PhenQ Review 2021 – Does PhenQ The Best Weight Loss Supplements?

Anybody who’s ever researched weight loss products will have heard about PhenQ. It’s hands down, the longest-running weight loss supplement on the internet.

The first time that we heard about it was way back in 2012. That kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it? How many products in the health supplement space have managed to survive for 8-years? Barring a couple, most brands have disappeared.

Yet, PhenQ continues to shine. It is estimated that there are an 190000 PhenQ users in the world. That’s the official statistic of course. The actual number can be much higher than that. We have seen some of the best bodybuilders shift from pharmaceutical fat burners to PhenQ because they found the results to be exactly identical.

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The difference is that PhenQ did not produce even a fraction of the side effects caused by the stim-laden junk that’s peddled in gyms around the world. Some of that stuff is downright toxic. Take DNP for instance. Nobody in their right frame of mind should use that stuff.

We will touch on the toxic side effects of most synthetic stuff in this article. But right now, it’s time to take a closer look at PhenQ and unravel the mystery behind its unparalleled success.

So sit back and enjoy this PhenQ review.

What is PhenQ?

PhenQ is an all-natural weight loss supplement that’s designed to tackle the five aspects that limit people from successfully losing weight. If you look at every single weight loss failure story (not success), you’ll notice a similar pattern.

  • Most people start off with a bang, but soon start to notice that it’s impossible to adhere to a calorie deficit diet beyond a few days. So, they rebound and often regain all the lost weight. Many people gain more than what they lost.
  • Sometimes, they jump into diet programs without fully understanding what they are getting into. For instance, the Atkins Diet or the Keto Diet. These diets may be effective. But they are not as easy as they are often made out to be. They are restrictive and after a point of time, you’ll find it more and more difficult to avoid certain food groups. That’s because we are conditioned to eat the things we love. Once again, the diet crashes midway and they lose motivation.
  • Everybody who begins to eat in a calorie deficit will notice that their energy levels start to drop. That’s obvious isn’t it? Your body is going through a purge. It’s suddenly having to look beyond the readily available sources of glucose. The effects of an energy drop are severe and felt in all aspects of your life. Your mental focus depletes. You feel lethargic during your productive work hours. Exercise turns into a chore. After a point of time, you start to wonder whether it’s really worth all of this. Chances are that you will give up.
  • Some people do phenomenally well in the early stages of their weight loss journey. They go from say 250 lb. to 180 lb. very fast. But then, the weight loss stagnates. They hit a roadblock and discover that it’s nearly impossible to break beyond that plateau. What’s extremely demotivating is that the moment they stop losing weight, they seem to gain fat. That’s because the moment your body senses that it has a surplus of energy, it starts to store it for future use as fat.

PhenQ is the only weight loss supplement that addresses each one of these problems. This means, that it’s a single solution for your weight loss journey. You do not need to count calories. You don’t need to restrict yourself. You can eat all the food you want to (within limits of course). You will never feel like a deflated tire all day.

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When was PhenQ launched?

PhenQ was launched in 2012. Although it was briefly discontinued for some reason and then relaunched again with an all-natural formula.

In case you haven’t noticed, it derives its name from Phentermine, which is a pharmaceutical medication prescribed for treating obesity.

This was the time when ‘Phentermine’ was the next big thing in weight loss. Almost everybody who was looking to lose weight fast was popping Phentermine pills. But as expected, any stimulant will trigger side effects. Before we knew, there were tons and tons of complaints of Phentermine related side effects all over the internet.

The FDA began to crack down hard on vendors. Phentermine became a controlled drug. But there were a lot of athletes who were looking for Phentermine-like results. PhenQ’s manufacturers went back to the drawing board and came up with this incredibly effective formula that’s made of completely natural and safe ingredients.

How does PhenQ work? What are the five aspects of weight loss that it addresses?

One of the things that a lot of people want to know is, why PhenQ is so popular. What is it about the supplement that makes it the #1 selling weight loss pill in the world?

To understand that, you need to know how PhenQ works. Here’s an overview.

#1 - It activates Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis in its simplest form is described as energy expenditure. In other words, your body is expending all the pent up stored energy, which in this case is fat. Thermogenesis can be achieved by different biological pathways.

One of them is to perform High Intensity exercise. But that’s not possible for a lot of people. An obese man for instance cannot start to do waist-tuck jumps and knee raises straight away due to the risk of injury and overloading their cardiac system.

Stimulants like Phentermine also increase thermogenesis. But that’s via the CNS, or Central Nervous system. This pathway of increasing thermogenesis is accompanied with severe side effects such as tremors and even seizures in some people.

PhenQ accelerates thermogenesis in a completely safe way. When your body’s temperature increases, it starts to tap into all those stubborn fat deposits and begins to burn them for fuel. You’ll notice a slight increase in your heart rate and a nominal bump in your body temperature. This is completely safe and not comparable to the jitters that you get with stimulants mind you. But it’s enough to trigger the fat burn process.

