Top Synthetic Urine Kits. How to Pass Urine Drug Test With Fake Pee

Fake urine kit for drug test - What is it?

A fake urine kit for a drug test is a product that contains synthetic human urine and may come with a delivery system from small plastic tubing to a fake color matched penis to deliver the fluid.

Synthetic urine is a fluid made to resemble human urine. It has many of the same ingredients as human urine. It was initially produced by companies to test their lab machinery to make sure it is working before analyzing actual urine samples.

Here are some things it will likely contain:

  • Uric acid
  • urea
  • Sodium phosphate
  • Sodium chloride
  • Pure water
  • Potassium chloride
  • Creatinine

The top synthetic urines will have both uric acid and urea. All effective synthetic urines must contain creatinine. This is a byproduct of muscle metabolism that testers look for to make sure they have genuine urine. Some testers will look for a urine smell. Most testers will look to see that there’s some yellow coloring to ensure the sample is not too dilute.

How to Choose the best synthetic pee for drug test

To choose the best synthetic urine for a drug test, you just have to do the research and that’s what we’re gonna do here. Just follow along with us. We are gonna research the science, then look at the customer reviews.

Basically, the gold standard of synthetic urines is that you want the same synthetic urine that they are using to calibrate the drug testing machines, which is the primary use for synthetic urine to begin with, outside of hunting where hunters may try to draw in prey by leaving out urine scent traps. Companies make this synthetic urine to send to urine testing companies. Those companies test urine for drugs and/or to determine if a person has certain health problems that can then be examined and hopefully improved. It is used as the clean control sample to compare to positive samples.

You want to know:

  1. Is this urine used to calibrate testing machines?
  2. Does it contain urea?
  3. Does it contain uric acid?
  4. Does it contain creatinine?
  5. Does it smell like urine?
  6. Does it look like urine?
  7. What is the price?
  8. What are real people on social media saying about the product?

How to prepare for a test using a fake pee test kit

First off, you should determine whether the test will be observed or unobserved. Most tests will be observed. You will go into a bathroom alone and submit your sample. The Department of Transportation is a big consumer of drug tests because it has to make sure the workforce delivering goods across the United States are not on drugs, especially downers that can cause car accidents, prescribed or otherwise. However, one their site, they point out that drug tests are only observed under special circumstances and they are:

  1. You were caught trying to tamper with the test, now they wanna watch you pee. Which is good and bad because obviously they are giving you a second chance when they could just fire you.
  2. Sample was out of the temperature range and they are doing a second attempt.
  3. The tester has found evidence of an attempt to tamper. IE don’t leave detox products laying around in plain sight even if they are legal.

Here are some rules by the Department of Transportation of the United States and it’s a good litmus test.

1. The observer has to be the same gender. Yes, there are people who will tell you they have to watch you pee just to get a sexual thrill out of it when it is no part of the testing procedure. So, if you do not feel comfortable, ask why the test must be observed and ask for someone of the same gender to do the observation.

2. Some people can be patted down, i.e. checked for devices like the Whizzinator fake dong which is an admirable sized concoction that you can use to deliver your specimen. If they are going this far, surely this is a criminal case and you are probably a person who is used to getting in trouble, I mean, you got some nerve walking in with all that gear, god bless you. Do your thing. Anyway, if you try to defraud the court system you will be breaking federal law and this is inadvisable. If you have a drug problem, get help or try to quit on your own, or moderate yourself. But if you need this win with fake piss, sure, we’ll show you how to do it, but consider it just a patch, you still have to try to fix the problem. It’s a journey. It’s okay.

Will fake pee pass a drug test? - How to prepare

I have written on this subject for many years. I’ve done the research and passed on what I’ve learned. But, I sometimes go into the comments and see what people are saying. Some of it is heart wrenching. They say things like I’ve been able to keep my kids by using this synthetic urine. Or, I narrowly avoided a lengthy prison sentence using synthetic urine or detox products. So, I have to admit, sometimes, the stakes are kinda high, but don’t get nervous. If you’ve decided to do this, you may need a little practice. Now, as far as observed and unobserved tests go, I suspect some of the ones done for the court system may be observed. In fact, let’s check in our secret reddit groups, come hither, down the rabbit hole.

This one caught our eye. Landscaping job, they don’t need to watch you pee, you should really make an issue of that. Especially if it’s a male trying to watch a female urinate. Again, be aware there are just some people who want to watch you pee so do question them about being observed.

Despite the risk of lawsuits, there appear to still be a lot of male test administrators who will watch females urinate. Be aware you can make an issue of it and possibly be unobserved, no matter the gender. They appear to regularly overstep the authority they have. Anyway, be aware, unless it’s for something very serious, you will not likely be observed. And if someone tries to observe you for sexual reasons, let them know they aren’t gonna get their rocks off watching you pee this time, they may get a lawsuit.

