Peak BioBoost Review: Does It Work? [2020 Update]

It's a fact of life; everybody poops. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's address just how important this fact is. Poop can tell you a lot about your gut's overall health – from the consistency to the color to the regularity of it.

Not a lot of people consider this to be a really important part of their daily life, so for a lot of us, this falls by the wayside.

We take supplements for our hair, our fitness routine, to balance our hormones as we get older… But the health of our gut is something that comes as an afterthought.

That’s what makes it so vital that you understand you have options out there regarding your gut health. Let's introduce you to one such option – Peak BioBoost.

Who Should Use Peak Bioboost?
This product is specifically marketed towards those over the age of forty, to help improve their gut health. This is because, as we age, we often face digestive issues that can result in constipation, among other problems.

However, that doesn't mean that this product can only be used by those who are older. Anyone over the age of eighteen may be able to find some benefits from using this product.

If you're someone who's suffered from digestive issues like constipation and tried other natural remedies and laxatives to no avail, you may find some solace with Peak BioBoost!

==>Check out Peak Bioboost on the Official Website.

Peak Bioboost Review: An Overview

Like many innovative and useful products, Peak BioBoost came out of necessity. The creator of this product had himself suffered from many of the digestive issues that we come face to face with on a daily basis.

After a particularly embarrassing incident one night, he realized he needed a solution to help his digestion and gut health.

He turned to laxatives first, before moving on to natural supplements. However, none of these gave him the effect he was looking for, and none of them had ingredient sin that would help to improve the overall health of his gut, either. That’s why he developed Peak BioBoost, with the help of a doctor.

Peak Bioboost: Pros & Cons

Of course, no product or company is absolutely perfect. For those of you who want to have the easiest time deciding whether or not to buy this product, you need to know a quick overview of the highs and lows of a product.

To help you out with that, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons of the BioBoost below.


  • Vegan friendly
  • Non-GMO
  • No soy or lactose
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Flavorless – can be added to any drinks you want
  • Easily dissolves, leaving you with no residue in the bottom of your cup when you use it


  • Only available online on the Official Website
  • No scientific evidence provided to back up their claims
  • No evidence of lab testing results

Peak Bioboost Ingredients

Of course, if you're going to supplement your gut to keep it healthy, it's only natural that you'd want to know exactly what's going into your body.

So, let's take an in-depth look at the ingredients list. The majority of these products are listed as ‘ghost fiber,' which can be confusing for some newcomers.

Why is fiber so important to our digestion? While we can’t actually digest fiber itself, it’s absolutely crucial to have a high intake of it in our daily diet. In fact, the recommended daily dose of fiber in your diet is about 38-50 grams.

According to Harvard, the average American is actually only getting 10-15 grams of fiber a day. It means they could be missing out on a key piece of the puzzle to their overall gut health.

Insoluble fiber is an important factor in helping digestion and gut health.

Not only does fiber help our body to digest all the other food we eat and get the most out of all of the nutrients, but it helps to provide food for the healthy bacteria living in our gut. That makes it perfect for overall gut health!

Acacia Gum

Acacia Gum is a beneficial ingredient in this product to help aid the production of healthy bacteria (also known as intestinal microflora) in your body.

This useful ingredient has actually been thought of by scientists to be one of the most useful insoluble fibers to ingest in order to 'favorably alter the intestinal microflora.'

It means it's one of the best ingredients to add in order to increase the levels of microflora in your intestines.

Acacia Gum also has fewer side effects than some of its counterparts that are often used. You're less likely to experience increased gas or bloating with this than some of the other fibrous ingredients used by some.

This makes it an excellent ingredient for those who already find themselves suffering from these issues.


Flaxseed is an incredible element of this product. Due to the numerous health benefits associated with a daily dose of this, it's no wonder it's been labeled as the original superfood!

It is an excellent ingredient for improving your overall health. Flax seeds are packed full of B vitamins, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids.

These are necessary to improve your overall health, but also the health of your heart and brain. However, flax seeds are also incredibly beneficial to your gut's health due to the level of fiber in them.

The high level of fiber found in flax seeds is great for improving your digestive and intestinal health. However, studies have revealed that more research needs to be done in order to provide conclusive evidence into all of the numerous health benefits of this powerful product.

But from the evidence we do have so far, there is very little reason to think that there can be any harmful effects from using this, which is a huge bonus!

Fructo- oligosaccharides

Don't let the long name scare you; we promise this is a powerful (and helpful) ingredient. FOS comes from plants and is found in foods like onion, garlic, and banana.

Studies have begun to show just how useful this ingredient is in dealing with the problems that so many of us face.

FOS is very useful for helping to actually stimulate the growth of healthy intestinal microflora, not just to help 'feed' it like some of the other ingredients. It means a growth in the levels of healthy gut bacteria, which is great for improving your overall digestive health.

It is becoming a more popular product in recent months, and it's becoming especially useful as a treatment for constipation. Not only will it help with your stomach, but it'll also help improve your overall bowel function!


Another widely used product in probiotics, inulin, is very beneficial to your intestinal microflora.

On its own, Inulin hasn’t been shown to be as effective as some of the other ingredients on the list (like Acacia Gum, for example.) However, with that being said, it’s still a very useful ingredient.

Studies have begun to show that the gut microbiome is altered with supplementation of inulin. However, this ingredient also has other beneficial uses!

While more studies need to be conducted, there’s some evidence to begin showing that inulin supplementation can impact your brain.

Studies conducted in mice have shown that inulin can reduce levels of neuroinflammation, and even increase your metabolism. While these studies are only in their early stages, they promise the overall benefits of using inulin in your daily diet!

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium is a mineral that's naturally found in your body. In fact, it's the fourth most common mineral found in the human body!

