City of Euclid Reaches $450,000 Settlement With Black Man Who Was Beat by Police Officer During Traffic Stop in 2017

Hubbard is on the ground in this video still
Hubbard is on the ground in this video still

Euclid will pay $450,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by Richard Hubbard and Yolimar Tirado over a 2017 traffic stop during which police officer Michael Amiott beat Hubbard. The incident was captured on video and became a national story.

Amiott was fired by the city of Euclid but later got his job back through arbitration.

“In these situations, the indignations that African Americans suffer often go unseen, unheard and uncompensated,” Christopher McNeal, the lawyer for the pair, told “I’m grateful that these individuals will be compensated for the pain and suffering that they went through.”

After being stopped for driving on a suspended license, Hubbard was directed by Amiott to turn around to be handcuffed. Hubbard did not face away from the officer quickly enough when asked (in order to be handcuffed) and a physical ending with Amiott punching Hubbard in the head followed. Euclid contended that Hubbard was forcefully resisting arrest — he still faces a pending charge in the city. The lawsuit contended the officer used excessive force.

Tirado was a passenger in the car and can be seen kneeling near the duo during the confrontation.

You can watch the dashcam video from the incident below.