10 Best Ways to Find Junkyards & Salvage Yards Near Me

10 Best Ways to Find Junkyards & Salvage Yards Near Me

Junkyards and salvage yards are places where you can sell your unserviceable vehicles for instant cash. Getting rid of an old car could be tiresome as it would be challenging to find buyers through traditional means such as Craiglist or eBay. And if you leave your old vehicle rotting in the backyard, you may even have to pay to have it removed.

Junkyards offer you an excellent opportunity to dispose of your broken-down vehicles. They don't require much paperwork, and the process is straightforward.

In this post, we'll review the best Junkyards and salvage yards to help you quickly dispose of your aging vehicle. Top on our list is:

  1. USCarJunker: Get free junk car removal and on-the-spot payment.
  2. Peddle: submit details online and get an instant, obligation-free offer for your junk vehicles
  3. YardsNearMe: Its excellent search tool will help you find licensed salvage dealers with no hassle.
  4. USScrapYard: You can get competitive prices here. Every vehicle is accepted and no extra fee is charged.


Selling off your junk car shouldn't be such a hassle. If you're looking for ways to get cash for your junk vehicle without breaking a sweat, USCarJunker has got you covered.

USCarJunker is an online vehicle salvage platform that primarily helps people sell their junk cars for cash. Once you've submitted your car's information online, you'll get instant quotes and proceed to select the best offer.

Their service also includes free junk car removal and on-the-spot payment.

You may call them at (844)509-2399 if you have any further questions.


  • Quick and easy process: You don't have to drive around searching for a salvage yard. Just visit their website to start the process. This is especially beneficial if you live far from big cities.
  • All vehicle types accepted: USCarJunker buys all types of cars regardless of age or condition.
  • Instant quote: Once you supply your damaged vehicle's information online, USCarJunker will send you quotes instantly. Once you accept the offer, you can agree on a time and date for their agents to pick up the vehicle.
  • Instant cash: USCarJunker will pay you instantly they pick up your junked car.


  • No cars or car parts are sold.

Here's the link to find a nearby junkyard from USCarJunker


Peddle is an online vehicle-buying service that simplifies the process of getting cash for your junk car or some other vehicle. They have purchased over 2 million cars so far and repurposed or resold them accordingly. They'll buy your vehicle regardless of its condition and pay you as soon as possible.

They're in 50 states in the US, which means wherever you are, they've got you covered.

If you have junk cars or vehicles you'd like to get cash for, the first thing you need to do is to tell them about your vehicle; its year, model, make, mileage, general condition, and title, if you have it. Once they've received information on your junk vehicle, they'll send you an offer instantly and you can accept or decline within seven days - enough time to decide what's best for you.

The best part? They'll come to pick it up and pay with cash or check with no extra fees.


  • Instant offer: Peddle will send you offers instantly once they get information about your vehicle.
  • Quick and straightforward process: it’s hassle-free to sell on Peddle and can be done from the comfort of your home.
  • Top-notch customer service: peddle provides great customer support, right from submitting your details online to concluding the sale.


  • Check payment only: Peddle will only pay you by check which may not be suitable for everybody.

It is easy to sell your junk car with Peddle. Let’s check it out


YardsNearMe is an online service that helps you find the closest junk yards to you. It offers a unique goal-oriented search service which means they sort results by location-first and brand-first so that it's easy for you to find junk yards close to you and the vehicle brands they’re looking for.

They have a simple and fast transaction process and give safe and assured offers at market prices with free trailers service and instant payment.

How to use YardsNearMe to sell your vehicle fast? Send them your car/vehicle basic information, accept one of their offers that are best for you and your vehicle, and have it ready for towing for free.


  • Goal-Oriented search: YardsNearMe offers an excellent online search tool that sorts results according to location and brand.
  • Free trailer service: Trailer service is offered for free after you accept an offer.
  • Simple and pain-free process: Customers enjoy a simple selling process that can be concluded within the same day.
  • Reputable network of salvage yards: Yardsnearme will only connect you to licensed salvage dealers so that you won't be a victim of fraud.


  • No contact number or address is available on their website
  • No trade-in option

Click here to get that junk vehicle off your hands at a reasonable price


USScrapYard is a scrap yards funding agency that helps customers get rid of their old, totaled, or unserviceable vehicles painlessly. They have a wide network of licensed salvage yard partners in all the states across the US.

US Scrap Yard has a powerful easy-to-use search function that lets you find the nearest scrap yard that will give you the best offer for your car alongside a free pick-up.


  • Efficient and quick service: rather than drive around looking for someone to buy your junk car, you just fill out their online form and get quotes. A nearby scrap yard will come to pick up your vehicle and pay you cash right away.
  • You get a fair price for the junk car.
  • No hidden charges or extra fees.
  • Accepts every vehicle: no matter how run-down your vehicle is, USScrapYard will accept it and pay you accordingly.


  • It may take longer to receive an offer.

Try USScrapYard to locate reputable junkyards in the vicinity of your home

U Pull R Parts

U Pull R Parts is a self-service junkyard that offers used auto parts to auto mechanics and do-it-yourselfers. With a comprehensive online inventory, they provide an easy, cost-effective, and convenient way to buy used car parts for your vehicle repairs.

U Pull R Parts will also buy your junk cars at competitive prices for customers to recycle in their yards.


  • Available 7 days a week: they are open any day of the week so you can deal at your convenience.
  • Easy junkyard search: accessing a junkyard near you is simple. You can complete the process from the comfort of your home.
  • Competitive Pricing: Avoid low-ball offers. U Pull R Parts will offer you prices that can compare with the best in the industry.
  • Environmental friendly: junk vehicles constitute a nuisance to the environment. U Pull R Parts helps remove them and enables you to recycle car parts rather than buy new ones.


