 37,000 reviews on the platform, David is one of the most popular advisors. He's been working with people for more than 20 years. David does tarot readings, makes horoscopes, and offers clairvoyant sessions.

3. Best Psychic Readings

he nickname of this reader speaks for itself. He's got over 34,000 Kasamba reviews and offers a wide range of services. The advisor has a telekinetic gift and uses really rare powers, including teleportation, psionic manipulation, and precognition.

4. Psychic Yazmin

She's a love and relationship expert with more than 32,000 reviews on the website. Yazmin started providing reading sessions way back in 1998. She's a powerful medium who can help achieve spiritual harmony, clarify a partner's intentions, and find happiness.

5. Psychic Reader and Healer

This advisor has over 24,000 reviews on Kasamba. His experience counts 23 years of work with people who need help within their life paths. He assists customers in finding love, improving their relationships, increasing their budget, and multiplying career achievements.

How to use Kasamba website?

This site is packed with interesting features and gifted psychics, so it's necessary to explore each aspect.

Registration process

You'll become a registered user on this platform in a moment when you provide a few basic details:

  • Email address.
  • Nickname.
  • Password.

As you can see, Kasamba.com doesn't make you wait till you get access to the best readers.

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Advisor search

It's hard to say that the service offers enough filters to choose a reader. You can pick only one parameter from the dropping menu:

  • Highest rank.
  • New psychic.
  • Lowest or highest price.
  • Minimal price.
  • Hide busy advisors.

Of course, you can also choose the category of Kasamba psychic readings at the top of the page.

Psychics' profiles

Visit Kasamba readers' pages to find out some of the specific information before picking one of them. Their profiles are detailed and well-tailored. You can find an advisor's photo, price, and user reviews on the left side, while information about experience and specialties is in the center.

Communication tools

A customer can select the most convenient way of connecting a Kasamba advisor above the list of experts. There are 3 methods of communication:

  • 📞Phone call. Before contacting a reader, it's necessary to enter your billing information even if you're going to have 3 minutes of the session for free. Next, you should provide a Kasamba psychic with your phone number. If they're busy at the moment, you'll be notified with the SMS when they're online.
  • 💬Live chat. Press the button under the reader's photo to start a conversation. The rule concerning payment information is the same as with the phone calls–share the necessary details first. Then, you can ask your questions.
  • 📧Mail. Before picking this option, you should pay attention to the advisor's fees. It's probably one of the most expensive features as some experts set prices even up to $100. It's indicated under the chat/call cost. To get in touch with a Kasamba psychic via email, it's necessary to press the "Request a reading" button.

With the service like this, you can try love and relationship psychic readings or other categories in any convenient way.

Top features

Kasamba can be an interesting option for users seeking convenience. The service's features make a customer's experience enjoyable. Here are the features you can count on:

  • Available top psychics. The highest-ranking advisors of the website with the largest number of positive reviews on Kasamba are presented on the main page. The list consists of readers who are currently online and can reply to your request.
  • Love forecast. Pick this feature below the top readers, and the website will redirect you to the page where you'll be offered to choose your zodiac sign. Once you select it, the romantic horoscope for the current year will appear.
  • Horoscopes. Kasamba psychics carefully work on providing users with accurate astrological predictions for the day, week, or month. You can find out what to expect in a romantic sphere, at work, and in general.
  • Love compatibility. Just enter your and your partner's zodiac sign to find out whether you're a perfect match according to the stars. A detailed explanation will appear within a few seconds.
  • Availability notification. This Kasamba feature is a convenient way to find out when an advisor you want to contact is online. Many people want to work only with one expert, so they can rely on the service.

Kasamba features can add more fun to your daily routine and be pretty helpful when it comes to contacting a favorite reader.


Is Kasamba real? Of course! While many people are afraid of ordering readings online, others actively use this platform. Advisors are experts specializing in different fields. Reviews on their pages prove that they're real psychics.

By the way, customer support is available 24/7 so that a user can inform them about any issues and get a reply as fast as possible. Payment methods are safe and known all over the globe. So, the question is Kasamba a scam shouldn't worry you.


Prices vary a lot here, from rather cheap offers to really expensive ones. Anyhow, every customer can find an advisor suitable for their budget. When picking a reader on Kasamba.com, you can apply the parameter allowing you to see readers who ask less than $4 per minute. Or it's possible to choose those providing readings at least for $7 per minute.

In general, the pricing scheme looks like this:

  • $1.99 - the lowest.
  • $30 - the highest.

Kasamba has an attractive regular deal for customers who want to get a reading from a new advisor or one they've never contacted before. Get 3 minutes for free with each psychic you want to try to work with for the first time. It sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Payment methods

When it comes to financial questions, the Kasamba app doesn't offer too many payment methods. However, they're well-known and trusted:

  • Credit card.
  • PayPal.
  • Google Pay.

Customer reviews analysis

When searching for information about this website, you'll find a large number of Kasamba reviews. Of course, it can take some time to read most of them, but you should do that to figure out whether this platform will satisfy your needs as a customer. We have checked and analyzed testimonials from trustpilot.com and user's answers at quora.com. Here are the insights taken from the users' experience:

👍What users like:

  • Lots of customers are satisfied with the professionalism and advisor's approach on every separate case.
  • People praise the accuracy of readings.
  • Users love the convenience of the Kasamba app.
  • Usually, advisors quickly reply to requests and provide clients with readings.
  • The platform has a large base of experienced psychics, which attracts customers a lot.

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👎What users dislike:

  • For some customers, readings seem rather pricey.
  • Some of the readings aren't detailed.
  • There are advisors who make people wait for answers to their questions so that their free minutes vanish.

As you can see Kasamba customers are mostly satisfied with the services. To avoid problems, you should prepare a little and research the site to find the best reader and get high-quality assistance.

The verdict of this Kasamba psychics review is rather positive than negative. A customer can choose from a range of readings and contact professional advisors at an affordable price. Even if you face any issues, just inform the support team, and managers will quickly solve your problem. So, if you want to involve the mysterious power in your life to get help, you should give Kasamba a try.


Is Kasamba secure?

This platform is trusted by thousands of users from all over the world. Your personal data won't be shared with other parties. All financial transactions are made via safe payment systems. The customer's credit card information is encrypted and strictly kept.

Is Kasamba legit? This service is operating legally and has all the required certifications. It was established in 1999, and there was no evidence of fraudulent activity or forbidden affairs conducted by Kasamba.

Is Kasamba confidential?

No one will ever find out you've contacted the Kasamba advisors. Your personal questions are just your business. So, you don't have to worry about confidentiality. Only your psychic will know about your situation and the most important details. The service guarantees 100% anonymity.

Notice that phone sessions may be recorded in order to improve the quality of Kasamba's work. However, you can't download your conversation. The record won't be used or shared with any other party.

Can you get your money back from Kasamba?

Like any other reputable service, Kasamba has a money refund policy. You can return up to $50 if you're not satisfied with the collaboration with an advisor. To return your funds back, it's necessary to send a request within one week after a session. It should include the date when you contacted a reader, their name, and the fee. Kasamba will process your information and give the total sum back or partially.

How to find my trusted advisor on Kasamba Psychics?

If you want to get accurate Kasamba psychic readings for sure, you should spend some time reading user reviews and seeking information on specialized platforms. It's better to trust testimonials and articles containing the description of a customer's experience, prices, features, and safety measures.

Besides, you have to view an advisor's profile on Kasamba.com. Read their bio and take into account how long they work as a psychic, their specialties, and testimonials. Of course, it's better to pick the top-rated readers, but they often cost a lot. So, you can research the platform and find a credible expert.

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