Online Tarot Readings: Top 5 Sites For Accurate Tarot Card Reading

There is no telling how many problems might come your way in the future, or that already may have. In such cases, it might be preferable to seek guidance from an experienced professional rather than confiding in friends who have no idea what you are going through. The difference is that experts will give you unbiased answers. Whether you're curious about your career prospects, love life, or what life has in store for you this year, an online tarot card reading may provide you with information that can help you make better choices.

Tarot card reading is not a new concept. In fact, it has been around for hundreds of years and has aided millions of people in their daily lives. It is critical to recognize that this practice has the potential to completely transform one's life, and there is no excuse not to give it a shot, especially nowadays when everything is so easily accessible and reliable. You should always strive to do everything you can to improve your life and make it more lucrative and enjoyable.

Where should you go to obtain the best online tarot card readings, then? Some tarot card readers are exceptional, while others are mediocre at best. By keeping all the right attributes in mind, we have curated a list of the top free tarot card reading sites online.

Best Tarot Card Reading Sites Online Of 2021 [Review]

We've compiled a list of the top platforms with all of the aforementioned points in mind. This list will spare you the trouble of visiting websites that may later turn out to be a hoax. Here are the best free tarot card reading sites online.

  1. Kasamba - Best Platform For Online Tarot Readings
  2. Keen - One of the Most Trusted Online Tarot Reading sites
  3. AskNow - Best For Career Related Questions
  4. Oranum - Best Live Video Reading Platform
  5. MysticSense - Best For Informative Purposes

#1. Kasamba - Best Platform For Free Online Tarot Readings

Kasamba specializes in employing spiritual instruments, primarily tarot card readings, to provide the most particular and thorough love, relationship, and compatibility readings. Kasamba is one of the most often discussed websites when it comes to finding trustworthy advisers.


Tarot card readings, crystal readings, aura readings, pet psychics, psychic mediums, rune casts, love readings, psychic readings, fortune telling, dream analysis, astrology, career predictions, and numerology are among the many services that this platform provides.

All tarot card reading services are available through online chats or over the phone, with phone psychics and chat tarot readings available at all times. Kasamba's psychics have a plethora of expertise ranging from life, relationships, and certain meanings of things to insight and the future. They convey accurate tarot readings over a long period of time.

Kasamba's readership is pretty diverse, allowing customers to explore and connect with tarot readers for guidance from all around the world. Because many psychics are multilingual, this makes them more accessible. Customers who enjoy live tarot card reading sessions can choose from a variety of live psychics.

Kasamba also shows the ratings and reviews that previous clients have left for each psychic specialist. This makes it easier for clients who are on the search to determine which reader is the most reliable and suitable for them.


  • Provides multiple services
  • App works for both iOS and Android
  • For beginners, a three-minute free reading is available
  • Various contact options
  • Established for almost 20 years


  • Video sessions unavailable
  • Prices increase with better psychics
  • Limited number of searching options

Customer experience

Kasamba has a long history of being a reliable name in the industry. People who are new to the world of free online tarot card readings appreciate it since it helps them to explore what they are getting into before investing big sums of money.

The same is true for frequent customers, who are provided a range of discounts in the form of free trials, coupons, and other incentives to ensure that their experience is always good. As a result of such offerings, customers feel more loyal.

⇒Visit the Official Website of Kasamba for more information

#2. Keen Psychics - One of the Most Trusted Online Tarot Reading Sites

Keen has been around for almost 20 years, which is a strong indicator of trustworthiness. Their open psychological profiles contribute to this. Each tarot card reader's profile is thorough, including how many readings they've done and what previous clients have said about them.

Keen psychics that specialize in offering assistance for significant personal life decisions are quite popular on the site. Keen has made getting an online tarot card reading quite straightforward with its simple yet effective style.


The site now offers 24 psychic specializations, ranging from tarot readings to dream interpretation. Don't worry if any of the terminologies are foreign; the site will provide a brief summary of each of these categories.