  • Poor customer service: many customers have complained about the poor staff attitude


JunkYardNearMe offers a powerful search engine for finding junkyards near you as well as buying directly from owners across the US. You can search the site by location or by branch and get quotes in minutes.

To get started, you have to provide some basic information about your vehicle and an offer will be sent almost instantly. If you accept the offer, an agent will contact you to arrange to pick up the junk car for free. You will be paid cash instantly.


  • Good price: JunkYardNearMe will give you a good cash offer for your vehicle regardless of the condition.
  • Eco-friendly: the company prides itself on consistently operating in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Stress-free transaction: the process of getting your junk off your hands and getting cash for it is fast and hassle-free.


  • The price may be lower than your expectation.

Click here to find junkyards that are close to you immediately


Salvage-Parts is an online junkyard aggregator that allows you to search for and obtain contacts of local junkyards near you. You can search with your address, ZIP code, or city name and it will list all the nearby junkyards. You can also use the “My location” button to conveniently get a list of the salvage yard close to you, sorted by distance.

Salvage parts link you to nearby junk yards where you can pull auto parts, sell your junk car or buy a serviceable junk car. Their database contains junkyards in the US and Canada sorted by vehicle type for convenience.


  • Comprehensive search engine: just type in your address or ZIP code in the search bar and get a list of all the junkyards close to your location.
  • Guaranteed used parts: you can get used parts that are covered by a guarantee from their partner junkyards.


  • It seems to feature selling cars and car parts, which is not friendly if you want to sell your car.


Pull-A-Part is a salvage yard that recycles car parts and also offers cash for junk cars. They have a massive online inventory that is updated every day with a fresh list of vehicles. You can either contact them through their website or visit a location to pull car parts and save money. You can also contact them for a free quote for your junk cars. Pull-A-Part will tow your junk vehicle for free and give you cash instantly.


  • Quick and convenient car junking: submit your junk vehicle details online or contact a pull-a-part location near you to get an instant free quote, instant cash, and free tow.
  • All Junk vehicles are acceptable: Pull-A-Part accepts virtually any junk vehicle regardless of the condition, even junk cars other junkyards don’t accept.


  • You may not get the amount of money you expect.

Damaged Cars

As their name suggests, Damaged Cars specialize in buying damaged, wrecked, or broken-down vehicles at the best possible price. They will pay you cash and offer free pick up and towing nationwide.

Damaged Cars will send you offers once you submit relevant information online. When you accept an offer, they'll pay you cash and pick up the vehicle.


  • Quick and convenient process: from submitting your information to getting paid for your vehicle, the entire process is straightforward and fast.
  • Competitive offers: they price vehicles better than most other salvage yards, meaning you’ll get a great deal for your decommissioned ride.


  • Demand goes together with a price: while they offer some of the best deals in the market, it's often determined by the demand for a particular car.


U-Pull-It is an online self-service used auto parts market. You can search for many salvage yards with this platform and learn the services they offer. Ideal for auto mechanics or individuals looking for used car parts, U-Pull-it will connect you to a yard near you and you can dismantle and pick any auto part of your choice.

U-Pull-It also buys your junk car. You only have to submit your details on their site and get offers within minutes. Once a crew picks up your junk vehicle, you’ll receive cash instantly.


  • Hassle-free process: U-Pull-It will buy your junk car and pay you on the spot. They even come and tow it from your location for free.
  • Used auto parts self-service: you can come with your tools and extract any car part you want.
  • Massive Database of Junkyard listing: U-Pull-It gives you quick access to a vast database of junkyards near you.


  • Poor customer service: with several locations across the US, customers often meet staff with poor customer service skills.


1. What documents should I prepare to junk my Car?

When you're ready to junk your vehicle, the documents you'll need to prepare to include:

  • Your proof of identification and address, which can be either your passport or license.
  • You'll also need your vehicle registration document which will let the buyer know that you're the legal owner of the vehicle.
  • Another very vital document that might be necessary to prepare would be your proof of purchase for the vehicle. This could come in handy if you misplaced your vehicle registration document or are no longer in possession of the vehicle's keys.

2. When should I discard my Car?

At some point you're going to have to rid yourself of your old little favorite car and here are a few pointers.

  • A constant need for repairs: trust me, it'll no longer be cost-effective if you have to fix your car every fortnight.
  • No longer safe for the road: have you ever been in a vehicle and thought, ‘this should not be on the road anymore ’? Yes, it's time.
  • When it gets too noisy.
  • When it’s broken beyond normal repair.
  • When it is no more functional for your specific needs.

3. What does my car junk value hinge on?

If you're thinking of junking your car and you're not sure what the valuing criteria are, here are a few factors that determine the value of your junk vehicle.

  • The year it was manufactured, its make, and model: the first thing that'll be considered when your junk vehicle is being valued at the junkyard is when it was made, what type of vehicle and model it is.
  • The current value of scrap metal in the market
  • The overall condition of the vehicle
  • The current market demand for car parts
  • The location of the junk vehicle

4. Do I have to possess a salvage title to junk my Car?

A salvage title is necessary for selling off your junk vehicle as it is usually important for the buyers to ascertain what condition the vehicle is in at the time of purchase, but it is not a compulsory affair.

What junkyards demand is your vehicle title that can prove your ownership. Remember also to bring with you a valid copy of your car registration document, your driver's license, or any other document, which junkyards may ask you to provide.


Having a junk car in your driveway or garage takes up much-needed space and could be an eyesore. Luckily, you can dispose of your unserviceable vehicle quickly and conveniently, while getting cash for it.

All you have to do is carefully read through the information provided above and decide on which car salvage service is best suited for you.

Ensure you understand your needs before deciding so as not to be cheated.

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