Relief Factor Reviews: Is Quickstart the Best Joint Supplement?

Before you pull the trigger on purchasing Relief Factor, we recommend digesting several Relief Factor reviews to get a feel for how experts in the industry are rating this product. While you can certainly trust our reviews and the fact that we have a VERY experienced team testing and reviewing each product we post about, it’s never a bad idea to get several opinions.

We think you’ll find that when it comes to Relief Factor reviews, the general consensus will be pretty close to what you’re about to read here – at least a good majority of them.

We find it hard to see Relief Factor being worth the money that’s being charged for this product- it may not be the best joints supplement to keep in your medicine cabinet.

Why not?

Well, not all joint supplements are created equal. But we struggle to see the point of keeping using this product given its high price point.

Relief Factor, otherwise known as Relief Factor Quick Start, does seem overpriced, although it does contain natural ingredients that show some benefit when it comes to joint health, flexibility, muscle pain, or joint pain improvement.

Relief Factor contains turmeric and fish oil as active ingredients, which do provide relief for joint conditions. However, you can get a bottle of turmeric from your local grocery store for about 75% less than what you’ll end up paying for a month of Relief Factor ($93.95).

How Does Relief Factor Work?

Currently, Relief Factor has a huge buzz in the joint pain supplement market and is widely considered the most popular anti-inflammatory supplement worldwide. If you conduct an online search, you’ll find plenty of favorable Relief factor reviews.

You’ll even find a few household name websites claiming that Relief Factor provides incredible benefits. How many of them have actually put these dietary supplements to the test?

So, what does Relief Factor actually bring to the table?

Coming from a team that actually took several weeks to test the product…

If you check out Relief Factor’s website, you'll find that it makes the following promises:

  • Decreases nagging joint discomfort
  • Supports healthy joints over the long-term
  • Triggers a healthy, natural response to inflammation

Honestly, there isn’t much groundbreaking relief going on here. But you clearly have Relief Factor’s mission statement: Relieve pain caused by inflamed joints and wear and tear due to cartilage breakdown.

However, you won’t find a peep about improving flexibility or range of motion. Search their website all you want – you won’t find anything about repairing the vital connective tissue or returning any strength to aging or injured joints.

You’ll only find claims that Relief Factor helps with joint pain relief associated with exercise and regular aging.

That’s not a very tall order. Can Relief Factor even deliver on these minor promises?

Or are the favorable reviews you read online just smoke and mirrors? We did a full six-week test period of Relief Factor.

Their sales pitch includes a $19 introductory price packet, just a 3-Week Quickstart trial. After that, you’ll get sucked into paying $79.95 for a monthly subscription program after shipping.

Before we get into the meat of the review, it’s worth explaining one thing: We’ve been using and reviewing joint supplements long enough to catch these types of tactics – the uninitiated may not be aware of what we’re about to explain to you.

Forget about the fact that Relief Factor slips you the first three-week supply for $19, then locks you into an auto-pay program for $79.95 monthly ongoing subscription with shipping for a continuous supply. This is where the illusion happens. Relief Factor is advertised at only $19.95 per bottle, but you take up to three (12 capsules) packets per day!

Notice that the first “Quick Start” trial is only a three-week supply. After this trial, the only size available comes in a month or four-week supply.

It should strike you a bit odd that they would go out of their way to package an entirely new trial packet available in a three-week size just for distribution in the beginning. It’s not available any other time, and to make additional product sizes and volumes like this costs money.

If you look on Relief Factor’s website, it claims that their pain relief supplements may take up to four weeks to become effective. So, what happens when a customer consumes the three-week “Quick Start” trial and makes a complaint call claiming they didn’t experience any benefits?

The three-week supply appears to be their way out. It gives you another reason to try the regular four-week supply, squeezing another $79.95 out of you and giving them excellent statistics regarding repeat buyers, which is an important metric for demonstrating the value of a product.

In fact, the amount of repeat buyers after the Quick Start trial is 70%.

For our money, we look to companies that don’t offer lock-in subscriptions, with our current #1 joint supplement being Physio Flex Pro for both it’s cost and effectiveness:

Costing $58 a bottle rather than $92, Physio Flex Pro is definitely the more affordable option - not to mention more effective. We’ll talk more about this later.

For now, let’s get into the most important part – the Relief Factor ingredients.

Relief Factor Ingredients: What’s In Relief Factor?

The Relief Factor active ingredients hardly contain anything impressive. However, turmeric can be pretty powerful when it comes to inflammation and joint pain. But what about the other Relief Factor key ingredients?

So, this is what you’ll find in the combination of ingredients:

  • Japanese fleece flower – 70mg

  • Turmeric (18% curcuminoids) – 667mg

  • Epimedium – 200mg

  • DHA – 253mg

  • EPA – 647mg

In the next section, we’ll review each Relief Factor ingredient individually. We’ll highlight what research-backed reports say, what we say, and how significant the dose is.

Epimedium – 200mg

You’ll find this in a lot of different supplements, but normally by the name Horny Goat Weed. From our experiences, this herb provides no benefits for joint health or paint at all.

You’ll find a lot of talks claiming that Epimedium is effective against joint pain. Some sources even go into great detail regarding how it supposedly achieves these effects. However, there aren’t any reputable clinical or scientific trials proving that this is true.

You can go ahead and assume that these claims are completely false. 200mg is a pretty large quantity of worthless product to squeeze into a capsule.

Turmeric – 667mg

Turmeric is a staple when it comes to joint health supplements. ANY joint health, flexibility, mobility, inflammation, or pain supplement on the shelves today most likely have turmeric on the ingredients list. Large doses of curcumin absolutely provide benefits for joint pain, especially when inflammation is involved. BUT – the product has to be consumed in the proper manner for it to work.