Ideally, you should club this with low intensity exercise for best results. But even if you do not exercise while using PhenQ, you’ll still lose weight.

#2 – It Stops Fat Production

Now, this bit is a little tricky. It’s a fact that even the most stringent diets will only shrink adipose tissue, or fat cells. You never really burn them off. That’s why you regain your lost weight so soon, the moment you stop exercising or consuming more calories than what you are burning.

But, there’s a catch. You can prevent your body from producing new adipose tissue, which increases your tendency to store fat cells. This is a revolution in weight loss and PhenQ is one of the few weight loss supplements that address this.

In plain and simple terms, it activates a switch in your body which prevents it from creating new adipose tissue. So, even if your diet slips occasionally, you are not going to notice a huge increase in fat deposits in your body. This may not seem like earth shattering, especially when you are losing weight anyway. But if you have ever gotten stuck at weight loss, you’d know how important this is.

Lots of athletes successfully drop body fat levels upto 13-14%. But they find it impossible to go beyond this. PhenQ’s combination of thermogenesis and blocking adipose tissue is the ticket to success for anyone who’s limited due to this.

#3 – It suppresses your appetite

This is one of the biggest hurdles for anyone looking to lose weight. How do you manage to reduce your calorie intake by 250-500/day when you are constantly surrounded by food? What’s even worse is that people often get their calories wrong.

There was a scientific study on hidden calories in food and their connection to obesity. Take Yoghurt for example, which is touted to be this buzzword for everything good. Greek Yoghurt is high protein. It has probiotics and prebiotics. Yeah sure. But what about the boatloads of sugar that’s added to almost every premade Yoghurt brand out there?

If you want to successfully lose weight, there’s only one way. You’ve got to eat less. PhenQ is one of the best appetite suppressants in the world. It is recommended that you take the morning dose of the supplement after your breakfast. Most users don’t feel hungry for up to 8-hours after their first dose. This means that you do not stuff yourself with junk food and calorie-laden snacks that can throw you off your weight loss journey.

Club this with the thermogenic effect where you are burning fat 24/7 and you will get an idea why PhenQ is so popular.

#4 – It keeps your energy levels stable

When you lose weight, your energy levels will drop initially. Period. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are lying. It’s plain science. You are consuming fewer calories than what you are burning. From a sudden surplus of glucose, your body now has to tap into stored fat deposits to fuel itself. Even seemingly simple tasks like walking around the house will seem like a chore. How then do you manage to hop on a treadmill and run for a while?

That’s why PhenQ has a set of ingredients that will keep your energy levels stable. Even if you do not eat for 6-8 hours after your last dose of PhenQ, you will probably not even notice the drop in energy levels. You can power through your cardio workouts like you’ve just eaten a heavy carbohydrate meal. This allows you to function normally throughout the day, which according to us is critical for successfully completing any weight loss program. If you lose energy, you lose the will.

It’s amazing how PhenQ ticks off this box, while most cookie cutter fat burner supplements just address the appetite or the thermogenesis.

#5 – It elevates your mood

There’s an adage that fat loss happens in the kitchen. We tend to differ. It happens in your brain. Your mood, your dopamine levels, your serotonin levels, everything has a role to play. If you are feeling anxious, or jittery all day, then you are not going to stick to the program no matter how good the results are. Also, there are studies that show that dieting is linked to depression. It’s extremely important that you feel good while you lose weight.
PhenQ keeps your mood elevated. There are a selected bunch of herbs and amino acids that are associated with cognitive performance. Not only do you feel good, it also prevents anxiety. So, even if the stubborn deposits are not disappearing as fast as you expected it to, you are not going to lose sleep over it. Instead, you will be pretty calm and continue to work towards the final goal.

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What are the ingredients in PhenQ?
In normal circumstances, we would have expected a weight loss supplement as effective as PhenQ to be crammed to the brim with ingredients. After all, it’s not easy to tick off all the boxes that we just described.

But you’d be surprised to know that PhenQ is a blend of just 5-ingredients. Each one is backed by multiple clinical trials for their safety and efficacy. This reassures you that PhenQ is as safe as they come. It’s completely natural too.

Capsimax Powder – The thermogenic ingredient in PhenQ is Capsimax, which is a patented blend of capsicum, piperine, caffeine and niacin. The primary ingredient in the blend are Capsaicinoids, which are phytonutrients extracted from chilli peppers. There are four clinical studies that have proven that Capsimax not only accelerates fat loss, it also increases satiety. In other words, you feel full for hours. That’s exactly the combination of effects that you get with PhenQ.

Nopal – Nopal is one of the most unique forms of soluble fiber ever. Most soluble fiber added to weight loss formulas work as appetite suppressants by making you feel fuller. Nopal though binds to dietary fat and excretes them from the system. In other words, your body does not hoard dietary fat. A neat added benefit is that it also flushes out bad cholesterol or LDL from your system.

