Reverse Address Lookup for Free | Find out Who Lives at This Address

When we’ve got the aid of the internet, it’s not difficult to find people. With free people look-up and address look-up websites, we have the power to trace the whereabouts of any living or dead soul.

Checking the whereabouts of a person or business is more important these days as fraud and trickery are at their all-time high. This is why we present you with this post.

Need to do a quick and reliable people check? Try these options.

  1. Spokeo: Gather in-depth data over a single click with Spokeo.
  2. Intelius: Know the criminal history of people/businesses.
  3. FindPeopleFirst: Registration-free people finder service right away.
  4. GreatPeopleSearch: Updated and verified information about people.

Part 1: What Is An Address Lookup?

To begin with, address look-up is an advanced service. It is offered in the form of a website that presents detailed information about a person using the address. Most commonly, the details it presents are educational background, age, professional engagement, identity, and family details.

Depending upon the capabilities of the tool/app you’re using, you can also figure out:

  • About the criminal record – Any fine or imprisonment to the house owner
  • Property Details – Home value, history, and property statistics
  • Neighborhood Info – Sex offenders and crime rate

The sky's the limit if you’ve got the aid of a powerful address look-up tool. However, such detailed information isn’t offered just like that. To fetch this information, one has to provide details like street name, house/apartment number, pin code, and so on.

Reverse address lookup apps/websites gather this crucial information from various national and international databases of government/public agencies. While you think of using this tool, don’t ignore the fact that the information authenticity of both the input and output matters the most.

If you’re using reliable sources, you don’t need a full address to fetch the details of the residents. Even minor information such as a house number can help you figure out who lives at this address. So, more than quantity, the quality of data matters in this process.

Part 2: 10 Best Ways to Do A Reverse Address Lookup

Those who’re looking for a trustworthy reverse address look-up tool will be glad to know that there is no dearth of options. We have ample of them. But, as stated above, only a handful of options managed to maintain the quality in the process. The top 10 choices are mentioned below:

2.1 Spokeo

Spokeo has to be the first choice as this tool offers the most detailed information about a person. Starting from basic personal info like content number and name, it can even provide criminal records and property’s worth details with full accuracy.

It goes an extra mile to provide details as one can also get details on home value, year of build, square foot area of the house, a map of the neighborhood, parking details, and much more information. However, that’s not free.

One has to pay for such detailed information. Only basic information is offered for free. It offers an app for Windows, which makes reverse address search easier than ever.

The website has a simple yet striking interface and provides a city and letter-wise address search facility.

It’s been in this business since 2006 and has a boisterous database. Hence, there is no way that won’t be able to find details of an address.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start Your First Reverse Address Lookup Service At Spokeo Now!

2.2 Intelius

Do you want to know who lives at this address without compromising your data security?

Try Intelius as this website is 256-bit encrypted, which is not observed regularly. It also respects the user's privacy and doesn’t reveal who is trying to search about whom. So, if not getting caught while performing a reverse address search, then nothing can beat the utility of Intelius.

As per the website, there are around 20 billion public records offered on the website, which is huge. The record is updated regularly. Hence, you will always get accurate information.

Our trust became more staunch in Intelius when we learned that it’s an A-rated service by the Better Business Bureau. One can get basic information like homeowner details and contact information without any cost. But, detailed information is offered at a minor cost. Seeing the quality and accuracy, the cost is justified.

2.3 FindPeopleFirst

Do a quick and easy look-up of addresses at FindPeopleFirst if the secured and accurate search is what you’re looking for.

One can find an address by name or phone number of a person. For reverse address search, street address, home address, or locality details are enough. It provides address details of all the 50 US states.

In case you’re not comfortable with the information offered on the website, you can always provide a request to remove the address from it.

If using an address look-up tool is something that you haven't tried before, there are detailed tutorials offered. Its customer care assistance is responsive too. All in all, FindPeopleFirst is a great tool to use for free address lookup.

Try the free address look-up FindPeopleFirst using this link.

2.4: GreatPeopleSearch

We strongly recommend GreatPeopleSearch to find an address with the least possible hassles. You can find detailed information like a property owner, past resident history, neighborhood details, background information, and much more over a single click.

We must praise the advanced AI of this address lookup free tool as it fetches relevant results in a blink of an eye. Using it is easy as its interface is breezy. The best part is that such detailed information is provided without any account creation.

Yes, it’s right. You’re not forced to create an account or provide an email address.

With an utterly secured connection, this tool is doing a great job to keep the data safe. Every search made on the website is encrypted as well. Hence, no third-party resource will be able to find out that you performed an address search about a person.

Don’t waste any more time. Start your login-free and secure reverse address look-up with GreatPeopleSearch now.

2.5: AnyWho

AnyWho has made this list of best address lookup solutions because of many reasons. But, we’ll talk about the best ones. It can provide tons of details just with the help of a basic physical address.

With AnyWho, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to data authenticity, as data is procured from verified sources.

Its database is huge. Yet, you get relevant search results because a very powerful AI remains at work that filters the data instantly.