Our bodies can’t absorb turmeric very well if it’s not combined with black pepper. The piperine in black pepper helps our body to absorb the curcumin contained in turmeric to provide relief. How much of a difference does this make? When combined with black pepper, you’ll enhance the curcumin absorption by about 200%.

These two ingredients need to be combined, or you need a form of turmeric with boosted bioavailability. Relief Factor uses regular turmeric with no black pepper. We will say the 18% curcumin content is pretty high, but it’s difficult to reap the full benefits of pain reduction without the black pepper.

Japanese Fleece Flower Root – 70mg

Japanese fleece flower is also known as Japanese knotweed. These weeds grow so rapidly that they can cause foundational damage to buildings before you even realize they exist. We can’t begin to tell you why this is a Relief Factor ingredient. We’ve never heard that it helps with joint pain, and we can’t find any history of it being used in any form of medicine. There's no clinical evidence that shows this ingredient has any medicinal properties.

EPA/DHA – 900mg

EPA and DHA are omega-3 fatty acids that ARE vital for your body’s wellbeing. These are actually the ingredients that make fish oil such a valuable supplement. They support cardiovascular health, help with brain cell development, and they help maintain functional joints. It does help with inflammation that leads to joint pain. The 900mg contained in Relief Factor is enough to trigger benefits.

The bottom line with the Relief Factor ingredients is that one out of five provides relief. They had the right idea with the turmeric, but it’s not formulated properly to bring out the best of this supplement.

At the end of the day, you could get the same benefits from buying 900mg capsules of fish oil supplements and taking those instead.

Relief Factor is severely overpriced for the value and results and not nearly worth the money they charge – not to mention the grossly manipulated sales and marketing tactics they use to promote their product.

Next, we move on to the one bright spot of Relief Factor – the side effects. When you have a supplement full of essentially useless ingredients, it’s not difficult to hit a home run in the side effects area.

Relief Factor Side Effects

Relief Factor's potential side effects are minimal. On our end, we haven’t seen any reports of any negative results from taking the supplement during the six-week trial period. However, we did find some reviews online and research that demonstrated the potential for a few minor side effects. The fish oil ingredients in the Relief Factor ingredients can sometimes cause nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, loose stool, and stomach cramps. However, these reports were widespread, and it appeared that the negative Relief Factor side effects went away as soon as use was discontinued.

Remember, we mentioned earlier about seeing favorable reviews about Relief Factor on larger websites. We looked at one of THE largest and most authoritative sites online, WebMD, to get their two cents about Relief Factor.

Relief Factor Reviews WebMD

We were pretty surprised when we found out about the Relief Factor reviews WebMD had to offer. However, WebMD never provides any reviews for specific supplements. They do provide opinions regarding individual organic ingredients, and as we expected – none of them are favorable.

According to WebMD, several of the ingredients found in Relief Factor have zero value. When it comes to Epimedium, WebMD agreed with us when we said there was no evidence that supported the claims made by the makers of Relief Factor.

So, what’s the bottom line regarding our Relief Factor Review?

Here’s our main takeaway regarding Relief Factor:

Relief Factor Review Summary: Does Relief Factor Work?

Let’s get into the primary reason Relief Factor is a no for us. The bottom line is that they use untested and unproven ingredients which may be misleading customers. They claim products have benefits when there’s no proof at all they do anything for joints.

Japanese fleece flower and Epimedium both have no relieving properties at all when it comes to joints – and trust us, we looked. A great deal of the formula’s percentage is taken up by filler ingredients that have no purpose being in these supplements, to begin with.

The grade of turmeric is nothing special – it’s what you’d find at a grocery store chain. And there’s no black pepper to help your body absorb it. Literally, the omega-3s are the only beneficial substance in the formula, and they’re far from being worth the price tag Relief Factor is asking.

Luckily, there are cheaper alternatives to Relief Factor that give you more bang for your buck and actually drive results.

Cheaper Alternatives to Relief Factor

Physio Flex Pro is a cheaper alternative to Relief Factor (costing $58 a bottle rather than $92) that provides the benefits you’re looking for in an effective supplement. For about $1.60 per day, you can provide your body with one of the best joint pain relief products on the market.

Unlike Relief Factor, Physio Flex Pro:

  • Uses HIGH-QUALITY turmeric extract that’s right in curcuminoids
  • Contains optimized doses of MSM
  • Endorsed by Physiotherapists
  • Used by olympic athletes
  • Provides short-term pain relief while promoting long-term protection and healing

Not only does Physio Flex Pro provide relief for the minor aches and pains associated with your current regimen, but it also heals chronic conditions and protects your joints moving forward. The essential ingredients in Physio Flex Pro target different areas of joint health and are all of extremely high quality.

  • Turmeric extract (95% curcuminoids) – 200mg
  • Ginger extract – 250mg
  • Glucosamine HCl – 500mg
  • Chondroitin – 100mg
  • MSM – 100mg
  • Selenium – 200mcg
  • Bromelain – 300mg

The form of turmeric extract has a whopping 95% curcumin content– now that’s a joint supplement. There’s even Bioperine Black Pepper in there to maximize absorption. With Physio Flex Pro you’ll receive:

  • Protection from injuries and added joint strength
  • Added lubrication for joint flexibility
  • Effective therapy for long-term joint healing for chronic pain.

Physio Flex Pro ( is backed by intense research and hours of clinical testing. If you’re looking for a real-deal joint supplement that delivers on its statements, look no further than Physio Flex Pro. It’s not just a cheap alternative to Relief Factor – it’s THE alternative to Relief Factor. This is an amazing product with a quality ingredients list backed by scientific evidence. Click the box below to find out more:

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