LeanBean Reviews (2021) | The Best Legit “Female” Fat Burner

It’s the turn of the women today, as we refer to a "female" weight loss pill created specifically for the difficult and complex female organism and its stubborn female local fat (belly, hips, buttocks, waist circumference, pelvic circumference, arms, back, thighs).

Its name is LeanBean, a pill well accepted by people (ranked as above average, according to the reviews posted on the internet).

Here is your chance to meet the product and find out all details about it.

LeanBean – What it is and its Target Group

The company in its promotional campaign claimed, “This is a "natural vegan-friendly weight loss pill especially for women".\

A daily pill aiming at activating the organic metabolic rate, managing and controlling appetite and certainly burning the extra body fat accumulated in various fat stores of the body (as mentioned above), continuously.

A number of questions requiring an answer, like

  • What does a "pill especially for women" mean?
  • What is the difference of this pill from a common (unisex) fat burner?
  • What to expect from this supplement and what not?

First, we clear that LeanBean is a dietary supplement for weight loss, meaning a product (in the specific case of LeanBean, a pill) administered - as stated in its category - in addition to the user's daily meals and not replacing them.

The goal is (according to its composition) to deal with excess body weight and fat, so that the person can gradually achieve the desired weight and better health.

A look at LeanBean’s "target group"

As a female fat burner, can only help women, of all ages (over 18 years), of any body type, with any extra kilos they have (more or less).

According to the company of LeanBean - Ultimate Life LTD. - this nutritional supplement specially designed to achieve great weight loss, satisfies even the most "difficult" customers.

  • Female athletes.
  • Women demanding from themselves the ideal weight at all costs.
  • Women with an irregular diet, who tend to eat "junk" meals (usually unhealthy "snacks”) during the day.
  • Busy women with no free time.
  • Women with high body weight and many love handles on the body.
  • Women with a hormonal predisposition to weight gain.
  • Women who love food very much and find it difficult to follow a diet program.

Contains selected premium and natural ingredients, which, directly or indirectly, promote healthy weight loss.

This is important. A "healthy weight loss". That is the goal. So do not expect from such a supplement a loss of 10 kg in 1 month. It is impossible. It is unhealthy and above all it’s dangerous.

If we have to say something to those thinking of getting into the weight loss process and wish to use Ultimate Life LTD LeanBean as a supplement, they should have decided that it takes a lot of effort and dedication on their part, as the pill alone cannot lead to the desired result.

However - and based on the information collected by our team - LeanBean is a remarkable product securing a very good place in the list of the best weight loss pills for the year 2021.

The product of a legal company, with prestige and reliability, is a reasonable choice for a large number of women around the world. Affordable price, clear online ordering policy in a secure encryption environment and 90-day money back guarantee.

What certainly confirms all the above mentioned is that the company does exist (based in London) and it is not just another online scam (like many you may have encountered during browsing in this market sector).

Company data:

Ultimate Life LTD.
3rd Floor 21 York Place
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
Company No: 09846112
VAT No: Gb 298622457
email: [email protected]

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Leanbean: Weight loss for Women

Every woman is different with a different body type, bone distribution, body weight and different fat deposition in the body.

So even to classify weight loss into "female" and "male", again is not enough. Every body is different and has different needs. In any case, which is the target group and can we talk about "female weight loss"? What separates weight loss in women from that of men? The answer is simple. Nature makes the body of men different from that of women. The biochemistry of the female body is what makes it more "prone" to the creation of fat stores on the body.

It would be sufficient to mention just one fact to understand the large difference between female and male bodies. A female athlete, very fit and with minimum percentages of body fat, could reach about 10% (in body fat), while a male athlete will have only 2% fat.

Note: Even this percentage for women (10-12%) is supposed to be extremely low and unhealthy, found only in very fit women (usually professional bodybuilders) and usually accompanied by menstrual or other gynecological problems. Many athletes can reach body fat percentages up to 22% (describing a healthier body shape).

Why is this happening? As mentioned, it is purely a matter of organic biochemistry. The woman - by nature - has more body fat promoting and allowing the proper functioning of her body, creating fat in the breasts, intra-visceral fat around the uterus, fat in the stomach, thighs and buttocks, fat even on the legs (a characteristic of women unlike men not showing such a tendency in their majority).

An important factor leading to this large difference in body fat compared to men is undoubtedly the hormones.

Hormones are like a complex mechanism in a woman's body necessary to maintain them in perfect harmony. The change of a single hormone automatically leads to a change of many more hormones, while creating a multitude of changes and side effects.

