Top Synthetic Urine Kits to Buy 2022: How to Pass a Urine Drug Test Using Fake Pee Brands

Cannabis continues to be a contentious issue on both a social and political level. Few individuals are aware of the advantages of utilizing Sativa-derived goods. Nevertheless, marijuana usage does appear to impair a person's capacity for coherent operation, particularly whenever it comes to their cerebral and physical abilities.

That's why most businesses, including those in the United States, ban the usage of cannabis internationally. Most certainly, a drug examination will be required of you whenever you try to get a job. Furthermore, failing will destroy your reputation as well as your prospects of getting a good position at a recognized firm or government agency.

What else must you do then?

It seems unjust if you're disqualified from a career only because you occasionally smoked marijuana or utilized it to treat a health condition. Right? Many drugs testing today depends mainly on urine samples. The best chance you might just have to pass the testing is to use synthetic(artificial) Urine instead of your own.

However, whenever we suggest this, your initial instinct could be to suggest that you request somebody else's Urine. Yet, that is not only repulsive; it may also land you in trouble. That technique isn't simple to execute at all! Although detoxification kits can be able to assist you in purging your system prior to an examination, you might not have adequate time for those.

Therefore, purchasing synthetic Urine is your best bet.

It is completely secure, readily accessible inside the marketplace, & secure, whether physical or digital. Even though using synthetic pee is a little unusual, it's worth trying! If you are unfamiliar with the concept of synthetic(artificial) Urine, you may not understand whether it would operate, or which item will do so without landing you in trouble.

You, therefore, need some assistance to ensure that you successfully pass the synthetic(artificial) urine doping test. There is no room for any trials, after all! Once finished, it's finished. Nothing you perform afterward can alter the outcomes, either.

We have chosen a few of the greatest, healthiest, and most efficient synthetic urine kits for you to assist you in getting out of this jam.

Learn more by continuing to read.

5 Best Synthetic Urine Kits Of 2022:

  1. Test Clear:  Greatest Synthetic Urine Kits Overall, Editor’s Pick
  2. Quick Luck: Most Popular Warm Fake Urine For Drug Test
  3. Sub Solution: Recommended Synthetic Urine For Home Drug Testing Kit
  4. Urinator: Most Handy Fake Pee Brand To Pass THC Urine Test
  5. Clear Choice Incognito Belt: Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Kit For Rapid Drug Detoxification

#1. Test Clear:  Greatest Synthetic Urine Kits Overall, Editor’s Pick

Test Clear's indeed the solution for you whenever you're searching for the perfect artificial urine simulator kit. With all of its chemical characteristics present, synthetic Urine acts just like actual human Urine. Getting pertinent info concerning the companies or their items digitally shouldn't be an issue because it's among the renowned companies in this market category.

You must combine it to produce the sample because it is a powder. Making the sample using freshwater that's at ambient temperature is advised and inserting the warmer into the container on the other end of the bimetallic strip is also advised.

The ideal heat should be reached in about 30 mins using freshwater that is at ambient temperature. Over enough time has passed. It is advised that you get to the drug testing center an hour before testing to give you time to make every necessary arrangement. On drug testing day, ensure you also arrange and prepare the samples.


Thermostatic Strips

Ensuring that powdery Urine is heated to the appropriate temperatures is the most crucial step in making it. Currently, it's very challenging to determine if you're on the correct path with no measuring equipment, but when utilizing this item by TestClear, determining the correct temperature is no longer a problem since it arrives with a temperature bimetallic strip.


Is that not the main reason why artificial Urine is used in the first instance? This powdery Urine's components are comparable to those found in actual human Urine. Therefore, the examination in no manner may reveal that it is not your own. Due to this, it's both completely secure to utilize and completely effective.

Extra Thermometer and Heater available

You won't need to bother if the exam is postponed since Test Clear includes an extra heater when you make your purchase. This will guarantee that your synthetic(artificial) Urine is undamaged and maintain its initial composition during the entire test. Additionally, you could add a thermometer to order during the acquisition period, which will provide you with a larger temperature range. As opposed to the temperature strip, it's also more precise.


