Joan of Arc

With Love of Everything and the Dreadful Yawns. Wednesday, March 19, at the Grog Shop.

In the Blood Dobama Theatre, 1846 Coventry Road, Cleveland Heights Through March 30, 216-932-3396.
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc
Pause for a moment, music fan, to consider advertising: Do 30-second TV spots reflect or determine the culture? Take one of TV's most enduring commercial campaigns: Miller Lite's "Less Filling/Tastes Great." A group of people engage in a debate more concerned with the rhetorical possibilities of what they discuss than the thing itself.

"Less Filling/Tastes Great" is a fitting analog for the debate swirling around Joan of Arc: A group of people, most of whom own at least one pair of dark-rimmed glasses, argue the myopic question of whether Joan of Arc is "emo" or "post-rock." Passions are enraged -- but not because anyone really likes the music much. For the record, here's one opinion that Joan of Arc is low-cal post-rock: Frontman Tim Kinsella has a bad case of the Jim O'Rourkes -- he wants to be weird and oblique and counter-melodic, but his wailing tremolo gives the pose away. Granted, the new, all-analog So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessness conjures up more interesting sonic frictions than Joan of Arc has managed on past releases, but here's the rub: No one goes on music diets or worries about getting a music gut, so why not just listen to Gastr Del Sol, instead of settling for Gastr Lite?

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