But anyway, since we see these perverted bastards will sometimes try to watch you pee, you need to have a good plan if you’re using synthetic urine. So here’s how it goes and you may need to practice.

Let’s look at how you are gonna do it unobserved first so we get the logistics down.

Rule number one is find out if the test will be observed or not. How do you do this? Ask an employee. Ask someone who already works there. Ask a test administrator. Tell them you have a shy bladder and you get very nervous peeing away from home. Don’t be too obvious. But find out. If it’s unobserved here’s how you’re gonna do it then we will modify it for an observed test.

We’re gonna take a basic product as our example.

This is the Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Kit 6.3. It has all you need to pass a urine drug test unobserved. It does not come with a fake dong because that is not needed during unobserved tests. The manufacturers claim this exact formula is used to calibrate testing equipment so it is the gold standard.

Let’s see if it passes all of our questions:

Is this urine used to calibrate testing machines? Yes

Does it contain urea? Yes

Does it contain uric acid? Yes

Does it contain creatinine? Yes

Does it smell like urine? Yes

Does it look like urine? Yes

What is the price? About 40 bucks

What are real people on social media saying about the product?

This is a typical review. Most people appear to pass with Quick Fix Urine. The only time they have issues is if they didn’t warm it properly but you won’t have those issues because we are gonna look at the instructions now.

Here’s how a urine drug screen works:

  1. The tester will come to the place for sample taking or you will go to a lab like Labcorp or Concerta.
  2. They will give you a cup that holds about 8 ounces of fluid.
  3. It will have strips on it for temperatures and enzymes to react to the substances in the urine.
  4. You, if you were clean, would then pee your pristine baby piss into the cup, and you can be proud of yourself for staying drug free and avoiding a lot of pain and strain.
  5. Then you would put the sample into the little window or bring it out of the bathroom with you and give it to the tester while it is still at body temperature. You will usually not be allowed to flush the toilet because they want to make sure you’re not flushing away evidence of tampering with the sample.

How it’ll work for you is different, since you will need to smuggle in some synthetic urine. Here’s how to use Quick Fix.

How to pass a supervised drug test with fake urine

Quick Fix 6.3 Instructions

  1. At home, take the top off your synthetic urine bottle with the urine in it. You need to heat it up to body temperature in the microwave. This takes about 10 seconds.
  2. Check the temperature strip to make sure it’s at the right temperature. If it’s too hot, let it cool down a bit. If it’s too cool, put it back in the microwave for a few seconds. Don’t overdo it as it could burst outward and you’d have some explaining to do. Also, absolutely do this at home. A user actually tried to use the microwave at a gas station near the testing center and the cashier called the police and it was in the news. So, do be discreet. We know you may be proud of yourself and want to show the world how crafty you are, but this would be the time to not do that.
  3. Close the bottle and shake it.
  4. Now, you need to activate the hand warmer and place it on the bottle with the rubber band. It will last several hours and will stay at body temperature.
  5. You need to find a way to conceal this contraption on your body. Even if the test is unobserved, they may prefer that you not take fanny packs or pocket books into the bathroom with you. So, you’re gonna want to strap this somewhere onto your body. Most people put it in the groin. You need to do this at home and practice walking around with it. Make sure everything is secure. Some people wear two pairs of boxer briefs and put it in between.
  6. When you get to the testing center, in the bathroom, all you have to do is make sure the temperature strip reads correctly, then screw off the top, pour your sample in. Put the bottle and warmer back in your hiding spot to be certain you leave no evidence behind. And submit your sample.

What if you will be observed?

What’s the best fake penis for men? What’s the best fake piss kit for females?

Ladies! The stakes can be very high for ladies, let’s be honest. At best, you will be applying for a good job on which you can support your family. Or, you might just want to keep the job you have. On the other side, you could be looking at jail time or losing your kids, but you’re a tough nut, that’s why you’re here and that’s why we’re gonna do our best to getcha fixed up under the circumstances.

Women, normally will have more leeway in claiming that they are not to be observed, especially by males. But in some circumstances, in particular for methadone treatment, pain management, or criminal cases, some seedy males have maneuvered themselves into positions where they can watch women pee and some have shrugged off the lawsuits, I mean, this is something they really want to do with their lives so be it. Good news for women, you don’t need fake genitalia, because you’ll be sitting and they won’t be looking directly at it. For men, they actually want to see some flesh. And it needs to be the same color as the rest of you, yes.

Quick Fix sells a strap that you can strap to your leg. They also have custom underwear for male or female that will conceal the product. But if you are a female and the test is observed, you will need a bladder and ureters to excrete your synthetic urine undetected. So, yes, things will get a bit more complicated, but you will have time to practice this at home.

What’cha need? It’s a bladder and hose, quick fix sells it for about $ 60 and you will need it if you will be observed.

