Top 10 Fitness Dating Sites: Free Dating Apps for Fit Singles

If you’re somebody that’s obsessed with fitness, it would make sense that you’re looking for an active partner. With a common passion, there is always something to talk about. In addition, it opens the door to a near endless amount of different date ideas. Sadly however, it can be difficult to find singles based on their interests. Typical dating websites are often focused on appearance, age and location, with other search filters being limited.

We are here to help, with our list of the top 10 fitness dating websites for active singles. Prefer to just read the key points from each dating website? We’ve got you covered. A brief overview of our recommended platforms can be found at the bottom of each section.

1. Millionaire Match

Millionaire Match is here to put a spin on the old saying ‘Health is wealth’. This platform is dedicated to connecting wealthy individuals with attractive partners, or someone who is similarly successful. Most people on the app tend to be interested in fitness, at least in some capacity. While there are no fitness-related search filters on Millionaire Match, you can gain access to a personal matchmaker when upgrading to a premium account. You can discuss your preferences with them, so they can find compatible singles on your behalf.

To sign up to Millionaire Match, you will need to provide the standard information. However, if you are signing up as a millionaire, proof of your financial situation is required. This isn’t overly intrusive, but might be off-putting to some. If you complete this level of verification, you will receive a badge on your profile. This can definitely help you stand out from the crowd when looking for potential matches!

Quick look at Millionaire Match: A great place for affluent singles to find love. While the website may sound like it has a shallow premise, it’s full of people looking for genuine connections. The personal matchmaker is also a nice touch. Providing financial information may feel intrusive to some people, however verification can greatly aid your dating experience.

Click Here to Visit the Millionaire Match Website

2. Elite Singles

With a specialist section of their website dedicated to physically fit individuals, Elite Singles is a great dating platform to consider. They believe that sharing the same passions can be key to a long-lasting relationship, as it allows you to enjoy your time spent together. Of course, there is also the aspect of it being productive and healthy, which can strengthen your bond even more. There is also a variety of useful information on their website, with tips for finding another active individual.

Elite Singles is different to many dating websites, with their USP being focused on intelligence. People with a higher-than-average IQ can benefit from using this website, as the awkward small talk is often avoided. On their website and app, you can start discussing your passions right away. You can quickly begin to establish whether or not you’re talking to a compatible match. There is also a personality test, which you can take after signing up. While this test can be lengthy, it has been proven to assist with finding singles that have shared interests.

Quick look at Elite Singles: Established dating platform that offers a page dedicated to finding an active partner. Most members on the website have a higher level on intelligence, which can allow you to immediately start discussing your passions. If you’re prepared to put in the time and answer the personality test, you will likely receive better quality matches.

Click Here to Visit the Elite Singles Website

3. eHarmony

Even if you haven’t been in the dating game for long, eHarmony is surely a provider you’ve heard of. It’s a website that almost immediately gained popularity, when it was launched back in 2000. On eHarmony, you can share you interests on your profile. These are clearly displayed in searches, allowing you to search for individuals that are also passionate about fitness.

According to their website, someone finds love every 14 minutes with eHarmony. Their matchmaking system has high levels of success and has been praised by many within the dating industry. Another positive to eHarmony is their diverse pool of members. Regardless of your age and location, there is someone just waiting to chat with you. You can start using eHarmony for free, which most people use to test out various services. Most features of the website do require a paid membership, which you can do for as little as $8.95 per month.

Quick look at eHarmony: You can display your interests on your profile, making it easier to match based on shared passions. Lots of active users to chat with throughout the day. Some features do require you to upgrade your account, but their premium plan is relatively affordable.

Click Here to Visit the eHarmony Website

4. Fitness Singles

If being interested in fitness is a requirement for you, this platform could be the perfect solution. As the name suggests, Fitness Singles is exclusively for individuals that are passionate about being active. However, it is not solely for finding a partner. With their services, you can also find workout partners. This appeals to some people, while others find it difficult to understand the intentions of the person getting in touch with them. It is worth mentioning that most users do seem to be interested in long-term relationships, with a small percentage looking for a workout buddy.

Fitness Singles is more focused on searching for a potential partner. They provide you with a list of matches, which is often broad. Location is one of the main areas they use when finding other singles. It’s up to you to then manually filter through these profiles, before starting a conversation with someone that catches your eye. This adds a much more personal touch to the dating experience. You know that if someone gets in contact with you, they chose to message you themself and not because your profile was recommended by an algorithm.

Quick look at Fitness Singles: Dating website that only attracts people heavily into fitness. More of a manual search required, allowing you to find connections that aren’t based on standard compatibility traits. Some people on the platform are looking for workout partners only, which can cause misunderstandings in rare cases.

5. Zoosk

Zoosk is a fun dating platform that matches users based on behavioural traits. It logs your interests, which is great for anyone that is looking for a fitness obsessed partner! They claim that the algorithm is always learning and therefore constantly suggests new matches. Interestingly, they are also the highest grossing online dating platform on the Apple App Store, which means they have to be doing something right. With over 35 million members and 3 million messages being exchanged daily, Zoosk could definitely be worth a try.

One complaint about Zoosk, is that they advertise their platform to people seeking a short-term relationship too. This can make it hard for you to understand the intentions of the person you’ve matched with. In this instance, it might be worth bringing up their dating preferences immediately. This way, you can find someone who thinks the same way as you. Using Zoosk is completely free, with a wealth of different browsing features for finding a potential partner. Is it also very easy to use, even if you have very little technical knowledge.

