The Best CBD Gummies for Sleep: Neurogan Overview 2022

The Best CBD Gummies for Sleep: Neurogan Overview 2022

CBD gummies have become a fast-growing trend, allowing people to enjoy the relaxing benefits of cannabidiol quickly and simply. CBD gummies also have been an excellent choice for those who want to possibly improve sleep hygiene and even maintain overall wellness. However, for CBD gummies newbies, it’s difficult to decide which type of CBD gummies for sale are right for you and how much to take. As the maker of the best CBD gummies in the market right now, Neurogan has prepared a comprehensive article that will help you learn how to choose the right CBD gummies for sleep management - plus give you guidelines for using them.

Why Choose an All-Natural Sleep Aid like CBD Gummies?

Ten to 20 minutes of sleep latency. That’s only what a healthy individual needs to step into the first stage of the sleep cycle. For those who have sleeping disorders or even minor issues, it can take hours. This can cause more worry and anxiety for people, as they need to be lively for the next day. Professional life, business objectives, and other plans could be derailed even if you underperform for just one day. Most feel the consequences of a lack of sleep from having a harder time focusing to, worst, putting our quality of life at risk. The most terrifying Catch 22 needs to be avoided as much as possible. That’s why prescription sleep aids and alternative supplements like hemp gummies are being considered.

The Problem with Prescription Sleep Aids

If we’re to address the elephant in the room, then you should know two facts: (1) long-term use of prescription sleep aids (i.e., hypnotics) may cause adverse effects on your health, and, (2) according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), some drugs are not FDA-approved which are prescribed by health practitioners to treat insomnia. Whether it’s a problem of lack of regulated drugs or the delay in the bureaucratic process in terms of medications for sleep diseases, one must do everything to achieve healthy sleep hygiene.

CBD and Melatonin for Sleep

The most common supplement for sleep is more than what you know about it. Did you know that melatonin is a hormone in your body? Our bodies release the hormone melatonin in response to darkness. Melatonin helps in signaling the brain to get that needed rest. When the sun sets, the melatonin levels rise and make us feel sleepy. In the morning, when the sun rises, melatonin levels go down. Yes, light exposure can affect your melatonin levels and your body’s circadian rhythm. If you have nocturnal working hours, then you’re willingly are causing the suppression of your melatonin secretion.

  • Melatonin Sleep Aid. Melatonin supplements can be purchased over the counter with no prescriptions. Melatonin sleep strengths range from 1 mg to 10 mg. For starters, the lowest dose is always the best one, initially.
  • Valerian Root. Valerian is an herb known to grow in the lands of Asia and Europe. Its root is believed to improve sleep quality and symptoms from sleep disorders.
  • Lavender. The lavender plant is common in the wellness space as it’s mostly in essential oils, salves, balms, etc. that promise to enhance sleep. Any part, along with lavender flowers, is used to extract lavender oils for sleep.
  • CBD gummies and other CBD products for Sleep. The Cannabis sativa plant has been used for centuries, but it’s only now that it’s gaining traction again. The regulation on hemp plant production pave way for utilizing the main cannabinoid, CBD, or cannabidiol. CBD works well with our endocannabinoid system that is responsible also for sleep.

Ultimate Guide to Snooze with the Help of CBD in CBD Gummies

There’s potential in each CBD gummy. A potential that may even be helpful for every single one in the world. Truth is, insufficient sleep is considered a serious global problem, according to different studies. And this is quite alarming since this also means many people can be prone to serious medical illnesses.

A healthy diet and regular exercise are just a few that you should watch out for; sleep is also essential in keeping a healthy life. Your sleep cycle should be a priority too. And if there is an all-natural alternative, then you should try it! Research has been conducted to find out the benefits of CBD for sleep disorders. Here are a few benefits you could get if you were to take CBD gummies for sleep management:

CBD and Stress

Know the cause of the sleepless nights. Sleep won’t come when you’re constantly worried or anxious about something. Mindfulness, meditation, or any habits that can help (or trick) you to eliminate the anxiety and restlessness may work, but not all the time. For the busy bees, something more efficient, like the CBD sleep aid gummies, is preferred. CBD’s effect on sleep and anxiety is science-backed, so there should be no fret!

  • According to the respondents in a large-scale study, CBD may have helped reduce anxiety scores and improve sleep scores.
  • Another study showed that after administering oral CBD, there was a decrease in cortisol levels, and the CBD may have had a sedative effect on the volunteers. Cortisol, aka the stress hormone, is tied to your circadian rhythm. If you want a night laden with a lot of rest, you’d want your cortisol levels at relatively lower levels.