And you will absolutely need to practice to make sure you can pull all this off. But, usually, you will not be observed so closely and you can surely ask for some privacy. So, for a woman, this will tend to be sufficient. Men may need fake dongs or may want to risk using this and just making sure the hose is carefully concealed and that you can make it seem like you are not doing anything untoward while you are fiddling around with the machinery.

But if you’re a man and you need a fake dong, here’s what to get:

  • The Whizzinator is the premiere fake penis, urine delivery system. Be careful taking it onto planes as it may get seized and you may be questioned if the vials, powders, and fluid are chemical weapons. Such a fiasco cut short a promising football career for Onterrio Smith in the NFL some years ago.
  • Another popular product is the Monkey Dong. Obviously these are very well made and will cost a pretty penny.

Serious business right?

Obviously, you need to practice with all of these products and consult your local laws to make sure they are legal to purchase, possess, or use in your jurisdiction.

Pros and Cons of Quick Fix 6.3

While we are looking at Quick Fix, let’s look at the pros and cons. Quick fix is the gold standard.



1.  It’s used to calibrate lab equipment
2.  It has urea
3.  It has uric acid
4.  It has creatinine
5.  It is yellow
6.  It has a temperature strip
7.  It’s trusted in online groups
1.  It’s more expensive than just abstaining from drugs
2.  It could be illegal to purchase, possess, or use in your jurisdiction
3.  You have to make sure the temperature stays in the proper ranges

Now let’s look at the other top products:

This reddit user claims to have gotten a good result. We have seen other reviews like it. Testclear’s synthetic urine appears to have positive buzz.

Let's go through the questions:

  1. Is this urine used to calibrate testing machines? unknown
  2. Does it contain urea? unknown
  3. Does it contain uric acid? Yes
  4. Does it contain creatinine? Yes
  5. Does it smell like urine? Yes
  6. Does it look like urine? Yes
  7. What is the price? About 50 bucks
  8. What are real people on social media saying about the product? It gets a good buzz.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. At home, mix the powdered urine with water at room temperature.
  2. Go to the testing center an hour early and strap on the heating pad to get it to body temperature. We don’t know why they choose to do it this way but these are their instructions.
  3. Wait 45 minutes for it to get up to the proper temperature and proceed to your test. Good luck.



  • It is powdered so it can likely be stored unmixed for longer.
  • It’s simple to use.
  • Comes with a heating pad.
  • Gets good online reviews.
  • A bit more expensive than quick fix
  • Requires you to arrive at the testing center early and the heating pad could run out while waiting

Clear Choice Quick Luck

Let's go through the questions:

  1. Is this urine used to calibrate testing machines? Yes.
  2. Does it contain urea? yes
  3. Does it contain uric acid? Yes
  4. Does it contain creatinine? Yes
  5. Does it smell like urine? Yes
  6. Does it look like urine? Yes
  7. What is the price? About 100 bucks
  8. What are real people on social media saying about the product? It gets good buzz.

This reddit user passed with Clear Choice Quick Luck. Be sure to follow all instructions. Quick Luck has apparently been in use since 1993. This suggests its initial use was to calibrate machinery because this is the case for most companies that got an early start before everyone had broadband internet. Do use the heating pads. Some users have raised questions about the temperature raising heat activator formula. So to be certain it works, use the activator and the hand warmers.

To get it into the testing center undetected, you may have to dish out another $ 125 bucks for the Incognito Belt and hose. This may be necessary for females who may be observed. Absolutely practice at home first.

A second time, practice using it at home before you go to the testing center. The Pro of Quick Luck is that it’s an old and tested product. It has a patented formula with all the ingredients you need and they list the most important on the website, including uric acid, urea, and creatinine. The cons is that it is expensive. The accessories are expensive. And the heat activator appears to be iffy to use according to some online who claim to have gotten an inconclusive result.

The Urinator

The Urinator is a top, trusted product. It shines in that the urinary bladder contains a computer that keeps your urine body temperature. So, it’s a fail safe that makes sure the urine gets into the cup at the right temperature.

This reddit user got a good result. When looking at reddit reviews, make sure they have typing errors and sound like a real person to make sure it’s not an industry writer they hired to write a good review. The Urinator has been around for 21 years, which is a good track record. It comes with Dr. John’s Famous Pee which is also an old and trusted formula. You can’t go wrong with this one. It passes all of our questions as well.

They give you this video to show you how to use it. Easy peasy.
How to use The Urinator - Review of Usage

The biggest pro is that it contains an onboard computer to keep your urine warm. They have videos to show you how to do it and they have been in business for two decades. The biggest con is the price. It will cost you about $ 150 bucks, but this is in line with comparable products which don’t have an on board computer.

