Seed Banks that Ship to USA: Busted for Ordering Seeds 2021 (Best Online Seed Bank)

Laws are becoming more and more relaxed regarding cannabis, but you still need to find the most trusted seed bank that can safely ship seeds to states in the United States. Although the law has been relaxed, the sale and exchange of marijuana in many US states is still something quite sensitive.

Are there any seed banks in the US? Sure, it does, but we'll help you narrow down your choices with the best online seed banks list. This list will include the best American seed banks and seed banks that ship to the USA. These online seed banks will make it possible for you to buy quality cannabis seeds safely.

Below is a list of seed banks that ship to USA and USA based seed banks selected based on our seed buying experience. We will use our experience to evaluate in the most objective way.

Top 10 Seed Banks that Ship to USA 2021 (Best Online Seed Bank)

#1 I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) – Best Online Seed Bank Overall
#2 Crop King Seeds – Best Online Seed Banks That Ship To USA
#3 Seedsman – Best Seed Breeders That Ship To US
#4 Quebec Cannabis Seeds Best Seed Bank Canada With Fast Shipment
#5 MSNL Seed Bank – Best Seed Bank For Free Seeds
#6 Greenpoint Seeds – Best American Seed Banks For The Price
#7 Gorilla Seed Bank – Most Promising Seed Bank
#8 MJ Seeds Canada – Great Canadian Seed Bank with Stealth Shipping
#9 Herbies Seeds – Best Quality Control Cannabis Seeds
#10 Attitude Seed Bank – Largest Hemp Seed Bank

#1 I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) – Best Online Seed Bank Overall

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is a leading popular online seed bank today and they are also a leading large seed repository with hundreds of quality cannabis strains. It is Robert Bergman, who has more than 25 years of experience in the cannabis industry, is the founder of ILGM and he also wants to bring this passion for cannabis to share widely with the cannabis community.

ILGM is one of the top Amsterdam seed banks that ship to USA and we highly recommend their service and seed quality. This online seed bank not only offers cheap cannabis seeds, but they also have a collection of hundreds of cannabis strains. Whatever your preference, we believe you can still choose a certain strain from the ILGM seed stock.

As we mentioned, we greatly appreciate the service of ILGM. They build a very professional staff who have good knowledge of cannabis cultivation as well as strains. If you are new to cannabis cultivation, contact them and the staff will be happy to help you with the knowledge they have.

Besides, ILGM Amsterdam is also known for its 100% germination guarantee. That means if any of the seeds you buy fail to germinate, ILGM will gladly substitute other seeds for you, free of charge, of course. We find this to be a very beneficial guarantee for growers, especially for those who are just starting out, with little or no experience growing. ILGM deserves to be the best seed bank for free seeds.

Additionally, they will also offer free shipping on most orders. It will take about 7-14 days to deliver cannabis seeds to the US, it can be a bit long but in return there will be no shipping fees and your order will be safely disguised to get through customs.

ILGM accepts various payment methods including bitcoin, credit card, bank transfer or cash, etc. So you can choose the right payment method. And ILGM is a reputable online seed bank, so you can rest assured to transact.


  • 100% germination guarantee
  • Great Seed Collection
  • Seeds with a high germination rate
  • Provide free seeds
  • Free shipping, worldwide shipping
  • Discreet packaging
  • Good customer service
  • Staff are experienced and have good knowledge about cannabis
  • Extra $25 for order tracking
  • Unbranded seeds

#2 Crop King Seeds – Best Online Seed Banks That Ship To USA

Crop King Seeds is one of the famous seed banks that ship to USA. This online seed bank is a familiar place to buy seeds in many states in the US, Canada and surrounding areas. Crop King Seeds is best known for its quality seed collection with top germination rates.

This seed bank Canada has many years of experience distributing and transporting its cannabis seeds to many cannabis communities around the world. Crop King Seeds always gives customers the seeds with high germination rate and their service is also quite good. That is why the rate of customers returning to buy seeds of Crop King Seeds is high.

And Crop King Seeds is also the first choice of growers when looking for Canadian seed banks that ship to USA. Simply because this online seed bank has built a good reputation, and they also provide safe and secure delivery to all states in the USA. They are quite knowledgeable about the cannabis laws in each state and thereby ensure that each client receives his or her seeds without getting caught.

