Three Big Ways Cereal Club Is Disrupting The NFT Ecosystem

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With GM (good morning) and GN (good night) circulating across various forums around the clock, it’s safe to say the NFT population never sleeps. It is a rapidly growing global community of art holders, crypto connoisseurs, and ferns alike, coming together to explore an emerging yet impactful digital universe that is changing the creator economy as we know it. But with new technology and innovations brewing on the daily, it can be challenging to stay afloat amongst the competitive landscape. Cereal Club, however, is not only keeping pace; they are pushing the NFT space forward as a collective to build awareness, knowledge, and trust with consumers of all ages. Here’s how:

Universal Artwork

Art and community are the two fundamental elements of a flourishing NFT project and when it comes to its artwork, Cereal Club NFT has caused a stir (pun intended) with a collection of universally-loved illustrations that are too cute for their own good. Leaning on inspiration from nostalgic childhood recollections of watching Saturday morning cartoons and relishing in a bowl of cereal, the project was developed with one big thing in mind: creating a concept that can be adored by a diversity of cultural and ethnic groups worldwide. Designed with large bowl heads brimming with multicolored cereals and a multitude of accessories like milk drops, kitty ears, and rainbow spoons, each character is playfully unique, but appeals to the masses—an NFT that is not only for everyone, but also welcomes more individuals into a pivotal arena.

During its launch in February 2022, Cereal Club sold 10,000 NFTs within the first hour and has gained more than 140,000 followers and folks who are in an uproar to munch, including Super Bowl champion Aaron Donald, their most recent partnership and very first cereal athlete.

Limited-Edition Cereal Line

Tapping into a larger audience that spans beyond the NFT ecosystem, Cereal Club has on boarded Nutritional Biochemist Anthony Almada, to help create the brand’s forthcoming physical line of cereals. According to a study in 2020, 283 million Americans consumed 2.7 billion boxes of cereal and 59 percent of cereal brands market to adults, the very same adults that have the ability to purchase crypto. Talk about a genius idea. And the best part is, each box of cereal will display a QR code that will give each adult the opportunity to become a kid again by giving them access to an AR integrated treasure hunt. From discovering NFTs from other projects to merchandise, and other giveaways, Cereal Club is not only disrupting the NFT Ecosystem; they are redefining what it means to find a prize in a box.

In addition, Cereal Club had recent conversations via Twitter Spaces about its Shake the Box feature, awarding consumers with both physical and virtual goods, as well as giving them the lucky chance of having their NFTs featured on the cereal boxes, given holders have full intellectual property rights of the artwork they own. “It’s not just about the NFTs, '' Co-Founder Sako Waves told the group. “Cereal Club is changing what being a brand in web3 means. You can visit its twitter page and see all the updates.We are innovating brand experiences, providing the community with fun activations, be part of the brand building process, and are able to reap the benefits of being part of the Cereal Club. People will continue eating cereal regardless of what happens in the market.”

Aiming to facilitate the sales of its direct-to-consumer line of cereals alongside other retailers Cereal Club recently acquired, a platform that will be used not only to build a larger following, but to ultimately, serve as the brand’s quest to be the start of every consumer’s morning and a launch pad to their web3 journey.

Creating a fully-immersive hub specifically for NFT education so that folks understand the nuances of navigating the multifaceted community, Cereal Club plans to transform into the go-to homepage for all things web3, including easy learning tools for newcomers, valuable insights, and a customizable notification system to ensure users never miss a beat when it comes to their world of discord and crypto. The team is also in the process of developing mini animation videos with their characters to teach complex things in an easy-to-digest way.

“We want to be your ‘Good Morning’ of web3, whether that’s starting your day with a physical bowl of our cereal or with to get updates on what is happening in the NFT space,” says Waves. “Right now, the NFT space is overly complicated to navigate. The gas fees can be too high for the average consumer to understand, there are scams everywhere, and the whole market is literally gripped by FOMO because no one understands what’s actually going on. But imagine what we can do with education and more tools for understanding. That makes me happy and I think it’s very cool and very powerful.”

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