Cop Story Not All it Seems to Be

I'd like to comment on "Caught on Tape" [February 21]. Ms. Stevens has been taping this cop since April of 2006. Now why would anyone be taping phone converstations for 8 months and state that they are so afraid of this person and this person is harassing them. If someone was harassing me, I wouldn't keep answering the phone and continue to hold conversations with them. Even worse I would not be calling them numerous times or go places with them and later state that they were stalking me. Would you invite a "so called stalker" over for Thanksgiving dinner? Ms. Stevens did! Come on, when are you and everyone else going to realize this is a game for these two idiots. Did Ms. Stevens even comment in your story? Doesn't appear that way to me. So why is her convicted felon brother Emanuel contacting you about this story? Sounds like revenge. Sounds like he is a punk who isn't man enough to face this guy and is now using the police and the media to get revenge. The only victim in my eyes is their son, who is going to suffer in the long run when he has no medical coverage and no responsible person to financially support him. Does Ms. Stevens even have a job? Sounds like a scorned woman seeking revenge who doesn't care about her son's future. What do the parents tell this boy 10 years from now when he finds out about this fiasco? Good job, mom and uncle, you screwed my father over and hurt my future. Another child you and I have to support because these two idiots are too stupid to realize that this little boy is the one losing out. Someone who knows these two idiots, Parma