Calcium carbonate – Calcium carbonate works in multiple ways to promote fat loss. It is generally combined with Vitamin D and is very effective that way. But even when used as a standalone ingredient, calcium carbonate is proven to amplify fat loss. In one of the studies, just 800 mg of Calcium carbonate resulted in a 26% weight loss.

Chromium Picolinate – Chromium Picolinate is a very versatile addition to the PhenQ formula. We initially thought that this was added as a fat burner to the formula. So we were a little disappointed because it only promotes a wee bit of fat loss. But then we realized that Chromium Picolinate is added for its cognitive benefits. Remember what we said about mood being critical for fat loss? Chromium is proven to boost cognitive performance and it may be vital to keep you feeling good while you are on PhenQ.

Caffeine anhydrous – This is an enhanced version of your daily cup of joe. Picture a stronger and quicker absorbing version of caffeine that keeps you alert, focused and primed for exercise all day long. This is an addition to the tiny bit of caffeine in Capsimax mind you.

Piperine extracts – PhenQ has a unique ability to stop fat production. That may be because of Piperine. This compound extracted from black pepper is very effective at reducing body weight, dropping triglyceride levels and keeping the other health markers such as total cholesterol, LDL and VLDL in check.

As you can see, there’s no junk in the PhenQ formula. It’s completely safe, clean and natural. We have noticed that when you lose fat with all-natural formulas, the weight loss seems to be sustainable. In other words, you won’t gain it back as easily as you would, with synthetic weight loss drugs.

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What are the Pros and Cons of PhenQ?

Anyone who’s new to PhenQ would like to know in plain and simple terms, what the advantages and disadvantages are. Here’s a brief list that we’ve compiled.

  • The only weight loss supplement that addresses all five aspects of weight loss. Irrespective of what your fitness goal is, you can achieve it with PhenQ. If you are obese, the thermogenesis and reduced appetite will help you shed pounds. If you are close to single digit body fat, the fat blocking and thermogenesis will help you get peeled.
  • Completely natural and safe. Each ingredient in PhenQ is backed by multiple clinical studies.
  • Sufficient quantities. Every ingredient is present in sufficient quantities. There’s no table dressing.
  • Proven and time tested formula. PhenQ has been around for almost a decade. That’s no mean feat folks. It’s used by 190000 users around the world. In other words, it’s a brand that you can trust.
  • Zero jitters and side effects. Almost every thermogenic fat burner that we have analyzed is crammed to the brim with stimulants. This results in jitters and tremors. While these supplements may help you lose weight, chances are that you’ll feel miserable. PhenQ on the other hand produces completely safe and tolerable weight loss.
  • Only weight loss supplement that boosts your mood. You feel great while you are on PhenQ. You feel focused and sharp. There’s no brain fog. You can perform at your best all day.
  • Massive energy boost. PhenQ allows you to crush your cardio in the gym. In fact, a lot of users mention that it’s like they have an extra pair of lungs. They are able to go on and on for an hour or more at 75% of their max heart rate.
  • Burns fat even at rest. If you cannot exercise, PhenQ still burns fat while you are sitting or walking around at home. It boosts your resting metabolic rate.

  • The only possible downside for PhenQ is that there are tons of copycats out there. Sometimes, it’s very difficult to spot the original from the counterfeit. Even we have been fooled on a couple of occasions into buying a fake. We have been using PhenQ for 6 years now. Buy PhenQ from the official website
  • May not work as fast as synthetic drugs. Some users who have used (and survived) synthetic fat burners like DNP complain that PhenQ is too slow.
    • Well, it’s not slow. It’s a safe and natural fat burner. So it will not work as fast as toxic stuff.

Where can you buy PhenQ from?

PhenQ has always been sold only on the official website which can be found here. You will not find it on Amazon or other retail shopping portals. If someone’s offering PhenQ on eBay or Amazon, you must be wary of it.
It could be a counterfeit.

How much does PhenQ cost?

For a supplement that has been around for over a decade, PhenQ is priced quite reasonably. A one-month supply is priced at just $69.95. If you buy three bottles, which is the bare minimum amount of time that we’d use PhenQ for, you get a sizeable discount. It’s priced at just $189.95.

The manufacturers also thrown in a neat bonus. That’s a twin pack of Advana cleanse – a natural detox supplement.

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Is there any discount coupon on PhenQ?

You can find some discount coupons on the PhenQ website from time to time. Also, there are some exclusive coupons which are offered to long time buyers like us. As of now, we have an exclusive 20% off discount coupon.

You can click here to activate it and claim this discount. Please remember that this discount will be in addition to the discount that you get when you buy a two or three month supply.


That’s it folks. We hope that our detailed PhenQ review helps you understand why this is the best weight loss supplement in the world.

Do share your PhenQ experience with us. We’d love to see the results.
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