The company has been in business for some time, and thousands of consumers trust it. They are reliable and provide accurate how-to manuals for creating samples with expiry dates.


The powdery urine kit includes a closed vial for the powder as well as another healthcare container with a blue cover for transferring the mixture once it has been mixed. They also include warmers to heat your Urine and a thermometer strip connected to another container. This guarantees the item's high quality and also that the synthetic(artificial) Urine it creates looks remarkably like genuine Urine.

Click here to visit the official website of Test Clear


  • Not too costly

  • Therefore, the powdery form seems to have a longer shelf span.

  • The greatest resemblance to actual Urine

  • Instruction manual affixed

  • Temperature strips, as well as Heaters, are included inside the packet.

  • It contains every component of actual Urine


  • You would have to create the samples based on your thought since it is powdery form.

  • You could miscalculate the amount of freshwater or the method of combining.

#2 .Quick Luck: Most Popular Warm Fake Urine For Drug Test

Quick Luck synthetic(artificial) urine was created using high-quality components as well as 18 years of experience in laboratory study, and it's intended to be absolutely untraceable. This artificial Urine is for both gender(unisex) and is created from 11 different chemical substances, including uric acid and urea.

Additionally, it is completely efficient. The powdery synthetic(artificial) Urine kit also includes two heat-up pads and a powder that activates heat. The finest feature of this item is how clean and pleasant it stays after activation for around 10 hours. Therefore, even when the examination schedule is postponed for some reason, you need not fret.

This powdery synthetic(artificial) urine kit is among the only items on the market right now that is premixed and includes all of these components and equipment. It's remarkably cheap as well. This comprehensive, efficient, reasonably priced powdery artificial urine kit could compete with little premixed synthetic(artificial) urine kits in the marketplace.


100% successful and unnoticeable

This PremixedPremixed artificial Urine seems to be the final outcome of one and half years of study, as we've already mentioned. It is entirely unnoticeable and devoid of poisons and bacteria, which ensures a 100% rate of success in completing a drug screening.


It is possible for both males and females to utilize this powdery Urine. Although sexual identity is not taken into account when administering a drug screening, it is nevertheless preferable to utilize a unisex urine specimen to be cautious.

Includes heat pads

The fact that this powdery Urine arrives with two warming pads is its finest feature. As we've already indicated, the temperature of the powdery Urine is crucial for ensuring that it completes the examinations.

However, increasing the temperature(heating) is difficult, and even a slight error can damage the whole specimen. Therefore, if an item includes heat pads just in a circumstance such as this, it greatly facilitates your task and reduces the possibility of accidentally heating the specimen and destroying the specimen.

Merchandise Description

A regular 3-ounce bottle of artificial or synthetic Urine, thermal activator dust, a thermal strip ranging from 94-100 ℉, and 2 Clear Choice heating pads are all included inside the Quick Luck synthetic(artificial) urine kit. In order to avoid any leaking during transit, the Urine becomes securely packed.

The warmed powder that's included inside the kits can rapidly boost the Urine's temperature; however, only remove the protective cover before usage. This makes it appropriate for any ending minute, unplanned drug tests. Utilize one heat pad just for routine warming; once triggered, it can last for over ten hours.

Client opinions

Numerous users of Quick Luck Elite Kit reported having cleared doping tests despite having little advance warning of testing. They are thrilled that this synthetic(artificial) Urine package has kept them from losing their jobs. The majority of consumers could achieve the ideal temperature with just the heat packs. Some, though, were grateful that the powder ended up being the last-minute lifesaver.

Click here to visit the official website of Quick Luck


  • Superior ingredients
  • The outcome of many years of study
  • Unisex
  • Includes all necessary equipment
  • 10-hour maximum shelf life
  • Simple to utilize
  • Includes uric acid


  • The company only ships to Canada and United States.
  • There is no elastomeric tube inside the packet.