This online seed bank owns a diverse and quality seed collection. Whether you are a beginner grower, a highly technical grower, or a grower looking for high yielding strains, you can find something for you at Crop King Seeds.

This seed bank has pretty good customer service, and their website is also very friendly. They provide multiple communication methods so that customers can always get the fastest response. Their discreet packaging is also very secure, so the probability of your order passing through customs is very high.

Crop King Seeds accepts Bitcoin, Visa or Mastercard credit cards. Delivery time to USA is quite fast, only 1-4 days, however Crop King Seeds does not offer free shipping for all orders.


  • 80% germination guaranteed
  • Worldwide shipping, fast delivery to USA
  • Understand state marijuana laws in the USA
  • Seeds have good germination rate
  • Good customer service
  • Friendly website, easy to navigate
  • Various payment methods

  • No free shipping
  • Offers a small number of cannabis strains

#3 Seedsman – Best European Seed Banks That Ship To US

Seedsman is a well known global distributor of cannabis seeds and they are also one of the UK seed banks that ship to US that you can trust. This online seed bank is not only a reputable seed bank in the UK but it is also the leading source of large seed distributors in the international cannabis community.

Seedsman distributes their seeds globally, and they ship their seeds to the US very quickly and safely. This seed bank has decades of experience with cannabis seed distribution, they also have a good reputation so you can trade with them online with peace of mind.

Besides that, Seedsman is most famous for his huge seed collection. Their seed inventory contains over 3000 different strains of cannabis, including seeds from 65 top breeders. So you can absolutely buy Seedsman cannabis seeds along with other breeders' seeds in one go.

Regarding the quality of seeds, despite the huge amount of storage, Seedsman still ensures careful selection. They keep only the best quality seeds, the best genetics to offer their customers. And these seeds are all stored in the most optimal conditions so as not to reduce the germination rate.

Seedsman seeds bank is also very interested in the customer experience. They have built a website that is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and has a clean layout. Customers can easily find their favorite cannabis strains and no strains are left behind. They have also built a team of knowledgeable staff that can answer any questions for customers.

Seedsman also prepares a loyalty program. Accordingly, customers can accumulate points through invoices and can convert those points into promotions for the next purchase. It is a good mode for customers to enjoy shopping and have a better experience.


  • Huge seed collection with over 3000 strains
  • Seeds of good quality and genetics
  • High germination rate
  • Discreet packaging
  • Good reputation, high customer reviews
  • Loyalty program, many promotions
  • Friendly website, easy to navigate
  • Seeds are expensive
  • Germination rate is not guaranteed

#4 Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Best Seed Bank Canada With Fast Shipment

If you are a real grower, you must have at least once heard of the name Quebec Cannabis Seeds. Quebec Cannabis Seeds is both a prestigious Canadian seed bank, but at the same time it is also one of the major cannabis seed producers in the world.

This seed bank is based in Montreal, Canada, it is a trusted source for buying cannabis seeds for the USA cannabis community. Quebec Cannabis Seeds deliver globally and exceptionally quickly to regions in North America. They understand the laws in the US states and from there make appropriate adjustments to safely deliver goods to customers.

The seed collection of Quebec Cannabis Seeds is very diverse. Growers can find auto-flowering, regular, and feminized marijuana seeds. Or quality THC, CBD cannabis strains for your crop. In particular, they also have exclusive cannabis strains that growers can only find at this online seed bank.

Quebec gold feminized seeds, AK47 seeds, Jack Herer feminized, QC black gold marijuana seeds and a few others are the most popular strains of this online seed bank. The general seed quality of Quebec Cannabis Seeds is considered to be quite good and uniform. They also have a high germination rate.

Although newly established in 2012, Quebec Cannabis Seeds presents itself as a company with good vision. They train a team of very professional consultants, and they are also very interested in shipping services.

Orders sent from Quebec Cannabis Seeds headquarters will be discreetly packaged. Customers will receive their cannabis seed order along with a CD or any souvenir, discreet enough to get through customs. Customers can also track their orders and estimate when they will arrive.