With over 1,700 psychics to select from, it might be tough to limit down your options. Fortunately, Keen's filtering tool makes it simple. You can choose the price range you want to spend, the specialization you want, and whether you want to audio call or chat online. After you've narrowed down your options, you can read each psychic's bio to discover which one connects with you the most.

The website is easy to browse and has a variety of search tools to assist customers in finding their preferred readers. Keen gives you the option of communicating with your adviser through a computer or mobile app. Because of their simplicity, these alternative applications give you the best mode of conversation.


  • No monthly or annual subscription fees
  • A lot of alternatives to select from
  • Completely free for the first three minutes
  • May obtain quick psychic or tarot readings by utilizing the smartphone app
  • One of the most cost-effective offers on readings, i.e. $1.99 for ten minutes
  • Excellent selection and filtering options


  • Sessions were not recorded
  • Limited number of multilingual readers

Customer experience

All important customer information is kept safe and secure on this platform. Keen's customer service can readily assist customers in getting through a challenging experience or resolving issues.

At Keenm you're in for a special reward as a new customer. For your first tarot reading, Keen provides three free minutes or ten minutes for $1.99.

Keen understands that finding the finest tarot card readers might take some time and trial-and-error, so they make it as risk-free and affordable as possible by providing those 10 minutes at a discount.

⇒Visit the Official Website of Keen for more information

#3. AskNow - Best For Career Related Questions

Since 2005, Asknow has been giving psychic guidance to consumers all around the world, and they have received rave reviews. You may contact one of their skilled tarot card readers for a phone reading or a chat session 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.


AskNow links you with some of the world's most gifted psychics at any time. The website contains a section dedicated to tarot articles that cover topics such as the science behind tarot, misunderstood tarot cards, the landscape of tarot, and card interpretations.

One of the finest elements of AskNow is that each psychic has their own profile page on the internet where you can learn about their skills, see their astrological sign, and even read customer reviews. Their readers identify their specializations in their profiles, and some of them may have many areas of expertise.

Their rates range from $1 per minute to $16 per minute. Spiritualist, Zodiac Expert, Intuitive, Empath, and Tarot Expert are just a few of the tarot card reading categories you'll discover on the site.


  • With rates starting at $1 per minute, this is the most cost-effective psychic website
  • All psychics go through a rigorous screening process to ensure their accuracy and competence
  • AskNow specializes in phone readings, and if you call their number, you can get a free 5-minute trial
  • Customer support is accessible 24 hours a day to answer your concerns regarding love, money, job, family, destiny, and relationships
  • Use runes, crystals, and tarot cards as divination tools


  • Master/elite advisors often charge a lot of money
  • No guarantee that you will be satisfied
  • Scarcity of multilingual readers

Customer experience

Customers have expressed satisfaction with the site's honesty and forthrightness, as well as its ability to provide extremely accurate recommendations.

Customers also remark that AskNow psychics are direct (yet polite) and that their ability to interpret tarot cards is quite strong. Customers who want answers from professional psychics with spiritual skills that are formally evaluated many times a year should use AskNow.

⇒Visit the Official Website of AskNowfor more information

#4. Oranum - Best Live Video Reading Platform

Oranum is a website gateway for tarot readings with over 200+ live reading specialists that properly answer clients' inquiries. Through a series of approved and acknowledged tests, the site has fully trained and tested these professionals. Oranum is well recognized for its user-friendly design and security features, too.


Oranum has established itself as the greatest tarot card reading platform available today. The website design has one of the most fluid website user interfaces, resulting in a user-friendly online experience.

This website includes sections such as spirit speakers, love psychics, career advisors, intuitive advisors, and so on. Depending on the psychic you choose, charges can range from $5 to $29.99 each minute. After you've had a chance to browse over the different psychics in the categories, you can click the link to their personal bio to discover more about them.

Within the card reading category, there are several subcategories to choose from, allowing customers to narrow down the sort of tarot card reading they want. You may choose between a standard tarot card reading and something a little more unusual, such as a rune tarot card or gypsy card reading.