What’s unique about AnyWho is that it will help you know the landline number of the house owner, if any. Hardly any mailing address lookup tool offers this facility. In a nutshell, this is a great and cost-effective way to find out the address details of a person.

2.6: WhitePages

WhitePages is among those totally free people search sites that provide accurate information on people’s background, age, cell phone number address, neighborhood, maiden names, professional details, and so on.

As a web tool, it is so trusted that every one it’s been trusted by 30 million people. It’s one of the most trustworthy address look-up facilities that we have.

Along with address lookup, this tool is widely used by landlords to perform tenant checks as detailed information of residents of 50 states is provided.

Besides the basic details, it provides advanced information such as scam /fraud ratings, line records, search results statistics, and carrier information as well.

The site is very basic yet does the job perfectly. You can do address lookup by name, area codes, phone numbers, and zip codes. Search results will be delivered quickly. There is a huge blog library to guide you and spread awareness related to address look-ups.

2.7: Instant Checkmate

With Instant Checkmate, finding people's information is no longer a tedious job. Over a single click, a whole lot of information will be in front of you. it’s a trusted tool to get the latest updates on who lives at this address.

One can perform unlimited searches on this platform. As far as data authentication is concerned, you can sigh in relief as data on this platform is procured from verified sources. Its A+ rating from the BBB also confirms the data validity.

The website used 128-bit encryption and was backed by Norton’s security. Both these features ensure that using this platform to find an address is entirely safe.

It’s a privacy-friendly tool that never discloses the searches that the people are making on this platform. There is an intuitive Android app offered on the Google Play Store. It’s secure and high-performing.

Visit the Instant Checkmate website to see how it works

2.8: CocoFinder

CocoFinder is a highly intuitive reverse address search tool that anyone can use for free and gain access to accurate address details. It’s available in more than 195 countries and is used by over 1 million users. The platform maintains transparency in its operations and offers address look-up information as per FCRA. There is app support offered that works on both the iOS and Android platforms,

The platform owns a boisterous database that is updated regularly. Along with address look up, the platform assists in email, phone, and people searches. Because of its impressive performance, it has been raised by some leaders like PCMag, Forbes, CNET, and many more.

Using the tool is very easy and doesn’t demand any special expertise. This is why it’s suitable for everyone. All you need is to go through a simple sign-up process.

2.9: PeopleFindFast

With a vast and accurate database, PeopleFindFast is here to provide you with quick assistance when you try to do a reliable mailing address lookup.

The directories of the platforms are set up after an in-depth analysis of public records. Hence, mostly you’ll have access to accurate information. As the database is updated regularly, you’ll always have access to up-to-date information.

As this platform can fetch criminal records from the deep web as well, people tend to lay their faith in it. You can look up for address using the city, area code, location, and first three digits of the phone number. This is no less than an advanced search.

The website is very easy-to-use and never saves the search results. So, if you’re a privacy-concerned user, you won’t be disappointed.

Use this link to go to PeopleFindFast

2.10: PeopleFastFind

No sign-up, no account, no data logging, and no false data are the differentiators of PeopleFastFind. It is indeed a simple and reliable tool for people-finding.

The information offered is enough to find your lost contact and do a quick background check on a person/business. Everything from basic to advanced person information is provided.

Part 3: Alternatives to Reverse Address Lookup

While we’re sure that you won’t be disappointed if you’re using the right kind of reverse address lookup tool, having an alternative always works best. Here are the two best alternatives to address look-up.

3.1 Search Engine

Search engines like Google or Bing can help you find basic information about a person/ business. All you need to do is enter the name of a person or an address before the respective information is provided. However, it’s limited. You will only be able to see what’s revealed.

Also, it takes a lot of effort to sort out the search results.

You need to be very specific about the details. More than a person, search engine-based address lookup works best in the case of a business as legitimate businesses reveal a lot of information. But, as it’s free, it deserves a try.

3.2 Social Media

Social media is a great place to be if you want to find out basic information about a person or business. Almost everyone who has a phone and internet connection has a social media account.

On platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, one can find a lot of professional and personal details about a person/business. information related to the employer, education, location, and personal contact are easily obtainable from Facebook and LinkedIn.

Instagram won’t be much help as it is all about images. However, one can find the location details of a person from the Instagram account if location tracking is enabled.

You can use your accounts to find out about someone. But don’t expect everything to be true, as many accounts have fake information as well. Also, your hands are tied as you will be able to find out only what’s provided. There is no way to verify the information offered. So, be ready to deal with these flaws while you’re taking the help of social media to look up addresses.


There are times when one has to dig up deeper or go the extra mile to find out more than what’s presented about one person. In that case, the only resort is a reliable reverse address search. It's easy and perfectly legal.

When in doubt, use a reverse address search. A few minutes spent at this part is going to pay you off well in the long run as you can prevent frauds or trickery.

All the above-mentioned options work great on this front. However, options like Spokeo offer exceptional address look-up assistance. Every detail is offered in one place. There is a free and a paid version. Each one is offering outstanding assistance.

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