#3. Sub Solution: Recommended Synthetic Urine For Home Drug Testing Kit

One of the greatest synthetic(artificial) urine goods in the marketplace is reported to be produced by Clear Choice. The components used to create the SubSolution Urine Kits are found in actual human Urine. This improves your opportunities of clearing the examinations successfully and making them the greatest synthetic(artificial) urine kit as well as exact duplicates of human Urine.

If you need to complete a drug examination, use the SubSolution Synthetic(artificial) Urine test-Kit. Your artificial Urine will pass for actual Urine whenever it relates to froth, texture, taste, sight, and most significantly, scent, thanks to its performance and durability!

This SubSolution solution was created considering the pH, creatinine concentration, relative density, and storage stability of actual human Urine. There are no poisons or biocides present in this artificial Urine either.


Numerous Favorable Reviews

The significance of favorable brand evaluations cannot be overstated. Only the info produced by SubSolution itself could be verified in terms of components, origin, as well as other details. However, it is in the reviews that we are able to observe the true picture as seen by a consumer.

The SubSolution Synthetic(artificial) Urine test-Kit has a solid ranking and a lot of favorable evaluations from consumers who attest to its efficacy in drug screenings. We could infer from them that it is priceless.

The formulation for Thermal Booster Powder

The fact that this synthetic(artificial) Urine has a thermal-activator powdered formula is its finest feature. The thermal activator is useful when you don't even possess enough period to just wait for synthetic(artificial) Urine to warm up to the appropriate temperature. Therefore, this powdered thermal-activator recipe will be useful.


Always choose synthetic(artificial) Urine that is gender neutral. There are just a few synthetic(artificial) urine items that are designed exclusively for ladies, but they're expensive and not available on many websites.

Moreover, the drug research laboratories only examine for the evidence of drugs as well as other harmful chemicals inside the Urine, not checking if maybe it's a male or female's own, so you do not need to bother concerning the sexual preference of synthetic(artificial) Urine.


Numerous chemical substances, including uric acid and urea, which mimic human Urine, are included inside SubSolution synthetic(artificial) urine. However, it can pass for actual pee because it's the ideal pH equilibrium, the right level of creatinine, as well as the right specific gravity.


The company offers its unique Thermal Activator ingredient, which raises the warmth of the synthetic pee to that of genuine Urine. It also shows two ceramic heat pads, each of which has a 10-hours lifespan.

Click here to visit the official website of Sub Solution


  • Made of high-quality goods
  • Regular size
  • Unisex
  • Premixed
  • Includes a formulated thermal activator


  • The latex tube is missing from the package.
  • Not including a thermometer strip in the kit

#4. Urinator: Most Handy Fake Pee Brand To Pass THC Urine Test

Test Clear's drew considerable attention for marketing their well-liked Urinator to assist people in passing drug tests. Because users are unable to keep the samples at the ideal temperature, Urine that's dependent on drug examinations frequently fails.

You don't need to be concerned about the temperature of your pee sample falling beneath 37˚c while using the Urinator's electronic pee-testing equipment. This is due to the fact that Urinator uses contemporary technology to regulate the solution's heat until you perform your test. Guidelines in great detail are included in the item kit. It isn't a difficult device, thus.

Additionally, the kit includes a free quantity of powdery artificial Urine. Eventually, the Synthetic(artificial) Urinator from Test Clear is a high conductivity urine screening gadget that keeps urine at the ideal screening temperature for more than four hours.

Its main features are the Urinator's 100% efficacy in drug testing and ability to be reused. There is no rivalry inside the marketplace for their unmatched levels of technology.



All the ingredients necessary to analyze for actual human Urine, such as urea, ammonia, and uric acid, are present inside the synthetic(artificial) Urine kept in the Urinator. Additionally, it ensures that the relative density and pH equilibrium are fairly near to those of actual Urine.


For the majority of people searching for less expensive options to clear drug screenings, the Urinator's 189 dollars price tag is quite prohibitive. Nevertheless, it comes with such a cutting-edge tool and is reusable many times over.

As a result, if you frequently have to submit to drug testing, this may be a wise purchase for you. Additionally, the cost shouldn't matter if your livelihood or the court appearance is on the line.


