The Best Animation Software in 2022

Animation software is the program that is used to create 2D/3D videos, motion animation, and graphical designs. Free animation software helps you to bring innovative ideas to life. There are many free animation software that will help you improve your skills at no cost.

It has been used in various fields like education, entertainment, marketing, and advertisement. Animations bring creativity, Effective commercials, and interactivity to your content. We will show you the list of best free animation software to make interactive videos with less effort and less time.

1. Doratoon

Doratoon helps you to make millions of royalty-free animations, templates, backgrounds, and prompts. This free animated software helps to create a great cartoon tool for the best interaction and making an advanced-level video. It is easy and powerful animated software for the creation of unique animations.

Doratoon’s user interface is quite simple. A beginner can also make the best-animated video in no time with this best-animated software. Now it is easier to add the music to the video by using this animated software.

What Makes Doratoon the Best Animation Program?

Doratoon stands apart from all other video editors. It offers a wide range of advantages to its users. These features play great roles in making an impressive animated video from free animation apps. Let’s have a view of its features:

  • Props and Templates

Doratoon helps to reach a wide range of templates and props that helps to make the videos in minutes. There are a number of props present in this free animated software that will add beautiful features to your video.

It is quick and interactive animated software that helps us approach and use different templates and select the best one according to your need and will. It will help to save the time and effort to make templates and use different props by using this anime software.

  • AI Drawing and Dubbing

AI Drawing anticipates the keyframe places and smoothes the articles after you make a rough sketch using this anime software. It also helps you create and select appropriate colors and other animation effects. Also, AI Dubbing helps to make the video making process easier. It has the feature of converting the typed text into video dubbing.

  • Path Animation

The path animation effect is applied to make the image appear alive and attract the viewer’s attention. This method enables us to make a path to be used by the object that the item will use to move around the object. This feature adds a natural effect to your videos.

  • Animated Cartoons

Using the animated cartoons in the videos makes it more appealing for the kids and for the young. This anime software has many actions and facial expressions that attract people to their animated video. With the help of this, you can be made customized animated characters that can be used in making interactive videos.

How to Make an Animation for Free?

Step 1: Doratoon Account Creation

Go to the webpage of Doratoon and sign up. Click on the ‘Create a New Video’ on the left corner or choose a template.

Step 2: Editing the Video

You can easily import, edit and trim the scenes or templates. You can also preview the results of the animated video after adding the textbox, characters, and props.

Step 3: Download the Animated Video

Now give your video a title and click on the export to save the video in the form of an MP4 or PPT file on the computer so that you can easily use it later on.

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2. Canva

Canva is a free animation software that helps us to add instant animation to any of your videos, posts, or presentations. With the help of this tool, you can make stunning impressions on the viewer. With the help of this best animation software, you don’t need to learn about it. By accessing the premium templates, you can access tons of paid elements for the animated videos.

Main Features

  • You can easily make a design with this free animation software and resize it to the format and design of your own will to make a perfect animated video.
  • There are 14 animation styles available in Canva that can help you to add animation to the parts of your design.

3. Blender

Blender is the best free animation software that is an open-source 2D and 3D computer graphics program. It is mainly used in the production of visual effects and animated films to create interactive videos. By making a little effort, you can make high-quality and professional videos. It helps us create free animations that will help make free technical and creative animations.

Main Features

  • This free animation program has an animation toolset that helps edit poses and change non-linear animation for independent movements. You can also change kinematics for fast posing that will make your animation video more interactive and user captivating.
  • The motion path tools allow you to visualize the motion of points over a series of frames. You can also create and remove motion paths with this good animation software that is used to engage a high-quality video.

4. Animaker

Animaker is a free animation software that helps us create and edit video animation by using different tools. This animation software helps people to make a high-quality animated video by using free templates. It is a platform for beginners, non-designers, and professionals. This is the largest animated collection of animated characters that you can use to make a highly interactive video.

Main Features

  • This anime software comes with an impressive character builder, which comes with 15 facial features and ten accessory slots to add a natural impact to your videos.
  • This free animated software has an Auto Lip-Sync feature that has made voiceover smarter. You can easily add voice overs to your anime characters and can see them auto lisping with this wonderful animation program.

