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Meet the Band: PHX (vocals), Dmills (guitars), BTEE (drums), J (bass)

The '80s: Drummer BTEE and guitarist Dmills started the band back in the '80s when they were still in high school. "It was a typical '80s metal band," says J. "They played lots of covers but they quickly decided they wanted to write original material." While the band petered out for a bit, the group re-launched in 1997 and has been going steady ever since. "We find ourselves to be unique in that we are family men, career men, in our forties, playing what we feel to be solid music," says J. "Our music straddles the line between hard rock and metal, with a Chuck Taylor on one side and a steel toe on the other."

A Working Class Band: The band only plays five or six shows a year but prides itself on its live show. "We put everything we have into each one of them," says J. "We are characters on and off the stage, but not goofballs. We conduct ourselves as professionals and respect everyone. We love sun, surf, and hot rods, and it shows in the performance. When we're on the stage you will know it. It's the sound, the attitude, the stage equipment made from car parts, the flattops and fades, the work pants and the ink."

Coming Soon: Don DeBiase (Beneath the Sky, Modern Day Escape) is producing the band's new album, an EP due out by end of summer/early fall. "It's going to be heavy and melodic at the same time," says J. "Our influences come from Priest and Maiden. It esssentially sounds like a cross between Alice in Chains and Pantera."

Why You Should Hear Them: Songs such as "Sometimes" and "Always Remember" are sneering, old-school metal anti-anthems that feature growling vocals and fierce guitar solos. "DMills is phenomenal," J says of the group's guitarist. "He gives such depth and dynamic to the music. Our songs start with a riff and then build up. It sounds so full. He doesn't use any effects. It's just him. That gives it a raw sound."

Where You Can Hear Them:

Where You Can See Them: Rogue performs with Bound by Fate, Something Involving a Monkey, Demons Within, Scarwork, Mercury Lake, Kharmah, My Dying Breath and Devil's Pill at 7 p.m. on Saturday, July 6, at Peabody's.

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