The Urinator indeed a simple-to-use tool that combines cutting-edge software to assist in heating urine prior to tests. The kit includes two different temperature bimetallic strips, a self-regulating computerized warming component, a bottle filler, a handbook, and powdery synthetic(artificial) Urine.

The only drawback to using this equipment is that you'll need to prepare your urine culture. Whenever you want to pass Urine, you could loosen the clamp while hiding it beneath your garments.

Click here to visit the official website of Urinator


  • One hundred milliliters double-port polypropylene IV-bag is included.
  • It includes a control technique that is computerized.
  • The microcontroller is attached to a foldable silicone warmer.
  • It contains a little blanket for thermal insulation.
  • It contains the warmth inside an IV bag to keep your epidermis from burning.
  • 100% successful in drug testing


  • Some individuals might consider it to become exceedingly pricey.

#5. Clear Choice Incognito Belt: Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Kit For Rapid Drug Detoxification

The synthetic(artificial) Urine supplied by the Incognito Belt's indeed the greatest synthetic(artificial) Urine, manufactured from 11 different hidden chemicals such as uric acid as well as urea. This is so because it doesn't only have most of the qualities of genuine human Urine. Also, it's toxin-free.

The synthesized urine kit includes storage bags, a silicone tube, and a thermal pad to retain the Urine (pee) at the same warmth as your own body system. The silicone tube facilitates the flow of Urine and could even be worn around your waistline beneath your clothes.

Clear Choice is among the most well-known and trusted brands in the artificial urine industry, offering a comprehensive range of extremely effective artificial urine and detoxification goods.

As a result, we've included three of their artificial urine packages inside this Buyer's Guide. In addition, the synthetic urine company has 28 years or even more of training and expertise under its fold, founded in 1993. As a result, the company's synthetic Urine is still among the most wanted inside this marketplace.


Ingredients of Superior Quality

The use of top-quality components ensures that the qualities of the synthetic Urine are identical to those of genuine human Urine. Furthermore, artificial Urine should have a longer life span to enable you to utilize it whenever you want, not before the examination.

Packaged with the apparatus

A number of things must be used correctly while utilizing artificial Urine. Although some synthetic urine firms prefer to offer them individually, trustworthy companies put all of them on sale together.

You will receive a silicone tube through which the Urine would pass and a storage bag for artificial Urine. As a result, you won't have to bother purchasing them individually.

Pollutants and biocides are not present

The primary reason for purchasing synthetic(artificial) Urine is to guarantee that your confirmatory drug testing is clean. To accomplish this, you must verify that the Urine (pee) includes no evidence of cannabis as well as other illicit narcotics or poisons.

There is no need to be concerned about just the existence of other types of medications or poisons with this item. This artificial Urine has been examined and thus meets item quality standards.

Customer-Friendly Procedures

The business offers free sailing, quick contact with customer support for all types of inquiries, cash back assurance, and simple payment choices featuring bitcoins in addition to all modes of payment.

Effective Client Service

The company webpage's FAQs area contains important info and addresses commonly asked inquiries. The client support group is accessible Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm. You could easily get in touch with them if you require any further assistance.

The expert group of corporate executives will support you in each and every possible manner, from purchasing and financing options to luxury consumption. You could as well reach out to them via their mail.

Click here to visit the official website of Clear Choice Incognito Belt


  • Recipes of the high standard that render it more genuine
  • There are two warming pads.
  • Presence of a bladder sack and a silicone tube
  • Lightweight equipment
  • Simple to transport, utilize, and distribute at the appropriate time
  • Premixed
  • Unisex
  • The life span of one year
  • Biocide-free
  • Completely effective and unnoticeable
  • Free sailing on purchases of 135 dollars or more
  • Cash back assurance is available.


  • There is no info about the odor of the pee.
  • Only ships to the United States and Canada.

How We Made the List Of Top Synthetic Urine Brands to Beat a Weed Test with Fake Urine?

Another of the simplest and most dependable routes to pass doping(drug) examination with no issues is to use synthetic(artificial) Urine. That's if you're somebody who might be initially suspected of having narcotics in your body system.