The Synthetic Urine FAQ:

Q: Why can’t I just borrow clean pee from my friend who doesn’t use weed?

Witchdoctor: Your friend may not be sure when was the last time he used weed. But more likely, he may have used other drugs like opiates or even ADHD medications that he is unaware will show up in a drug test due to being prescription drugs.

Q: Does synthetic urine work?

Witchdoctor: Yes, just make sure it’s one of the products we review above. Not all products are created equal. Some contain urea only, some uric acid only, and testers will be looking for both. The ones we review above are laboratory grade meaning they can be used to calibrate testing equipment and are indistinguishable from clean human urine.

Q: Can fake pee for a drug test be used for all types of tests?

Witchdoctor: Of course. It can be used successfully for tests of any drugs, for doping tests, and even for medical tests if you have to take a medical test that you don’t really want to take but the doctor is making a big deal of it.

Q. Can synthetic urine be detected?

Witchdoctor: The brands used to calibrate machinery cannot be detected, that’s why they are used to calibrate machinery. They don’t want to use real human urine because they would have to buy it from donors and it would contain bacteria which would cause it to spoil.

Q: What temperature should urine be for a drug test?

Witchdoctor: Between 94 F and 100 F. This is normal body temperature.

Q. How long does urine stay warm?

Witchdoctor: Your hand warmers should keep your urine warm for 2 to 5 hours. Any longer is too long to wait for a urine test. Reschedule if that happens, tell them you have somewhere to go.

Q: How to keep urine warm?

Witchdoctor: Any good synthetic urine will come with a hand warmer that will last several hours. Strap it to your urine bottle with a rubber band, give it at least 45 minutes.

Q. Will hand warmers overheat urine?

Witchdoctor: Hand warmers are set to keep the urine body temperature. This is because if it overheats and burns people’s hands, companies will get sued. They are sure to use only as much chemical as will remain at body temperature.

Q. How much fake pee is needed for a drug test?

Witchdoctor: 1.5 oz to 5 ounces. Any fake urine product will contain at least this much. Buy extra if you need to practice at home.

Q: How to make synthetic urine (DIY)? Is it possible?

Witchdoctor: It is no longer possible to make passing synthetic urine. It used to be in the past when tests were less sensitive. These are the ingredients:

  1. Urea
  2. Sodium Phosphate
  3. Creatinine
  4. Albumin powder
  5. Distilled water
  6. Potassium chloride
  7. Sodium chloride

If you’re a chemist of course, you could make it yourself. Most people will be better off just buying one of the products we review above for your convenience.

Q: Does synthetic urine expire?

Witchdoctor: Most products once mixed are good for two years. Check your own bottle as this varies across products.

Q: How long does urine stay good at room temperature?

Witchdoctor: Check your particular product. Powders will stay good for years. Liquids for up to two years but it depends on the product as some are completely sterile and others not.

Q: Can you freeze urine for a drug test?

Witchdoctor: Some synthetic urines can be frozen and thawed, others cannot, and some don’t need to be and will remain viable for up to two years. Ask your manufacturer.

Q: Stores that sell synthetic urine near me

Witchdoctor: You have to go to ‘headshops’ for the most part; however, some gas stations will sell top brands so just have a look around to see if they have the fake pee you want. Otherwise buy online directly from the maker to make sure you get no fake or imitation products. And check your spelling because unscrupulous companies will sell fakes that have a similar name.

Q: Does Walmart sell synthetic urine?

Witchdoctor: No. They may sell hunting urine which will not pass a drug test.

Q. Are there any female synthetic urine kits?

A: Yes. The Urinator, the Clear Choice Incognito Belt, and the Quick Fix bladder and hose can all be used by females. Also, each company that makes male dongs also makes female versions of the product so you’re completely covered. Just use a bladder and hose, practice at home, easy peasy.

Q: is there unisex synthetic urine available?

A: All synthetic urine is unisex. Urine is never tested by gender.

Q: Do synthetic urine belts work?

Witchdoctor: Absolutely, you just need to practice using it at home to make sure you’re good at it in case you have an observed test.

Q; Is Powdered Synthetic Urine Good?

Witchdoctor: Yes, powdered urine can work. Make sure it has all of the necessary ingredients. Make sure it is mixed properly and at the right temperature when submitted.

Q: Does synthetic urine work for labcorp urine tests?

In this reddit user and many others have said they passed Labcorp urine testing with synthetic urine.

Q: Will labcorp call you if you fail a drug test?

Witchdoctor: Those who receive the information will be the ones to either contact you or not. Good luck. Of course you always have legal access to your own medical records so they have to give you the info if you ask.


Synthetic urine has been around for decades. It is used to calibrate drug testing equipment and can also be used to pass a drug test. Be sure to check your local laws before buying or using these products. Use only in accordance with the law in your area. Good luck and protect your privacy!

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