Top 9 Rich Men Dating Sites & Apps for Elite Millionaire Singles (NO SUGAR) in 2022

Most singles don’t choose to spend their lives alone but it can be difficult to find someone when you spend your week working, then have other commitments after work. Dating sites have been popular since the advent of the internet back in the late 80s and early 90s. Many people would like the chance to try millionaire dating, but how can one find a partner, let alone someone rich? It turns out that there are not only rich men dating sites, but also dating apps too.

Top 3 Millionaire Dating Sites:

  1. Millionaire Match: Best millionaire dating site for rich men
  2. Dating Rich Girls: Best rich women dating sites for millionaires
  3. Elite singles: Best rich men dating site for educated singles

A rich women dating site, or rich men dating sites can help you to find a partner, and perhaps even get married and have children. Most millionaires aren’t concerned with how much money you make. They have the same wants and desires that you do, and that means that they are also on that millionaire dating site hoping to find the perfect longterm match too! Here are the top 3 millionaire dating sites to help you to get started.

Millionaire Match

Millionaire Match is at the top of the list for rich women dating sites. It’s been around since early 2001, so the developers have had plenty of time to work out the best dating site. They have also reworked this website to give it a new and fresh look. If you tried it before, it may be worth it to come back and have a look. Not everyone who signs up for membership has to be rich, but there is a special verification process for those who are millionaires. This will be displayed on their profiles so you can better discern who is one and who isn’t. Photographs can also be verified, which makes the site more honest, so you know that they didn’t just grab a photograph of some online celebrity. Premium members can send or receive messages but there is also a free member option you can try out where you can respond to messages. Since this site has different verification processes, it has a greater success rate, and also members are more likely to respond back. Since there is a premium membership service, there is no online advertising that can be annoying or distract you from your dating purpose. There is also excellent customer service if you need any help.

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Dating Rich Girls

Datingrichgirls is another millionaire match dating site that offers a free membership and a paid membership. There are special verification levels for highest income and being a legit person. If you enjoy the free membership, you can start a conversation as long as you’re both on each other’s Like lists. You can pay for additional small services as you go. This site has a snobby feel, which is great if you’re into that. Many people on this site find that income is the number one factor when dating someone, and this site is certain to place it in the forefront. For those who earn over $200,000 per year, there is also a special verification process to gain recognition. Whether you’re a millionaire or not on this site, it’s important to also have your photograph verified. You don’t want to be exposed to fake celebrity photographs or profiles. This site has an even male to female ratio so men or women have equal opportunities at finding good matches. Since there is a main paid option on the website, there is no advertising to be seen.

Elite Singles

If you’re looking for quality rich men dating sites, then Elite Singles is near the top of the list. This site is for well-educated and successful people. There are currently over 400,000 new members each month, significantly giving you a wide pool of potential dates. Of all members, about 85% of them have a higher-level certification or education. This company runs from the USA, but also is present in 25 other countries around the world. If you’re into in-person meetups with other singles, the site has partnered with CitySwoon. You can try speed dating online or in-person. You can sign up for a free trial account to see if it will work for you. if the limited free trial works out, you can switch to the paid option at about $45 USD per month. Like other rich women dating sites, you’ll need to dedicate some time to filling out your membership profile fully. This site doesn’t just focus on rich either, but also smart and attractive people, and fun people to be around. If you’re around age 30 years old then this site will be perfect for you! The site focusses on those who have their life together and are ready to meet a lifetime partner.

Top 6 Dating Apps for Rich People:

  1. Millionaire Match App: Millionaire Dating & Matchmaker App, a place for wealthy and attractive singles to meet and date.
  2. Coffee Meets Bagel App: Best for busy daters.
  3. Inner Circle App: it bring a curated circle of seriously cool singles together.
  4. Hinge Dating App: Best for quality interactions.
  5. The League Dating App: Best for professionals.
  6. Bumble App: Best for women.

