King of the Hill

A royal Wii game tops this week's picks

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Little King's Story


One of the best real-time strategy games for the Wii is also one of the best videogames of the year. There's a whole world to explore as a newly appointed king of a land that's filled with engaging characters and involving storylines. Prepare to put some major time in with this one. It's a long adventure, but it's also a fun and fulfilling one.


Beastie Boys: Ill Communication


The third Beasties reissue of the year oughta keep fans busy, since their new record has been pushed back. The 1994 follow-up to Check Your Head follows that album's formula: some hip-hop, some funky instrumentals, some punk. "Sabotage" is here, but so are "Sure Shot," "Root Down" and "Get It Together." A second disc includes remixes and live cuts.




This cool stop-motion fantasy by Henry Selick, who directed the cool stop-motion fantasy The Nightmare Before

Christmas, is one of the year's best movies. It's about a little girl who falls into a world that isn't what it appears to be. Be sure to watch it on Blu-ray, where the stunning visuals pop from the screen. The 3D version helps too.


NCAA Football 10

(EA Sports)

Every year this title closes the gap on Madden

for the best-football-sim title. This year's outing (for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) goes in for the kill. There are tons of things to play around with here (including an online Season Showdown mode, where gamers build up credits based on strategies and trivia contests), so it's not just about game day.


12 Monkeys


Terry Gilliam's 1995 apocalyptic masterpiece, now available on Blu-ray, is even more dystopian than his earlier Brazil. Bruce Willis plays a time traveler searching for the cause of a virus that wiped out most of mankind. Brad Pitt is one of the crazies he meets along the way. The HD makes it all look terrifyingly surreal.

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