  • Free 10-minute trial
  • Payments for psychics are made on schedule and every 15 days
  • Customers get access to live support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Variety of language options to choose from
  • Top rated for tarot reading sessions through video chat


  • Tarot card readings are not available on the phone
  • Some customers may find the credit system confusing

Customer experience

Customers like the site's wide range of services, as well as the free opportunity to speak with a reader before scheduling a reading. Customers are also enthusiastic about their live video chat service.

There are a few negative reviews, but they were given by people who were not happy with the outcomes of the reading instead of the quality of the tarot card reading.

⇒Visit the Official Website of Oranum for more information

#5. MysticSense - Best For Informative Purposes

MysticSense is regarded as one of the greatest online psychic services for obtaining advice on major life decisions. When there are significant implications, it might be difficult to determine what option to choose. It might be moving in together or getting married to take a relationship to the next level. It might be deciding whether to continue in a job you've held for years or change fields.


MysticSense provides astrological, tarot card, spiritual, and love readings, among other services. Even on vacations, their services are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. MysticSense is always available and prepared to provide you with the answers and assistance you require.

The first 5 minutes are free at MysticSense. Apart from the initial five minutes, MysticSense promises to be a little less expensive than the majority of its competitors. Although psychics are free to establish their own fees, consumers often pay less for tarot readings.

The website is simple to use whether you have prior knowledge or not. To begin a conversation with an adviser, simply sign up and submit some information. They have a wide range of tarot card readers to choose from, each with their own specialization and area of expertise. You may search for psychics based on their experience, working hours, and specialty to discover the best fit for your needs.


  • Simple to use
  • Readers can be sorted using helpful filters
  • 5 minutes of free time
  • Rates that are cheaper comparatively
  • Customer assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Platform is flexible
  • Interface is suitable for beginners


  • Sessions through video-calling are unavailable for some readers
  • Service is relatively new

Customer experience

MysticSense has high ratings all over the internet when it comes to tarot reading. Mystic stands behind its work and promises complete customer satisfaction. So, if something goes wrong or you're unhappy with their service, all you have to do is contact customer care for a complete refund.

You'll almost certainly find a suitable match for your tarot card reader, ensuring that your money was well spent. The website follows stringent criteria to provide consistent high-quality readings.

⇒Visit the Official Website of MysticSense for more information

How Did We Choose These Tarot Websites?

Most of these websites may offer extremely accurate readings from extraordinarily skilled tarot card readers, while others may prove to be a complete waste of time and money.

You should be careful when picking a site because fraudulent sites have also been reported by customers recently. It is important to do your research or go with a trusted source to stay away from scams. Before deciding on which tarot reading to utilize, consider the following points.

Customer Feedback

Internet reviews by customers have become a highly trustworthy source of information in recent years since they can accurately tell you their experience. Some sites even provide forums for their users to express their feelings and guide them with suggestions. This only goes to show that such websites truly care about what is said about them in public, so they focus on customer experience.

You should note that a negative review might not necessarily mean that the services of the tarot reader were bad. There have been some cases of narrow-minded customers getting offended and then rating the site poorly.

Fundamental Rights

The user must be offered the option of registering a complaint or ending the session if an advisor's behavior appears to be inappropriate. Top-ranked tarot reading sites realize that customers are looking for answers to questions that are troubling him/her, so they have professional readers that consider your rights and feelings.


To stay within your budget, you must, of course, consider the cost of tarot reading. The cost of a reading varies based on the psychic you employ, as well as a variety of other factors such as your location or the reader’s ability to communicate in a foreign language.

Make sure you know how much a reading will cost before you arrange one. Having said that, it's also important to remember that your selection shouldn’t entirely be based on cost.

Trustworthy Live Session

If a consumer obtains a tarot card reading through live chat, they must be wary of whether the responses are generic and robotic, or individualized. Chatbots are routinely used instead of real professional readers on websites that claim to offer live chat tarot readings.

These bots are usually used by scam sites in their trial sessions as a way to lure in customers. It is not very difficult to identify a bot in a chat, so pay attention to the psychic’s response during a free trial read.