A hormonal change, however, can have a variety of causes. Age, psychology, diet, sleep, exercise, overall health and medication, are factors which can "alter" the body's hormonal balance and cause a sequence of reactions (which are often unpleasant and perhaps even dangerous).

A typical example is menopause. It is a pivotal moment in the life of every woman, as it marks a huge hormonal change in her life and therefore in the functioning of her organism.

It is therefore no coincidence that women gain weight during menopause, pregnancy and menstruation, as hormones are responsible for this tendency to consume food (and in fact junk food).

How could LeanBean help?

As already mentioned it is a common phenomenon for women to "fight" with their hormones and with the dietary changes caused by them.

In fact, in combination with the daily stress, the workload, and possibly the bad psychology, the fight with food seems almost lost from the beginning.

However, this is not the case; as long as you have the right "allies" in this fight. This is where LeanBean comes in to help you in this fight. This is a booster supplement initially providing you with extra energy boost, with no use of stimulants.

With just a small amount of caffeine, it "wakes up" the body and mind, boosts the metabolism to a fast function and ultimately maximizes the burning of excess fat in the body, wherever this is located.

Nevertheless, since weight loss is a multifaceted fight, it also requires special treatment. For this reason, LeanBean undertakes a triple role in the fight against obesity.

  1. Enhancement of the metabolic process and fat burning
  2. Stimulation of available energy
  3. Suppression of appetite

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The first part relates – as already pointed out earlier - to fat metabolism. A dormant metabolism (usually the result of a sedentary lifestyle) is the worst thing in your quest to lose weight.

Sleepy metabolism leads to insufficient burning of body fat. In fact, if you are used to eating a little more and in a non-healthily way, then you do not avoid the constant increase of your weight with anything.

The solution is to stimulate your metabolism. One way to achieve this is undoubtedly the exercise. However, if you are not a sports fan, then a good nutritional supplement can provide help.

In the case of LeanBean, you find in its composition natural ingredients with strong caloric action. This means that during their consumption (and as they go through the process of digestion) they cause a sharp rise in the body's internal temperature. This ultimately leads to an enhancement of the metabolic process and therefore to a more intense fat burning.

The second part of the fight against obesity has to do with available energy. As the metabolic rate increases and the burning of body fat becomes increasingly intense, the body fills its "batteries" with beneficial energy.

This results in less fatigue, strain or weakness from diet / nutrition.

Besides - and in case you decide to strengthen your effort with physical exercise - it helps for more efficient and relaxing workouts (even late at night after a long day at the office).

Finally, the third part of the fight, equally important, is the suppression of appetite. This piece is extremely useful especially for those women who find it very difficult to stay “loyal” to a diet plan with reduced food consumption (diet / nutrition).

Insatiable appetite is a common feature of many women and is usually associated - according to scientific studies - with emotional / psychological factors. Intense stress, anxiety, fatigue, sadness, frustration are emotions, leading most women to consume a lot of unnecessary calories (which in fact are often completely "empty", as they have absolutely no nutritional value and come from confectionery or junk products).

In LeanBean, however, you find ingredients able to calm this feeling of hunger, while at the same time enhance the good mood and psychology of the woman in order to avoid emotional overeating.

Tackling these cravings is an extra boost to the weight loss effort. By reducing the unnecessary calories consumed daily in your meals, in combination with the increased metabolic process and fat burning you will have (as it is understood) much more visible results in a shorter time.

Note: Combining LeanBean with physical exercise (from simple walking to vigorous cardiovascular activity) could boost the results and significantly reduce the body's response time.

Ingredients of LeanBean

  • Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl) | 1.70 mg 100% of RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance)
  • Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) | 2.40 μg 100% of RDA
  • Chromium (as Nicotinate Glycinate Chelate) | 35 μg 100% of RDA
  • Zinc (as Zinc Oxide) 11 mg 100% of RDA
  • Potassium (as Potassium Chloride) 10 mg, 1% of RDA
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (50% Chlorogenic Acids) | 6000 mg
  • Acai Berry Extract 10: 1 | 20 mg
  • Mer Turmeric (Curcuma longa) (root) | 50 mg
  • Konjac Fiber (Glucomannan) (from Amorphophallus Konjac) (root) | 3000 mg
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract (fruit) (50% HCA | HydroxyCitric Acid) | 100 mg
  • Choline (as Choline Bitartrate) | 82.5 mg
  • Bioperine (Black Pepper Extract) | 20 mg

Konjac Fiber (Glucomannan) - Benefits

The Konjac plant became well-known in recent years mainly for its weight-boosting action.

