Sick of It All

With Death by Stereo. Wednesday, March 7, at the Agora.

The Fat Wreck Chords tour, featuring Propagandhi, Avail, J. Church, and the Fabulous Disasters Agora, 5000 Euclid Avenue 8 p.m., Tuesday, March 6



Sick of It All
Sick of It All
One of pop music's longest-held principles reads thus: If you can't say it in under three minutes, it ain't worth saying. In the case of NYC hardcore heavyweights Sick of It All, if you don't get the point in a minute and a half, it's not worth explaining. The confrontational punk collective has banked a living (and a career of nearly 15 years) on 90-second blasts of anti-authority angst -- the sort of snarling sentiment that compels a band to name a live album Live in a World of Hate. Classic tunes from "Pushed Too Far" to "Sanctuary" occasionally flirt with Misfits-style pop-punk, but most often settle on bone-hard, anthemic discord -- like Fugazi without all that funky, new-wave shit. The band's latest, Yours Truly, certainly won't disappoint anyone. Though a few songs creep around the three-minute mark, they all retain the fist-pumping, head-crushing Sick of It All template of old. There's certainly still plenty of animosity to vent, as evidenced by "Hello Pricks," "Cruelty," "The Bland Within," and "No Apologies." Some of that anger is probably directed toward the commodification of punk rock -- or maybe they're targeting the same censorship drones who hounded the band back in the early '90s for allegedly inspiring violence at its incendiary live shows. No matter. As the band puts it in the aptly named "Disco Sucks, Fuck Everything": "You might think that we're finished/we haven't started yet."

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