Rich men dating sites and rich women dating sites can make the search much simpler, but you can also have an extra bit of help by signing up for one of the top 6 dating apps for rich people. Here we have narrowed down the options for millionaire dating site apps so you can find someone to date quickly.

Millionaire Match App

Millionaire Match also has a dating app that’s quite popular for those seeking rich women dating sites. The paid version is $70 USD per month. The app simplifies the process so you can keep up on your dating even when on the go. You won’t miss out on any messages when you connect with fellow actors, models, doctors, lawyers, investors, celebrities, and more. This dating app focusses on keeping members’ privacy secure. They do not disclose or share information with any other app or company. They use high-tech developers who understand what they’re doing to prevent glitches. You can use the app to find successful and attractive people near you. There is also an option within the app that displays certified millionaires. There is even a counsellor that you can chat with if you need dating advice. You can also get instant help if you’ve come across any problems. This is a real app that is not sugar-daddy based. It focusses on singles who really are interested in finding a partner for life, or even marriage or finding someone to have children with. There are currently hundreds of thousands of wealthy men and women using this app. Overall, the app reviews are quite high, which will give you a great chance of finding a successful match.

Coffee Meets Bagel App

Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating app created by three women in New York City who wanted to build a better dating experience than what is currently out there. While it doesn’t completely focus on millionaire dating, there are options to narrow that down in your search. This app focuses on singles who want a more modern approach to dating, or for those who are tired of swiping through endless profiles that just aren’t right for them. This is also a great app for those on a budget, as it’s free, though you can buy a reasonable paid membership version to fully unlock all the other features too. It’s easy to use and has a good customer support base should you encounter problems. Instead of swiping through endless profiles that aren’t right for you, there is built-in compatibility tech to help provide custom matching options. You’ll be sent a list of matches each day that will live close to you. This list will also be manageable, so you won’t get overwhelmed. The app will keep track, so you aren’t sent the same matches each day. Messages will be kept to a minimum. The app will only allow messaging if both parties have Liked each other’s profiles. If you do certain activities, you will earn in-app currency that can be used for various things, so you don’t have to charge up your credit card.

Inner Circle App

This app focuses on career professionals around the world who are seeking great romantic matches. This is an app that is trustworthy. The app is available for both iOS and Android. There are currently 50,000 members of both sexes. This app focusses on relationships rather than short hook-ups or sugar dates. Many new members have achieved great success in going on dates and finding love. The common age range is aged 25 years old to 34 years old. Not everyone can join this app as there is a screening process, and they are highly selective. You must be highly educated and successful, making this the perfect millionaire dating app. Anyone who signs up for an account must go through a strict screening process. This can take time so isn’t for those who are in a rush. For those who make it, there is a free version that allows for basic access. But like most other dating apps, you’ll have a better chance for success by signing up for a paid membership. This is reasonably affordable when compared to Millionaire Match, and starts at $40 USD per month. You can also upgrade to other features.

Hinge Dating App

The Hinge Dating app has some great reviews. This dating app is only app-based, there is no dating website for this company. The male membership is about ten percent higher, making it a great option for women seeking men. The app has a high success rate for members finding love or relationships. The age range is from 25 to 34 years old. This app also focusses on longterm relationships. Unlike many other apps, they don’t use an algorithm to feed you matches. Matches are done roulette-style, which means it’s a surprise! It’s important to fully fill out your dating profile, just like when you view someone’s profile. You can sign up for the first free month, giving you access to all the necessary tools you need. After that, you’ll have an option to sign up for the paid membership. This is quite reasonable at $5 per month. This app is for people seeking serious relationships, not casual hookups. It’s also for those singles who are seeking others just like them. This app is simple and easy to use. It’s easy to use the features to do dating searches. Members are encouraged to fully fill out their dating profiles, and there is a mobile verification process to prevent scammers.