Why is this happening?

The root of this plant is edible and extremely rich in valuable dietary fiber.

"Konjac Fiber" or "Konjac Root" or "Glucomannan", is included as an ingredient in many health & weight loss nutritional supplements.

First used around 206 BC., during the Western Han Dynasty in China. The healing properties of the essential oils have long been known in ancient times for treating skin problems, coughs, burns, chest pain, haematological problems, hernias or asthma and have been widely used for over 2,000 years in alternative and traditional Chinese medicine.

Officially introduced as a drug much later, more specifically, in the 6th AD century in Japan the first medicinal version of glucomannan was available.

Approved as an emulsifier and food additive since 1994 by the FDA, while since 1996 used as a binder in products of animal origin (such as cold cuts).

China holds the first place with Japan in second place in glucomannan production (i.e. fibers from the Konjac plant) in the world market.

Glucomannan now (2021) is considered as the No. 1 plant food for weight loss and good gastrointestinal health.

Fights constipation, enhances good and healthy bowel motility, promotes the digestive process and fights / prevents serious diseases (such as type 2 diabetes, bad cholesterol, obesity, cardiovascular disease, indigestion).

In addition, it helps to gain a healthy body weight in adults and children, and prevents its constant fluctuation.

Note at this point that glucomannan is a nutrient with a very low caloric value.

As it enters the stomach and meets the gastric fluids multiplies in volume, occupying most of the stomach volume.

This automatically sends a message of satiety to the brain, preventing from consuming extra calories.

Besides, its slow processing by the body maintains this feeling of satiety for much longer, resulting in a delay of a next meal (preventing the consumption of other unnecessary calories).

However, another reason that these fibers are so beneficial is their contribution to reducing the absorption of protein and fat. The viscous form of glucomannan (compared to other dietary soluble fiber) makes it even more difficult to absorb, giving it even greater benefits to organism.

Any risk for side effects from Konjac Fiber (Glucomannan)?

Glucomannan (when consumed in the ideal amount) causes no side effects or discomfort, as reported by the large people all over the world.

However, in a very small percentage of people it can cause discomfort such as:

  • a feeling of bloating
  • indigestion
  • flatulence
  • diarrhea
  • abdominal pain
  • ioperine (Black Pepper Extract) | 20 mg

These symptoms are temporary and progressively subside after discontinuing the administration of the supplement.

What is important to know, however, is that those who receive glucomannan as a dietary supplement on a daily basis, are likely to reverse or even reduce the effects of certain medications.

Drugs known to interact with glucomannan are sulfonylureas (anti-diabetic medications).

For this reason - and for being sure - it is advisable to consult a doctor prior to using any supplement, in case you follow any medication, or suffer from a medical condition or disease.

"Hunger Hormones" – what they are

As already pointed out, what makes women lose weight (at least for a large majority) compared to men, is the hormones.

A number of hormones - also known as "hunger hormones" or "appetite hormones" - play a key role in the amount of food consumed, how often you are hungry, and what your body weight is.

Such hormones are:

  • leptin
  • cortisol
  • ghrelin
  • and clearly estrogen (female hormones)

By influencing their secretion by the organism (explain how below), you can gain control of your appetite and therefore of the amount of food consumed on a daily basis.

However, let's refer briefly to these important hormones, and let's learn some of their very basic characteristics.

The hormone Leptin: Produced during the process of a meal by the body's fat cells, and then released to organism via the bloodstream.

Leptin is the one marking the limit of appetite, meaning that carries the message of fullness & satiety to the brain to stop consuming food.

Nevertheless, why do so many people continue to eat when their caloric needs are high?

The answer is simple, provided to us by scientists. The more you eat, the more your body develops a kind of tolerance to hormone leptin, resulting in this dietary limit not perceived.

The brain ignores the satiety signals received, the body continues to send the wrong messages of hunger and you inevitably continue to consume excess calories.

The hormone Cortisol: Known as the "stress hormone" as well, cortisol controls the levels of alertness, perception and survival of the organism.

Its goal is to keep your body & mind sharp and energetic, so you can "survive" when faced with a physical danger, an emotional threat or a stressful situation.

Though many are unaware of it, the hormone cortisol (at high levels), is mainly responsible for the deposition of body fat in the abdomen and waist area.

The hormone ghrelin: Another "appetite hormone", unlike leptin secreted during the meal process, when the organism is in a fasting condition for a long time (several hours).