  • Variety of seeds collection
  • Good seed quality, carefully selected
  • High germination rate
  • Fast and Secure Delivery to USA
  • Good customer service
  • Seeds are sold at an affordable price
  • Discount when paying with Bitcoin
  • Good reputation
  • Website needs improvement
  • No free shipping

#5 MSNL Seed Bank - Best Seed Bank For Free Seeds

MSNL is a popular online seed bank not only in Europe but also in North America. Many American growers have placed their trust in MSNL seed bank and have achieved remarkable crops.

MSNL seed bank has quite a long history. Established since 1999 in the Netherlands, this online seed bank has very good experience and knowledge about cannabis. And they also train their staff well enough that they can be a good companion for growers, especially beginners.

MSNL's seed quality is one of the reasons this seed bank has become so popular. They possess the top genetics and are known as the original seed bank. And most of the seeds in their storage have a high germination rate.

Besides, MSNL is also very pleased with its customers with its great promotions. In particular, MSNL offers free cannabis seeds for all orders, without any conditions. This is one of the plus points that many other online seed banks do not have.

Delivery time may be a little slow as it will take time to ship from the Netherlands to the US. This seed bank also offers discreet packaging, but customers will need to pay an extra fee.


  • A long-standing, experienced and knowledgeable seed bank
  • Stable genetics
  • Free seeds with every order
  • Discreet packaging
  • Guaranteed shipping to US
  • Many promotions
  • Extra fee for order tracking
  • Delivery time to US is quite slow

#6 Greenpoint Seeds – Best American Seed Banks For The Price

Greenpoint Seeds is an online seed bank based in the United States and this is the right place to buy seeds for growers with a limited budget. This seed bank offers quality seeds at reasonable prices, and shipping to US states is also lower than other international seed banks.

Greenpoint Seeds only packs high-quality seeds for customers and the seeds in their storage are also kept in the most optimal conditions. These seeds have good germination rates and receive many positive reviews from growers.

Cookies n Chem is perhaps Greenpoint Seeds' most famous cannabis strain. Walking around the cannabis forums, this name appeared quite a few times with good reviews. In addition, this Seed Bank has many other powerful THC cannabis strains that you will probably enjoy.

This online seed bank ships its cannabis seeds quickly and discreetly to every state in the United States. They also ship internationally but at a higher rate than domestic shipping.

Greenpoint Seeds is very knowledgeable about cannabis laws in all states and from there they have the best way to ship seeds quickly and securely to the hands of their customers. This seed bank offers discreet packaging that does not publicize any cannabis-related information on customer orders.

They also offer a wide range of payment methods so customers can choose the right one. We recommend paying by credit or debit card.


  • US based seed bank, fast delivery to every US state
  • Stable seed quality
  • Reasonable selling price
  • Discreet and secure packaging
  • Understanding US marijuana laws
  • Accept a wide range of payment options
  • Good reputation
  • New online seed bank
  • No free seeds

#7 Gorilla Seed Bank - Most Promising Seed Bank

Gorilla Seed Bank is a UK based seed bank that growers should add to their list. Gorilla seed bank is becoming more and more popular with its range of top-notch quality cannabis strains that are loved by the international cannabis community. And of course, this online seed bank will deliver fast and secure to every US state.

This seed bank has a pretty diverse seed collection from feminized, auto-flowering, , high THC strain, CB strain, newbie growth to the most well known strains. Whether you are a beginner grower or a seasoned grower, you are sure to find something for your crop.

The seeds of the Gorilla are quite good quality and carefully selected. The selling price of seeds in this seed bank is also not expensive compared to the quality. The more you buy, the cheaper the price.

But if you are confused between options, or do not know which strain of cannabis is right for your technical level, you can consult the staff. The customer service staff of this seed bank are enthusiastic and youthful. Although young, they have a good knowledge of cannabis, and the leaders of the Gorilla seed bank are experienced people.

You can contact the customer service staff directly through the dedicated US telephone line. You can ask them anything related to cannabis seeds or cultivation, or any problems you have with your order.


  • Genetically stable cannabis seeds
  • Reasonable selling price
  • Fast and safe delivery to US
  • Has a discreet delivery option
  • Free shipping for orders over 99 pounds
  • Do not disclose customer information
  • Good customer service
  • Germination is not guaranteed
  • Does not provide order tracking

#8 MJ Seeds Canada – Great Canadian Seed Bank with Stealth Shipping

MJ Seeds Canada is no stranger to the Canadian cannabis community, and it is growing in popularity with the North American cannabis community. Founded in 2009, this seed bank is rich in experience and knowledge in both seed distribution and cannabis cultivation. So they are a partner you can trust.

