Pop Punk Act Knuckle Puck Embraces Headlining Status with Energetic Concert at the Agora

Concert Review

Last night’s multi-band bill featuring Knuckle Puck, Seaway, Sorority Noise and Head North at the Agora had a slow start, but by the time Knuckle Puck hit the stage the venue was awake.

Knuckle Puck opened with “Ponder,” the slow-burn interlude from their newest album Copacetic. The song helped to amp up the crowd, getting it ready for the set that was to come. Once the guys began their next song, “Fences,” the place erupted. Throughout the night, the crowd was struggling to come alive, but everyone gave every ounce of energy for Knuckle Puck's set.

If there was any doubt that the crowd had woken up, that doubt was smashed when Knuckle Puck played “Disdain.” As Joe Taylor's crisp vocals rang out, the crowd erupted along with him. Fans were climbing over one another as the number of crowd surfers increased, which in turn led to more stage divers. There were moments during Knuckle Puck's set where it was actually hard to see the band through the sea of crowd surfers and stage divers.

Knuckle Puck is a band that has been on a much-deserved, steady rise as of late. Since the band has such an amazing live sound, it wouldn't be surprising to see this band roll around with an even bigger headlining tour in the years to come; it should almost be expected.

As the set went on, things stayed just as rowdy until the band played “No Good.” The crowd favorite turned the place upside down with loud chorus echoing from the crowd and even more fans jumping on and off the stage. It was the high point of the show, both in performance and energy aspects. One of the show’s final songs was an abridged version of the closing track to Copacetic, “Untitled.” While it was a downer the band didn't play the full, nearly eight-minute version of the song, fans got a taste in the opening tune, “Ponder,” which is essentially the ending slow-burn jam session of “Untitled.” However, it would have been a highlight to see the band play the instrumental portion of the song.

Knuckle Puck really gets credit for being one of those bands that sounds as flawless live as they do on an album. Joe Taylor's vocals were perfect. He has an amazing and powerful voice didn’t faltered once throughout the night. Guitarist Nick Casasanto's backup vocals were just as spot on as well. Everything the band did live sounded perfect.

Prior to Knuckle Puck, Seaway hit the stage. All in all, the band sounded great and helped really get the crowd going. Songs like “Shy Guys,” “Freak” and “Alberta” have that more pop than punk vibe and are good to bob your head and sing along with. Singer Ryan Locke's already raspy vocals were just a tad bit raspier. Other support came from Sorority Noise, and really the most notable thing about them was their sound. They combined Weezer's melodic aspects with Jimmy Eat World's edgier parts. It was a pretty good mixture that worked well and the band really pulled it off. Speaking of interesting sounds, Head North's performance of “Redwood” sounded like Mumford & Sons, if you gave Mumford & Sons a little bit more of an edge and nixed the twang.

All in all the supporting bands put on solid performances. While the night may have started off slow, it ended with a surge of energy and fans of Knuckle Puck will be impatiently waiting for the next time the band rolls through town. 
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