Soldier Girls

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Like many buddy pics, Close to Home begins with the two central characters despising each other. But in this case, the would-be pals are 18-year-old women working for the Israeli army. Their job is to patrol Jerusalem’s streets, checking the IDs of Arabs. One’s a homebound toady who snitches on her fellow soldiers; the other is a rebellious troublemaker who shirks responsibility. After a bomb explodes near their post, the girls tentatively bond. Soon, they’re shopping for hats, checking out guys, and hanging out together. Co-writers and directors Vardit Bilu and Dalia Hagar based the movie on their own experiences, and the personal touch resonates. The film rarely takes a political stance, focusing instead on initial chasm between the women and their eventual hot-and-cold relationship. More than anything, it’s a celebration of freedom in even the most constraining circumstances.
Sat., June 2, 5:05 p.m.; Sun., June 3, 8:50 p.m.
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