CBD and RBD-related Symptoms

REM, or Rapid Eye Movement, is the fourth stage and most important part of your sleep cycle. To put it simply, it’s where the deepest slumber happens. An individual with a healthy sleep cycle spends 20-25% of it in REM. This is where dreams occur, and it is when the areas of our brain essential for learning are refreshed and kept healthy. For those who are encountering REM Behavior Disorder, it’s the opposite of what sleep is supposed to be—uninterrupted, cozy, and relaxed. Instead, nightmares are apparent.

  • CBD for REM-related problems has shown promise. In a series of cases in the study describing the effects of CBD on the RBD symptoms in Parkinson’s disease patients, it’s been concluded that CBD can help in the reduction and improvement of RBD-related symptoms.

CBD and Sleep Excessiveness

Too much of a good thing can be a problem too. It might surprise you, but if most are dealing with sleep deprivation, around 10-20% of Americans are dealing with sleep excessiveness. Still quite a large number. Good thing, reliable inclusive CBD brands like Neurogan are creating CBD gummies to help sleep problems—no matter what they are. CBD gummies of enough strength of CBD may help with daytime drowsiness.

  • According to a study, CBD may have a connection in increased wakefulness because of the CBD’s effect on the activation of neurons on the lateral hypothalamus (LH) or dorsal raphe nuclei (DRN), particularly the orexin and serotonin, respectively. However, it should be noted that the neuroanatomical mechanism of CBD’s modulation in sleep needs further studies.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best CBD gummies for Sleep

We’ve already shown you research, preliminary reviews, and even stories from CBD users about its ultimate effects on sleep. If sleeping like a log is all it takes for you to achieve long-term goals and whatnot, then you must find the best CBD gummies. So, are you aware of how can you make the most of your CBD gummies? And more importantly, which CBD gummies should you buy?

CBD Gummies Dosage

CBD gummies are a great way to get CBD into your system. The dosage is important when taking CBD gummies for sleep because you want to make sure you are getting the right amount. Too much or too little CBD can affect your sleep. The most important thing to remember is the first dose should be very low and may be subject to increase. For any CBD dosage, it’s always best to take into consideration your lifestyle, tolerance, and sensitivity to CBD and other ingredients.

  • How many CBD gummies should I take for sleep? It’s advised you only eat one (1) CBD gummy square at a time. And note that bumping up your dose should be done with thoughtfulness. For those who have been taking prescription drugs, it’s best to check what variant of gummy squares (and even gummy bears to help you sleep) will be the most optimal for you.
  • What CBD for sleep gummies should I choose? The effectiveness of CBD gummies is likely to be related to the potency of the CBD that they contain. Neurogan offers CBD gummies of different strengths. Know first what best suits you. From 15 mg of CBD per square to Neurogan’s high-strength 45 mg CBD content, there’s something you can find to improve your sleep hygiene.

Type of CBD and Hemp Source

Some CBD gummies are made with CBD isolate, while others are made with full-spectrum hemp extracts. A noticeable difference can be seen in the effects of each type of CBD. Neurogan offers full-spectrum and THC-free broad-spectrum CBD gummies—the best types if you want to get the most out of your CBD and cannabinoids. With the presence of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD, you still get to take much of the entourage effect.

Quality of Hemp Source and The CBD Extract

The best CBD gummies have the perfect cannabinoid profile. And you can ensure this—what’s in your gummy and what’s not—by checking the artisan-batched product’s 3rd Party Lab Results. Neurogan is pretty transparent with the certificates of analysis (COA) (provided by allowed independent laboratories) of every CBD product dispatched. Transparency on its purity and accuracy is a duty to the customers.

Other Ingredients and Additional Benefits

As a GMP-certified manufacturer, Neurogan guarantees everything is safe, even the additional ingredients. These are added to enhance the benefits, consistency, and even the taste of the CBD gummies. You’ll be surprised with how extensive the CBD edibles Nuerogan has. To look at what cannabinoid ratio and ‘add-ons’ are perfect for you, let’s get to know them one by one!

  • CBD Sleep Gummies - These are Neurogan’s very own hemp melatonin gummies. The power of hemp and melatonin in improving the sleep cycle are combined in one gummy. The CBD Sleep Gummies are available in wild berry flavor.
  • CBN Calm Gummies - These gummies have high CBN to support one’s calmness and overall wellness. They’re perfect for diminishing the stress and worries that cloud you before going to bed. The CBN Calm Gummies are available in watermelon and wild berry flavors.
  • CBD Gummy Squares - They’re available in five different potencies of CBD and five Different Flavors namely watermelon, blue raspberry, lemon tart, wild berry, sour apple, grape, and the all-in-one flavor sweet fruit fusion.

Are You Ready to Doze Off with The Best CBD Gummies?

Since the ability to sleep is very important to our overall health, it is necessary to improve our sleep quality. The CBD gummies market has filled up with products to help you improve your sleep. However, there are only enough real and viable benefits out there. Choosing the best CBD gummies for sleep is imperative for a smart consumer like you.

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