It's true what you just read! There is such a phenomenon as synthetic(artificial) Urine, and it could prevent you from failing drug examinations by appearing to be genuine Urine.

We comprehend that it might be challenging to choose the greatest counterfeit urine company for you among the wide range of possibilities available; this is especially true given the number of con artists and unscrupulous merchants who offer false, outdated, or subpar synthetic(artificial) Urine for sale.

The following factors guided our investigation and evaluation of a number of items from various vendors as we compiled our listing of the greatest five synthetic(artificial) urines:

Growth Rate

We started by taking into account the companies with a track record of success. Nobody likes to take risks whenever it concludes drug testing for work. Consequently, the items we've selected are efficient and consistent.

For quite a while now, these synthetic(artificial) urine kits generally have assisted many cannabis users in completing drug testing. They are renowned for keeping urine temperatures, which is necessary for the completion of the drug examination.

A Shelf Life

In order to ensure that the ideal warmth, structure, color, as well as scent, are maintained, we searched for a synthetic(artificial) urine kit with an extended shelf lifespan. The synthetic(artificial) urine testing kits we looked at are suitable for quick screening. Additionally, the frothing of these synthetic test solutions resembles that of actual human pee.


The parts make up the composition of a synthetic(artificial) urine kit that is incredibly trustworthy. Numerous substances, such as salt, mercury, magnesium, creatinine, uric acid, urea, etc., can be found in an individual's Urine.

Therefore, we verified if the synthetic(artificial) urine kit's ingredients matched those found in the actual Urine. Our greatest five synthetic(artificial) urine kits are typically created under strict supervision inside GMP-certified facilities, and they are then optimally preserved before being for sale.

Effortless Use

We don't want clients using synthetic(artificial) urine products to experience difficulty. A high-quality synthetic(artificial) urine kit seems to be simple to utilize and healthy for your health. It also includes a pamphlet with comprehensive instructions. So, everything you ought to do now strictly adheres to the directions.


In this write-up, we solely highlight the companies that have quick shipping. We are aware that anticipating a doping test might cause anxiety. Consequently, obtaining the merchandise more quickly will benefit you more.

Best-in-class synthetic urine manufacturers make sure their clients receive their products on schedule. Furthermore, several brands offer a cash-back assurance if good doesn't satisfy the consumer.


Prior to shipping, synthetic(artificial) urine kits must be carefully wrapped. For companies who sell premixed synthetic(artificial) Urine, that's even much more important. Therefore, we concentrated on companies that make products with eco-friendly packaging to guarantee that buyers receive high-quality goods.

Customer feedback

Generally, we demanded to discover what the clients thought. So, in order to determine which companies’ consumers are happy with, we studied evaluations and carried out polls. We also took another look at how well-liked these companies are on social networking sites.

Finally, we listed five important synthetic(artificial) urine kits immediately after a thorough examination and considering experts' recommendations. However, we strongly advise doing your homework before making a purchase. Synthetic(artificial) urine kits have been widely used for ecological operations, investigation, teaching, schooling, practical jokes, and doping tests.


The listing of vendors we selected is reputable and dependable. They make absolutely sure that the artificial Urine of the best standard with appropriate expiry dates is marketed.

Buying Guide: How To Pass a Drug Test Using Fake Pee?

Drug examinations are thorough and harsh, and staying hydrated or mixing Urine would not enable you to succeed. If you stumble once, you might lose a promising career. Furthermore, you may be punished lawfully. Therefore, whenever your career is online, it's indeed best to stick with trusted companies.

Recipes: Secured and non-infectious

The item you purchase should have the proper active ingredients, such as urea, ammonia, salt levels, and creatinine. Furthermore, you should check to see if the acidity or alkalinity and general appearance of the synthetic(artificial) Urine are comparable to those of human pee.

How to utilize Powdery and Fluid Artificial Urine: Advantages and Disadvantages

Synthetic (Artificial) urine kits, generally, are accessible both in powdery and watery formats. If it's in powdery form, you must make the urine solution just by pouring the appropriate quantity of water.