5. Animoto

It is an online and easy-to-use tool that is used to make animated videos easily. You can access this tool from any OS-supported device and can make videos that you can save and share as well. You can make a stunning video and can captivate your audience easily by using this animation software. It also has 40 professional fonts that you can utilize in your animated videos to gain your user's attention.

Main Features

  • The stock library of Animoto is integrated with Getty Images, so you can use them directly from Animoto.
  • You can add your brand logo as a watermark in your video to promote your brand through attractive animated videos.

6. Powtoon

With this free animation software for beginners, you can easily make professional and simple videos that require no skills to do impressive work. It will help you to make a professional and customized anime video. It helps to make professional-quality animations that are inexpensive and affordable. It has been becoming famous due to its unique interface,

Main Features

  • This anime software helps you customize the anime character by using different features like skin color, hairstyles, and facial features.
  • It will help you engage the users by adding branded characters to your content.

7. Visme

Visme’s video maker is so easy to use that anyone can begin with the template, and this cartoon software can provide you with a high-quality animated video. With the help of this best free animation software, you can also make short and engaging animated video clips that have custom animated transitions. It is a perfect tool for making diverse animated videos.

Main Features

  • This best free animation software has professionally designed animated characters and gestures that will help you to boost up your video animated marketing.
  • It will help you to create custom animation capabilities that will help you make a completely unique animated video that is the best free animation software.

8. Biteable

This animating program works very well in creating animated video advertisements and templates. It is one of the easiest video creators in the world and provides a large collection of pre-animated scenes. You can add text to your videos and customize the animation. Thus, it is a simple video maker that is perfect for creating video ads and animated promotional videos.

Main Features

  • This free animation program provides a number of predefined models that can add to your video and can make your animated video more interactive.
  • It provides a wide collection of video effects that you can add to your animated videos to make them more engaging. By using these video effects using free animated software, you can easily make a high–quality video.

9. Renderforest

This free animation software can create a highly impressive and effortless animated video. It can be used by beginners as well as by professionals. This animation software will help you to create high-quality animated videos that will help you to impress your viewers and make an informative and professional video. This will help to make attractive animated videos according to your niche.

Main Features

  • This free animated software has a wide range of professional animated video templates that will help you to pick one template of your own choice that you need.
  • You can easily add audio for your animation. There are hundreds of tracks present in this free animated software by which we can easily add a voice-over to our animated videos to make our videos more interactive and captivating.

10. Pencil 2D

It is a lightweight and easy-to-use software that helps you to make impressive and eye-captivating animated videos. You can make amazing cartoons by using simple techniques with the help of this free animated software. You can easily use this tool to make attractive animated videos. Using this amazing software, you can save native animation formats or can extract them in the form of JPG and PNG.

Main Features

  • This cartoon software has a brush tool that allows you to make any type of drawing in different shades and different colors. You can access it by the user interface.
  • A bucket tool is present in this free animation software that is used to fill a particular area with a particular color. This feature will help you to make a perfect animated video.

How to Choose the Best Animation Program?

In this part of the article, we will let you know how to choose the best animation programs that you should choose, whether you are a professional or a beginner, and that will help you buy the perfect tool for yourself.

  • Price

While you are selecting the tool, you always go for the budget-friendly price. It would be best if you always choose software that is not too costly. Before buying any animated software, you must see what features the software is giving at this price that you can have access to after purchasing it.

  • Easy to Use

The tool that you are using must be understandable and easy to use. You should always select the software that is not so difficult to use, and it must have an easy-to-use interface. You should never select the tool that you find difficult to understand and use. Always select the easy tool to have a high command of the software.

  • Thousands of Templates and Materials

When selecting the best animating program, you must choose that program that has thousands of templates to use so you can easily access them. This will help you use them to produce many animated videos. Also, the templates must be categorized so that you can easily approach them with free animated software. Because it will save you time, and you don't have to do a lot of research to select your particular template.

Wrapping Up

Animation videos play a crucial role in business as well as in general life. This is the era of technology, and therefore, everyone has been utilizing animated videos for promotional as well as educational use. By reading this article thoroughly, you can easily access the free animated software from which Doratoon is the best because of its free templates, props, and AI features.
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