While it can be found in a lot of different foods, including legumes, leafy greens, and milk, supplementing with it in your daily life means you're definitely getting enough of it.

Magnesium Citrate is an ingredient commonly found in laxatives; due to the effect it has on speeding up your bowel function. Daily supplementation with this can lead to more regular, easier bowel movements.


We already covered FOS – so you may be wondering what XOS are, and why they’re just as important. Studies on the supplementation of XOS are still in the early stages, so more data needs to be collected.

However, the studies that have been conducted have shown something interesting – XOS has a beneficial impact on the usefulness of your gut bacteria! It makes it another very useful product to be included in this list of ingredients.

==>Click here to See the Full List of Ingredients on the Official Website.

How Does Peak Bioboost Work?

Peak Bioboost is a probiotic. Through the use of insoluble fiber, this product works to help cultivate the healthy bacteria already in your gut. It increases the function of that gut bacteria, making them work better.

A thriving biome of healthy gut bacteria is a vital component of good digestion. The use of insoluble fiber is important in the cultivation of this healthy bacteria, as it effectively ‘feeds’ the bacteria, allowing it to thrive.

Benefits of Using Peak Bioboost

One of the good side effects of having improved gut health is better bowel function. As we get older, many of us find that our bowel functions, well, function worse.

Your overall gut health and digestion can degrade as you get older. It can mean that you are more likely to experience gas, bloating, constipation, and overall feelings of sickness.

Many who get older have to change their diets to compensate for this. They end up giving up the foods that they love, replacing them with foods that are easier to digest. Sure, this might be good for your digestion and bowels, but that's not the purpose of food!

Getting older shouldn’t mean you have to give up the foods you love, and that’s where probiotics like Peak Bioboost come in.

Increasing the levels of good bacteria in your gut can improve your digestive function, meaning that you continue to eat more of the foods you love, even as you get older.

==>Click here to Check out Peak Bioboost on the Official Website.

Possible Side Effects of Using Peak Bioboost

Due to the all-natural ingredients, there are no serious side effects thought to come from using this supplement.

Due to the fact that it is made of herbal ingredients that have a long history of use, there are no seriously damaging effects that customers can experience.

We have included a list of the ingredients above. If you think you might be allergic to any of those ingredients, please refrain from using this.

If you’re on any long-term medication that you think might end up interfering with this product and causing serious side effects, talk to your doctor before using this.

There are no known serious side effects; the following are a list of mild. But sometimes uncomfortable or embarrassing side effects you may get from taking this or any other probiotic.

  • Temporary gas and bloating
  • Headaches
  • Increased Histamine levels
  • Infections

These are very rare and are usually only experienced by the immunocompromised.

Learn more about the Effects of Peak Bioboost on the Official Site.

Who Should Refrain from Peak Bioboost?

Peak BioBoost has been classed as generally safe for the population to use, due to its all-natural ingredient list, which is free from harmful toxins.

However, if you are allergic to milk, eggs, or nuts, you may want to avoid this product, as it was formulated in a factory that also handles all of these products.

Those who are lactose intolerant may also experience an increased risk of bloating and excess gas with the use of probiotics of any kind.

Those with suppressed immune systems may want to reconsider using this product or talk to their doctor before using it.

Those with weakened immune systems have a slightly elevated risk of getting infections from using probiotics, due to the increased presence of bacteria in the body.

These risks are very low (about 1 in a million), but it’s something you should be aware of before taking any kind of supplement like this.

If you are under eighteen years of age, you should avoid using this product, or any other similar supplement. As you are still growing and your body is still developing, there could be harmful consequences to adding bacteria to your gut.

It should also be noted that those who believe they are pregnant or are confirmed to be pregnant and are breastfeeding should not take this supplement. This is mainly due to the lack of conclusive research on the effects of probiotics on infants.

Dosage & Tips to Start Using

It is an incredibly simple product to begin using. All you need is one scoop of the probiotic powder. It's flavorless and easily mixable into whatever you prefer – this means you don't have to try and stomach a plain drink in the mornings.

On the website, one of the recommended ways to take Peak BioBoost was in your morning coffee. Some of the other recommendations include; in your morning oatmeal, in a smoothie, and in baked goods.

Where Can You Buy Peak Bioboost?

Peak BioBoost is currently only available to buy from their Official Website. At first, this may seem frustrating. It means that there's no possibility of snapping up a cheaper deal on a third-party retailer like Amazon.

However, this is actually a blessing in disguise, particularly for anyone who is wary of buying probiotics or other supplements online. When you purchase products from an online third-party seller, you run the risk of purchasing a product that isn't genuine.

There is famously much looser quality control in third party sellers, meaning you could be getting a product with lower quality or different ingredients.

It means that you may not get the effect that you want out of the products, but you also may be at risk of side effects from using these products.

Because these products are only available from the official website, customers can be certain that if they ever see the products listed to buy anywhere else, they should be avoided because they aren't genuine.

It helps to keep you safe when using something so important, like a probiotic.

To Conclude – Should You Consider Buying This?

Now that we’ve given you this overview of the brand, the product, and the benefits of using Peak BioBoost, what's our verdict? Would we recommend this to you to buy it?

For those of us who suffer from digestive issues, turning to fast-acting supplements that promise immediate results may seem like a more attractive option than the BioBoost, which takes a couple of days to kick in.

However, using substances like laxatives, especially over long periods of time, can end up having adverse effects on your body. You're at a higher risk of having problematic side effects or putting yourself in danger.

That’s why we recommend using this much safer probiotic instead to help with your digestive issues. The risks associated with other products that help to relieve digestive problems are not present with Peak BioBoost.

Furthermore, this product doesn't just aim to relieve digestive issues, but it aims to help you improve your overall gut health. That makes it an all-rounder for health!
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