Graeter's Introduces New Line of Vegan Ice Creams

Graeter's Introduces New Line of Vegan Ice Creams

Whether you're vegan for health reasons, personal choice or simply preference, one of Ohio's favorite ice cream chains will soon be offering a sweet treat just for you.

Graeter's has partnered with California-based food technology company Perfect Day to introduce a brand new line of ice creams, "Perfect Indulgence," using animal-free dairy protein.

The vegan series of ice creams will feature traditional favorites like cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, black cherry chocolate chip, chocolate, Oregon strawberry and chocolate chip — with plans to eventually roll out additional flavors such as Madagascar vanilla bean.

It should be noted that their most popular flavor, black raspberry chocolate chip, is not on this list. Perhaps it falls into the category of "flavors to come."

On the creamery's website, they note that the vegan treat does contain certain milk allergens and that folks with sensitivity to "other dairy" should read through the panel of ingredients.

“The taste of Perfect Indulgence is exactly what our customers have come to expect after 150 years of bringing them irresistibly indulgent ice cream,” said Richard Graeter, fourth-generation family member and president and CEO of Graeter’s Ice Cream in a press release.

“We are excited to finally be able to serve authentic Graeter’s indulgence to guests who choose to eat vegan or cannot enjoy our regular ice cream due to a lactose intolerance. Until now, we couldn’t put our name on a vegan product because it simply did not live up to our standards. But now, with Perfect Day, we can.”

But how does it compare to the decadent dairy delight we've grown to love over the past 150 years? The Graeter's folks say it's "virtually indistinguishable" from their typical cream-based offerings, by incorporating "animal-free protein from microflora rather than cows, which makes for a kinder, greener and more sustainable future," the press release reads.

"We’re honored to partner with Graeter’s Ice Cream, a venerable brand beloved across generations for its great taste and uncompromising quality," says Perfect Day. "This is just the beginning of what we see as a tremendous opportunity to share delicious, animal-free dairy with people in a mainstream capacity.”

The vegan line of ice creams will be available online beginning Nov. 27, and will be ready for scoopin' at stores starting Dec. 1.
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