Experienced Reader

This is comparable to a surgeon who, due to his or her years of knowledge, will not neglect even the tiniest of details. Before making a selection, it's also a good idea to check out the psychic's degree of experience, which may be done in a variety of methods.

If they have one, you can look at their website to discover how long they've been conducting tarot readings. The best way to get an idea of their degree of expertise and how long they've been doing readings is to get in touch with other customers of the same reader.


A tarot reader who is available at all times will be an ideal option for users. Some tarot readers will provide you their phone numbers so you may reach out to them anytime you need them. The main goal is to have a psychic on hand when you need reading or advice before making any important decisions or dealing with an issue.


When accepting services from any website, users must feel safe and secure, thus safety was a significant consideration when making this list. Since the tarot readings that we are suggesting are done over the phone, choosing a safe website with strict privacy rules is important.

Reliability of the Site

It's impossible to judge a reader's credibility without meeting them in person, and even then, it's difficult to know if the psychic is real. By properly evaluating all of its consultants for psychic ability, these sites remove a lot of the uncertainty for clients who are first-timers.

Things to Consider for Tarot Reading Sites Online

Tarot readings may be quite useful if you find a reliable and experienced reader. The session may not be satisfactory if the consumer is unable to contact a professional psychic. If you feel that phone tarot readings are suitable for you, the criteria listed below will help you get started.

Cost and Discounts

There are a variety of phone tarot readings to select from based on some of the highlights stated above. Aside from evaluating the specialist in any psychic area for which answers are sought, it is also recommended that first-time customers analyze their costs and offers.

If you are aware of the reading charges, which may vary depending on the skills of the psychic, you can plan a budget before enrolling in any tarot reading session.

Conduct Thorough Research

A customer may find the best free tarot reading sites online by spending some time evaluating them. Fortunately, this is an easy process owing to today's user-friendly websites.

Based on one's interests, one should narrow down the tarot readers with whom they wish to collaborate. Many websites provide psychic profiles that include information such as expertise, qualifications, and pricing. Furthermore, the free initial few minutes of a reading session can assist a customer in determining whether or not to continue working with the adviser.

Diversity In Services

A large number of such websites offer a number of different services. Some practitioners stick to the basics, such as tarot readings, horoscope readings, love readings, and career counseling. Others focus on lesser-known subjects including Feng Shui, Vedic astrology, and Tik Pan San Sou

Reading Reviews

Client reviews of online psychics may give a wealth of information about the sort of experience to expect from a certain counselor, just like reading a product reviewer's remarks can help you decide whether or not to purchase.

Customer reviews let you see the reader from the perspective of others, while the reader's bio and profile information allow you to see how they market themselves. There is no better way to gain a sense of how your reading will go than by reading reviews.

Make the most of free tarot reading sites online

If you are a first-timer, you should know what to expect out of a reading session. This guide is here to help you on how you should be prepared and make your money’s worth.


Always approach a tarot reader with an open mind. It's a good idea to plan your questions ahead of time, but that doesn't mean you have to stick to them. Even if you weren't planning to address something with the reader, you should answer every question they pose. The reader will need to have some knowledge about your current position in order to do a good job. In ordinary life, you might be wary of strangers, but you shouldn't be that way when meeting a tarot reader.


Everyone has a secret or two, and there are some things we never tell anyone about. Although having secrets isn't necessarily a negative thing, you shouldn't keep anything from a tarot reader. You should tell the reader the truth, as lying will get you nowhere. It is critical to be truthful in order to establish a good relationship with the reader.

Every day, professional and well-known tarot readers deal with a large number of clients, and it's pointless to be uncomfortable while sharing your secrets with them. Also, you should go over everything in detail with the reader so that you can get the most out of your tarot reading.

Asking the Right Questions

You should be aware that most tarot readers charge by the minute or hour, so every minute of your session is valuable. All of your questions should be worthwhile, and you should consider filtering them before beginning the session. You should also ask open-ended questions and go with the flow of the reading.

People frequently ask "yes" or "no" questions, which is a wonderful approach to acquire quick replies but does not allow for extensive explanations. You will learn if something will happen or not by asking such questions, but you will not learn the cause or meaning behind it. Asking open-ended questions, on the other hand, will provide you with more interesting insights and make it easier for you to make the best life decisions.

