Army of One: Our Bad

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The last couple blog items about Army of Anyone said the show was Thursday. That was wrong. Our fault. Army of Anyone concert takes place at House of Blues -- and we double-checked this time -- TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19. Doors 6:30 p.m., shows starts at 7:30, with a set by local alt-rockers Blush. To make it up to you, here's a few words from singer Richard Patrick and guitarist Dean DeLeo: DeLeo's explanation for the failure of Talk Show, Stone Temple Pilots' previous attempt to replace the infamously flaky singer Scott Weiland: "I don't know that Dave Koontz really enjoyed that," explains DeLeo. "He'd been in band in the '80s, and he was a great singer, but he got out of it, and he hadn't sung for a lot of years. And STP had been touring the planet for five years, and we were pretty seasoned. It was hard on him." And Patrick, who long ago traded in Cleveland's gray skies for sunny L.A., on his hometown: "I really hope that Cleveland's musical scene has flourished. Cleveland will always be one of my favorite places in the world. Cleveland's industrialness, the fact that it's a rustbelt survivor, it helped create that industrial sound. Other cities started it, but it leant itself to that thinking - dirty gray skies and smoke stacks -- and without that being there, I don't think I would have latched onto industrial music as hard as I did. I love it with all my heart." -- DX Ferris

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