Money Where Your Mouth Is: Skeletonwitch

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Skeletonwitch guitarist Scott "Scunty" Hedrick has a journalism degree, so the Scene music department is letting him hype his band. Trust us: Everything he says about his squad of hyrbid death-thrash soldiers is true; no need to call his objectivity into question. Band: Skeletonwitch Web: Hometown: Athens, Ohio Sounds like: "Immortal beating the shit out of Metallica at a keg party." Recommend for fans of: "Thrash Metal, Garbage-Can Metal, Black Metal, What's-It Metal, and Speed and Heavy Metal." Fun fact: "Skeletonwitch resided in Cleveland for a year and got our ass handed to us at the Cleveland scene awards. It probably didn't help that we didn't even vote for ourselves." Playing Where/When: Sunday September 30 at Now That's Class (11213 Detroit Ave.216-221-8576). With Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust. Why you need to see them: "Because you know you love to get drunk every night, and Now That's Class has a great selection of beers. Oh yeah: It's also going to be the most thrash-tastic night of metal in quite some time!" -- Scott "Scunty" Hedrick, guitar
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