You can write down your questions on a piece of paper before the session to help you obtain a better understanding of anything that concerns you. Also, you should only move on to the following question after receiving a satisfactory answer to the previous one.

Looking for Compatibility

There are many competent tarot readers available online, but not all of them are suited for you. Your reader should be a good personality match for you, and you should both be on the same page. If the reader is knowledgeable in the field, you will obtain the greatest results.

Focusing on Yourself

You should be aware that the reader can only provide information about you, so ask questions accordingly. Other people may be involved in your troubles, but asking inquiries about them is not a good idea. If you're worried about your relationship, instead of asking, "Does my guy love me?" you can ask, "Am I with the right person?"

FAQs About Tarot Reading

What are tarot cards?

Tarot cards are an 18th-century practice that is mostly utilized for divining the past, present, and future. Previously, it was merely a common card game played primarily in European countries.

Some people believe that tarot cards have the ability to accurately predict the future. This is partly untrue. The judgments of the present are the basis of predicting the future in tarot card readings. It provides access to hidden knowledge that a person already possesses but is unaware of.

They can provide advice on a specific issue that is bothering you and assist you in seeing yourself as you truly are. With more awareness comes greater wisdom on how to act in any situation and respond to any problem.

How does tarot card reading work?

There are 78 tarot cards in a standard tarot card deck. Each card has its own artwork, meaning, and story. Major Arcana tarot cards account for 22 of the cards. These Major Arcana tarot cards are intended to provide spiritual guidance. The remaining 56 tarot cards are known as Minor Arcana cards, and they reflect and symbolize daily hardships. There are 16 Minor Arcana tarot cards dedicated to a person's many personas.

Many tarot card readers will have experimented with various tarot card decks before settling on the one that best suits their needs. A reader's ability to fully comprehend a tarot card deck is crucial, and they may spend years looking for the correct one.

The ideal tarot card deck talks directly to the reader, allowing the nuanced meanings it offers to be understood. A tarot card deck is more than just a collection of gorgeous images and symbols. It's a manifestation of the subconscious mind.

To give you an idea of some of the more well-known tarot card decks, below are a few well-known examples that are still in use today.

  • Tarot Card Deck by Rider-Waite
  • The Tarot Card Deck of the Unknown
  • Tarot Card Deck for Modern Witches
  • Tarot Card Deck Mystic Mondays
  • Illuminated Tarot Card Deck Ethereal Visions
  • Tarot Card Deck Forest of Enchantment
  • Tarot Cards of Santa Muerte
  • Tarot Cards for Everyday Witches
  • Marseille's Golden Tarot Cards

Can some tarot readings turn out to be fake?

There is no uniform criterion for assessing the legitimacy of a tarot card reader on the internet. To evaluate their authenticity, you can utilize trial and error.

Any one of the top five tarot card reading websites on this list is the safest bet. This guarantees that you will receive a reading from a vetted, competent psychic, and you can also count on these services to pay you if you are unhappy with your tarot card reading.

What questions should I ask during my free online reading session?

To decide the question or questions you should ask, consider any element of your life that is causing you concern. It may be about love, job, or family, or it could be about something else entirely.

The majority of consumers choose to ask a question about one of the following elements to help them learn more about this new service:

  • Marriage and Relationships
  • Money/Job
  • Past lifetimes and a missing person

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Online Tarot Card Reading Site?

The market of tarot card reading is quickly expanding. Every day, more online platforms emerge, as this service provides a compelling experience for new consumers while also ensuring accuracy and security.

Finding a genuine psychic who can give accurate readings and genuine help does not have to be difficult. In fact, many user-friendly websites provide free minutes, beginner credits, and filter tools to assist customers in finding the best tarot card reader for their personality and spiritual needs.

Each of the top five sites listed above has its own set of benefits, making them an excellent location to start your search for free tarot reading sites online. Our recommendation would be for you to try out Kasamba for their excellent user interface, quality of tarot card readers, and customer service.

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