Lyrical Assassins

New group mixes jazz, poetry, and hip-hop with a dash of self-righteousness.

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The local hip-hop and poetry collective Shogun Assassins makes its debut at the In the Living Room Café tonight. “We’re a group expressing outlooks from multiracial, cultural, and class variations of modern society,” says founder Malikee Ikiru.

They’ll perform tracks from their CD, Warrior’s Blood, which comes out later this month. It’s a politically and culturally charged record --which reflects the Assassins’ dedicated idealism, says Ikiru. “Genocide in places like Sudan, bombing of children in Palestine, unanswered police shootings, and our everyday neighborhood killings make us a group affected by and reflecting the surrounding society,” he says. Local poets G-Styl and F.R.E.E host tonight’s outing. DJ Q-Nice mans the turntables. But the focus is clearly on the Shogun Assassins crew -- which blends Sun Ra-style jazz noodlings, Gil Scott-Heron-like spoken-word musings, and some old-school rap in its live performances. “We’re bringing back that real hip-hop -- keeping it combined with spirituality, culture, and politics,” says Ikiru. “The world outlook is often a closed view. People need exposure to open perspectives to continue growth and change.”
Wed., Sept. 5, 9 p.m.

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