Kevin Costner as the Browns GM: Watch The Trailer For 'Draft Day'

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Dennis Leary as the Browns head coach, left, and Kevin Costner as the GM, right.
  • Dennis Leary as the Browns head coach, left, and Kevin Costner as the GM, right.

The trailer for the Browns-focused movie "Draft Day" popped up online yesterday and it looks like quite a doozy. It blends real footage with fictional characters and centers around the the drama of picking first in the NFL draft. Kevin Costner plays Sonny Weaver Jr, the general manager of the Browns facing all the pressure of the franchise-changing pick. In the original script, the team was to be the Buffalo Bills, but the movie studio got more incentives to film in Ohio and the Browns were a logical substitution.

The NFL and ESPN signed off on the movie, so there's actual game and draft footage in "Draft Day," and a little acting by broadcasters Jon Gruden and Chris Berman. But approval from the image-conscious league and network means the movie will play it safe with storylines and language (see this New York Times story the NFL's anger of the league's portrayal on ESPN's Playmakers and the networks subsequent dropping of the show).

In "Draft Day," there's a very brief shot of Costner/Weaver watching the 2011 Ohio State-Wisconsin game — where then-senior quarterback Russell Wilson threw for 253 yards and three touchdowns — but the story isn't centered around why the Browns took Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden instead of Wilson in that draft (that would be an intense movie). The prospects in this movie are fake: ESPN football announcer Jon Gruden says "Bo Callahan, he's the sure-fire, slam dunk, number one pick."

The movie is scheduled for April. Take a look at the trailer here:

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