Most powdery urine kits, generally, are made from dehydrated organic human Urine. In contrast, watery synthetic(artificial) Urine is concentrated and premixed. As a result, preparing samples from liquid pee is extremely simple. Nevertheless, one disadvantage of liquid pee is that it's a limited shelf-life span than dried Urine.

Urine Temperature Maintenance

The temp of urine samples fluctuates around 90 to 100 °F. Anything over this particular temperature is indeed obvious disapproval. A healthy individual has a body temp of 98.6 ℉. The objective ought to be only to maintain the temp of your samples around 96 °F.

Tricks for Storing Synthetic(artificial) Urine

Once you've decided on a company, keep the urine(pee) kit inside the best possible atmosphere. Certain conditions, such as excessively higher or lower temperatures, moisture, and inappropriate access to dirt as well as oxygen, might shorten the storage lifespan of synthetic(artificial) Urine. All of them break down the chemical bonds of the chemicals found in Urine. Ensure to check the expiry date prior to use.

Read all the guidelines carefully

Do not attempt to make the test urine mixture without first reading the instructions properly. Make careful to warm your samples as directed by the manufacturer. Increased heat on the sample could harm it. Furthermore, it's always suggested that you utilize such kits in accordance with federal and state laws.

Finally, please remember that synthetic(artificial) Urine is not inexpensive. If you purchase it from the private entity website, check sure it is genuine. If this is your first time using the kit, take enough time to obey the directions and avoid becoming frightened and struggling with it. A little practice with the synthetic(artificial) kits prior to the drug screen will help you pass.

Synthetic Urine: FAQs

Q1. What exactly is synthetic(artificial) Urine?

Synthetic(artificial) Urine is created inside a research laboratory that has the same chemical structure and personal features as biological Urine created by human respiration. Because most drug screenings contain urology, synthetic(artificial) Urine's increased in popularity among cannabis enthusiasts.

They don't want to forfeit their jobs since they like cannabis. Besides being used to pass drug screening, synthetic(artificial) Urine is as well used for investigation, wildlife operations, and diversions.

Q2. Is synthetic(artificial) Urine effective?

Synthetic(artificial) Urine is very good at passing tests. Assume you purchase the so-called kit from just a trustworthy company, follow the directions, and keep the Urine (pee) at the proper temperature until shipping it for testing.

In that situation, you will undoubtedly pass the exam. Furthermore, before selecting the pee, examine your body weight, maturity, and healthy appearance to ensure that the data collected is comparable with the biochemical parameters.

Q3. Which is more effective, powdery, or fluid Synthetic Urine?

Powdery and fluid synthetic(artificial) urines can have benefits and downsides. Although fluid Urine could be utilized immediately, its shelf life is lower than that of powdery Urine.

Furthermore, powdery Urine is simply a desiccated type of human Urine. As a result, it smells very similar to real Urine. On the contrary, a standard powdery solution cannot be created immediately.

Q4. Is it possible to heat synthetic(artificial) Urine?

Most synthetic(artificial) urine kits inside the marketplace must be preheated to mimic the temp of genuine Urine. Aside from heating powders supplied with the package, you could also utilize microwaves or the human body as well as hand warmth to keep the temperature of the urine stock solution.

Q5. What amount of synthetic pee do I require for drug screening?

The minimum amount of synthetic(artificial) urine for drug screening is 30 milliliters. They could, nevertheless, demand roughly 45 milliliters under specific government limits. As a result, it is preferable to supply a 50 to 60 milliliters urine sample for the examination.

Conclusion: Which fake urine brand do you prefer?

Always choose a reputable brand while using synthetic urine; either your goal is to complete a background check, undertake experiments, or just fool your friends.

The majority of the best artificial kits are gender neutral. Additionally, they are healthy and harmless for the epidermis.

Therefore, any accidental leaking won't harm the consumer in any way. The company that is right for you can be determined with the aid of this shopping guide.

Nevertheless, TestClear powdery synthetic(artificial) urine remains our favorite due to its ease and ability to disguise. You could choose yours now since you have this data.

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