Quick look at Zoosk: More of a laid-back dating platform, that uses your behavioural traits to find compatible matches. There are a handful of useful tools you can use to filter individuals. Some people on the app are only looking for a short-term relationship however, so establishing their intentions early could be a good idea.

6. Date Fit

Date Fit is another dating platform that is made for those heavily into fitness. It’s very inclusive, with options to display your sexuality. Date Fit have put a huge emphasis onto the safety of their users. All data is encrypted and only used to verify your account. You can search for different users based on gender, sexuality, age and location. If you wish, you can also filter users that are currently online. This feature is particularly useful if you want to start a conversation immediately.

You can use pretty much every feature of Date Fit without upgrading to a premium membership. While this is definitely an encouraging sign for standard users, sadly a large number of fake profiles have been created on the website. This may lead to you getting unwanted messages, including spam accounts with malicious intent. The good news however, is that identifying these profiles is incredibly easy. You can simply block that particular profile and continue your search for an active partner.

Quick look at Date Fit: When signing up and searching with Date Fit, you know that users will be interested in fitness. The website and dating app are safe, with information being stored securely. Date Fit can be used for free, however this has led to many fake profiles. Most of these accounts are easy to spot and block, or you can simply ignore them.

7. Fitafy

Fitafy advertise themselves as a dating provider for those who enjoy living an active lifestyle. Most of the users are looking for a series, committed relationship. It’s one of the largest online communities of fitness loving singles, so signing up for a free account could put you in touch with like-minded individuals. Fitafy has a good reputation, with many people claiming that they have found lifelong partners through their platform.

Another positive to this website, is that members are checked before being allowed to use the platform. Even by requiring email and phone verification, a lot of the fake accounts are removed. After creating an account, you can fill out your profile with basic information. However, you can also add your main interests and goals. This could be related to your favourite sport, preferred way to stay active or even your fitness ambitions for the future. All of this will be shown to potential matches, giving you something to talk about right away. Filters are very advanced with Fitafy and you can even search for a partner based on their dietary requirements. Overall, it’s a very innovative and new way to date!

Quick look at Fitafy: Great for singles that prefer an active lifestyle. Most people on the app are looking for long term relationships, with the providers having a good reputation within the industry. There are many filters available to use on Fitafy, giving you the ability to really hone in your search. Different information is also displayed on your profile, not just the standard age and location stats.

8. Tinder

Time to talk about the single biggest dating app in the world. Tinder has roughly 75 million monthly users across 190 different countries. Many people use Tinder for this very reason. It’s incredibly easy to find matches, before talking to them to discuss your interests. Most people know how to use Tinder, but if you don’t, you essentially swipe left or right on different profiles. Swiping right means that you’re interested in talking to that person further, while left means you aren’t. If both individuals swipe left, it’s a match!

With Tinder, there is no option to filter users based on their passions. However, people tend to let you know a lot of information about themselves through their bio. You can also have a gallery of pictures accompanying your profile. When it comes to completing your profile, you can input as many details about yourself as you wish. If you are only interested in finding a partner that lives an active lifestyle, you could mention your passion for fitness in your bio.

Quick look at Tinder: Based on the huge number of regular users, Tinder can be a great tool for finding matches. While there are no tools for filtering people based on their interests, you can easily display relevant information on your profile. In most cases, you will find people that are into fitness by browsing through their biography or gallery of pictures.

9. Badoo

Now that we’ve looked at Tinder, it’s only right that we mention Badoo too. To start, Badoo is probably the easiest dating website on this list to use. Everything on their platform, including the menu, is clearly laid out for your convenience. They have an emphasis on long-term relationships, which is another positive aspect to their platform. For anyone that hates to type back and forth throughout the day, you can use video chat.

Badoo has an effective process for filtering out fake accounts, which is reassuring to regular users. They also use different spam protection tools, which helps to keep unwanted messages from reaching your inbox. However, matches on Badoo are based predominantly on appearance. You cannot add large amounts of information to your biography, so messaging people to learn more is a must. Badoo does have lots of users too, with over 400,000 new accounts being created on a daily basis.

Quick look at Badoo: Dating platform that is incredibly easy to use and focuses on long-term, committed relationships. Safety features are there in abundance, giving confidence to users. Many new users are joining the website, giving you plenty of fresh faces to talk with. Keep in mind that with Badoo, matches are based mainly on looks.

10. OkCupid

For the final dating provider on our list, let’s take a look at OkCupid. The most unique part of OkCupid is their initial personality test. There are over 3,000 different questions, about 60 of which will be presented to a new user. Depending on the answers provided, you will then be shown various matches. Interestingly, these questions are actually submitted by other users. As a result of this, you will only be answering meaningful questions and not ones that are boring or generic. This personality test may take a little while to complete, but it isn’t as tedious as others.

Many previous users have praised the compatibility of matches received with OkCupid. People on the website also seem to be very genuine and upfront with what they’re looking for. When it comes to security and safety, this is something that OkCupid has improved upon over time. They have been constantly adapting their encryption tools, while also employing new people to check through the pool of profiles. Nowadays, it’s a totally safe place to join and browse. While there are obviously some fake profiles, it’s significantly less than with other dating providers.

Quick look at OkCupid: A welcoming dating website, where people have no trouble expressing their intentions. When joining, you will need to complete an extensive personality test. Some people may find this frustrating, but it’s essential for finding compatible matches. The security and safety of OkCupid is top of the range, giving you nothing to worry about when using their website.


That wraps up our list of the top 10 fitness dating websites, for anyone that likes to live an active lifestyle. Perhaps the top tip for finding a partner that shares your passions, is to complete your dating profile in as much detail as possible. This will allow others to understand your interests, before deciding whether or not they would like to speak further.

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