The League Dating App

The League app was created for those who are finicky about who they date. They’re patient and don’t mind waiting longer to find the right match. This is a well-established company that focusses on career-driven people. There is an approval process where not everyone gets approved. This app isn’t for those who are in a rush to find a match, or those who aren’t patient enough to provide information for the verification process. It’s also not for those looking for a cheap app. This app will help to screen out those singles who aren’t at the same income level as you. This will also protect you from scammers lying about their careers. There is a limited free trial once your membership has been approved. The paid plans start at $67 USD per month, and up to $1000 a month for those who want access to all the features. About 250,000 new users sign up each day. Singles over the age of 40 years old are now allowed on the app, but the median age is 28 years old for men or women.

Bumble App

The Bumble app was created to address many of the concerns that women have when online dating. It will help to screen out unwanted messages that only waste time. It can be for casual or more serious relationships. There is a free trial and a paid trial, but members can also add paid features as desired. Women will have to feel confident in sending that first message out to men that they are interested in. Dating profiles are kept short and concise, which may be good for those who are busy. There is an equal number of male to female members. It’s also an app for those who are simply seeking friendships. There are also other alternative Bumble app options. If there is no interaction after 24 hours, the matches are lost, which is helpful in keeping the inbox full. The app is swipe-style for those who don’t mind going through listings. If you prefer, you can go into Incognito mode where you and others can only interact if you’ve Liked their profiles. A premium membership is expensive at $150 USD per month, with the additional Boosts adding up, but if you’re seeking millionaire matches then you can be confident that only people who can afford it are using the app.

Millionaire Dating Tips:

Here are a few dating tips to help you get past those stressful few messages and telephone calls so you can head out on your first real date. Be certain to only ask questions that you feel comfortable with answering yourself. Be the first one to mention something, before they ask, such as if you’re divorced, or you already have children. It’s also important to be yourself, rather than pretending to be someone you’re not. You’ll only be wasting your time and theirs, as you won’t be able to keep up that pretence. If you’re asked what you’re looking for in a rich person, don’t mention income levels or houses, simply mention how happy you’d be in certain situations. Here are also a few more tips to help you get started.

Where to Meet Rich Men?

Unless you live in Italy or France, you’re probably not going to be able to detect if a man is rich or not. You may be wondering where exactly you can meet rich men. Well, you’re probably not going to be allowed to just walk into a big corporate building in your city. You could chat with men in the grocery stores or at the bars, but they may steer clear if you start asking how much income they had on last year’s tax return. Instead, turn to online dating. The rich men dating sites, or rich women dating sites will offer you greater success, as you already know that your potential dates are millionaires. This screens out any dates who may be on social assistance or have low income, so you can focus on getting to know them and maybe even meet for in-person dates.

Do Millionaires Use Dating Sites?

Yes, millionaires also use dating sites. There may be some millionaires who came into their money through sheer luck. And then there are those who earned it through hard work. Chances are that they are still working hard, seven days a week. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of time to search for a good partner, but on the other hand, they want to share their lonely days and nights with someone. A millionaire will also enjoy the same convenience you do for a dating site or dating app. They’ll be able to browse through listings, generate auto-matches, and even send messages to chat with you to see if you might want to meet for a date. It’ll still mean effort for them, but they’ll still be eager to give this dating method a try.

Simple Ways to Get Noticed by High-Value Men on Dating Sites for Rich Men

Men are more susceptible to a beautiful woman’s photograph, while women usually ask about income or vehicles first. Ask a friend who owns a quality digital camera to help you take some photographs of yourself. Be sure to dress up for your photoshoot, wear makeup, and do your hair. Take a wide range of photos: serious, silly, professional, and smiling. Be sure to fill out your rich men dating sites profile completely. When you’re done, go over it twice, and also have a friend proofread it for errors or clarity. Leave out “I want I want I want” and instead enter some positive phrases in, such as “It would be wonderful to share my life…” or something along those lines.


You’ll have to put some energy into your online rich men dating sites search but once you start receiving responses you’ll be able to narrow down your hunt and hopefully start meeting millionaires for in-person dates. You never know, you may just find great success with millionaire dating and eventually get married and never have to worry about money ever again!

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