It is a "defense" of the organism to hunger. This hormone acts as a neurotransmitter between the body and the brain, transmitting the feeling of hunger and the need for food (i.e. for energy).

Female hormones (Estrogens): Estrogens are the characteristic hormones perceived and based on the cycle (menstruation) or during menopause. Their reduction in value also causes a drop in serotonin, leading to a drop in your emotional state / mood.

It is therefore no coincidence that on certain days of the cycle you show a strong appetite and a great desire for sweet and savory foods, fatty foods & junk foods.

Besides, in those days of the month you will have definitely noticed that you are more nervous, supple, emotionally charged and anxious. Well, that's not a coincidence either.

How Can I Control the "Hunger Hormones"?

LeanBean can help your organism manage these hormones and facilitate the weight loss process.


With its composition (and especially mainly with Konjac fiber, green coffee bean and Garcinia Cambogia extracts), LeanBean supplement helps you control your food intake and enter a healthy daily diet. Fixed meals per day without intermediate "attacks" in the refrigerator.

Appropriating a proper and consistent diet plan automatically leads to control of the hormone produced by leptin.

The organism does not tolerate it and learns to obey the satiety messages received.

In addition, regular food intake at specific intervals prevents the production of the hormone ghrelin. This is because you do not leave your body "hungry" for a long time, but you regularly consume the amount of food that your body really needs.

LeanBean is therefore a way to "cheat" your hormones. You also manage to "train" your brain to obey the messages received from your body via the secretion of these important hormones.

LeanBean – Instructions for use

According to manufacturers' instructions, LeanBean is administered in addition to specified meals of the day, and not as a replacement of meals or food consumed.

The use of the supplement is 3 times a day (morning - noon - evening), with the administration of 2 capsules each time.

Ideally, you should take the supplement (2 at a time, since the daily dose is 6 pills in 3 equal doses) about 30 minutes before each meal.

This means, about 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively, and always with a glass of water to activate the Konjac fiber, multiply their volume and reduce your appetite.

This way (and by breaking the daily dose into 3 equal doses) you will be able to regain control of what you eat throughout the day, from morning to late at night. Also - and with the help of LeanBean ingredients - you will have energy all day and you will not feel tired or dysfunctional.

However, pay ATTENTION. You should avoid taking a higher dose, as it can cause serious side effects.

The use of the supplement is also not recommended for underage girls, pregnant or breastfeeding women, or women suffering from any disease.

Special care recommended for people taking any medication, as there may be an interaction between the substances.

Use of the LeanBean supplement may be continued for long periods and for as long as required until the final goal is reached.

In any case, even after achieving the goal, you can continue to use the supplement to help your body maintain the desired weight permanently.

Finally, we must say that you can periodically stop using the supplement for a while so that the body does not get used to the ingredients and the supplement remains just as effective.

LeanBean – any caffeine included?

Yes. LeanBean contains a small amount of natural stimulants, such as Turmeric (turmeric), as well as a minimal amount of caffeine (but not more than 10 mg / day). Most of the best weight loss pills of the market (like Phenq) include caffeine to increase energy and metabolic rate.

However, this small amount of caffeine (even if you consider that a cup of coffee contains at least 100 mg of caffeine) is in no way capable (even during the evening dose of the supplement) to cause side effects, such as nervousness or sleep disturbance.

On the contrary, it provides enough energy to nourish and support you even if you are willing to work out at night after a hard day's work.

LeanBean - Purchase

The original LeanBean supplement is available only via its official website. There you can also find interesting offers (which change from time to time).

Each LeanBean pack costs just USD59.99 and comes with a complete home training guide.

In case you were wondering, you will not find LeanBean in any other retail or online store. At least, not the original LeanBean supplement, neither on Amazon, nor on GNC, or Walgreens.

Is there a case to find myself "involved" in a Multi-Monthly Subscription without wanting it?

No, there is no such possibility whatsoever. The company of Leanbean does not require you to subscribe to a multi-month or annual subscription.

Every time you order, you choose the quantity of product you want, this being the quantity received. The company has no further requirements from your side.

LeanBean – Can I use it if I have food intolerances?

Yes. In addition to being vegan-friendly, LeanBean is also:
  • gluten-free
  • soy-free

This gives you the opportunity to try this weight loss supplement, and to achieve the weight loss you have been trying for so long now.

The ideal body weight - for the first time - no longer seems so unlikely to happen.

Even if you have managed to get it every time you feel your stress or hormones are taking over again and you are going to lose control with your diet, you can use it as a booster.

It pays back.

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