Top 5 HPV Dating Sites for Finding Chats, Dates and Support

Many would assume that people struggling with any type of HPV would have difficulties finding someone to date or even get married. However, HPV dating exists with the help of HPV dating sites made for people dealing with such health issues.

If you’re out looking for a perfect match even though you have HPV, your troubles might come to an end if you’re ready to sign up for some of the best dating sites full of people looking to match with someone like you.

With a bit of help from online dating sites, you might end up spending your life with someone who understands your condition. Life is a journey on which we need someone to share the adventures, and our life doesn’t stop when we find out we have HPV, as it might just be a chance for a new beginning.

To help you find your happily ever after, we compiled a list of the top 6 dating sites for people with HPV.

Let’s start with HPV dating sites with the catchiest name in the industry. is not meant only for people with HPV but also for other STIs and STDs commonly found in the community. With over 150,000 members in the US, shares with us many great and successful love stories that ended with many people finding their soulmates.

Even though some people will use this site for having fun and finding someone to hook up with, many testimonies proved that most members are out looking for someone to share their lives with and start a family.

As one of the best sites for people with HPV, will ask you for a monthly subscription to unlock all the features and use it without any restrictions. Some say that using this site without a subscription isn’t even close to what you get when you invest some cash and get a premium account.

For example, sending messages is only allowed for users with a monthly subscription, and that’s essential for a dating site. Hardly you’ll have any luck meeting new people if you don’t have an option to chat with them.

The signup process is easy, and you won’t take a lot of time registering your account. With only some basic questionnaires, you’ll be ready in a matter of minutes. will ask you to declare your health status, and that’s important when you’re registering on a dating site of this kind.

Honesty is one of the most important things on dating sites for people with HPV, and always keep in mind that you should never hide your condition from anyone. After all, you’re all there for the same reason.

2. Bumble
Let’s skip for a moment from conventional dating sites and have a look into a mobile app that brought fresh ideas into the dating game. Bumble is a successful app that joins over 11 million users in the US and helps them find a perfect date to have fun or someone to start something serious.

When we talk about dating apps, the first thing that comes to mind is Tinder, one of the biggest in the industry. Well, even though Bumble shares some similarities to Tinder, it brings something fresh to the table, and that’s the fact that women are in charge of choosing their dates solely.

That’s right. If you’re a man thinking that you’ll install this app and browse for your perfect match, you’re mistaken. It’s all about the women and whether they want to start a conversation with you. Keep in mind that this app is open for everybody, and it’s wise to state your health issues from the beginning, as some ladies won’t appreciate you hiding such a fact from them.

If you worry that stating your HPV status will harm your chances of finding your perfect match, you’re mistaken again. Plenty of women share the same issue as you, and you would be surprised that it’s possible to match with them on an app of this kind.

Trying this app to find a perfect soulmate will not cost you anything, but the premium access will, and it’s a wise thing to go for it as it will allow you full access to all the features. The more access you have, the more luck you’ll have finding women in your area and starting a fresh new life.

A young site on the market, started back in 2014 and since then gained a respectable member base. The extreme surge of new memberships back in 2014 was made possible by an interesting campaign allowing the first 10,000 members to get free premium access.

Such an idea had a big impact on the popularity of the site, and since then, we only saw a steady incline of people ready to create an account and meet others. has one of the easiest-to-use interfaces on the market, and members state that they love the simplicity given to them as they don’t have to do anything complicated just to meet other members.

Facing strong competition, keeps up with the pace that many other HPV dating sites dictate and offers a dose of originality on the market dominated by those larger sites. You don’t have to worry about feeling ashamed about your condition when using, as this site specializes in connecting all those facing the same issues as you. works against all odds, and it helps to fight the stigma surrounding HPV dating or any other STIs or STDs. If you think that your dating life ends when you’re diagnosed with HPV, you’re mistaken. is here to prove everyone wrong and help people once again to live their lives like anyone else. By creating an account on this site, you’re about to find out that dating and sexual acts are still something you can expect even with HPV.

Premium access to this site will allow you to use all the features, and a free account might prevent you from exploring it completely and match with others.

4. Hinge
Hinge is another app resembling Tinder in some features, but with different features that make it unique in its way. With 5 million members worldwide and a strong core of 500,000 in the US, Hinge is a mobile app that still has a lot of space for attracting new members, which they did successfully over the years.

The main bragging point of the people behind Hinge is that they claim this mobile app will not let you browse through the member base endlessly but will help you find a perfect match to start a serious relationship.

They claim that after you’ve matched with someone on their app, you’ll consider deleting the app for good, as you’ll no longer want to meet anyone else.

That’s a strong claim, but with an element of truth backing it up. Members claim they found their perfect matches using this app, and they recommend entering your true information for the matching to be successful. When having any type of HPV, we strongly recommend sharing it with others on this app, and you can skip having “the talk” afterward.

A dating game is complicated enough, and you should always go straightforward with the people you meet and tell them about your story. Waiting for the last moment to go out in the open will make you lose your credibility with others, and that’s game over.

We recommend that you try this app as it’s the most fun and least complicated option for new users trying it for the first time. The app will ask you to pay for a premium membership, and we fully recommend you do that if you like it after a couple of tries.

If you don’t want to invest money in buying premium access to unlock all the features, is an HPV dating site free for all its users. comes as a breath of fresh air compared with other sites looking to make money from their beloved members. Having all the features unlocked from the beginning helps the members to match more successfully and efficiently. It’s a great deal of help not having to spend any cash to go online and find a matching partner. claims that it has one of the biggest communities for people with HPV and that their matchmaker will help you find a perfect partner that you can have fun with or start a serious relationship. The site will ask you a series of questions to profile you and help its matchmaker connect you with people of the same interests and behaviors.

The answers to these questions are important if you want to meet someone interesting. Always answer sincerely, and the site will have better success matching you with the person you’ll enjoy dating. The registration process is quite easy and fast, and it won’t take you lots of time to jump right into the action and play the dating game you’ve been looking for from the start. is one more site that will help you start a new life and meet others that will support you in any way to continue living your life to its fullest. It’s one of the best to try at first before going on a bigger site, as it won’t cost you a dime to learn how the whole thing works.


It’s time to start your life from the beginning and learn how to live with HPV as one of the common things that happened to you. Facing such things in your life can only make you stronger, and you should go back into the dating game by signing up for one of these successful sites that will help you match up with others.

Try them – you never know what kind of happiness you might encounter along the way.
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