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One More Vote for FitzGerald

The PD sure did its best to sink Ed FitzGerald's ship with tenuous corruption innuendo ["Stained?", October 20, 2010]. In the end, voters saw through the smoke and mirrors. Fitz is clean; one phone call from Dimora and awarding a contract to the lowest bidder did not change that. As a Lakewood resident, I think he made some noticeable improvements for the city, financially and otherwise. I expect he will do the same for the county.


Paying Respects

Not much of a Scene fan, but thank you very much for the respect for Stella Salamone in your article ["WRUW Loses Its Stella," November 3, 2010].


Yet Another Loss for WRUW

Thank you for the fine look at our dear friend Stella. Sadly, there have been three deaths, not two, among WRUW's old guard this fall: Cuzin' Dave Wilson and Stella, as you mentioned, and also long-time programmer Martin Drabik, who died just a few weeks ago after a long illness. This is a hard time for WRUW and its listeners. Much love and support to that station and the bereaved families and friends of all the DJs they've lost.

Erstwhile RUW DJ

Best Workout in Town

I've been going to CrossFit in downtown Cleveland for three years, and I love it [Best of Cleveland, October 13, 2010]! Their space is three times larger than Lakewood, with tons of hours, and easy access just seconds off of the I-90/Superior exit. Nothing works as well as CrossFit!


A Play House Performer's Greatest Hits

The Cleveland Play House did indeed sell Salar Nader's CDs in the Bolton lobby ["Skimming the Surface," Ocober 27, 2010]. I agree with you that he's a real artist. We were very fortunate to have him and the extraordinarily talented cast of The Kite Runner here.

E.D. Taylor, Assistant to the General Manager

Cleveland Play House

Crime & Punishment

I agree with the punishment ["Filming High School Girls' Fight Lands North Olmsted Student in Trouble," at clevescene.com]. People are pre-planning these types of fights in order to get them posted on social websites. For those who do not think there was a problem with him posting the fight on Facebook, I'm sure it would be a problem if your child, brother, or sister was the one getting the crap beat out them. It's about preventing this type of behavior from spiraling out of control. This type of video is getting more and more popular over the internet. A ten-day suspension will make others think twice about posting these fights.


Auteur on Campus

This is a ridiculous punishment for what he did and should be reversed. His parents ought to bring a lawsuit against the school immediately. Shooting a video and putting it on Facebook is hardly a crime, and the old farts who handed down this punishment need to get a grip. Maybe he's the next Steven Spielberg in the making!!!


Certain Inalienable Rights

Excuse me ... but WHAT CRIME DID HE COMMIT? The last time I checked, the Constitution insures us the right of free speech. How is filming a fight illigal? I have seen much more egregious videos posted on YouTube. Can someone explain to me exactly what law was broken?


What Became of the Girls?

Just curious: What was the punishment for the girls that were in the fight ["Filming High School Girls' Fight Lands Student in Trouble," at clevescene.com]? Will they be getting a recommendation for expulsion? The student wouldn't have had anything to film or post had those lovely ladies not been in a brawl.


The Age of Enlightenment

North Olmsted needs to lighten up. Teens are going to fight, there is no place on earth that there is no violence, and all this suspension/expulsoin crap is what is making them look bad. Let the kid back in school, suspend the girls for three days, and be done with it.


It's the Parents' Fault

When are parents and teens going to accept responsibility for their actions? Actions have consequences, both good and bad. All parties involved in this need to accept the consequences of their actions.


You made teitter and facebook now you want to punish this kid for using this website. Since the website causes so much trouble why not shut it down? We give these kis these avenues and then we punish them for using them,hell I am confusssed. I don't support these websites because of the harm it has caused many people. Shut the site down or improve the site so that no one is harmed by the things that are allowed to be placed on there. His parents should sue the school district for their actions, which could cause their child to miss out on a ride to college, this child's future is on the line because of some BS.



I think the punishment fits the crime. Teenagers today go beyond moral values and are allowed to get away with alot. An example needs to be made to deter this type of behavior. Otherwise copy cats will do this and the fights would get increasingly more severe, until someone is hospitalized or worse. The internet was not created for clips of stupidy and we need to clean it up, starting with our children. bad enough there are adults out there that work in Media, that a re not good examples either, such as Jack ASS movies and other stupid reality shows. Its sad we have lowered are standards for our Children, who our suppose to be our future. Dont get me wrong, I beleive in freedom of Speech, but there needs to be a line of stupidty people should not be allowed to cross.

David O


Every single television station that has ever televised pictures of war, people dying, aftermath of plane crashes, heavyweight boxing matches, Ultimate Fighter etc should be shut down also.<br>

We all watch death destruction mayhem and malice all day long on the tube, so to me this is pretty darn tame.<br>

Yes suspend the girls, they were the ones actually violating a school policy. I have not heard wether it is against school policy to have a video camera. If the boy was not supposed to have the camera, then fine, suspend him for a day or 3, but expulsion ?<br>

I'd be looking for some new school officials if I lived there.