This seed bank offers a wide range of cannabis strains at an affordable price. They virtually host a complete collection of current cannabis strains with the clearest arrangement on their website. You can find the most famous, most distinctive strains in the seed stock of MJ Seeds Canada.

The germination rate of seeds from MJ Seeds Canada is also not something you need to worry about. This seed bank has decades of experience in the cannabis industry so they know how to select and store seeds with the highest germination rate.

MJ Seeds Canada offers discreet packaging for all orders to ensure the cannabis seeds reach their customers. They have very safe packaging and do not reveal any information so you can rest assured.

This seed bank also offers guaranteed shipping, however it only applies to orders that pay an extra fee. These orders are subject to order tracking, but in return you will be fully compensated if the order cannot pass customs, or for any other problem that you cannot receive the order.


  • Guaranteed delivery to every state in the US
  • Steady germination rate
  • Experienced and knowledgeable team
  • Years of experience in the cannabis industry
  • Discreet packaging is especially good
  • Ensure confidentiality of information
  • Germination rate is not guaranteed
  • No free shipping

#9 Herbies Seeds – Best Quality Control Cannabis Seeds

Herbies Seeds are increasingly proving themselves to be a formidable competitor in the European cannabis market in general and the international market in particular. This seed bank ships globally, and it has a good enough reputation that US residents can order remotely.

This seed bank offers and distributes a diverse collection of cannabis strains. You're sure to find a strain that fits your growing experience and budget. In particular, Herbies Seeds work very well in seed quality control. They always send fresh seeds, with the best germination rate to their customers.

These seeds are pre-shipped with optimal temperature control, germination testing and more. And they also guarantee that you will get a fair compensation if what you get is not what they guarantee. That is one of the popular reasons that Herbies Seeds became famous.

Besides, this seed bank also has many attractive incentives for customers. For every qualifying spend order (from 20 euros), the customer will receive a free gift or free seed. And the more you spend, the more attractive the discount is.


  • Good, stable quality control
  • Guaranteed policy in favor of customers
  • Discreet delivery to every state in the US
  • Guaranteed germination
  • Free gifts, free seeds
  • Many incentives when customers pay more
  • No free shipping
  • US residents have to wait a long time to receive the order

#10 Attitude Seed Bank - Largest Hemp Seed Bank

Attitude Seed Bank is a trusted brand from the UK and this seed bank distributes a lot of its seeds to the US cannabis market. This cannabis seed retail distributor has enough experience and reputation for you to invest in your crop.

Attitude Seed Bank is the largest hemp bank globally, and they also offer hundreds of cannabis seeds from other renowned breeders. You will also find other cannabis related goods like clothes, bags, etc on their website.

The special thing is that customers can order cannabis seeds from many different brands, with different quantities, but Attitude Seed Bank still ensures they are of the best quality. You can think of Attitude Seed Bank as a miniature superstore where you can easily and quickly purchase a wide variety of cannabis strains with a good guarantee.

Seed orders shipped to the United States will come with discreet or stealthy packaging options. They will both ensure your order can safely pass through customs and arrive at your order address. However, you will need a signature when receiving the goods.

This seed bank also runs a lot of promotions and discounts as a warm-up to the cannabis community's need to buy seeds. Attitude Seed Bank's seed price is also cheap, but with the application of these discounts, it is an attractive choice.


  • Wide selection of seeds
  • Discreet, guaranteed delivery to the US
  • Selling cheap seeds
  • Many promotions and discounts
  • Consistent seed quality
  • Trusted, many positive reviews
  • Germination is not guaranteed
  • No free shipping

Final Verdict

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in US? This is no longer a difficult question when the law is gradually loosening on this issue. However, currently only about 20 states allow you to grow cannabis at home, the rest do not.

That's why you should choose seed banks that are knowledgeable about federal marijuana laws, and can best guarantee the security of your order. Of the online seed banks we listed above, all are very careful with orders in the United States. And your job is to choose a seed bank that you feel is most suitable for you!.

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